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  1. Is my cat going to be ok?
  2. Are Spagettios safe for dogs to eat?
  3. Hey All You Agility Dog Owners?
  4. our cat has ran out side and he is strictly a house cat and i can not
  5. How big will my dog get?
  6. How do I potty train my husky?
  7. Is clumping litter flushable?
  8. Dinosaur Eel help? how and when they can be bred?
  9. My Betta Won't Eat, can someone help?
  10. what is a good asking price for an AKC registered chocolate lab?
  11. How can you tell if a dog has worms?
  12. my betta's fins is rugged?
  13. my cats STILL have eye boogers.?
  14. Does anyone know where i can get a Chihuahua from in sydney area.?
  15. Be sure to buy from a "real" cattery?
  16. Do dogs have to learn how to play?
  17. Best canned cat food?
  18. What is the best kind of dog for children?
  19. How much excersise should a Pomeranian need a day?
  20. train a pitbull puppy?
  21. URGENT! Possum need help ASAP! HELP!?
  22. My two 20 pound cats live outside. They go to the bathroom in flowerbe
  23. Do my goldfish have parasites?!?!?
  24. i need help naming an animal shelter...?
  25. Which dog breeds are not for beginner owners?
  26. HELP!!!! My mouse is sick!!!!?
  27. My dog wont stop biting herself?
  28. How do I examine a fish for disease?
  29. can my baby tegu be in its huge cage for life?
  30. What can I feed my pet rat instead of rat food?
  31. new baby syrian....help plz?
  32. dogfood brands...good/bad?
  33. Sick Hen and Chick - What is it?
  34. Ideal Dogs for Apartments?
  35. Is it normal for a cat to look emaciated after spaying?
  36. Puppy and Kitten getting along?
  37. Is this "Easter Egg snake" at this link a real snake?
  38. What are some things around the house I can give my guinea pig to play
  39. Doggie day care business?
  40. who started that whole "lol cats" thing? ?
  41. How can I introduce my dogs to my new puppy?
  42. How can i ship my pets on an airplane?
  43. Which One Do I Choose?
  44. my kissinggouramis have alil problem,weneva i feed them flakes they ge
  45. Night lighting for a marine aquarium?
  46. I just found out that my horse is pregnant. Is it better for her to fo
  47. Where can I find a list of small dogs?
  48. Ball Python Keeps Yawning?
  49. have you ever raised triops?
  50. What catches a bird and a snake?
  51. Is there any way to train a cat?
  52. Do birds feel sad at the death of a fellow bird?
  53. can I give my hamster salted store-bought sunflower seeds?
  54. How can you keep spiders out of a dog house?
  55. imperial scorpion advice please?
  56. Orijen dog food good or bad?
  57. different type of birds wings?
  58. How did you pick you dog?
  59. Cockatiels...demanding as larger birds?
  60. My dog, 1/2 rhodesian ridgeback & 1/2 pitt, 5 1/2yrs old is having pro
  61. My dog is really sick. She's lost her appetite, her eyes, ears and bel
  62. is a pit boxer mix safe with small animals like cats?
  63. I need a good name for my chinese water dragon?
  64. My Chihuahua Puppy has Separation Anxiety. Help?!?
  65. how often should i wash biological filter media?
  66. What likely mix is this Corgi?
  67. Guinea pig help please?
  68. how do i stop/ deter my hamster peeing in her wheel?
  69. any one have a free littlest pet shop v.i.p code!?
  70. how many days is the boxer pregnancy?
  71. Age for marmoset breeding?
  72. Should I get rid of my cat because my boyfriend's nephew is allergic.?
  73. HELP STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY! Go here and take the PLEDGE?
  74. my dachshund always sticks her tounge out. why is this?
  75. I'm thinking about getting a 20 gal fish tank?
  76. How do I punish for a messy carpet?
  77. Can you train a German Shepard while young to not climb or jump the fe
  78. my cat has an upper res.infection my 11yr.old has left over antibiotic
  79. can guppies,endler,and platys live together?best answer 10 points?
  80. Our cat won't feed her kittens?
  81. do i need water for my ducklings?
  82. bought a new ferret today?
  83. what r good signs of a healthy kitten?
  84. how big does the breeding tank size for oscar chichlids have to be?
