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  1. Is there any way to tell for SURE if a ferret is from Marshall Farms?
  2. Why does my cat like to sit on paper?
  3. Anyone know about Beagles?
  4. What is the name of that rare dog breed that has dreadlocks?
  5. I have a 17 month old shepherd mix (about 45 pounds)- how often does s
  6. my cat walked across my painting, and has dried paint on his footie.?
  7. What would cause a dog that is about 2 years old to still try to nurse
  8. Is it bad to get my long haired german shepherd dog shaved/trimmed for
  9. Cues for getting the horse to canter?
  10. in a false pregnancy does dog temp goes down on 57- 60 day?
  11. My dog is biting his tail and biting the hair off his hind legs eventh
  12. what are major dates for changes in chicks?
  13. question about training my puppy!!!?
  14. Fostering a abandoned (feral possibly) dog with newborn pups.?
  15. Please Help! My Dog Doesn't Like Her Crate :[?
  16. How often should I take my cat to the vet?
  17. How many times a day does a Mounted Patrol Officer get asked?
  18. I was reading fish diseases tonight and have questions about fish TB?
  19. What dog breed looks like a wolf?
  21. When a dog has severe heartworms, can we treat and cure the dog?
  22. I want to try a dog but can't find any in supermarkets..?
  23. Getting a puppy soon, what do I need?
  24. pen plax aqua nursey anyone have one?
  25. How can i stop my puppies from doing this?
  26. found a persian cat today a few questions?
  27. What is a dignified way to bury pet fish?
  28. Sneezing iguana help me?
  29. What can i use for a hideout spot for my juvenile chinese water dragon
  30. i think my hamster is dying! i'm freaking out!?
  31. what is the best cat food for Cats?
  32. My dog is too jealous of my other dog..HELP!?
  33. Where can I bury my dog if he has no insurance and I do not have any m
  34. Getting a mandarin, question about copepods...?
  35. can you wax cats????????????????
  36. my collie sometines chokes or cough?
  37. Help my fancy oranda?!?
  38. I have jack russell cross chihuahua puppies and i don't know if I want
  39. How to teach your dog to speak when..?
  40. Chihuahuas in obedience and/or agility?
  41. How do i get rid of these black ants?? they even bitt a little kitten?
  42. I am planning on taking in a kitten.. what do i need?
  43. My dad evacuated up to my house for hurricane ike, and he brought his
  44. My 15 month old female bichon frise hasns't gone into heat for the fir
  45. i think i have a cattle fetish?
  46. have you ever got in a fight over a dog or animal?
  47. Dog Is Digging Too Much..................?
  48. Just put Hartz on kitten. And bombed room, but kitten got fleas back.
  49. What To Feed A Kitten With An Underbite?
  50. If you could buy me a pet with my money...?
  51. how to ship a dog and how to recive ?
  52. I Think My Cat Has A Broken Arm What Should I Do?? I Cant Afford To Ta
  53. Why do my chickens prefer to eat cat food over chicken feed?
  54. Which is the best chicken?
  55. is it common for vets to take animals in the backroom to adminster reg
  56. i have a 17th month rottweiler with a white lump/bump growing on his n
  57. how can i make my crush love me?
  58. New ball pythons questions?
  59. Do you think it's a tumor on my guinea pig or cancer or a cyst?
  60. taming a mean cockatiel?
  61. My horse is really sick! Help!?
  62. For people know alot about dogs with separation anxiety?
  63. Help please, my ferret's tail has been bitten raw!?
  64. Need to protect my carpet....?
  65. the mom cat keeps moving this one kitten?
  66. Im having a hard time dealing with this....?
  67. How do I get my brother's kitten to stop destroying the toilet paper?
  68. annual reported dog bites?
  69. I NEED HELP how do i use my fishtank rock cleaning tube?
  70. Male dogs prefer women?
  71. Which US Parrot Rescue Should I Donate To?
  72. when should we give him dry food?
  73. why does my 10 month old shepard mix chew on the picnic table and the
  74. Does my cat belong to any specific breed?
  75. A question for Boxer owners- Do your Boxers whine when they want atten
  76. how big to needle fish get?
  77. Any ideas for treats my ferret might like?
  78. Is Eukanuba puppy food with lamb any good?
  79. why does my dog go to sleep every time i play my bass guitar?
  80. how do i tell what kind of snail i have?
