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  1. I want a pet cat.Boyfriend is not into it.?
  2. My cat likes goldfish?!?
  3. whats the best dog to have.?
  4. How to train dogs to poo in just one small area of a yard?
  5. Need Help Crate Traning?
  6. What should you do (besides calling 911) if you see someone being atta
  7. can mange be in your back yard?
  8. How do i Get my horse to carry a western pleasure headset?
  9. Where can i find info online on fishermen?(the fishes)?
  10. I'm looking for some answers?
  11. Can birds sit comfortably on barbed wire?
  12. praying mantis and iguana?
  13. Plz Help My Guinea Pig Leaked Blood?
  14. My baby ferret just died....Need help?
  15. What is the name of your pet?
  16. Dog people i need your help?
  17. whats the best dog for my lifestyle?
  18. uk have you noticed more parasites on your pet and at home this year?
  19. Help, Baby Bunny, Help??????
  20. im looking to buy a horse, about how tall of a horse should i get?
  21. My cat drank all of my Grapefruit/Tangerine juice. Should I be worried
  22. Buying a corn snake from england and i live in N ireland how will i be
  23. Questions About The Armadillo Lizard....?
  24. How do i get my Cairn Terrier to eat his food?
  25. Do u have a girl hammy that smells?
  26. Isn't milk bad for dogs?
  27. What's up with this horse?
  28. My cat has gone missing?
  29. i need to think up a new tag line for a local shop called "furless fri
  30. It is me or the dog! Please Read!?
  31. Anyone have a dog or know anything about dogs?
  32. Is it wrong to make a dog sleep outside?
  33. are platies good breeders?
  34. What is Infectious Anemia just worerdin?
  35. 9 week old Jack Russell puppy bites a lot?
  36. Can I put Pond water with my freshwater fish tank?
  37. how can you work out how old your guinea pig is?
  38. how old should a a chihuahua puppy to not drink moms milk?
  39. are rough collies suitable for /good at dog agility?
  40. what do i got to do to get the humidity down for my bearded dragon?
  41. Horse costumes? where to get them?
  42. My Dog Is On Fire, Help!!!?
  43. ??question about vet school?
  44. Purpose of a dog crate?
  45. a little concerned about my leopard gecko?
  46. I found a bird outside my house and I want to know what kind it is?
  47. Ball Python Question?
  48. My cat is missing... what should i do?
  49. A name for my kitten....?
  50. i need help with my canary?
  51. I think Revolution for cats may be giving my cats diarrhea...?
  52. Help counting cat legs?? (I have allergy)?
  53. Plz. Whats happening to my guinea pig? Is she dying?
  54. What Barn Name To Choose?
  55. what colour puppys might she have?
  56. whats wrong with my guinea pig?
  57. What is the Diffrence from Live Sand and Regular Sand?
  58. can you catch any disease from kissing a hamster?
  59. Tuff dog names for a male german shepherd?
  60. what foods are unsafe for dogs?
  61. colic??any answers help!?
  62. I got my baby rats! But... ?
  63. my bird accidentally had a tiny tiny bit of softsoap?
  64. Should I Get a Golden Retriever or German Shepard. ?
  65. whats a blue staffy worth thats over 12 months old?
  66. my parakeet has a red around her eye?
  67. How do I get over a pets deth?
  68. how old does a toy breed puppy need to be to give him a raw hide bone?
  69. HELP!!! question about my dog!!!?
  70. Is a Miniature Lionhead real?
  71. Dog with loose stools?
  72. How to potty train a bunny?
  73. is it legal to hump cows in ?
  74. How do I get my dogs from licking the carpets all the time? It makes t
  75. Mule conformation and attitude question?
  76. what is the minimum and maximum temp in which my guppies wiil live in
  77. What are some good dog names?
  78. Help! I just got a brother for my rat?
  79. (pitbull puppy bone agression) thank for ur tips?
  80. Can you help me?-please any suggestions?
  81. Pros & Cons of collar removal in the house?
  82. Question about my yorkie.. ?
  83. What kind of cats are these?
  84. How do i benefit from my dog?
  85. Dog is prego, I think 62 days...?
  86. Saddle help!!! Please read only for experienced saddle makers?
  87. Why shouldn't a cat wear the Petwear 9-12 collar?
  88. can betta fish live in the same tank as a freshwater snail?
