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  1. names for a pinto gelding?
  2. How can i tell the gender of my baby magpie.?
  3. Can I have 2 female and 1 male boxer in the house together when 1 of t
  4. My puppy won't her food????
  5. should i get a clownfish?
  6. My cat ate banana leaves...should i be worried?
  7. my bird goes crazy when i slowly stick my hand in his cage how can i s
  8. My kitten keeps sucking my neck when I am asleep?
  9. puppy help..please someone?
  10. what are the foods used in NGT feeding?
  11. Need details of aquarium shops in south of Bangalore?
  12. Cat behavior question?
  13. How do I stop my dog from pooing all over our back yard? He even does
  14. Baby RES isn't eating?
  15. has this ever happened to you?
  16. Puppy teething/biting?
  17. My dog is scratching at doors at night ?
  18. how to get my mini doxie to stop peeing in the house!?
  19. Cats and kitttens problem(sss)!!!!!?
  20. Aquatic turtle, bumps on neck?? HELP?
  21. How can you tell if your savannah monitor is pregnant?
  22. Compatible fish mates for my community tank?
  23. HELP ME my 12 wk old staffy bit my son on the face and I do not know w
  24. To all reptile owners! Are you protecting your rights?
  25. are all pugs hyper, and can somebody give me some helpful hints on pot
  26. what type of bird sould i get.?
  27. my 15yr old Doxie has a hoarse bark?
  28. My dog has arthritis in neck, so I do not leash him anymore. However I
  29. what can i do to make my pug stop attacking my german shepherd?
  30. Can dogs eat jasmine fragrant rice?
  31. A few of rat questions?
  32. Cesar milan on animal planet?
  33. nightmare pony has dented confidence.?
  34. My cats were neutered and they have their little fur sac still. What d
  35. is it okay to give puppies or dog a bath at least once a week?
  36. Why do my cats enjoy sleeping in my bed? Are they protecting or just b
  37. how can i get rid of my pug's smelly ear?
  38. any adivce for are first show ?
  39. My 1-yr old male cat has diarrhea and he looks kinda under the weather
  40. Mare or Gelding???? (Yeah, I need more help!)?
  41. can any body help me...?
  42. How do you become an equine vet?
  43. Do you think dogs get bored of their food?
  44. How to train a pet rat?
  45. Dachshund throwing up.. Should I worry?
  46. "GOD" Is he biting back?.?
  47. Savannah Monitor Not Pooping?
  48. Cat with a small balled patch under eye?
  49. What do you feed a baby cat?
  50. where can i give a pregnant cat away will a vet take it in i cant keep
  51. Should we get our puppy a buddy?
  52. my male neutered cat is prone to?
  53. im having a female rott.frm the past 2days she is suffering frm high f
  54. What type of horse would better suit me?
  55. which pet is good dog,cat or fish?
  56. hay guys i am getting a cute little puppy boy what can i name him. PLZ
  57. animal control refuse to do their job! ?
  58. why are ginger cats stubborn, evil and angry?
  59. Urgent help, we have around our land in spain a yellow plant growing w
  60. cesar milan- the dog whisperer?
  61. My dog just had 12 puppies!?
  62. Black Calvus Cichlid?
  63. i need a Chihuahua please read!?
  64. is it bad to use zeolight in a cycling aquarium?
  65. what can i do to stop my dog from whining and destroying everything wh
  66. Does my dog have a problem?
  67. youngstock feeding behaviour problem?
  68. Can I watch episodes of "It's me or the dog" online?
  69. My budgie has white pin-like things coming through his head?
  70. Is rust bad for fish tanks?
  71. Naughty cat, sad couch?
  72. What can I use or buy and from where to enclose my new 15 wk old puppy
  73. what are the indian customs & excise regulations for 2 dogs to travel
  74. Toilet training a 18mth female?
  75. my dog ate some chicken bones and is pooping and vomiting blood?
  76. Hissing Cockroaches - Is the sound annoying?
  77. help! my dog got loose yesterday and now she's acting weird.?
  78. Kitten Flea Control for animal and house?
  79. Im looking fo some penny turtles where can i get them and how much do
  80. Why does my cat rubs into my clothes? ?
  81. After getting my chihuahua desexed her temperment has changed, is this
  82. whats up with my kitty?
