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  1. Need answers about getting fleas away HELP!?!?!?!?!?
  2. dog keeps weeing on my bed?
  3. How often do I repeat treatment with oxytetracycline HCl for finrot in
  4. Fleas in pub, brought couple home! Help!?
  5. how many of you have chinchillas?wots there name?
  6. i need help to find boots for my horse!?
  7. do you give african land snails tap water or bottled?
  8. how much does Kookaburra bird cost? i need help?
  9. List of all horse feeds with word 'grain' in it?
  10. why did my mice eat her babies?
  11. How do i become a Guide Dog Trainer?
  12. what are these colors and what defines them as those colors?
  13. I think my dog has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  14. How to train/teach pet rats ? ? ?
  15. Why Does one of My Cats Eat too much?
  16. help me with my turtle tank!?
  17. how to tame a lorrikeet?
  18. Where can cat traps be bought? cheap would be great!?
  19. What are some ways to persuade my mum to let me buy a chihuahua?
  20. Speechless over ad???
  21. Would it be okay to add another Pleco to my aquarium?
  22. budgies laying egg problem!?
  23. Am I feeding my cat enough?
  24. how to get my cat to pee in the litter box?
  25. Do you think this dog is cute?
  26. My blue lined trigger fish keeps flipping in circles and upside down w
  27. anyone with any advice on pet rats?
  28. is there anything you can feed a dog to keep fleas off the dogs?
  29. why my oscar fish is just laying down and inactive?
  30. Are Siberian Huskies Guard Dogs?
  31. my forgotten password?
  32. Goldfish looks sad and lethargic, white on tip of tail?
  33. "broken" white kitten..a name?
  34. my dog has a dry raspy cough?
  35. How long do cockatials live, and are seizures a common occurance?
  36. Why do dogs seem so attracted to one person, than another?
  37. My ferret is eating litter?
  38. what is the breed of this dog?
  39. Does anyone know if reptile conventions by The Maryland Reptile Farm a
  40. My Dog Has Something White In Her Eye?
  41. Getting a dog??????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
  42. How to stop your cat waking you up at 6 am?
  43. Why do dogs try to hump humans?
  44. it seems my creamsicle lyertail molly had only female fry?
  45. Does your cat sleep behind your knee!?
  46. Emerald tree boa help?
  47. Wildlife rehabilitation?
  48. where should i dog sleep during the night read all detail?
  49. Do cats know when they're naughty?
  50. Can A pure breed Shetland sheepdog that is not A merlle have freckles
  51. Are german shepherds good dogs?
  52. A question about cycling?
  53. Why does my cat not eat his own food but whenever im about to eat he w
  54. My dog has been to Vet 2x after a broken leg a week ago. She still is
  55. New Zealand Huntaway? Its a breed of herding dog?
  56. How to tame a wild lorikeet?
  57. what will result from crossbreeding a purebreed german shepherd and a
  58. Does anyone actually have a CAT who's not afraid of the rain?
  59. What Type Of Snakehead Fish Are These!?!?!?
  60. Why does my cat love boxes?
  61. How to tell the gender of goldfish ? ?
  62. Urban myth time again....?
  63. soo cute little cats?
  64. i want to know how much it would cost for a salt water aquarium?
  65. Things to help tell Black kittens apart?
  66. Way for my cat to see out without people seeing him?
  67. is it true i can tell the sex of my crayfish (yabbie) bye its chaste t
  68. what is the best companion for my 2yr old rabbit bella?
  69. When is my dog going to have her puppies?
  70. which is better for training labs to walk beside you instead of in fro
  71. Serious Help needed My JRT was attacked by 2 big dogs!?
  72. Gaited jumper trainer in the South East US?
  73. dogs with knee ligament problems?
  74. How long can a Red-Eared Slider go without food?
  75. Seriously???????? I dont believe this crap!!!?
  76. I found a hypo cornsnake.. ?
  77. For those of you working at vet clinics?
  78. Questions about my kitten?
  79. what is the capacity of my fishbowl?
  80. what to do with gold fish, when i no longer want them in the tank?
  81. Did you let the dogs out?
  82. Help I lost my dog in Fontana California?
  83. My Cat is hurt and I need help please....?
  84. What do you look for in a trainer?
  85. How old is my pup? she was born April 5th and today is October 7th?
  86. Older lab gets testy with other pets but only if he is in his crate wh
  87. What's a friendly way to get rid of BEE'S?
  88. I Think It's a GOOD idea..what do you think?
  89. Please help - dog had seizure - memory loss?
  90. Local shelters are full, what are people supposed to do?
  91. how do you take care of 4 puppies?
