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  1. i know this is a silly question but...?
  2. Can my dog be deaf????????????
  3. I think my indoor cat has fleas ?
  4. why is my dog acting so sad and?
  5. Animal Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  6. whats a pillock???????
  7. my kittin cry's when i try to feed it with a bottle he is 6 day's old
  8. Can dogs tell what mood your in?
  9. Has anyone read this about body bags for dogs?
  10. I have got a little house for my rat and all she dose is hide in it al
  11. My dog doesnt like treats?
  12. Upgradeing to 29 gallon....?
  13. Can I feed My rats...?
  14. changing a cat's diet?
  15. is this ok my cat? ( 20 letters blah blah blah)?
  16. what do i feed my bunny?
  17. my puppy dont want to eat the dog food ?
  18. Yorkie has black stuff in her hair?
  19. how do I get my cat to stop peeing on the carpet?
  20. what is your biggest fear?
  21. Suggested diet for recovering cat?
  22. what if my red eared slider isn't ing one of its eyes?
  23. do you think this is a good offer? ?
  24. Whats the best biological filter media? ?
  25. Does Any One Have A Monkey?If So Whats It Like?
  26. How much water is normal to lose in my pond due to evaporation?
  27. What do i feed my great dane puppy?
  28. What do you know about Cane Corso dogs? Are they mean?
  29. How to get my year old rottweiler to stop jumping.?
  30. About Beta fish n know how to put water warm for fish?
  31. Adopted cat ....litter training advice needed pls!!!?
  32. Is there any homemade remedies or meds that i can buy to eliminate fle
  33. I need help with my baby yellowbelly turtle. please.?
  34. my staffy needs a playmate please help?
  35. My neighbor baled hay that is mostly bermuda grass but it has some whe
  36. How long should it take for them to get accustomed to me?
  37. How do I keep a bullying cat out of the garden?
  38. Do you think this is okay for my dog?
  39. what sort of dog should i get?
  40. Yea, is there anything for hamsters that they rly like besides a ball?
  41. can goldfish actually see us?
  42. How long do betta fish live?
  43. does anyone have a ferret they cant take care of anymore?
  44. My puppy ran away please help me?
  45. What causes goldfish to stress?
  46. Animal Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  47. How can I convince my parents to get me a pony?
  48. why wont my guinea pig let me hold him?
  49. How much will it cost to take my kitten to the vet?
  50. HOW MANY GALLONS IS L X 24" W X 18" H x 18"?
  51. What kind of cage would a parrotlet need, how much would it cost.?
  52. My horse throws a fit when she sees water, any suggestions?
  53. Do female birds bleed like humans do?
  54. good larger size addition to a 55 gallon extra filtered tank that has
  55. what kind of puppy would get a long with a maltese? ?
  56. do rabbits make good pets for a 11 year old kid if so which breed?
  57. My fish has been swimming around the tank funny and uopside down and d
  58. What is happening to my dog?
  59. Is aluminum safe for birds?
  60. My standard size poodle bolts and will *not* come back when she gets o
  61. What can i do to keep my 5 1/2 mth Labrador busy whilst outside along
  62. what are the problems with overstocked tanks?
  63. breeding question...........!!!!!!!!!!!?
  64. i have a 10 gallon tank with sea horses in it...?
  65. Why would my parkeet be digging all of his food out of his food dish?
  66. How to warm my dad up to liking horses more?
  67. What kind of dog should i get?
  68. How many rabbits can live in a 4 foot wide & 7 foot long shed? with a
  69. Is a Siberian Husky easy to take care of?
  70. What is wrong with my dog?
  71. My dog was attacked and I'm just really irritated.?
  72. is this normal for my sharpay mix puppy?
  73. How do I help my dog?
  74. My cocker spaniel started shaking out of nowhere and was breathing har
  75. Was my hamster in pain when she died? :'(?
  76. what is my perfect dog?
  77. How to prevent my cat from peeing on the carpet. HELP! ?
  78. My dog has large bleeding lump?
  79. is it okay to starve fish intentionally?
  80. What kinda fish is it?
  81. Does turtle egg devlop into male turtles in cold temperatures and into
  82. what is the best way to Potty training a puppy?
  83. puppy dog food and pedigree?
  84. I want to buy red / gold arowana in California, Help?
  85. What kind of hamster should I get?
  86. how old is/was your longest living goldfish?
