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  1. where could i get a puppy for fre i have a loving home very little inc
  2. Is a border collie a good dog?
  3. Have you had cat allergies but they have gone away after more exposure
  4. Who has a zebra finch?? I need to know about this bird... Can it speak
  5. Why does my cat always throw up after she eats?
  6. What amount of food dhould i give to zebra finch?
  7. what amount of wate should i give to zebra finch?
  8. does anybody know of any Syrian hamster breeders in Toronto?
  9. Do you know what does zebra finch eats?
  10. Do you know where can i get zebra finch from?
  11. i want to know more about Asian leopard cats?
  12. Will my mouse survive? please help im really worried.?
  13. California King Snake-Handling?
  14. I need kitten help xxx xx x?
  15. Food For A Leopard Gecko....?
  16. Please click here, I have some goodish/badish news?
  17. I am afraid my horse wont calm down?
  18. What's the difference between a Parakeet & a budgie?
  19. My dog won't quit chewing or scratching?
  20. What can I feed my Bull Snake? (other than mice)?
  21. how much does parakeet food cost for one month?
  22. my cat meows ALOT why?
  23. Dog not feeling well - any insight would be appreciated?
  24. Worms keep coming back?
  25. When does the newborn pup first its eyes? ?
  26. REALLY wierd question about show ring etiquette?
  27. Why my dog was throwing up bile in the AM and eating grass?
  28. How soon do dogs forget things?
  29. black moore eyes changing?
  30. I have two cats, the youngest one pees in my husbands office what can
  31. Should I get a cat/kitten from a shelter or just go with a free one? ?
  32. My 10-year-old collie is coughing and trying to bring something up - l
  33. I have a new puppy thats 9 weeks old, where is he suppose to poo? IS h
  34. I need help with naming my dogs.....please?
  35. How do you crate train a puppy?
  36. Anyone know of a low protein dog treat commercially available? My dog
  37. :( HELP my horse has a split=personality!!!?
  38. How to train my dog to poop outside?
  39. do tiger sharks eat neon tetras?
  40. is it legal to dock dogs tails?
  41. Boy shih tzu!!! Getting a girl!! Will they get along?
  42. my cat farts when ever it gets scared.i think its mom mated with a sku
  43. my kitten is 4 months old and it still drinks its momas milk is this n
  44. House training help!! My Boston Terrier is driving me crazy!!?
  45. My dog is killing my grass and I need help?
  46. Tips On Traveling With Dogs!?
  47. i need three girl names.?
  48. Can a female dog get pregnant when she IS NOT in heat?
  49. Rat with Vestibular disease?? (Middle ear infection)?
  50. my 7 month old dog wont eat?
  51. Fish had overinflated swim bladder..what now?
  52. I want to breed fighting fish!?
  53. Cat chews wires no matter what, what do I do?
  54. I ran over my neighbour's cat - by accident, should I confess?
  55. i have a rabbit that ran around cage fell over and screamed thought it
  56. My German/Ballon Ram has bred what do I do?
  57. Is Adams™ Flea & Tick Shampoo with D-Limonene a good flea product for
  58. I have a concern about a goldfish, can someone help?
  59. A Terrier and Husky mixed does it make a good dog for kids?
  60. bird breeders in manchester ?
  61. My dog is biting all the doors of the house, what can I do to stop him
  62. i have a new hamster and she is my first she sleeps in her wheel on th
  63. go to this web site now! it is very sad and sick!?
  64. I am moving cross country soon by car; LA to Baton Rouge, How do I mov
  65. Where is a great place that sells chinchillas?
  66. Safe to clip 8 wk old kittens fingenails?
  67. How long CAN male Beta fish live in captivity? Mine is 3 or 4. Is he "
  68. We found some baby squirrels that must've either fallen out or were pu
  69. where can I fing good but cheap price vet in northampton for my dog? h
  70. Are your dogs crate trained why or why not?
  71. are chinchillas good pets?
  72. chinchilla is utah a good place for one to live?
  73. I'm in the process of training my cat to use the Toilet, has anyone el
  74. What to name my puppy...?
  75. is utah a good place for a chinchila to live?
  76. Fish are dying of ich?
  77. Is it illegal to hold goat fights?
  78. Corn Snake - Frozen food.?
  79. How old are pet shop syrian hamsters?
  80. can anyone tell me, is my dog pregnant??? ?
