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  1. Is this normal for my cat?
  2. How do dogs get heartworms?
  3. Squirrel sleep patterns.....?
  4. Should I clean my dogs ears?
  5. when people talk about cockitiels what does "molt" mean?
  6. Where does your vet give vaccinations at?
  7. dog lovers. i am looking for where i can get a kerry blue terrier with
  8. How often do you talk to your pets?
  9. Is it safe to walk your German Shepherd dog with a backpack?
  10. What pet is right for me?
  11. do you now how many theeth dose a blue whale has?
  12. is a blur ram and a german blue ram cichlid the same fish?
  13. Whats wrong with my cat? Please helpp.?
  14. Advice on getting a horse on loan?
  15. I need help, my cat was breathing funny?
  16. Is there anything else i can do to make the tapwater safe for my goldf
  17. Cat won't stay off of the counters.?
  18. can i put my tank on the floor?
  19. How much do you spend monthly on cat food/litter?
  20. Best online retailer for a jacket for a Boxer?
  21. what should i name my ferrets?
  22. i have a very small goldfish in a 10 gal. what other fish can i add?
  23. wuts the most meanist and agrresive fish out of a jack demspy,jaguar,m
  24. my cockitiels wont let me hold them why is this?
  25. Where can I find hamsters in Boston, MA?
  26. can i use over the counter pinworm for human medication for my dog?
  27. My dog doesn't like children.?
  28. Is it really necessary to feed cats canned food?
  29. Cat not pooping in litter box?
  30. what ur thought of this?
  31. quick question ?
  32. Goat Minerals around Eastern Alberta?
  33. I suspect my dog is in heat....?
  34. i was wondering where i can get a corss country printable medical card
  35. Understanding Horse behaviors?
  36. Why wont my cockitiels vocalize(sing or talk)?
  37. What chew toy (read more)?
  38. Help finding my dog?????
  39. update on baby wild bird ?
  40. My rabbit has just been neutered and seems very depressed - not eating
  41. Does my cat know how cute she is?
  42. Does anybody nobody where i can get a bullenbeisser for a good price?
  43. My dog is not suppose to shed!?
  44. My friends 10 year old yorkshire terrier is voiding his bowels?
  45. My Girlfriend told me she is pregnant?!!!?
  46. Is it cool to spray armpit deodorant on a cat?
  47. Will my cat come back?
  48. swollen on the dog lips?
  49. why do some people insist on doing this?
  50. does anyone have any good names for a baby brown tree frog?
  51. How do you care for box turtles?
  52. Is may cockitiel(s) a male or a female!?
  53. Does my bird have a cold?
  54. why'd you go wee wee in the dog bowl?
  55. What is a re-homing fee?
  56. What's the silliest, cutest thing your kitten has done?
  57. When is the last time you made out with your dog? LOL?
  58. Why is my dog itching her legs to the point of knots? ?
  59. Do you work with a rescue group?
  60. How long does it take for the coat of a Maltese dog to grow to the gro
  61. Can an indoor cat get fleas?
  62. What kind of fish should i get (55 gallon tank)?
  63. Is it okay to make a living by...?
  64. puppy questions with food ?
  65. Dog experts please help?
  66. my dog always licks my other dog.?
  67. Anyone know anything about joy dog food?
  68. Are goldfish & corydoras compatible fish?
  69. Advice for abandoned kitten?
  70. Getting a Chihuahua Puppy?
  71. How can you house break a 3 year old dog that is set in her ways?
  72. What is the best weight for a 16 week old Guinea Pig?
  73. Is there a site where i can buy a small leaf cutter ant colony?
  74. Is there any kid websites where you have to take care of a animal?
  75. I think my puppy has Fleas. Help?!?
  76. How safe is it to have a hedgehog as a pet?
  77. HELP!!! FAST!!! my dog might be poisened!!!?
  78. Terrier's high strung dogs? PLS HELP!!!?
  79. My kitten has a cold...any ideas?
  80. does it mean my rabbit doesn't like me if he won't let me...?
  81. My dog nibbles at my cats fur; like she's giving them a massage. Why d
  82. why does my dog clip her mouth????
  83. my kitten acts like a puppy?
