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  1. my dog licks his lips A LOT!?
  2. How can you tell the difference if your two cats are fighting or playi
  3. How do i make my cat... ?
  4. How do you take care of a dog?
  5. What is important to you when looking for a dog trainer?
  6. What are common (wrong) reasons why dogs are bred?
  7. UK guineapig breeders?
  8. New Kitten Vaccination?
  9. Is it normal for a Maltipoo to have only one eye lined? ?
  10. What does it mean when you breed a dog that they can (skip)?? on their
  11. Will giving a chinchilla vitamins harm them in any way?
  12. how can i figure out my cat's birthday?
  13. my black lab puppy keeps jumping through our patio screens!!!!?
  14. what is your dog doing now?
  15. Are swordtails schooling fish?
  16. Job suggestions in working with animals?
  17. i just bought frozen baby rats for my corn snake, they have white spot
  18. dry skin help (dog)??
  19. transporting a fish for more than a hour in regular bags?
  20. whats the name of the bird i describe?
  21. Can I get pictures of a desert turtle?
  22. Proper way to introduce your dog to another dog...?
  23. whats the difference between an alligator and a crockidial?
  24. My cat's been run over whats his chances?
  25. Any experience with 24PetWatch Emergency Care insurance?
  26. I have a 20 gallon ready for new fish , which ones?
  27. My chihuahua dog can not pee properly!!!?
  28. how do i keep my dog from leaving the yard?
  29. my dog keeps scratching her little but around the area where she poops
  30. What Would A Syrian Hamster Want Most!?
  31. why are my baby betta fish dying?
  32. my doggie- whippet/beagle mix? or something else?
  33. what is your dog doing now?
  34. Are swordtails schooling fish?
  35. Job suggestions in working with animals?
  36. i just bought frozen baby rats for my corn snake, they have white spot
  37. dry skin help (dog)??
  38. transporting a fish for more than a hour in regular bags?
  39. whats the name of the bird i describe?
  40. Can I get pictures of a desert turtle?
  41. Proper way to introduce your dog to another dog...?
  42. whats the difference between an alligator and a crockidial?
  43. My cat's been run over whats his chances?
  44. Any experience with 24PetWatch Emergency Care insurance?
  45. I have a 20 gallon ready for new fish , which ones?
  46. My chihuahua dog can not pee properly!!!?
  47. how do i keep my dog from leaving the yard?
  48. my dog keeps scratching her little but around the area where she poops
  49. What Would A Syrian Hamster Want Most!?
  50. why are my baby betta fish dying?
  51. My cat is sick please help?
  52. How do you deal with food aggression?
  53. What is a dogs favourite cheese?
  54. my dogs won't stop chewing their beds!?
  55. Viszla-Boxer temperament?
  56. Does my Horse Have Colic?
  57. what is your fave breed of dog?
  58. My cat has diarrhea...why? ?
  59. I need name ideas for my dog. ?
  60. What fish is this - HELP!?
  61. Home made dog treat recipe?
  62. When should my kittens get their first worming? What should I use? Wha
  63. Should I get a Great Pyrenees or a Samoyed?
  64. how to make a skinny cat gain weight?
  65. Do Parakeets wings need to be clipped ?
  66. Which breed would you rather have?
  67. How do i make my cat hump my leg?
  68. Blood work for my shih tzu?
  69. Any information on my new puppy's mixed breed ?
  70. Where can I sell a Bearded Dragon online?
  71. is this normal in leopard geckos?
  72. Which breed would you rather have...pt 2 ?
  73. where are there a lot of stray dogs in NYC?
  74. Help with mice problem please!!!!!!!?
  75. My shih tzu keeps running in my room and peeing on my rug..?
  76. Does anyone kow of a good puppy training resource (beside schooling, e
  77. I think I may have to strangle my cat :-)?
  78. How much do they cost?
  79. Help with blanketing?
  80. help with a name for a new puppy?
  81. goldendoodle f1 ,f2 ?
  82. Is it safe to give CoQ10 or grape seed extract supplements to my dog?
  83. What is wrong with my cat? :S?
  84. Nu-Stock Demodectic mange treatment for dogs?
  85. How do i stop my horse rearing up at shows?
  86. Have you ever left your central heating on just for your cat?
  87. puppy problem pleaseeee help?
