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  1. My Dalmatian puppy always bites!?
  2. What is the average price for a 12" common pleco?
  3. my dog had sex a few times but they didn't stick together could she st
  4. this is a serious question?
  5. Our cousins Yorkshire Terrier vomits, what could be wrong?
  6. How do you take care of a hamster/rat?
  7. I want to neuter unvaccinated kittens?
  8. Are my baby rats fighting?!?
  9. my red eared slider turtles have a whitish silverish color shine on pa
  10. Why does my dog like to eat so much?
  11. Its ok for rats to eat apple slices right? cause my little rat loves t
  12. What is a good way to start off in training my 3 yr old horse?
  13. my kitten has flees!?
  14. Should I get a Shiba Inu?
  15. Should I buy my sugar glider a heatrock?
  16. guys and girly dogs?
  17. Relationship with Dogs?
  18. Where can I find a 24" wide pressure-mounted pet or child gate?
  19. Is there such thing as this? ?
  20. How can a tip of a dog's tail break off while combing it out?
  21. Why doesn't my pitbull want to eat?
  22. Types of dog and what can i add to them?
  23. What's wrong with my turtle?
  24. What do I do with a baby salamander I found?
  25. What is wrong with my budgie parakeet and veggies?
  26. should i have more than one parakeet?
  27. Anyone have a sick cat?
  28. Why does my dog look like he got a shock...?
  29. is two or three clown loaches enough?
  30. My dog has little sores?
  31. What Kind Of Rabbit Breed is This?!?
  32. I have a Shih Tzu Pomeranian mix and he is great. He is 10 months old
  33. what are some "need to know" facts about visiting a dog park?
  34. Kids begging their parents to let them have dogs?
  35. Can my bearded dragon eat strawberries?
  36. Tree walking coon hound killing squrrels?
  37. Are Cats and Dogs Suited 2gether?
  38. My dog has a tick :( we're taking him to the vet, but I'm scared that
  39. mixing clawed frogs in same tank?
  40. Can someone help me sex my baby pet rat. I cant tell if its a girl or
  41. Do u now a portuguese water dog?
  42. My turtle tank has gnat larvae can I put a teaspoon of bleach in the t
  43. what pet rabbit is the cutest friendliest smartest that is great for a
  44. Are all ferrets with ear tattoos from Marshal Farms?
  45. Can a 9 -year-old indoor cat still have/carry toxoplasmosis if they ha
  46. What small pet should I get?
  47. Is it okay to have two yorkie puppies alone at home for 6 hours?
  48. Older cat throwing up bile not just food, no hair balls, could this be
  49. Can you use cat flea drops on dogs?
  50. Did you use Intervet PreveNile on your horse?
  51. need help with my cocktiel?
  52. Dog wouldn't let me put leash on him , and he tried to bite me as I wa
  53. The Day After Puppy Neuter?
  54. Why does my boxer dog keep following me around everywhere!?!?
  55. New Betta! But I'm a bit worried about him?
  56. Why is my cats eyses leaking?
  57. i have a budge everytime i get him out of the cage he bits me and atta
  58. first time rat owner, best type of rat to get and easiest to train?
  59. Sudden aggression in dog?
  60. my dog is obsessed with hoses?
  61. Our goldfish (black fantail) has been swimming upside down for over a
  62. Is it okay to have a ferret and not take them to a vet?
  63. How do you train a rat to press a button on command?
  64. Does anyone have tips on how to introduce a new puppy to a current dog
  65. I have two kittens what do I do?
  66. HELP plzzz mice...........?
  67. how can i find my dog?
  68. What breed of dog should a get as a companion to a very large cocker s
  69. what am type of dog am i thinking of?
  70. I caught a tadpole? ?
  71. what should i choose?
  72. Is there any way to stop animals from relieving themselves in my yard?
  73. Winter Clips for the competitive horse?
  74. We just got a kitten....?
  75. dettol/savlon on pet rabbits?
  76. I need help with my parakeet?
  77. What type of rodent is this?
  78. What do you think...(details inside)?
  79. What can I do about my cat?
  80. Question about puppy mills?
  81. What can i do to help my sick puppy?
  82. Whats the best Cat/Kitten food?
  83. dog parks near buena park?
  84. My dog doesn't eat for awhile and then eats all at once?
  85. have you ever hear an owl hooting at night.....?
  86. Puppy's urine has a strong odor and is bright yellow.?
  87. does anyone no a vet that will take payments?