  81. What small short haired dogs are good for people who have OCD?
  82. Introducing my new kitten to my 2 year old dog?
  83. A cat that will not go away. Help!!!?
  84. Have an older cocker spaniel - she keep getting yellowish-green discha
  85. How do you stop jealousy in pets?
  86. do vets cut a dogs nails?
  87. Can worm medicine make your dog cough?
  88. Has anyone adopted from a Breed-specific Rescue League?
  89. how much is dog's grooming , vacination & ...in UAE?
  90. Help I need some advice on my dog ?
  91. My dog is out of control?
  92. good or bad dog bones(treats)?
  93. Bedding for Mother and Pups?
  94. Can you help me find a poem I've lost about a cat that has died?
  95. Is my dog sick or is it normal?
  96. is it possible to train this dog?
  97. Dog used to be sweet.?
  98. Do you think i am horrible to my cat and should i tell my neighbout to
  99. How to move a fish tank?
  100. Where can I get Christmas Stockings for Pets?
  101. my fish has fungus and he can't eat!?
  102. why is my dog peeing and pooping in kennel?
  103. are rescue groups for purebreds only?
  104. My cat sugar..........?
  105. How do i know if my neon tetras are male or female?
  106. my dogs leg is sowlenn lke huge what could be wrong if he got bite by
  107. Do you have a Presa canario?
  108. is there a rescue shelter who will take my diabetic puppy to care for
  109. Is it OK to have 2 or more turtle of different species?
  110. i have a 1 and 1/2 yr old golen retriever, who in past couple of weeks
  111. What size crate would i need for my fully grown husky girl?
  112. Wild Animal Likes Me?
  113. Help...I accidentally glued my cat to the Gooseberry Patch!!!! no joke
  114. My dog screams at 4:30 AM. Help!?
  115. Can an enclosure be too big for a python?
  116. Hedgehog's in my garden in daytime?
  117. i need help/advise about rearing my 2day old kit (rabbit) eg: nursery,
  118. why is my horse biting me ?
  119. help with paillion toilet training?
  120. What do I do, please help?
  121. Do yellow baby ducks change color when they're older?
  122. Kribensis help please!!!!!!!!!?
  123. Should I Crate Train My Dog?
  124. can you feed your cat high calcium milk?
  125. I have milk&meat goats what kind of grain should i feed for high prote
  126. How many pups can be seen in an ultrasound?
  127. how do i stop the green algae from growing on the glass in my aquarium
  128. Is Oli a cute name for a budgie?
  129. Male Husky...or Female Husky?
  130. Maltese puppy help...?
  131. What is the best name for my baby budgie?
  132. is there a rescue shelter who will take my diabetic puppy to care for
  133. Is it OK to have 2 or more turtle of different species?
  134. i have a 1 and 1/2 yr old golen retriever, who in past couple of weeks
  135. What size crate would i need for my fully grown husky girl?
  136. Wild Animal Likes Me?
  137. Help...I accidentally glued my cat to the Gooseberry Patch!!!! no joke
  138. My dog screams at 4:30 AM. Help!?
  139. Can an enclosure be too big for a python?
  140. Hedgehog's in my garden in daytime?
  141. i need help/advise about rearing my 2day old kit (rabbit) eg: nursery,
  142. why is my horse biting me ?
  143. help with paillion toilet training?
  144. What do I do, please help?
  145. Do yellow baby ducks change color when they're older?
  146. Kribensis help please!!!!!!!!!?
  147. Should I Crate Train My Dog?
  148. can you feed your cat high calcium milk?
  149. I have milk&meat goats what kind of grain should i feed for high prote
  150. How many pups can be seen in an ultrasound?
  151. how do i stop the green algae from growing on the glass in my aquarium
  152. Is Oli a cute name for a budgie?
  153. Male Husky...or Female Husky?
  154. i have a fish tank 60cm x 30cm x 30cm, was wondering if able to conver
  155. how 2 stop dogs from jumping, or laying on couch.?
  156. Can a dwarf hamster use this?
  157. what is the best name for this dog?
  158. How long is the pregnancy of a shitzu?
  159. can i train my oscar?
  160. my murray river turtle shedding scutes?
  161. Should i wash coral sand before putting it in the tank?
  162. I am living in Dubai. where can I buy a little dog?
  163. I have a small kitten, i think it may have mange, can this kill it or
  164. dog has diarreah and has no appetite...?
  165. Can/Would You eat a zebra mussel?
  166. its about my goldfish?