  87. What kind of a fish can live in a saltwater tank with a lion fish ?
  88. shrimps with bettas?
  89. whats the best biological filter media?
  90. Does it cost money to "order" gerbils from... PLEASE HELP!?
  91. Does this have talc in it?
  92. what is a good name for a female Russian Tortoise?
  93. I'm having trouble putting weight on my two year old horse?
  94. Do you belive in dressing your animal(s) up for Halloween?
  95. What turtles can I get?10 POINTS!?
  96. Why did my fish die and should I move some of my other fish to the oth
  97. Will a hamster and bunny get along?
  98. Anyone know of a good Lionhead rabbit breeder in NJ?
  99. They Killed 9,156 Dogs Today?
  100. dose ACA recognize a chihuahua mixed with a dachshund and if so what d
  101. How do I teach my dog, cat and parrot ?
  102. few questions about cockatiels for a new bird owner?
  103. matted ponies in a field?
  104. Dog humping? Insight please?
  105. Should I Report This?
  106. which pet should i get a yorkie or german shepperd?
  107. I ordered Royal Canin Renal LP for dogs by mistake.... can my cat (in
  108. are my goldfish bored?
  109. Is your dog what you had in mind when you decided to get one?
  110. My dog started having contractions last night at 10:30 p.m but nothing
  111. Big, cute, dirty ears?
  112. my mum won't let me get a dog what do i do?
  113. Completely Bazaar....?
  114. what is procedure for carrying dog in train in india?
  115. Can dogs eat asparagus?
  116. What should l call our new addition to the family?
  117. my female betta and my cory catfish.......?
  118. What is the difference between a lorikeet and a parakeet?
  119. Ideas for a animal shelter club bake sale at my school?
  120. Sparrow not moving help!?
  121. what should i make or buy for my bunny to play with? Please help!?
  122. My cat is 15 yrs old. She's on meds but doesn't seem well. Is it time
  123. is this a male or female anole?
  124. My husky has red spot on his knees?
  125. Can I use all this fur for something?
  126. Pit bull rescue/No kill shelters in Seattle Area?
  127. What is the best toothpaste and toothbrush for dogs?
  128. What would be the best SMART BIRD, for under $300.00?
  129. i accidentaly hit a cheetah with my car, and i'm pretty sure it's dead
  130. Kitten has what appears to be a wart underneath eye,is it a wart? how
  131. Indoor Cat/outdoor Cat?
  132. Why does my cat poop outside of her litter box one year after declawin
  133. Female outdoor cat disharge?
  134. Legal question about sweet itching horse purchased in Feb clean, now i
  135. does anyone know roughly how much it costs to put one cat in a cattery
  136. How do you litter train an outdoor cat?
  137. will this help my fish and how do I do it?
  138. Should working students hav their own car?
  139. How old dose my dog have to get?
  140. Rainbow Shark question please help?
  141. can you help me guyz. do dogs dream?
  142. Easy 10 points!!!Help with Fancy Mice?
  143. Flea Infestation We have tried everything need help?
  144. What Spider looks like a jack o lantern?
  145. Why did my hamster die?
  146. Can anyone provide a website selling 10 gallon tanks under $30?
  147. Do all hoof conditioners attract moisture?
  148. Ferret shelters in kent?
  149. Why do shipping halters have fleece on them?
  150. I Think My Dog May Have Worms?
  151. How do I cut my cats' claws?
  152. When a horse eats clovers, why does it make them foam @ the mouth?
  153. Will putting olive oil on my horses muzzle give him sunburn?
  154. my dog is pregnant, how do i take care of her?
  155. Why do cats clean them selves?
  156. My husky has red spot on his knees?
  157. how do i convince my mum to get me a dog?
  158. We're getting 2 rats. Do we need two nest boxes?
  159. any tips on which dogs are good for children?
  160. What should you clean a Happy Mouth bit with?
  161. Does anyone know of any good costumes for horses?
  162. Just wanted to say sorry?
  163. Found 3 fleas and 2 Ticks on Luca... Flea Repellants?
  164. can dogs eat parboiled rice ?
  165. one of my friends gave her horse a green tea pill, by mistake, does an
  166. do you have to wash rats?
