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  1. What to do with cat scratching up and ruining furniture? DO NOT TELL M
  2. Can I start quarantine tank with out cycling the water?
  3. I found somthing wierd on my rat?
  4. when my bird goes to nip at me..what sould i do?
  5. how do i lower and maintain the levels of nitrite and nitrate in my aq
  6. New Aquarium, Not Yet Cycle, But already added 10 Fish.?
  7. I'm wanting to be a Tarantula for my friend?
  8. How do you train a dog for pulling competitions?
  9. How do I know when my pregnant guppy is about to have it's fry?
  10. Looking for a vet in the Del Mar or the UTC area that would NOT consta
  11. how can i get my cockatiel to bathe in his bath?
  12. A coincidence about a dog or a known fact? Please read the details?
  13. Uhmm... what the heck is wrong with him!?!?
  14. Help with doctoring a wild mustang back to health?
  15. Help me!! my dog is having a problem. emergency?
  16. Chinchilla questions?
  17. Help me make my kittens friends?
  18. What could I give my puppy to keep from dehydrating.?
  19. High school and horse ownership?
  20. when i adopted my cat, he had a runny nose and watery eyes.now, he doe
  21. Are GloFish illegal....i have no clue?
  22. need help: rescue dog part 2?
  23. My cat has small pimple like scabs all down the middle of her back, wh
  24. What breed of dog should i get?
  25. How can you tell the difference between male and female goldfish?
  26. How Do I Know If Im Flea Free And How Long Should I Leave This Sergent
  27. i have a cat that hates my other cat?
  28. Looking for a puppy name...?
  29. How do I know when my female guppy is ready to pop?
  30. This Is Serious! My Friends Hamster Is Cripled And Has A Uhm Weird Pen
  31. A perfect name for my new kitten?
  32. Pitbulls and kids, is it a good mix?
  33. thinking about fire belly toads.?
  34. sharing a horse for my sister and I?
  35. cats and dog wont get along?
  36. which betta pellets float the longest?
  37. Can dogs give you their illness?
  38. Is a papillon a good breed for me?
  39. Why does my hamster do this? (picture)?
  40. Should I Feed My 2month old male kitten as much as he wants?
  41. i need some help with my super hyper dog?
  42. My new hamster :) 2 months old?
  43. Question on Breyer horse collecting?
  44. My dog hurt one of his hind legs. What could be wrong?
  45. Dog (puppy) bites random objects when frustrated ?
  46. what are some games to play with my dog?
  47. What kind of dog is this?
  48. my guppie:/............?
  49. pet question of the evening:)?
  50. Help with ick Quick Cure?
  51. My dog has a problem?
  52. cats peeing...EVERY WHERE?!!!?
  53. Please help me decide!!?
  54. What is a good website to find where birds are located in certain time
  55. can i put neosporin on my cat?
  56. What's your favourite type of dog?
  57. HELP my cat needs to go to the vet for a Urinary tract infection test?
  58. Should I get a full APBT or a Lab/Pit mix?
  59. What are the enemies of the Merlin(Bird)?
  60. My birds gender is confusing me help?
  61. My Jack Russel gets red, inflamed, itchy paws and is starting to have
  62. Why does my cat always pulls his dish off his food mat with his paw?
  63. should we really have to pay? Didnt we pay Enough?
  64. I have a standardbred mare and i need help finding her pedigree. ?
  65. How to potty train a dog?
  66. why do people act as if dogs are ...?
  67. Help me find the perfect name for my new kitty?
  68. Do dogs like music??
  69. what would you name him?
  70. Should I braid the day before of the day of? Quick response please!!?
  71. What type of fish should I get?
  72. I have a female ball python she is 1 years old ?
  73. do any body know where i can find a dog?
  74. Will my cat be safe? ?
  75. How to start of teaching your horse flying lead changes?
  76. Redd is my mini daschund with bad breath?
  77. Cats Marking Territory?
  78. Will the cat deterant sprays keep the dog off her own bed?
  79. My hamster is mental?
  80. What is causing nasty flies to eat my dog?
  81. what can i feed a mallard duck ? ?