  92. Easy ways to stop your dog barking at night? HELP!!!!!!!?
  93. Fennec fox vet in illegal area?
  94. Where should the dog sleep at night help me plz??
  95. yesterday I asked for help to get 2 dogs out of India. What regulation
  96. My dog likes licking my ear. Is that normal?
  97. I think my hamster is sick can you help?
  98. Do goldfish need a bubble stone?
  99. whats a good age to tape my dogs ears?
  100. I am getting a Syrian hamster . . .?
  101. my kitten is sick what do i do?
  102. how do you stop a cat scratching your furniture?
  103. How much does milk formula..........?
  104. I cut my birds nails to short and they are bleading what do I do?
  105. I want to know more about mice.?
  106. What does molting meen ? And whats the behavour of hermit crabs ?
  107. Can My Dog/puppy Be Pregnant?
  108. What are normal side effects to expect from administering deworming me
  109. Hi again! I have some questions about dog registration?!?
  110. I have a Siberian husky having puppies I didnt see the placenta come o
  111. URGENT. My 1.5 year old dog YELLS at night. Plzzz tell me what should
  112. Neutering a male cat- Can it be done like a vasectomy?
  113. how do i no if my crayfish is a boy or girl?
  114. 4 week old puppy aspirated milk and has difficulty breathing...?
  115. My dog had a litter............?
  116. if my dog is off leash, runs up to another dog on leash the dog on lea
  117. What food CANT dogs eat?
  118. I started volunteering at a Animal Shelter and no one is really tellin
  119. what can i do to stop my dog from trying to steal my food?
  120. Videos Horsemanship Videos do you Suggest?
  121. What should i do for my sick (i think) baby chipmunk?
  122. How do I make my baby Red-eared slider settle down in her tank?
  123. Why do dogs lick you?
  124. My dog died in less than 10 minutes?
  125. My fish tank community?
  126. Has anyone ever heard if there is such a thing as oral birth control f
  127. What are the traits or characteristics of a pure breed yorkshire terri
  128. Can someone help me with my beta fish?
  129. non-kill shelters.....?
  130. Is this cage okay for my two male rats ? ?
  131. can a savannah monitor and a nile monitor live in the same area?
  132. I shut the end of my dog's tail in the door.?
  133. Can someone identify the kind of turtle i have?
  134. What's wrong with my little guy? His fur is missing!?
  135. Was what she did wrong?
  136. Fish need to eat, eating makes gas, do fish fart?
  137. What is the cheapest Organic Food for my dog?
  138. Pictures of a Cockapoo/Schnoodle mix?
  139. I just found a pit bull: Now what?
  140. My dog has an sore. Puffy, red/pink, and hot. It's growing.?
  141. is it true giving chocolate chips to rats can help them to stop sneezi
  142. what do you think of my horse and me?
  143. What Is A trindle color?
  144. I am getting a ferret kit soon, and i was wondering what is the BEST f
  145. What are the breeds of my mixed breed?
  146. is Dr Harry's dog food a good Australian brand to feed puppy's?
  147. My dog only hates my boyfriend when I'm gone. Insight?
  148. I want to encourage my rats' natural nesting habit. What materials are
  149. Can I go to JAIL if I get sued for breaking a pet adoption contract!?!
  150. why does my rat keep sneezing?
  151. Is it ok to wash a 3month old kitten?
  152. help with my dog? is she ok!?
  153. 1 female 3 male parakeets will the males break the females eggs? urgen
  154. Best animal in the world and why?
  155. are maltese dogs good dogs?
  156. The black on a RED shiba Inu's snout?
  157. What is the best way to bleach my lawn to kill parvo?
  158. Can I give my hermit crabs Imitation Crab Meat?
  159. Can anyone recommend any games to play with a hamster? ?
  160. Do flea combs work effectively for cats?
  161. how many crickets/flies can a praying mantis eat?
  162. Will my cats ever be friends?
  163. if i put a electric yellow african cichlids in a 10 gallon tank with a
  164. Feeding red eared slider turtles?
  165. Why does my hamster bite me? ?
  166. can you help me will this one? -baby turtles?
  167. What's a good match for a min pin? ?
  168. Any emergency vets in?
  169. Do you like the name Ethel or Sheldy better?
  170. what is the best deshedding tool for a husky mix?