  81. Can you put Goldfish and Bala Sharks together?
  82. Cryptorchid Puppy..................................?
  83. How does my horse look?
  84. help me think of cute kitten names?
  85. Will my dog have a orgasm?
  86. Horse Boarding Facilities In Oklahoma!!!!?
  87. For everyone wanting a teacup dog?
  88. how do i get my 7 month old cat to relearn how to use her litter box?
  89. Do you prefer mares or geldings?
  90. my rabbit.. please help!! ?
  91. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  92. how long have states been trying to ban pit bulls?
  93. Deworming your dog......?
  94. germs and leopard geckos?
  95. My dog barks, whines, growls and moves around a lot in her sleep? More
  96. what will happen if i feed my cornsnake a mouse that may b 2 big 4 him
  97. a cat just had birth and i think the kitten my die HELP?
  98. How to get rid of worms in my fish tank?
  99. Is it ok to leave a puppy home alone?
  100. should i get one ferret or two?
  101. Puppy problem can anyone help?
  102. is it okay to give a dog a sudfedrine if he has a cold?
  103. why would my fighting fish be vertical?
  104. Do all himalayan cats have a flat face?
  105. I Want Cute Pet Pics To Put In My Locker. But Only The Cutest!?
  106. Fun You know you're a horse lover if...?
  107. can you play games with mice?
  108. Oh Crap! My mini lop is pregnant at 4 months old! HELP PLZ!?
  109. would this be a good first horse?
  110. hamster Pavo is it possible?
  111. Neon Tetras Doesn't School anymore?
  112. outdoor cats wandering around ?
  113. What was the black (pit bull?) dogs name on Animal Precinct sunday nig
  114. would a skinny pig and a rabbit get along?
  115. Praying Mantis. I live in California and found a praying mantis about
  116. Do you like poultry if so look at this...!!!?
  117. What should I do............?
  118. can a paradise fish and a blue gourami like each other?
  119. Do turtles burrow undergroung in the fall/winter?
  120. This is not a question but a wondering?
  121. i have to put my baby dog down?
  122. how old are kittens when they.?
  123. Is there such a breed of dog?
  124. is rabbit infection um help ?
  125. How much do you think my horse is worth ?
  126. Are Applehead Chihuahuas much different than other breeds of chihuahua
  127. What if my current dog is jealous of our new dog?
  128. kitten with a cold or what?
  129. How can I train my dog?
  130. My horse won't pick up the right lead? Really need help.?
  131. Why is getting a pet neutered/spayed expensive?
  132. My parakeet Sky is eating through his perches...?
  133. this is about My 2 dogs?
  134. Is my puppy a full or mixed Basset hound?
  135. How do you prevent outdoor cats from being hit by cars?
  136. Has anyone owned their male rats without neutering them?
  137. How much bigger do Tea Cup Myth Chihuahuas get from when they were a p
  138. Chocolate lab itching problem?
  139. spot on ear of red eared slider turtle.what is it?
  140. How can I work for a veterinarian office or for the ASPCA without havi
  141. Can you help me persuade my mom about hermit crabs?
  142. how fast should my fish grow?
  143. cats keep jumping up on the kitchen bench , how do i stop this ?
  144. My friend could be getting some chickens soon, what do you think of th
  145. my roommates puppy is already potty trained?
  146. What happens if your apartment complex finds out you lied about having
  147. Dying cat hiding-odd behavior?
  148. did my dog have a seizure?
  149. My dog has has turned aggressive, what could it be?
  150. my rabbit has a really weird prob?
  151. Owl? What kind could it be?
  152. The lines on fish's fins, what are they called and what are they made
  153. What kind of loaches are asexual?
  154. so a horse @ my ranch as strangles. as we all know it is very contagio
  155. How to keep my cat indoors and happy?
  156. What else should/can I put in my tank?
  157. whats wrong with my puppy!?!?!?
  158. Help!! My Guinea Pig Ate My Phone Charger?
  159. my rabbit is sneezing pleaze help?
  160. Has anyone used a 7.5 Watt heater for a 1 gallon fish tank?
  161. how do i get my dog to stop bitting my other dogs ear?
  162. Is anyone else offended?
  163. Child raped by Pit Bull?
  164. how do yuo potty train a gorilla?
  165. dog with kidney problems?