  82. My boyfriend has a dog that has been sleeping in his bed for 3 years,
  83. What is the most universally recognized microchip?
  84. My dog dug out of my backyard and killed a neighbor's turkey and chick
  85. I'm stumped on this one. Anyone for kitten care?
  86. Pitbull cross German Shepherd or Boxer cross German Shepherd?
  87. How much are the entry fees to enter a dog in an AKC confirmation show
  88. About my dogs and cats?
  89. What is the best diet for sugar gliders?
  90. Has your dog ever had an upper respiratory infection? ?
  91. Whats wrong with my bunny?
  92. How can I give my horse the right signal?
  93. Which pet should I get!? HELP PLEASE!!!?
  94. What cat litter is best at illuminating odor?
  95. My horse and the saddle.?
  96. Things need for snakes ?
  97. What should we leave for the pet sitter?
  98. my boxer is pregnant....?
  99. Should I get a bunny...or?
  100. Should I put my Pekin duck to sleep? She cannot walk due to severe art
  101. What kind of dog???????????
  102. the ears of german shephard?
  103. is it normal for a chihuaha to eat a pigeon?
  104. How do you teach your horse to side-step?
  105. Where do box turtles live?
  106. ok r maltese Fragile i want a dog and im allergic like very little?
  107. is a wild fire belly newt poisonous?
  108. How much weight can an adult male Alaskan Malamute pull?
  109. I have an 8 week old Jack Russell Terrier (M) I took it to the vet tod
  110. My cats have fleas and I washed them with dish soap...?
  111. where can i buy baby geese in the southern highlands?
  112. Why is my dog acting strange?
  113. my dog is vomiting white worms?
  114. Show Name For My Friend?
  115. Changing guinea pig food?
  116. What kind of small pet should I get?
  117. My dog died!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  118. Is Cropping A Pitbull's Ears Inhumane?
  119. How do I make my dog shut up!!!?
  120. Pit Bull hype finally passing over?
  121. Who else here loves bearded dragons?
  122. What are the box turtles predator?
  123. Do you have any cool fish pictures?
  124. Bunny lovers need some help?
  125. My friend has a house gecko, and it has not eaten in three days.?
  126. my dog had 5 puppies, all male-how unusual is this? ?
  127. What are some cuddly small pets?
  128. If left alone long enough would it work?
  129. My bunny poops everywhere!! ?
  130. What breed of dog(s) do you have?
  131. Rabbit HELP!!!!!???????????????????????????
  132. cat still peeing on dog's bed?
  133. Will a needle nose gar be ok with Knight Goby.?
  134. Howrse, the online horse game?
  135. Can Someone Identify this dog breed?
  136. My rats not feeding her babies much?
  137. Im looking to buy a chihuahua rat terrier mix. Priced at $300 Im wonde
  138. I need a male stud lhasa apso?
  139. what age do dogs reach sexual maturity.?
  140. How long could braxton hicks last for a chihuahua dog?
  141. I found a dog, and i don't know what to do! Help!!?
  142. so i recently adopted a deaf & ?
  143. Is there anything i can do for a kitten that tracks steps in his own m
  144. What kind of dog should I get?
  145. What should I name my pet Pomeranian?
  146. new tick/flea meds making my dog lose hair?
  147. Is it normal for my cat's tail to wag all the time?
  148. my cat died a little over a month ago... every night i get on youtube
  149. Are any of you trying to combat fleas on dogs using natural treatments
  150. Are there any programs in San Diego that have companion dogs but for p
  151. Could You Have A Male Calico?
  152. western to english size conversions..?
  153. Your 1st horse show!!?
  154. My Cat attacks feet and hands... any suggestions?
  155. why does my leopard geckos stomach purple?
  156. Akita/Chihuahua don't get along...help...?
  157. Any way to tell when my cat will have her kittens?
  158. Has anyone used socks for their dog's feet to keep the carpet clean wh
  159. Is it normal for my newborn kittens to have pot bellies?
  160. Mojave Ball Python $$$ ?
  161. my turtle buried in the sand?
  162. Should I mist my rose hair tarantula?
  163. do all dogs turn down food when there in labor?
  164. Me and my friend have a debate.?
  165. Some Gerbil Problems?
  166. Whats wrong with my hamster and do you know any cheap medicines I coul
  167. what can we do to make cat Stop meowing all night long?
