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  1. My friends brought me a very thin kitten, how do i take care of her?
  2. My Cat has caught some disease and to put it down costs over £80?
  3. Why did my poor puppie die this morning?
  4. My boxer/pit/american bulldog mix is very shy towards strangers. Help!
  5. I need help coming up with names for my new foal [[HELP]] [[PICS inclu
  6. Why does chocolate kill dogs?
  7. At what age should I neuter my puppy?
  8. If your healthy one month old labrodar puppy bites you with minor scra
  9. Cold Beardies - Need Some Input Please?
  10. whats wrong with my gourami?
  11. has anyone read this book?
  12. A good pet supply website?
  13. my garbage man ran over my dog on my property?
  14. What do you do when...?
  15. lawsuits against attacks from CATS?
  16. I good pet that i should get?
  17. Is it normal for dogs not to eat after being fixed?
  18. Are dog farts audible? ?
  19. Flightless Fruit Flies?
  20. what can you do to stop an outside cat from going too far away?
  21. My Guinea Pig keeps coughing every few minutes, Should i be worried?
  22. my dog cant be with out me, help?
  23. What's The Best Thing About Owing A Husky?...or Even Any Other Breed?
  24. I think I hurt a dog...advice?
  25. Shih-Tzu Mix Puppy not listening...?
  26. Dog has recurring hotspots always 3 days after getting bathed. Help.?
  27. when does a chicken lay an egg?
  28. Dog Liver Disease Help!!?
  29. we own 4 hamsters and we would like to breed our female with our male
  30. help puppy coats cruel?
  31. Can dogs see ghost's ?
  32. My hamster runs like a crazy hamster but why?
  33. skinny very very skinny ugh?
  34. whats a pied cockatiel?
  35. is it healthy for a chicken to eat her own eggs?
  36. Problem with a HUGE flea infestation-- Help!?
  37. i love dogs, but i can't decide which to get, will someone help me?!?
  38. How come my hamsters back is so wet?
  39. 3 Week Old Kitten (No Mother) Advice Please?
  40. What are some of the best kennel club’s that you would buy a puppy fro
  41. I have a dog breed question?
  42. would a silver shark eat a neon tetra? freshwater aquarium?
  43. i cant pick him up becous he runs round the cage?
  44. I live in Fitchburg MA and I am wondering if anyone knows of a fenced
  45. question about male chihuahua's?
  46. i have a two year old that gets stocked up when in the stall it goes a
  47. help I have five cats and can not keep the litter boxes ?
  48. Do you know what this animal is?
  49. What do you think this means, please look inside for details.?
  50. Do you not believe in vaccinations?
  51. Are spurs sold individually? Online it will only have a picture of one
  52. So, what do you think of the....?
  53. how much wet food for an 8 wk kitten?
  54. What kind of snake is this?
  55. Is it ok for dogs to eat deer poop?
  56. Qustions About Bearded Dragon's!?
  57. Are American Staffordshire Terriers Banned in Ontario too?
  58. Veiled chameleon question?
  59. Cockatiel's in Manchester area?
  60. is a fila braslerio a flock guardian dog?
  61. We've tried everything and my cat is still biting?
  62. Why do cats punch objects?
  63. Dwarf Bunny question?
  64. how do i get my kitten to use the litter box?
  65. how can i stop my 7 mth lab peeing all over the house?
  66. anyone know where i can buy piggin pigs orniments from. many thanks.?
  67. Getting into Stunt horse riding?
  68. My Dog has liver disease!! help!!?
  69. bleeding while urinating two days after being spayed?
  70. How do I make my chihuahua more dependent?
  71. goldfish? red spots? medicine?
  72. Our cat pees and poops in the kitchen sink, what can we do about it?
  73. Please answer if you have experience with toy dogs!?
  74. Should I get my dog pregnant?
  75. Is kirara a fox or a cat!?
  76. Crazy chicken or trying to have sex?
  77. how to train my black lab rottweiler mix?
  78. How do I canter and I have a gaiting horse ?
  79. Should we have a puppy with a cat?
  80. how can i train my dog to wear clothes?