  89. Do you know any breeders in the western united states who breed Englis
  90. How can you tell if your dog has a broken leg as opposed to sprained?
  91. Are my cats at risk using Hills Science Diet CD?
  92. underweight poorly looked after english springer spaniel?
  93. How can I convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  94. Why do dogs hide their bones?
  95. Why do some shelters charge so much for dogs,especially purebreeds?
  96. do any of you feed your cat a vegan diet...?
  97. thanks for the concern and your answer's?
  98. Where can I find American Bulldog?
  99. I have 55 cats in my backyard!!!?
  100. Does anyone sell rabbits in Concord, California? I really want one but
  101. How can I train my dog to stop soiling the carpet?
  102. Dog help........ I need help.?
  103. Do you cut your dogs claws?
  104. Every time someone tries to rub my little puppy she backs away and dod
  105. has anyone ever bought a hamster from pj's pet store?
  106. Help Me!! My Little Sister's Hamster Got Out And We Cant Find Her!!?
  107. My cat has this strange lump on her belly, about the size of a pinky.
  108. Why is my dog not happy to see me?
  109. Hamster? Gerbil? Or guinea Pig? Which would u want more as a pet & why
  110. Where is the cheapest pet shop to get a gecko lizards?
  111. can ranch dressing make a kitten sick?
  112. Black and white sand looking particles are falling off my cat at an ex
  113. My hamster and hand taming?
  114. What Kind of dog is this?
  115. Chihuahua marking his territory, what do I do?
  116. Can I get my dog groomed even though she's still nursing a 3 week old
  117. Pregnant Chihuahua question!!! Someone help me please!!?
  118. What is your favorite dog breed?
  119. what kind of dog should i get?
  120. Would a cat get a dieases from being in a....?
  121. Is it greedy to want another dog?
  122. Why is my dog drinking so much water and acting weird?
  123. Kinda Worried..........?
  124. how could you train a zebra finch?
  125. What can we do to help a dove?
  126. HELP I am dressing up my horse for halloween and can't decided what to
  127. I am getting my first horse and can't keep him at a place till April.
  128. Is it okay to let a parakeet climb onto my head?
  129. any tips? Aquarium photography?
  130. What to do with baby bird?
  131. my chihuahua's puppies died!! what do i do for her health?
  132. Why would this happen?
  133. Good tips I'm getting a pet cat....?
  134. i cant find my pet hermit crad.. he's gone ?!?
  135. I asked before and go no answers! Whos read some good dog books about
  136. Are wolf mix breeds really harmful (ex: timber wolf/ Husky mix)?
  137. are those conditions suitable for betta ?
  138. Will locusts bite a lizard?
  139. 4 week old kitten wont drink formula?
  140. Where can you find a sheet that you could use for your horses shot rec
  141. What does it mean when parakeets make that "Rear" noise?
  142. Science Fair project with horses?
  143. I Dont Know If My Fish Is A Herbavore Or Not!! Help?
  144. my cat had kittens outside...? quick please?
  145. How do i stop the water from turning yellow after a week or two?
  146. Lets Play a game! Worst case scenario!?
  147. What's wrong with my betta?
  148. is a clown loach supposed to hide?
  149. My cichlid's eyes got really big and started to get a white film over
  150. How many of your dogs attack porcupines?
  151. how do i get a dog/buy one .i also want a big dog?
  152. How many people can ride a draft horse before it gets too heavy for th
  153. Help me???????????????
  154. My Cat (16yrs old) has literally just started losing clumps of fur all
  155. Does anyone know of a good cat behavior book?
  156. Robo Dwarf Hamster or Guinea Pig!?
  157. Should I get another dog? ?
  158. is it dangerous for a bichon to mate with a wolf?
  159. dose anyone have any info on ferrets?
  160. What's the longest lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  161. Is the tail fin included?
  162. Help me find a dog for my little cuzz?
  163. Praying mantis questions... HELP?!?
  164. Have you seen this Dog mix?
  165. how fast do goldfish grow?
  166. My dog likes to hog everything? Does your Dog(s) do this?
  167. How Can I Get A Monkey? Easy 10 points?
  168. what's up with brown algae?