  88. what do you feed gerbils?
  89. Can i wash reptile carpet with soap?
  90. i have two problems... help?
  91. how and you get a hukty less then $300 ?
  92. where can i buy a really small dog coz i live in a unit?
  93. My horse won't take her right lead!?
  94. Why do so many people get pets they don't know how to care for?
  95. Why has my 5 month old puppy started peeing when she gets excited? ?
  96. would this be a good hamster cage?
  97. what do i do to teach my puppy{neopolitan bullmaster} how 2 sit?
  98. Good way to clip a ferret's claws?
  99. What is the funniest, strangest or cutest thing your cat does?
  100. what pet rabbit is the best for a 1 bedroom apartment?
  101. What is the least amount of money you can get a horse for?
  102. Do the fish in my tank seem happy?
  103. I work at a vets office?
  104. Does your cat kick you when you hold it? ?
  105. my bird looks fine but he has been through torture and i don't know wh
  106. Why does everyone I know who owns a pit or pit mix...?
  107. does anyone know of a good pet shop in new york where you can find goo
  108. Do cats recognize that we are kissing them when we do? ?
  109. how can you control a 5 month old puppy that take a poop in the house
  110. My box turtle has issues?
  111. Bringing a Shi-tzu puppy home.?
  112. What is wrong with my little dog?
  113. umm. ive got 8 fish but want a blood parot will they be ok with each o
  114. what r ur thoughts on feeding strays?
  115. Are rottweiler puppies born with their brown spots?
  116. what r ur thoughts of feeding strays?
  117. how do i cut my dog's nails?
  118. How can I convince my mom to get a dog?
  119. My dog, Zak, needs a companion, must be a smallish dog. Any breed idea
  120. anybody know about green cheek conures?
  121. anyone want to buy a 20" australian saddle for a draft?
  122. Should i let my new baby rats bite my fingernails?
  123. I need bunny help! so i just bought a bunny from china town...?
  124. Are there any people in nsw selling baby rats?
  125. What should i feed my sugar glider?
  126. Why does my baby Leopard Gecko lie around all the time?
  127. Dog experts in favor of keeping dew claws?
  128. how do i get my rat to let me Touch her and pick her up?
  129. I need more info on these dogs?
  130. What was the 1st pet that you remember having?
  131. our dog has strange dark stools?
  132. Pet Salamander..what to feed them? please answer!!?
  133. How do I add weight to my 16 year old TB horse ?
  134. What are some items that a pigeon should have in it's cage?
  135. i just found out my kittens kidneys are failing is it worth the money?
  136. a turtle question??????????
  137. Anyone know where...?
  138. Roxy my dog is acting crazy wen shes at the park!?
  139. is it normal for a 7 month old puppy to get jelous if her mom just had
  140. cat pooping and peeing on the carpet?
  141. What is your cat's name and why did you name it that?
  142. Do you feed your dog with dry food or meat?
  143. Should i get a German, Rough Collie, Golden Retriever Or BoxeR?
  144. to my wonderful contacts...do?
  145. My dog maybe infected with Ehrlichia is it too late for her?
  146. how can u take a dogs temperature without a thermometer?
  147. Can someone please reccomend me a terrarium for my amazon tree boa.?
  148. Random question....How many dogs did you want when you were older?
  149. My pair of diamond doves have hatched one of their 2 eggs now what?
  150. How old do cats usually live for?
  151. is this a good vivarium for a green anole?
  152. I've 5 dogs, the largest one has bad ear infection the smallest one wa
  153. i put a betta(ma)in a 2 gallon tank with no heater or filter and has 4
  154. What fish can be kept with 6 Angelfish?
  155. Dwarf Hamster Dieting Question??...?
  156. can i make reef rock?
  157. Is it legal to keep 2 Columbia Spotted Frogs as pets in Montana?
  158. What is the best type of bone for a pitbull mix to chew?
  159. can rainbow lorikeet talk???i need your help please?
  160. What is a dog breeders license?
  161. What do you need to get a gecko?? ?
  162. What brand saddle is better-- Abetta Cordura or Big Horn Cordura?
  163. whats wrong with my cat?
  164. who has more than 2 pets and what is it's names ?
  165. Beta Fish Feeding Plan?
  166. Were can i buy a Pygmy goat in Australia?
  167. Is a Chinchilla a good pet and is there someone who sells them in utah
  168. I lost my beloved Keeshond a few weeks ago and I'm looking for another
  169. do i have ever thing? all the basis ?