  88. 14 yr old shitzu.Severe coughing. Gag at the end. 15times a day. rando
  89. My cat is being pooping outside the litter box with no good reason.?
  90. Strange Behavior By My Cat....?? ?
  91. Reef One Marine Conversion Kit for BiOrb?
  92. What's the best way to tame a wild ostrich?
  93. Why am I having Glofish aggression problems?
  94. just bought my puppy dog an bone for family dollar now bone was red bl
  95. Which breed would you rather have?
  96. what's wrong with my pregnant hamster?
  97. Is my orange platy pregnant?
  98. Anxious Cockatiel Behavior?
  99. does anyone now wat aquarium shrimp eat?
  100. I have a9yr old boxer dog. She had large growth on neck which appeared
  101. My gerbil wont let me hold her?
  102. I think there is something wrong with my hamster...?
  103. Can i keep Red phantom Tetras with Pictus Catfish?
  104. Do Ex-Racing Greyhounds make good pets?
  105. Do you think dog health insurance is a good idea?
  106. A six year old and my rabbits?
  107. Has your dog (or any pet) developed any unusual habits...?
  108. Need help with a farm name?
  109. Whats the best Aquarium Filter?
  110. What are some UNIQUE/CREATIVE puggle dog costume ideas?
  111. Info On mini dachshund?
  112. can i leave my dog outside?
  113. is a bull terrier right for me!!?
  114. Can you ship snakes to Hawaii?
  115. How do I tell the gender of my Bull Snake?
  116. i want to get a dog but how would i get it to get along with my cat?
  117. What are the chances of a 7 week old puppy recovering from roundworms
  118. My cat strange behavior?
  119. Year Round Horse Wormers?
  120. Hamster Help-persuading parents?
  121. I am looking for a Labradors Puppy a female a any one who is donating
  122. Question about Yorkshire Terriers?
  123. Can you give Nutritional Supplement drinks to senior dogs?
  124. Should we buy a pet or or adopt a pet?
  125. they r making me sick!!?
  126. What About a Pomeranian?
  127. Is it safe for my small dog to eat pecans in moderation? He loves them
  128. my guinea pig was fine then died within 10 minutes what happened to hi
  129. dogs that dont shed anyone help me please?
  130. Will a female dog remember her son who she'd been living together with
  131. How Small Is A Papillon?
  132. IS THIS a good name for a dog?
  133. Experienced MARINE Aquarium keepers only?
  134. Is this a good winter blanket for my mare?
  135. My two cats alway fight. How to stop it?
  136. Town Lake Animal Center (Austin, Texas)Perhaps a Volunteer or Employee
  137. Should I get another kitten?
  138. My cat has started to spray PEOPLE. What can I do short of killing her
  139. My fish had white cotton looking stuff on his eye and now he has no ey
  140. What do you think would make a better whelping area for my dog?
  141. cost of cavalier king charles spaniel puppy?
  142. I am afraid of leaving my dog alone with her friends to play...?
  143. I want a dog, white pugs?
  144. Checking the sex of a 4 week old chicken chick?
  145. Stall Problems With My Horse, Please Help!?
  146. LOOKING for a scottish terrier puppy?
  147. Why won't the cats use the litterbox?!?!?!?
  148. my puppy is 12wks old and hasnt had any shots where can i get him his
  149. Would you like to adopt my two kittens, five hens, one porcupine (whic
  150. 5 week old staffie male back legs give way and he then bites at the ca
  151. How to correct bad kitten behavior... ?
  152. How can I make my cat a little more comfortable?
  153. My Dogs Chew everything in sight!?
  154. I accidently swallowed my porcupine pet and now my stomach hurts...wha
  155. Do reptiles need warmth all the time?
  156. Is it safe to put more then one green puffer in a tank?
  157. i have a pet turlte and her shell is chipping ..?
  158. My pet rat has just started to bite me!! Help!!?
  159. how can i become an SPCA Volunteer?
  160. How much does it cost...?
  161. I need to put my dog down. Any suggestions?
  162. Any one ever read Good Dog, Bad Dog by henry holt?
  163. Describe your dogs..?
  164. Is biting just a stage for dwarf hamsters?
  165. Is my rabbit pregnant?
  166. where can i find Dalmation puppies in or near South Carolina?
  167. Will a freeze-dried treat cause an obstruction for a puppy?
  168. What should I name my new female Yorkie?
  169. My dog is fully house trained. Just recently, he wants to pee all over
  170. What do I do with baloon mollie babies?
  171. 4 month old kitten care?