  169. Strength of Electronic Fence Dog Collar?
  170. My cat is pregnant and i wanted to know if its safe for her to be runn
  171. Is Natural horsemanship worth the enormous outlay ?
  172. How to tame my feral cat? help please?
  173. Are there any feeder rat/mouse breeders in dallas/fort worth,tx?
  174. Do you like Chihuahua dogs?
  175. Neon Tetras and guppies? death~ ?
  176. Can anyone help me find tunnels and other extensions for a hamster pla
  177. My dog won't stop barking!?
  178. Should I keep my little kitty in for Halloween?
  179. Question About Newborn Rat/mouse?
  180. Dog Temperament: Which is more important - Nature or Nurture?
  181. How much would a palomino quarter horse cost?
  182. I'm getting a guinea pig! Any Tips?
  183. Better to free feed, or time feed?
  184. I would like to buy a turtle but really know nothing about them! help
  185. Can hamsters carry disease to little kids?
  186. How do you stop a dog from barking?
  187. What are the pros and cons of owning a Rottweiler?
  188. My dog is killing me! ?
  189. Horse Dewormer, time schedule?
  190. Is there any way to get a cat to stop scratching a chair?
  191. Guppy Babies- Immaculate Conception?
  192. Buying A Maltese! Help Please! Kuddle Bug?
  193. Is it ok to leave two cats by theirselves for 4 days?
  194. What does it feel like when someone is bitten by a rattle snake?
  195. How do I introduce a new dog into my home?
  196. How much should I expect to pay for a puppy's first visit to the vet?
  197. Need to know! can i take my hamster... PLZ!!?
  198. catfish in an aquarium?
  199. are my corn snake vivarium temperatures OK?
  200. My chihuahua never lost her canines (teeth)...?
  201. Parakeet Death Causes?
  202. 9 yr old Maine Coon with dull coat and a bit of dandruff?
  203. I just got two turtles that are about 3 years old but im not sure if o
  204. What is a "chow" pit bull?
  205. What is the average lifespan of a dog or cat?
  206. What is the average life-span of a pet domesticated rabbit?
  207. i found a little bird and he is injured what do i do?
  208. Where's a good place to get rid of a dog?
  209. Help Flea Trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  210. My fired bellied toad is giving out stringy murky product. ?
  211. i just found out my puppy has roundworm?
  212. Should you give milk to cat?
  213. Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis) in Dogs?
  214. Candidate who loves dogs...?
  215. Hi, I live in Michigan, do you know anyone that breeds Bullmastiff or
  216. ferret lovers/owners please read,or future ferret owners?
  217. Which snake is best for beginners? A Garter Snake or A Corn Snake? ?
  218. Where can I buy a healthy dwarf hamster?
  219. whats the diffence between dumbo and fancy rats?
  220. Why are you dog people often so up yourself and know it all when it co
  221. My 9 yr old Dog will only eat human food! please help!?
  222. how do i know when my red eared slider is hungry?
  223. Do i have a good postition?
  224. Baby Bunny Help!!!!!!?
  225. Why is my new rat breathing so fast, like his heart is beating out of
  226. My dog pees when me or my boyfriend get home and also when new people
  227. What to do to help an arthritic horse?
  228. Could a female Betta fish go in a tank with...?
  229. Cat Emergency--- Please Help?
  230. is the pet microchip a gps tracking system?
  231. what is the cotton wool like material in my goldfish tank,it is not on
  232. Why does my cat like to chew on my brush?
  233. Dog will do her business outside only?
  234. my cat has recently started to meow it is so annoying?
  235. Golden Retriever Supplies?
  236. Good Names For 2nd Beardie?
  237. Cat Help #2 I don't know what to do again!?
  238. I need help with defleaing the pooch?
  239. what is the name if the pufferfish in finding nemo?
  240. Which kennel would you choose?
  241. my dwarf hampster has bumpes in her stomach & is getting skinnier by t
  242. Urgent Please Help My Cat Has A Wound on Paw?
  243. my cat wont stop peeing in corners what should I do?
  244. How do you like you German Shepherd Dog?
  245. Is my bird dying? She is sitting oddly on her eggs.?
  246. Thins to do with dogs in the winter time?
  247. How can I get my new kitten to stop going potty on my carpet?
  248. do u have to keep the light on on the room where the litter box is at
  249. i want to bring my hamster to school?
  250. My parakeet has babies and she killed 2 of them, and quit feeding them