  167. Begginer Cantering Problems?
  168. i live in humpty doo i own a male sugar glider trying 2 find a female
  169. Can you tell my some breeds of mice?
  170. i want serious answers about vaccination of lab puppy and i am in indi
  171. Would this collection of fish exist happily together in a 175 litre aq
  172. my pet ape is acting gay. i just finished blow drying his hair. now he
  173. does anyone knows what a Spanish Mestizo Dog look like.?
  174. All my bird does is sit up high in his cage on the highest branch and
  175. My dog has black dots on her skin and some burrowed under making it lo
  176. My dog is not feeling well she's eating but very slowly and sleeping a
  177. why do people commits pet abuce ?
  178. Fish tank going foggy?
  179. This May Sound Like A Stupid Question, But Do Cats Get Hay Fever?
  180. My cat is losing weight... whats wrong with him?
  181. hey can u temme the different vaccinations given to dogs starting from
  182. Budgies Mating? !HELP!?
  183. How can I make my dog hate strangers?
  184. my cat is bleeding...can we help her at all?
  185. I Seriously Need Help?
  186. Pet Rats and Ruffled Fur?
  187. When my dog pees he pees blood!!!?
  188. Baby Bunnise going to be five weeks soon. Question?
  189. How do you teach these tricks to a dog - speak, drop, roll and spin?(p
  190. what should my boa eat.?
  191. Should I spend more time with my timid rat?
  192. Which breed of dogs will get along most with a cat?
  193. how often do you have your horses shod?
  194. Need an AKC name for my Doberman! Pic included =)?
  195. bought a baby chicken, but not able to get get chick food till tomorro
  196. Let me try and be more specific. My cat has chin acne?
  197. Vy does my cat give me ze evil eye?
  198. Please please help me with my dogs? 10 points best answer!?
  199. My Puppys Diet, Help!?
  200. I was attacked by this bird today, plz see my photo???
  201. Whats a scale of the toughest cats to the weakest?
  202. He never does?...............?
  203. what is wrong with my hamsters?
  204. What should I do, is my cat sick?
  205. Help all cat experts! how can I take care of this...?
  206. Need a name for my black Labrador puppy?
  207. Malignant melanoma .... experiences?
  208. can someone send me a pic of a juvinile inland bearded dragon and a 4
  209. what can happen if one chinchilla bites the other starts bleeding?
  210. Translate this to Japanese!? (Pets)?
  211. what are five easy dogs breeds to train without trouble and frustratio
  212. fish $$ price midland?
  213. how do they make rat trap glue?
  214. so im not very faithful in frontline...?
  215. did my bettas mate or what? is there eggs in the nest?
  216. How to tell the gender of goldfish ? ?
  217. Does an elephants piss have enough power to blast through an old brick
  218. Is aeration a must for a fish tank?
  219. Does anybody have any kind of information on hermit crabs, i dont care
  220. Elderly dog with mental problems?
  221. Hi, Where can i buy good aquatic plant for my 60 gallon tank?
  222. my dog keeps licking himself.we feed him GOOD food,have not changed it
  223. What are some games I can play with my guinea pig?
  224. How can I get rid of the CAT SMELL in my house?
  225. i have 3 gold fish in a 30 gallon tank and the water is cloudy after c
  226. why does my dog pull out its fur?
  227. Do they have fish therapy in england?? if so where?
  228. Can hermit crabs eat salted chips? ?
  229. The dog had a seizure?
  230. Hamster that doesn't run on it's wheel?
  231. does anyone know where to buy silkworms in brisbane?
  232. ive still been working with my puppy with outdoor training so naturall
  233. My rabbit just ate sunflower seed.Will he be okay?
  234. whats up with my dog?
  235. What are some tips on getting my horse back into work?
  236. very worried about wound on my dog's leg?
  237. peacocks have moved to a nearby river how can i get them back?
  238. John Mccain has 14 dogs as his pets. How and why a person will have th
  239. I want to build my own plexie fish tank how thick dose the glass need
  240. what is colic and how do horses get it?
  241. What are the four breeds of British Draught Horse?
  242. how much would a farrier cost for a trim and four shoes in victoria au
  243. Storage Cubes In The UK?
  244. how many kg of hygain senior a day should my 15.3h horse get if shes i
  245. i am 175cm tall, how tall should my ideal horse be?
  246. My hamsters need help expert help!?
  247. Who should get "custody" of the dog?
  248. for all pet lovers see this now!?
  249. Garter snake and heat? pictures?
  250. My cat has chin acne also from a plastic bowl.?