  172. Which bird is known for its beautiful tail?
  173. What is a cooler animal a koala or a penguin or a panda?
  174. Wild pigeon: ill or injured ?
  175. Young puppy Help!!!!!!?
  176. How often does a dog's anal gland need to be popped?
  177. How do I wash my grooming tools?
  178. fish eat plants that are under the water.................?
  179. Tape Worm Tabs (Praziquantel)?
  180. what is the best dog food for you money!!?
  181. where do i take my hamster when i go on holidays for a week my family
  182. If someone enters your yard, and your dog bites them,can they sue?
  183. Whats the best dog chow ?
  184. Where to buy a cat condo/cat tree in Canada?
  185. my dog molly is in heat how long will this last ?
  186. My stupid cat never shuts up?
  187. What are some of the most beautiful bird calls in the world and why ?
  188. I know that dogs have different body temperature than us humans, but i
  189. What happens if i were to breed a short hair minature dachshaund with
  190. my dog barks tooo much all the time how do i make him stop.?
  191. Any tips for house-training my mini dachshund?
  192. Are hamsters good pets?
  193. is t possible to breed a hamster and a guinea pig ...my mate said they
  194. what do you call animals who keep their young in pouches?
  195. how do i stop my dog digging up our plants?
  196. What kind of light should i use for baby turtles a fluorescent or Halo
  197. . they mated constantly on days 11 ,12 and 13. Always watched,they nev
  198. Can you help me with my pup?
  199. any one has chihuahua puppies for sale in new york or in upstate new y
  200. I have a question about my dogs behavior?
  201. My critically obese rabbit..?
  202. if you have a oppotunity to get a pet,between dot and cat.what you wou
  203. did i do the wrong thing?
  204. What dogs are really small and stay that way?
  205. my son found this puppy and we throught she was going to have babies b
  206. What can I do to keep my animals from fighting?
  207. what kind of dog breed is the best type for me?
  208. What do you think of these horses?
  209. my son found this dog and we throught she was going to have babies but
  210. Who out there has pet iguanas?
  211. Why does my dog bury her bones?
  212. why did my fish drown?
  213. Do you believe our dogs know when we feel bad?
  214. What Kind Of Cage Would u get for a syrian hamster? Wire or Plastic?
  215. My dog suddenly quit wagging his tail, he won't sit down, and I think
  216. i bought 2 baby red eared slider from this chinese lady when i came ho
  217. My cats shred the underside of my bed - I need ideas!?
  218. are guinea pigs good pets? ?
  219. Does desexing a cat at a later age influence its personality?
  220. Ultrasonic mouse repeller- affects on goldfish?
  221. Paws and claws pet vet?Help?
  222. 4-5 wk old kitten strong urine smell. water or no water.?
  223. Bengal cats (and similarly bred cats)- new breed or misguided attempt
  224. Can anyone recommend a dog harness?
  225. After a queen gives birth...?
  226. i need to know about rabbits!?
  227. Why do my bunnies lick my hands?? ^.^?
  228. What can you tell me about the "Butt Button" on cats?
  229. CAT HELP:introducing them to each other. ?
  230. What other food can I give my 3 month old yorkie?
  231. Wierd Kitten Question-Growth stunted?
  232. I'd like advice about me and my dog!?
  233. My rabbit has a small bump on his head?
  234. I have a couple of questions about rats, can someone help?
  235. How may gallons or how big of a tank should i use for an amazon tree b
  236. how can i get my parakeets to stop fighting?
  237. My family got a new dog and I think it killed our 14 year old dog....?
  238. whats your favorite breed of dog?
  239. How much should I pay for dogsitting?
  240. how can i get the birds to stop sh*tting on my shoulder and all over e
  241. What did it call ? - an animal, run on the tree, ?
  242. I just got my hamster yesterday.?
  243. How to stop a kitten from biting and climbing up pant legs? ?
  244. I am researching about large breed dogs, will you guys help me figure
  245. There's a Sparrowhawk flying around my living room!?
  246. free kittens??..??.??..??..??..??..?
  247. We just Adopted a 3 year old boxer who was pot-tie trained we thought
  248. Puppy trouble, see if you can help.?
  249. What are your qualifications for answering anything more complicated t
  250. How long do female Zebra danios have eggs for, before scattering them?