  168. yesterday i gave my leopard gecko 6 meal worms today i checked and the
  169. What is the best way to train a Labrador?
  170. A girl at my barn thinks...?!?
  171. How do I prevent a tarantula bite from getting infected?
  172. if a cat keeps scratching and cleaning?
  173. Is it wrong to dye your dog ? ...people dye hair all the time !?
  174. Is... my dog going into heat?
  175. Do any of you leave the radio on when you leave your dog alone at home
  176. I have a Quaker Parrot...are cooked eggs ok for him?
  177. I Need Help And Fast!!!!?
  178. Anyone have a good suggestion for a large breed dog, that is known for
  179. What color will my rabbits babies be?
  180. What is wrong with my pup, HELP?
  181. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  182. What should i do??? Moving to japan...?
  183. i am thinking of getting a pug ?
  184. what kind of plants can i put in my iguana's cage?
  185. what's a good way to cut my cocker spaniel's hair? ?
  186. can you mix calf mana and rice bran in a feed for a two year old horse
  187. I bought a new fish today....?
  188. Is it true that Mars Inc tortures animals?
  189. Can cockaroches harm my hamsters?
  190. what would you risk to save your dog?
  191. is it possible to rewire the moon light on a 12 gal nano cube dlx so t
  192. my parakeet has trouble pooping?
  193. Thinking about getting a rodent?
  194. why do cats have whiskers?
  195. I'm looking for pictures of my old horse...?
  196. what breed is my dog mixed with?
  197. my ducks feet are really dry is this ok if not what can i do?
  198. Follow-up If dog breeding were stopped/made illegal for five
  199. what kind of puppy is this?
  200. having pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, etc..) in a house with small childr
  201. Weird "mold" in hamster cage?
  202. What should I name my beta fish?
  203. Horse names? like them? don't like them? ideas?
  204. My cat does a weird shivering thing with her tail. Why?
  205. I really like Brindle Boxers, but my breeder will only have fawn until
  206. What is the best brand of dry dog food?
  207. What is the best thing I can feed my 2,11week old MaltesexShitzu puppi
  208. i have a praymatis question?
  209. Where can I get a double stacked Ferret Nation for cheap? It's for 6 m
  210. Does anyone know a lot about Southern Flying Squirrels?
  211. can i move an baby rat to another mother with an liter about the same
  212. Do you have any pets?
  213. I saw this water snake at a pet store, it looked like the brown water
  214. Breeding clown fish...?
  215. how do you know if a fish is pregnant ?
  216. does a corn snake ....----....----=====?
  217. Where can I get a baby turtle?
  218. My cat just threw up & b4 I could clean it up I found her eating it wh
  219. what if my 2 red eared sliders are sleeping most of the time, and don'
  220. is a lab a good breed of dog to get?
  221. Whats the type of anemone that in in finding nemo?
  222. can i put a blood parrot with my fish?
  223. female guppy acting weird?
  224. Do rottweilers have a bad temperament if they aren't brought up to be
  225. Oh No. Here comes Beverly Hills Chihuahua...?
  226. Good Breeder vs. Puppy Mill...your experiences?
  227. Who do you think should determine which dogs should be bred and who sh
  228. I never understood the difference between red/blue nose pit bulls?
  229. im training my dog for agility.... HELP?
  230. if you where an animal what would you be?
  231. Hand Crochet Dog Sweater?
  232. how many animals does the ASPCA save a year and how do they help the c
  233. How long does a goat have the clear discharge before she gives birth?
  234. why do mice kill and eat each other?
  235. What dog breed is this?
  236. my fish is dying what do i do?
  237. what should i name him?
  238. What type of lizard is this; what does it eat?
  239. Is Sire and Abegal cool dog names?
  240. How do I keep my cat from eating my plants?
  241. How would I be able to tell what breeds my dog was?
  242. Can I feed fudge brownies to pigeons and sparrows ? Are they like dogs
  243. what kind of dog should I get?
  244. How do I transport this plant?
  245. what do i do if my horse tries to kick me?
  246. Is this tank okay (10 gallon)?
  247. How long is the average lifespan of a thoroughbred?
  248. How Do you Teach A Puppy these commands?
  249. my turtle has trouble swiming down?
  250. How much should this horse equipment be?