  84. Can I use this to get rid of ringworm on a three week old kitten?
  85. Are hermit crabs a good idea?
  86. Cat is in labor or in heat?
  87. Dog starting to show aggression?
  88. Hamster cage for a Syrian . . . ?
  89. I went to the henhouse this morning & my prized hen was asphyxiated. I
  90. donkeys and miniture horses?
  91. Do you think an electric collar is a humane way of preventing dog bark
  92. Female cat w/heart condition- risk of not surviving spay surgery?
  93. Get my dog ears cliped?
  94. How do I start a Puppymill and how many dogs I need?
  95. And on the sixth day, God created kibble?
  96. How does a vet help a cat with inflammed gums? ANd why do you think my
  97. my budgie is shivering and loosing its feathers?
  98. Anyone have "OLD" ingredient list for Felidae?
  99. I have a deaf white cat which keeps climbing into my car engine... how
  100. How does a 12 year old make money? (FAST)?
  101. Rescued wolf dog some questions?
  102. Help !!! My kitten is...?
  103. where to give unwanted fish?
  104. What websites have a good selection of horses for sale in NORTHERN IRE
  105. Will this hurt or KILL my mouse???? HELP ME?
  106. Does anyone know the cost of fencing?
  107. Ok, I had 10 bearded dragon eggs. Now I have one. Is this one fertile?
  108. I have found a cross breed that can be KC registered!!?
  109. what can I use to stop cats from pooping on carpet behind furniture?
  110. Help me train my cats and dog to get along and rid the dog of separati
  111. What is the best food to feed my English Mastiff puppy?
  112. Guinea Pig With Hair Loss?
  113. What fruits/vegetables are safe to feed my hamster?
  114. why is my cat pooing everywhere?
  115. What is the most dangerous bird?
  116. Rachel Ray dog food? Is it okay for a while?
  117. What do i need to know before buying a PUG from a breeder.?
  118. I Have a chihuahua terrier mix....?
  119. Puppy name - Roxy or Lola?!?
  120. HURT PUPPIE) Need Help?
  121. Thinking of getting a few dwarf hamsters?
  122. Can I have 2 Hamsters in 1 Cage?
  123. My dog? will he get hurt?
  124. My pup is 55 lbs at 5 months..?
  125. what is the cost to euthanize a pet rabbit?
  126. Kitten about 4 months old squinting left eye?
  127. I have a dog I recently received from a rescue organization and she ha
  128. I am trying to see if my son would be allergic to the Siberian Cat, ca
  129. Help Me With my Poor Little Hamster Please?
  130. Kitten and owner needs help plz!!!!?
  131. why do people recommend vets for fish?
  132. i want to adopt a Tortoise but i have no clue what kind to get?
  133. how do you get your dog to sit quiet in the car, mine just goes ape, e
  134. Would it be possible...?(Bird Poo + Gunie Piggy)?
  135. In defense of Amanda G does this make me bad person?
  136. do you have any pets?
  137. chicken help !!!!! Eggs hatching?
  138. Is this a good hamster cage?
  139. What is the best product to buy for roaches & moths?
  140. My land hermit crab... (click me please!)?
  141. I have a bloat question?
  142. Can I feed my dog this?
  143. Why does my Beta lay on the bottom of the bowl?
  144. Why does my cat meow at a hair bobble?
  145. Am i sitting on the horse right?
  146. Why does my cat have thumbs?
  147. can hyundai santa fe pull horsebox?
  148. Is it possible to keep a squid as a pet?
  149. I have an american bull dog and he is about 8 months old and he smells
  150. Australian Cattle Dog mouthing everything!?
  151. Has anyone heard about the bird?
  152. what do you think of this...........?
  153. How do I go about training my 8 month old lab pup to be my hubby's ser
  154. Is there anything your dog WON'T eat?
  155. I'm allergic to my roommate's cat & she refuses to get rid of it. What
  156. Is this a good hamster cage?
  157. im getting a puppie. But which type is cuter?
  158. How late is too late to get a dog seriously involved in the following
  159. HELP ME PLEASE! my 5 month old german shepherd is a freakin' piranha!?
  160. My Beta Fish HAS NOT EATEN FOR 3 days?
  161. How old do you have to be to work at target or petsmart?
  162. How can I help this cat?
  163. What pets do you have & What pet would you like to have?
  164. my dog is pregnant and......?