  85. To Horse People.. which Breed...?
  86. Do male puppies get depressed or something when they are hitting "pube
  87. Is it normal for my rabbits poo to be like a blue-ish color?
  88. Has anyone shipped a horse from England to the united states?
  89. how much to feed a stray cat?
  90. Help with walking dogs?
  91. What pump do i need in my saltwater tank?
  92. wuts all the foods kissing fish can eat? name EVERY THING ty?
  93. ok i saw this video and i..... help?
  94. My puppies left side of his stomach seems to be swollen?
  95. Do Dogs Have Souls???????????????????
  96. My dog gets scared and hides at night.?
  97. My dog was attacked and is scared now.?
  98. Getting Arabian used to English or Western saddle..?
  99. Help with my riding plz?
  100. does this sound ok ?
  101. I have an older cat, 17 years now, can I give him baby aspirin for his
  102. Strange Doggy Behaviour?
  103. What kind of dog should I get?
  104. Sudden aggression in my Labrador.?
  105. unidentified household insect pest?
  106. Can pregnancy in dogs cause bladder control issues?
  107. Did my snail have live babies? If it did, what kind of snail could it
  108. Wanted: Sugar Glider?
  109. Are Lorikeets smaller than the Amazon parrot?
  110. What is your veiw on animal testing?
  111. Is this a good cat food and how much should I feed?
  112. Does anyone know what type of beautiful dog this is?
  113. Who in Dogs Section has Hybrid or Wolves as Pets?
  114. is it actually possible to put a largemouth bass into a fish tank?
  115. horse body language........?
  116. Cichlids had babies... what to do?
  117. what do you think is the most prettiest snake?
  118. What pump should i use for this sump and overflow box?
  120. does any1 know anything about The Piasa bird in Illinois ?
  121. Who is the most Knowledgeable person in Dogs?
  122. How harmful is lead-paint (and the dust created from remodeling) to yo
  123. Well i have a golden retriever and he twitches when he sleeps. Help?
  124. What does it mean if my horse has a double crown?
  125. ANIMAL EXPERTS: What's wrong with this kitty?
  126. ferret in heat question?
  127. how do i keep my rats protein level down?
  128. is it possible to keep chicken in the backyard in Montreal?
  129. my dog is about 6 months old and does not come back when you call it .
  130. "Missing my Merlin" began my last posting a week ago. My 20 yr old cat
  131. are anoles good pets?
  132. does anyone know of a horse trailer/RV thing instead of a truck and tr
  133. What is the best way to set up a green tree frog aquarium?
  134. Trying to figure out whats wrong with my puppy?
  135. What are some fun, colorful fish to put in a 5 gall aquarium?
  136. Was your cat diagnosed of having the kidney failure? How did you deal
  137. why won't my finches lay eggs? ?
  138. Fleas that won't go away, what do I do!!?
  139. How to ease my puppies itching?
  140. I feed an abandoned "Cat" and Rental Co. want me to pay a Pet Deposit?
  141. Dog I received is lost...Do I tell previous owner?
  142. Who sells the best grooming products?
  143. well my betta tank is in my room and it just had eggs but if i turn th
  144. Puppy gets a runny nose and sneezes, but only at night?
  145. My dog has heart worm. Please answer---10 points.?
  146. for yorkie owners and small dog owners...?
  147. Does your Dog love it's food? If so what kind of food do you feed it?
  148. Where can I purchase or rescue hedgehogs in dallas area?
  149. Did I ask ?? "Feeding Abandoned cat" Am being Charged?
  150. Is it safe to give Frontline plus to your dog after three weeks from t
  151. What kind of snake is black but has silver diamonds?
  152. whats wrong with my bunny?
  153. We live at 8000 ft. elevation. When do we take down the hummingbird fe
  154. My dog is sick what is wrong with her?
  155. IS this animal abuse?
  156. My dog and cat attacked a lizard HELP!?
  157. How much should they weigh?
  158. How long can chickens run with their heads cut off?
  159. Specific questions about finishing up with the dog potty training.?
  160. I Really Really Really Need Help!?
  161. Do female dogs change temperament when they come into season? ?
  162. Are puppies mainly born in the spring?
  163. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  164. Goldfish slurps air at the surface?
  165. Can I leave my cat alone for 3 days?
  166. Help with aggressive puppy?
  167. Suggestions for corn snake temp?
  168. is this combination of bird seed ok for uromastyx substrate?