  81. How do I get my dog to walk on a leash better?
  82. how do you keep a saddle from slipping when you mount up if your pony/
  83. I need Help! I just moved into a new house. Right outside my 14yr old
  84. why do cats meow..........?
  85. My dog has the runs, and seems to be acting sickly..I'm not quite sure
  86. I need some opinions?(stupid 20 character limit)?
  87. Why would my dog be losing her fur?
  88. I need some advice doggy trouble with puppy and older dog ?
  89. Why does my kitten meow when I close the door?
  90. Cats, The indoor outdoor debate.. what's your view on this issue?
  91. why does my dog keep pulling on the lead?
  92. I found one flea in my bed!! help!!?
  93. how do i catch a small ferel kitten living in my garage?
  94. Hamster question . . . . . ! . ?
  95. do byudgie hens lay eggs after every days or can an egg be laid after
  96. How do I get my cat to go into her litter box?
  97. Can cats get dependant on nip? My cats are out of fresh nip and now ke
  98. In my country temperature vary from 9 to 33 celsiuc.Which spieces of e
  99. Am I abusing my dog???????
  100. Help with my female betta?
  101. Do you REALLY know what your talking about?!?!?
  102. I have a rodisain ridgeback mix.?
  103. Please help with puppy registration question?
  104. What would you do if you accepted this responsibility...?
  105. Do you think i should get a cat?
  106. My dog Cody --suffers from depression only when his collar or harness
  107. why my dalmation molly fish is always laying on the bottom of the tank
  108. how do i convince my mom 2 drive an hour for a dog?
  109. Average cost for tapeworm treatment on dog?
  110. Cats won't come out of hiding?
  111. iam trying to get cat insurance but what bread ?
  112. what age can a male dog get a female dog preganant?
  113. Picking out the right Hamster?
  114. help name our new weimaraner?
  115. Have all ferrets with two tattoos been descented?
  116. What kind of supplement should I give my dog.. salmon oil, anchovy-sar
  117. Is this normal vetinerary treatment?
  118. How can I persuade my parents?
  119. why is my smaller female dog humping my big female dog?
  120. why do dogs have phantom pregnancies?
  121. Why is my cockatiel terrified of going downstairs now?
  122. I'm moving soon, question about my cat?
  123. does anybody loves dog fashion?
  124. How to find the right guinea pig for me?
  125. can you choose not to have a stamp in your pets ears when they are des
  126. How do I keep my dog from eating the cat food?
  127. Which vaccines should i give to my dogs that are almost 1 and over 1?
  128. How do I stop cats killing our birds and mice?
  129. Why do Ol' Roy dog food products even sell?
  130. how hard is it to get a puppy into dog in to modeling?
  131. Are yearly boosters for cat vaccinations really safe?
  132. Why does my cat scratch the wall when she is in the litterbox?
  133. Are apples okay for dogs?
  134. My english bulldog puppy just got off antibiotics for a infection he h
  135. Have you guys seen Albino Asians or Albino Aficans!?
  136. Cat and her litter box?
  137. Does anyone know how to make a homemade shampoo for cleaning my cat? I
  138. I have an american/british cross 7 weeks old i wanted to no what it wi
  139. How much food should we feed our 3 month old kitten?
  140. What should I know before show my rabbit for local 4-h shows or the fa
  141. opinions of animal slaughter, of any kind?
  142. when did animal testing start to be used?
  143. why is my parakeet kind somewhat retarded?
  144. we have had our ball python for about a year and he bit my son .this i
  145. Are Pit bulls banned in the whole state of Tennessee?
  146. My pup died of parvo- should breeder pay up?
  147. do kittens grow new wiskers?
  148. Why do people harm fish?
  149. Why is my rat biting on her sister?
  150. Why are my guppies dying?
  151. How do you feel about situations like these?
  152. My mini schnauzer's ears were not cropped, but they stand straight up.
  153. My 5 month old kitten has a swollen red watery eye, what should I do?
  154. What do rabbit eat most?
  155. Any ideas to stop my 1 yr old snipped male staffi/english/lab doing st
  156. How many days is the typical gestation period for a Sheltand Sheepdog?
  157. what reptile do you recommend?