  167. What will happen if you give a horse water b4 they are cooled out? and
  168. im getting a new puppy and i need some tips!?
  169. Does this rat look pregnant to you?
  170. how do i tame my iguana?
  171. i just bought a min pin 2 weeks ago, and she is the cutest thing i eve
  172. Is my hamster pregnant?
  173. What is a small and easy pet to take care of?
  174. Does your cat like eating your food?
  175. How accurate are dog food "feeding recommendations"? Puppy eats less t
  176. i have a pregnant cat and i was wondering?
  177. Why are grey horses more at risk for skin cancer if their actual skin
  178. My dog, cat and parrot have stopped talking to each other.?
  179. dog hurt front left leg- dog is limping a lot.?
  180. Can Leopard Geckos Eat Any House Held Foods?
  181. how can i keep spiders away from my house?
  182. Good names for Sheba Inus?
  183. question about my female cocker spaniel!! :]?
  184. do you like mutt breeds?
  185. Cat help please pregnancy signs?!?
  186. one of my dogs testees didnt drop. How much will it cost to have him n
  187. what do you feed to pugs ?
  188. Science Diet vs. Beneful HELP!?
  189. puppies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  190. how many watts heater do i need for a 95 gallon tank?
  191. My new 8 month old bearded dragon has been fed crickets and veggies, b
  192. does anyone ablout a horse sale in ireland, in banlasole splet wrong?
  193. When is the age I need to separate my baby hamsters from each other?
  194. Any tips on raising a pet guinea pig?
  195. Are Catahoula bulldogs good dogs to have?
  196. Is it ok for dogs to eat cat food?
  197. My dog has been throwing up every night for 3 days and has had diarrhe
  198. i have a blue hippo tang and it looks like it has constpation also you
  199. What is a good flea preventive for a cat?
  200. My buck's nose is swollen?
  201. fish help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  202. Grooming tips for a long haired dog?
  203. what do you think about this mix?
  204. How old do you need to be to dog sit?
  205. Cannibalism with hamsters?
  206. Will my two cats get along with a new kitten?
  207. Horse RPG's?? Anyone?
  208. my pet parakeet has started biting me and i don't know why?
  209. I haven't owned a Hamster in a while, am I being paranoid?
  210. things you need for a blue tongued skink?
  211. Larger RESlider bit smaller RESliders neck!?
  212. Help more kitten questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  213. How much excersise should a 5 month old Pomeranian get a day?
  214. do mice get territorial when they get old?
  215. My cat gets mucus under its scalp that in turn gives her a fever.?
  216. Maltese dogs tell me about them?
  217. Help! My dog won't eat dry food!?
  218. hi my dog doesnt eat much?
  219. why does a dog walk around in circles before he lie's down?
  220. My rat keeps rubbing his balls. Is this a sign of a medical issue?
  221. Help! My Parakeet's Feathers !?
  222. Need advice on Shih Tzu training?
  223. whats your favourite dog breed?
  224. Considering a Siberian Husky...any pointers?
  225. Which cat litter is best at elimating odor?
  226. Pomeranian Puppies 4sale?
  227. i need help with stuff with my snakes asap?
  228. hey i need a good name for this ...........?
  229. cutting the quick of a dogs nails on purpose?
  230. OMG We has a kitty!!!?
  231. Am I the only one annoyed at this?
  232. Okay, Seriously strange question about dogs...?
  233. can you be allergic to dog saliva on one dog but not another?
  234. HELP with spaying my dog?
  235. help please guinea pig ?
  236. im trying to figurent what i want to be. I know its something with ani
  237. does a hot water sponge add humidity to a hermit crabs tank?
  238. What's wrong with my Praying Mantis??? =(?
  239. I have 3 albino cory cats?
  240. HELP, MY cat is urinating frequently?
  241. What should I do about the dog?
  242. What animal is digging holes/tunnels in my backyard?
  243. Where can I buy timothy hay from?
  244. i have some Questions about my new 9 month daschund ?
  245. Who agrees with me as to what TRUE American Pit bull Terrier's are?
  246. How much money (in general) does being a veterinarian pay? ?
  247. Salamander help!!!!!?
  248. Ok Guys! Need a name for my dog grooming business?
  249. Wet Dog food? Suggestions please.?
  250. How to care for my horses on my own? Keeping them next door to friends