  83. What is the reason people sell there dogs ( not puppys) in newspapers?
  84. We have a 5 month old Golden Retriever Puppy who is the most beautiful
  85. Why is my cat so sweet and loving but then again crazy when I play wit
  86. My dog has been known to "destroy worlds," and I'm jealous of him. Wha
  87. 2 kittens let outside?
  88. fish help, is this typical behavior?
  89. facts about raccoons, squirrels, skunks?
  90. Hi there im thinking of getting a Dwarf Rabbit but im not sure what th
  91. Is The a Dog that Suits Me?
  92. How to invite Mediterranean Gecko to my backyard?
  93. I am looking for an authentic?
  94. i think my husky is ill =( what do i do?
  95. My dog had been teased and tormented by a 9yr. old girl he did bite he
  96. Cat question..should l get one or not?
  97. Is there any temp. fix to help my male dogs while my female is in heat
  98. how much cost a golden retriver puppy be?
  99. HorsePower Magazine Blue Ribbon club?
  100. Is this okay for my puppy to do?
  101. Help me with my science project?
  102. Dog Trivia easy 10 pts for corect answers!!!?
  103. my dog is old and leaks on herself and now she has like a rash on her
  104. My female cat is always in heat...?
  105. my fighting fish died?
  106. what would you stock a 4 foot tank with?
  107. Smelly ferret help please?
  108. How long until I can give the kittens away?
  109. Where do you go to get a free Golden Retriever Puppy?
  110. how to get my dog to bark?
  111. Please Help! Fictional Horse Story!!!!!!!!!!?
  112. What are some good rabbit toys?
  113. My cat took my chair? Why?
  114. where do i find this item in australia?
  115. Is this cage big enough for two fully grown male rats?
  116. How do I convince my fiancee' that my son and I need a Great Dane?
  117. HELP! my baby Sulcata has a soft belly?
  118. Why does my cat bite me softly?
  119. HELP! my pet mouse has been acting weird ?
  120. my 5th old puppy :) question?
  121. what is the average cost to raise a horse in sheridan, wy?
  122. what's wrong with my puppy?
  123. my cats wont pee in the box help ?
  124. what do i do my budgie wont cherp very often is he sick?
  125. How do I get my dog to wear his snow socks?
  126. Bluish black Spot in my leopard geckos stomach, impaction or organ?
  127. Need bareback riding suggestions!?
  128. is it good to give a leopard gecko a baby pink mouse even after hes ha
  129. Tiny yellow egg like things in chihuahua's bed?
  130. What color puppies can my light red/american cream piebald female prod
  131. why are people on here soo...read!?
  132. does anyone else's chicks do this?
  133. our red claw scorpions? please help!!?
  134. My parakeet was grinding her beak. Does that mean she already ate?
  135. what are the best things i should do to my budgie?
  136. why is my cat changing colors?
  137. what should i be feeding my 8 week persian kitten? ?
  138. me and my friend got a starling egg and we don't know if it is alive h
  139. What sort of pet should I get?
  140. my budgie wont come out of his cage because he has been torchered befo
  141. Sick puppy and no money?
  142. how to teach a dog confidence?
  143. Why is my rabbit getting thinner?
  144. How big will my dog get?
  145. Does my rabbit chew for attention?
  146. Crate training nightmare! we follow every direction yet somehow our pu
  147. Does anyone know what is a good verse or poem that talks about the lov
  148. What is your favorite dog breed and why?
  149. My dog growled at someone?
  150. Should Margaret Carter have been removed from the Cavalier Club Commit
  151. How can I get a permit to own hedgehogs in Georgia? ?
  152. Why does my cat's urine smell unusually strong?
  153. How can I tell if my male cat has been neutered?
  154. WHAT TYPE OF PITTBULL BREED IS THIS , is it stafford, terrier,?
  155. Yesterday I was bit by an older parrot, and it broke the skin to the b
  156. Dog Problems - Need Help!!!?
  157. My 1month old pup cannot stand nor walk the usual way, i think he got
  158. Do your pets love music?
  159. my 8 week old persian kitten started drooling and his eyes started wat
  160. Very sick betta fish, can someone please help?
  161. help my goldfish.s eyes?
  162. Re:why do my fish hate the light?
  163. My friend is torchering my budgie and i don't know what to do he may g
  164. African grey parrot question - newly adopted, can you help?
  165. Do equine vets earn more money than farriers?
  166. Horse and friend problem?
  167. Hi................................................ ..................?
  168. What do you think of him?
  169. Thanks for the advice, the kittens is 1 week old now, how soon will th
  170. Whats a good amount of protein in kitten food?
  171. Whats your favorite animal and would you have it as a pet?
  172. my iguanas toe is turning light black what do i do?