  166. What does this sign mean?
  167. Instructions on how to use Ick Away medication?
  168. what is a good website to find people who are giving away puppies in t
  169. Pregnant cat need help on birth time line?
  170. What is the cutest type of chihuahua and best/cutest?? ?
  171. Can I Un Spayd my Cat?
  172. How do I keep my cat from escaping?
  173. i have a job and was at work when my dog mated i understand they didnt
  174. Has anyone noticed bumps on their dogs neck after the use of a no bark
  175. How do I stop my cat from hissing all the time?
  176. My husbands ball python Helena?
  177. Why do I love dogs so much?
  178. Savannah Monitor Pregnancy?
  179. I want a Japanese Bobtail?
  180. celery for guniea pigs?
  181. When you ride horses, should you point your heels up or down?
  182. Getting Morkie! What should i expect?
  183. My week old kitten is pooping blood!?
  184. does showering a dog yesterday affect using frontline today?
  185. how can i convince my mom to buy me a snake? she is scarded more then
  186. Just how good is a cats sense of smell and just how good is a cats hea
  187. what type of cats have all black hair and blue eyes?
  188. where can i adopt a kitten in Los Angeles California?
  189. How can I tell if my betta fish is laying eggs?
  190. What do you think my dog is mixed with?
  191. My BOY week old kitten is pooping (dyeria) blood! do u know wt could b
  192. my dog has gotten sick many times today and one time it looked like bl
  193. My dog won't stop digging?
  194. How do you get pics...?
  195. i think my dog has breast cancer how do i know and what should i do?
  196. Treated cats with Frontline 2 weeks ago and fleas are coming back?
  197. how do you tell if a fish is a boy or girl?
  198. king charles cavalierrrr spaniell?
  199. Chinchilla pee odor HELP!!!!?
  200. how can u tell if dog has heart worms?
  201. Trying To Start A Nice Fish Tank- Need Some Help With Simple Questions
  202. Why do they call it Cock Fighting?
  203. How much should a 50-65 pound dog weigh?
  204. eye problem in a dog?
  205. Who can tell the sex of ram cichlids? Please help!!!!!?
  206. Shih Tzu thinks he is running the place?
  207. How do I convince my mother to get a companion to the dog we already h
  208. I need help with my cat. He can't eat soft food.?
  209. need help on breeding my stud?
  210. i showered my dog yesterday with the flea control shampoo, and I just
  211. Help! My canaries wouldn't eat the veggies I leave inside their food c
  212. what pets are great for a one bedroom apart ment no snakes or lizards?
  213. Emergency Hermit Crab Help Needed!!!?
  214. my bird is really sickk...HELPPP?
  215. What flea & tick medicine prevents and kills fleas and ticks and preve
  216. Hamster needs help please ?
  217. What is a good/little dog that would be ideal for a responsible 12 yr
  218. What is the best way to move on from a family dogs death?
  219. Is my hermit crab dead or molting?
  220. why is my beta fish sinking?
  221. Horse's age in human years...?
  222. my cat chewed some wandering jew what do I do for her I cannot afford
  223. I just adopted a beagle mix and would like to know what he might be mi
  224. Red spot on my dogs belly?
  225. My pet parrot has started plucking its feathers for some reason, why?
  226. introducing a 4 week old kitten to a 3 year old?
  227. it's about my horse. anyone that has experience with them, help me!?
  228. Cockatiel breeders? Help?!?
  229. What should I do with my goldfish?!?
  230. horse names! (percheron)?
  231. is it safe for my dog to EAT the dog chews?
  232. Question on a budgie. ?
  233. Not sure what killed my dog and I'm feeling guilty.?
  234. is there a law for owning a wolf in MI?
  235. My Fixed Female Cat Has Been Acting Strange...Please help!?
  236. help me my bird is sick ='[[[[[?
  237. Is there a way to get my cat to not use his claws?
  238. Is it bad for dogs to eat pies and pasties?
  239. serious horse help needed :(?
  240. My budgie sounds muffled!!!!?
  241. Why is my cockatiel suddenly cocking it's head and looking around like
  242. My dog wont eat the dog food that I give him. I've tried both dry and
  243. why r water turtles not 4 sale in ohio?
  244. Are my fish ok to leave for a long period of time?
  245. If your cat gets out while in heat and comes back not in heat is she f
  246. ***how Do I Convince My Parents To Get A Dog?***trust Me I'm Doing A F
  247. What can I do for my cat with gingivitis and stomatitis? Help?!?
  248. Dog wouldnt let me put leash on?
  249. My dog won't eat after surgery?
  250. baby red footed tortoise help?