  165. Cheap fish tank in San Jose ?
  166. My horse always coughs during workouts?
  167. how long will it take my new dog to learn her name?
  168. Do hamsters die sooner if the have babies?
  169. How big will my puppy get ?
  170. Should I Euthanize a Kitten with Leukemia?
  171. Opinion about a catů?
  172. My 4yr old english bulldog just started scooting his bottom on the gro
  173. what do turkeys eat ? and if you are rasing one what should you feed i
  174. What is this type of catipiler called?
  175. Clipping My Parakeets Wings?
  176. Why is my tarantula digging ?
  177. Is there a right or wrong time to get another dog after one you've had
  178. What happened to the kittens?
  179. All out of cat food.?
  180. If I'm dogsitting two puppies that my mom loves and I'm trying to conv
  181. Very timid 5 month old Pom.?
  182. how to stop finn rote that my gold fish have?
  183. why my dog licks something than moves his head?
  184. Can i clip my rabbits nails by myslef?? or o to the vet?? and do you h
  185. Am I crazy for wanting my babies back?
  186. Why do dogs eat grass?
  187. What makes Boston Terriers different colors?
  188. plz read this in full?
  189. can anyone tell me where i could buy livefood for my bearded dragon??
  190. Would you consider yourself a "Dog Guru"?
  191. what are people who read animals called?
  192. why do people abuse pets?
  193. New fish to introduce.. good community fish? Or not?
  194. Spaying after-care??
  195. Am I 'beginner' 'advanced beginner' 'intermediate' 'advanced' or somet
  196. My Leopard gecko is sick?? I think?
  197. How do i stop my dogs from tearing things up?
  198. How old do you have to be to work at target or petsmart?
  199. How can I help this cat?
  200. What pets do you have & What pet would you like to have?
  201. my dog is pregnant and......?
  202. Cheap fish tank in San Jose ?
  203. My horse always coughs during workouts?
  204. how long will it take my new dog to learn her name?
  205. Fish compatibility.. What fish to add?
  206. Do hamsters die sooner if the have babies?
  207. How big will my puppy get ?
  208. Should I Euthanize a Kitten with Leukemia?
  209. Opinion about a catů?
  210. My 4yr old english bulldog just started scooting his bottom on the gro
  211. what do turkeys eat ? and if you are rasing one what should you feed i
  212. What is this type of catipiler called?
  213. Clipping My Parakeets Wings?
  214. Why is my tarantula digging ?
  215. Is there a right or wrong time to get another dog after one you've had
  216. What happened to the kittens?
  217. All out of cat food.?
  218. If I'm dogsitting two puppies that my mom loves and I'm trying to conv
  219. Very timid 5 month old Pom.?
  220. What do you think of this?
  221. My indoor-only cats scratch a lot.. they don't have fears... why?
  222. At what age do male sword tails develop their sword tails?
  223. How was your experience with a pet iguana?
  224. My 10 month old cat a good foster dad?
  225. Are german and australian the only kind of shepard breeds?
  226. Where can I find work for stable management in havering ROMFORD HORNCH
  227. Do rabbits like to be craddled? like babies? because it seems easy doi
  228. Is there any type of eel suitable for a 15 gallon tank?
  229. Puppies for sale on website-your thought.?
  230. my macaw has a deformed top beak it is 16Weeks old how can this be sor
  231. What is the best cat food for healthy weight for a cat?
  232. Can someone help me find an automatic cat food dispenser?
  233. not sure if its fleas on my cat....?
  234. I need names for my new kitten?
  235. I have a snotty nosed horse; would like opinions?
  236. should i bottle feed one of my chihuahua's puppies since he seems to n
  237. Please Help With Iguana?
  238. My moms three chihuahuas got sprayed by a skunk?
  239. What's wrong with my chinese dwarf hamster?
  240. Can you recommend a dog?
  241. Do rabbits get flees ?? on there fur? ?
  242. Sick oranda goldfish?
  243. How do I trim my terrier mixes hair?
  244. To trim or not to trim my dog's facial hair?
  245. Talk Horses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  246. What things are there around the house?
  247. can a dog get tapeworm any other way besides fleas I have a Pup that I
  248. how old should a kitten be when they have there first injection?
  249. Good breeders don't make money?
  250. Good name for a snake?