  173. why do my fish hate the light?
  174. Wolf-hybrid feeding ?'s ?
  175. I have a stray cat who is pregnant. She is just enormous. What is the
  176. what is your favorite type of filter ?
  177. what happens if you get water in pomeranian dogs ears?
  178. Why did my cat kitten's died?
  179. help me! I am so scared!?
  180. Help on Crating a puppy.?
  181. Sick Puppy.... No mother.... What might I do?
  182. What are some ways to get my 1.5 yr old cat to like my new 7 week old
  183. what kind of dog does perez hilton have?
  184. What are some signs that a guinea pig may be pregnant?...good detail p
  185. What is the best way to find new owners for bunnies?
  186. What should i do? My Hamsters biting her cage.?
  187. My chihuahua has a lump on her skin. Is it a side effect from her rabi
  188. Sudden aggression in 8 year old Miniature Pinscher?
  189. Saltwater help please?
  190. Cockatiel cost how much?
  191. Cat Boogers........................................... ............?
  192. is ceramic filter media any good ?
  193. Could I find a foster family for my puppy?
  194. are their people who can train my dwarf hamster?
  195. Do you ever buy your small dog a really big bone lol?
  196. Any advice for a possible dog owner?
  197. can i work at petco at the age of 14 in california?
  198. My puppy is everyonce in a while vomiting a clearish liquid!?
  199. Help Please!! I just need a little advice!?
  200. how can i get me 3 year old cat to stop hissing at my new kitten?
  201. How long does it take for my two cats to get used to our friend's Grea
  202. a older parrot bit my finger and broke the skin to the bone with a lot
  203. why is my cat so EVIL to her 11 week year old kittens?
  204. Toy Poodle Dog - left hind leg "Seed"?
  205. Should i add water clarifier while my fish are in the tank?
  206. Feeding Peacock Eel.?
  207. Why do some dogs howl when they hear sirens?
  208. Would you run a Shelter or Wildlife Rescue?
  209. era cropping for dogs?
  210. How long will my fish tank filter last on a car battery?
  211. Preganent Rabbit??????????????
  212. dog injured after falling off the edge of a staircase?
  213. Show dog or just an every day loving pet?
  214. How To Vaccinate 6 week old Labs?
  215. im buying a shih tzu dog here in cebu.Is there a site that i can check
  216. Need name for HUGE Perch-cross mare!!!?
  217. Does anyone know of a breeder of Farm Collies/Scotch Collies?
  218. Why breed do you own, and why did you choose it?
  219. What do you think of horse riding lessons? Would it be easy/fun?
  220. what kind of spider is this?
  221. where do i get my horse?
  222. how do I lower my nitrite level?
  223. Information on Havanese dogs?
  224. Turtle questions...help me please?
  225. How can I Make my cat better?
  226. how long after it hatches do u feed them ?
  227. My Dog Acts like threes something in his throat?
  228. How do you convince a mum to get a pet dog?
  229. New kitten, and it HATES my very friendly pomeranian. What should I do
  230. german shephard and 7 week old german shephard....help!?!?
  231. Whats better for a Betta?
  232. My Dog Looks Sad and Painful after her Surgery!?
  233. My puppy has one white pimple on her neck. What is it?
  234. why do white bulldogs get like a discoloration on their fur?
  235. Growing lump on puppies belly?
  236. how do you breathe inside of a human sized hamster ball?
  237. First time hamster owner? Please help. ?
  238. What are some good dog toys besides squeeky toys and kongs?
  239. My best friend, Merlin, my 20 year old Persian went to heaven this wee
  240. I hired a dogwalker.. ?
  241. which breed of chicken is the most easy? ?
  242. My son wants a dog, should i let him save up and buy one?
  243. My dog has worms!!!!?
  244. i'm getting my first kitten! I need information on what to do and get?
  245. Unhandled older Llamas?
  246. I have a regal tang w/white spots...?
  247. My Cat Cannot Jump ....!?
  248. do snakes pit out what they eat?
  249. Where can I buy Artemis Fresh Mix Dog Food for cheap locally?
  250. how much do purebreed quality rottweiler puppies cost...?