  171. can tropical fish inbreed?
  172. Should animals have rights?
  173. Who is the best dog registry?
  174. Does anyone know what is in Floating Water Crystals for Sea Monkeys?
  175. What kinda dog is this?
  176. Hi ! Friends I want 2 take a retriever puppy but, how to covince my mo
  177. how did pit bulls get such a bad reputation?
  178. Betta Fish............?
  179. Someone told me little pebbles were okay to use in a tank, but my red
  180. Why does my cat do this?
  181. Why bother asking a question?
  182. how do i know what kind of snails i have and do i keep them in a tank
  183. How rapidly can you change insulin injection times with canines with D
  184. Could everyone Please pray for our Dog Fatman?
  185. my dog has anxiety and wont stop licking me when shes stressed, help?
  186. How can I convince my mum not to want/get a MUTT?
  187. Tank buddies!! what can i have with my clownfish?
  188. How do I get my cat to stop peeing on things?
  189. how big do african cichlids have to be to breed? I have four about one
  190. 4 tiger barbs 1 dwarf puffer 2 ghost shrimp 1 chinese algae eater in 1
  191. my cat keeps pooping/peeing in the washroom sink or bathtub!!!?
  192. How do i put my CF-600 Atman Pressurized filter together?? does anyone
  193. i have a 60 galon tank and i want to make it a tropical community tank
  194. curious on opinions re: male calico?
  195. What is the most ugliest/ weirdest dog breeds out there ?
  196. When do toy dogs mature?
  197. abnormal excessive drooling in dogs?
  198. Housing Frogs/Toads Together?
  199. How can i tell if my mouse is pregnant?
  200. What do you think of about this?
  201. Do you prefer, when cantering your horse; the left lead or the right l
  202. can i feed my cat dog food?
  203. i gave my dog suphedrine because he had the sniffles but now he is act
  204. my Gecko isnt eating?
  205. HELP ME how much do I sell saddle for? Stubben Genesis D dressage?
  206. How Can I Make Him Stop?
  207. My bearded dragon won't eat?
  208. Why is it so humiliating to be outsmarted by a featherless goose?
  209. what can uoi give to dwarf hampsters to eat for a snack?
  210. Is it okay to let your dog sleep in your bed with you at night?? ?
  211. How to get a dog to poop?
  212. Why won't my cat use his litter box?
  213. puppies for sale...really cheap?
  214. breeding bristle nose catfish?
  215. We lost a dear pet in May 2008 and found a breed close to her's (a pom
  216. My dog is PETRIFIED of thunder?
  217. where does the impeller go on a fish tank filter that goes over the si
  218. Has anyone dog died from poision?
  219. Re: Child goes on rampage at zoo,what should be done?
  220. a cat question need help?
  221. What should i get? a Bearded Dragon or a Leopard gecko?
  222. My 14 month puppy just pee'd on my bed.?
  223. my cat had her tail/bum ran over, but jumped the fence and hasn't retu
  224. Louie and Toby... aren't they cute?
  225. Do you feed a high-protein dog food like EVO or CORE for ex.? ?
  226. Please help! My Guppies Keep Dying! ?
  227. What is the most gorgeous/pretty dog breed?
  228. Show Saddles - What do you prefer? Rico, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Chavez?
  229. What should we do about this dog problem?
  230. How to stop a Puppy from biting?
  231. How do you train an unlitter-trained kitten?
  232. My doggie has a big lump and is bleeding from one of her teats?!?
  233. Will A Praying Mantis?
  234. Liquid under a cat's skin?
  235. Cleaning my cats litterbox and best place to keep it?
  236. What would be the medial reason for my dog to suddenly start dragging
  237. ok so last night my dog was getting sick and stuff and this morning..?
  238. Do you know your horse breeds?
  239. What to do when u want to keep your pets but can't at the moment? Is t
  240. Just got a german shepherd, he did good for the first week, tonight, h
  241. What is a curry comb?
  242. what are the hairless cats called?
  243. where is the best place to get a cute cat from?
  244. who wants to adopt a puppy? houston TX?
  245. Do you have any pets?
  246. could you put a budgee and a hamster in the same cage?
  247. My Three Month Old Sheltie?
  248. My cat walked across my painting, and has dried paint on his footie?
  249. My dog is getting aggressive?
  250. i found a sick gecko what do i do?