  169. Good idea to help socialize fearful dog or not?
  170. At what point is it inhumane to let the cat keep living?
  171. Weird Ball Python behavior?
  172. Oh no a monkey bit me!! What I do?
  173. My friend has a black male cat that has 24 claws, is that rare?
  174. Aggressive Dog Problem?
  175. Does the first frost kill ticks?
  176. I was thinking of getting a 800 gallon tank.?
  177. Is your dog as spoilt as this dog?
  178. potty training a puppy?
  179. How do i convince my mom to get me a puppy??? HELP!!?
  180. Aggressive Dog Behavior?
  181. Why are Lilac Breasted Rollers andangered?
  182. what do you put on a jelly fish sting?
  183. Why are my pets going potty in my roomie's Bed?
  184. Any ANIMAL VETS? I have a question...?
  185. What does "C.b." mean for online tortoise sites?
  186. How do I get my male dog to "tie" with my female dog?
  187. What kind of body language would you give off if you are afraid of sna
  188. Is it safe for ferrets to eat Reese's Pieces?
  189. fish that will survive in pond with weather changes?
  190. What Should I add to my tank?
  191. I can't resist giving my dog a bite of my dinner, is that bad?
  192. How do we get our puppy from urinating when excited?
  193. Can Salmonella be transmitted by breathing it in ?
  194. my 8 week old daschound puppy is vomiting when she eats and she has no
  195. puppy getting neutered?
  196. my dog keeps rubbing her rear on the floor?
  197. What are some differences between these 2 dogs?
  198. my dog twisted her leg...?
  199. What should i name my dog?
  200. Explanation of gecko death? He died with blood around his mouth? Any i
  201. Keeping a fairly empty tank going?
  202. why no pets in apartment in burnaby, bc?
  203. If someone attacked you would your dog protect you?
  204. Should I let my lab pup interact with my properly vaccinated dog? ?
  205. is the presa canario a outdoor dog?
  206. Parelli??? THis has been bugging me for a while.?
  207. My fish have like white specks on their tail fins. What is it?
  208. Any cat lovers who know about loose cat teeth? (Front top)?
  209. how long do chickens live for?
  210. We just adopted two 5 wk old kittens and one of them has like brown ru
  211. What breed should i get??
  212. What are some good books about how to take care of a Garter Snake?
  213. if i have a 10 gallon tank and my clown fish have babies?
  214. my fish just dyed!!1?
  215. My 4 month yorkie has a big red bump in the middle of her butthole....
  216. Cricket egg laying substrate?
  217. What breed of dog is she?
  218. my long skirted tetra looks pregnat is it?
  219. We think the rat we bought is pregnant.?
  220. Please Help Soon??!?!?!?!?!?
  221. How much does a rabies vaccine cost? ?
  222. where is the best/ cheapest place to get pet meds.?
  223. How long does it take to be a vet?
  224. dog on jon and kate plus 8?
  225. What are these spots found on my dog's elbows?
  226. cat is mean to the dog?
  227. what is a good homemade dog food recipe that fast and easy ?
  228. will fins grow back????
  229. I think my dog has either mange or severe skin irritation from fleas.
  230. name training a gerbil?
  231. my dog is very disoriented and need help?
  232. I am a truck driver and live in a appt...was wondering what would be b
  233. Utah - Where is a good place to get a dog fixed?
  234. My 8 month old kitten has a tick burried in fur on it's neck, not sure
  235. My cat has stopped eating. What can I do?
  236. wet or dry cat food??????????
  237. My dog ate a bit of soap.?
  238. How many times should I clean my Shih Tzuís eyes? And what is the best
  239. what type of cats are active?
  240. Chemical levels are messed up in my tank. What to do right now?
  241. I have two parakeets, one 13 and one not quite a yr. Can they safely m
  242. is everyone aware of the Dog Flu!! a.k.a Dog Crud!!?
  243. Has there been any recent cases of Equine Infectious Anemia in the U.S
  244. How much dry food should I feed my 6 month old Jack Russel Terrier?
  245. how do i get my dog to stop peeing when she gets happy. some people sa
  246. If you adopt a kitten?
  247. I have a 7month old german rottweiler, and his head is not growing but
  248. What do Saltwater Fish eat?
  249. whats is easyer to take care of a frog or a gecko?
  250. Baby fish in a 3 way breeder are fighting! And how long do I keep them