  170. What breed of dog is this?
  171. what breed of horse is this?
  172. which snails and where?
  173. my beautiful baby roxy is a 9 week old boxer. We have had her for thre
  174. Look @ My Angelfish. How much more will they grow and male/female?
  175. Do you a puppy more or a kitty?
  176. Anyone in Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley CA that can recommend a good do
  177. Goldfish have black eyes?
  178. phantom pregnancy.... my one year old staff?
  179. How can you tell if a dog is def?
  180. can i have a green puffer fish with these fish?
  181. hi just got my dog spayed yesterday wont stop wining took back to vet
  182. Ok, first time horse owner with some questions!?!?
  183. Two gerbils, a hamster, and run-about balls...?
  184. My horse peels herself out of her blanket?
  185. can dogs get tourettes syndrome?
  186. Would you prefer a bunny or guinea pig?
  187. Beta Fish white dot on head?
  188. Help Me Help My Lovebird Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  189. rat fans read me please?
  190. What type of pet should I get?
  191. do kissing gouramis have teeth?
  192. is it normal for a dog to eat their own poop?
  193. how many puppies can 2 mixed chihuahuas have?
  194. Why Does He Shake?? I'm Really Worried.?
  195. How can i convince my mom to let me get a puppy?
  196. DO guinea pigs.....................?
  197. Lovebird Was Just Attacked I Need Help And Answers Now Pleae Help!!?
  198. Rouen ducks and Pekin ducks?
  199. wy my pets dy when i go summer camp?
  200. A question for dog lovers?
  201. cooked chicken liver?
  202. Help me name my new kitten..... ?
  203. Dog whining and crying (8 year old untrained lab...) while in the bath
  204. When your boarding a horse at the stable what does it mea when it says
  205. What do I do with my terrorist.?
  206. My cat had 3 kittens 4hrs and their is still something hanging out of
  207. I started dating a girl with an 8 year old, untrained, yellow lab. He'
  208. Boxer puppies 4sale in or around West Virginia?
  209. Does anyone no a adoption place in md were u dnt have 2 wait a week u
  210. what are some of your dog's weird mannerisms?
  211. What should i get a first-time show rider?
  212. Does anyone know is there is a vet office that does payment plans?????
  213. Pet Question Of The Evening?
  214. how many puppies in a litter?
  215. I want to get another dog I have a chahuaua and shes about 7 years old
  216. what would i pay for these guinea pig breeds?
  217. Best way to stop my dog from taking my 22-month-old daughter's food of
  218. i need help with my ferret?
  219. ???????? CatS OR DogS ?????
  220. When giving your dogs numerous tablets at once?
  221. What is the best way to house train a dog ?
  222. Hamster sickness/problem?
  223. What type of bit for english show jumper?
  224. Golden or Labrador retriever?
  225. Is there always a runt in a litter?
  226. My Dog's Paw Pad Is Ripped!!??!!?
  227. A few questions about cockatiels?
  228. Dog Run-away/Troubles !?!?!?!? PLEASE HELP, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!?
  229. Why do Pitbulls "Snap" ?
  230. Does your cat do this?
  231. Betta hasn't aten since I bought it?
  232. Kaytee Forti Diet Mouse and Rat Food-- Good or Bad?
  233. why did my betta do this ?betta?
  234. My kitten likes the freezer is that normal?
  235. My fish lies at the bottom of the tank all day He will swim a little t
  236. I need a new barn name for my new thoroughbred?
  237. What special things do you do for your poochie?
  238. what kind of flashlight do i use in order to candle a chicken egg?
  239. i dont know what hamster to get?
  240. im planning on dressing my horse for halloween anyideas?Where to get t
  241. Bareback Horse Riding?
  242. what was the one camercial about the dog obediance??? ?
  243. How can you tell the differences between a water monitor or a nile mon
  244. Whats a good dog food for my cocker spaniel puppy?
  245. Tea-Cup Yorkies For Sale?
  246. My cat peed on the carpet, how do i litter train it?
  247. what does it mean if a guniea pig rolls on its side and theres blood c
  248. I Have Recently Found A Most Gentle Dog In My Neighborhood And Im Not
  249. my dog arranges her blanket in her kennel before bed. is this normal?
  250. If you were an animal and you had a pet human, what would you name him