  158. I don't understand why some dog owners.....?
  159. Are Jackson's Chameleons good pets?
  160. Our 8 month old puppy died of Liver Shunts?
  161. Which is better - Collegiate or Kincade?
  162. Why do cats like to look out the window all the time?
  163. is it ok to leave your dog out when it is under 30 degrees in the wint
  164. Fairy Shrimp caring guide?
  165. Is a 100 gallon aquarium enough for 1 black ghost knife fish, 3 plecos
  166. Dog has a pulled muscle possibly?
  167. How do I get my dog to stay off the couch?
  168. What should I name my new choc. lab puppy?
  169. Where to buy a ferret jill online?
  170. What would my ferret like to eat as a treat? ?
  171. why is my cat bleeding?
  172. What should I say to PETA?
  173. What the heck is "Catnip"?
  174. How can killing an animal be better financially?
  175. we have a big dog. he has been favoring his right leg, cant find anyth
  176. Excessive nighttime dog barking?
  177. Shitzu Dog scratching every 2 mins?
  178. What do you do with a dog that likes to chew Pads and Tampons?
  179. food Bearded Dragons?
  180. betta fish question for betta experts!?
  181. what amount of food should i give my 10 week puppy?
  182. How do I walk my dog when it's raining?
  183. My Kitten Is 6 Months Old And All Of The Sudden She Is Crying. Anyone
  184. When would you decide to euthanize your dog?
  185. I need help with this on Thursday?
  186. Is eating cat food bad for my dog?
  187. how can you tell if a dog is well behaved?
  188. Can you dye a brown chihuahau?
  189. can you eat cream legbars?
  190. My cat Lucy just had kittens!?
  191. i heard that garter snakes eat fruit is that true?
  192. My budgie acts weird when i make the same noises as her? =-/?
  193. what food items should i give tto my 3 month old german spitz puppy?
  194. Should I tie up my puppy when I leave or put her in her kennel?
  195. PLEASE ANSWER!! girl who loooooooves animals "especially exotics!!!!"?
  196. Do you have a "different" breed of dog in agility?
  197. can you feed rabbits with guinea pig food?
  198. My Budgie is drinking lots of water and he is pooping excessively. He
  199. Where can i get a restricted breed collar?
  200. What do you get when you cross these kitties?
  201. my cats poop and pee on the guest bed...?
  202. What breed of cat is the best?
  203. What's wrong with my dog?
  204. Is cat food like dog food?
  205. Can you mix an Anti-bacterial with a Anti-Fungal fish medication?
  206. With all the homeless animals out there....?
  207. My cat has an unusual obession with bathtubs. Is this normal?
  208. What kind of cat does everybody have?
  209. My yorkie puppy is turning gray!?
  210. how much does repti carpet cost?
  211. My cat won't stop help please?
  212. why doesnt my rat freak out in his cage?
  213. How do I make a banjo out of a cat?
  214. what is the fish that a betta would get along with best?
  215. Strong dog urine smell in my-?
  216. What is the best kind of dog to have?
  217. How to tie a lead rope?
  218. how big will she get?
  219. Dogs escaped this morning?
  220. 13 year old bottle feeding...loves animals!!?
  221. found a corn snake. how do i tame it?
  222. Full Seat Help Please?
  223. I bought a teacup Chiuahua and on his CKC papers it just says chiuahua
  224. What will i do. ?
  225. Im planning on buying a snake and thinking of building its enclosure m
  226. I have a 7 wk kitten that wont clean her butt i have to soak the poop
  227. Why do cats love to catch birds?
  228. my cat has fleas cheap way to get ride of them?
  229. Why is my dog fighting some dogs at the dog park...?
  230. Has anyone ever done a dog DNA test? I was wondering what the highest
  231. what are my chances of getting this dog =[?
  232. Is it wrong to give a ...?
  233. tiny little worm looking thing with a black head or tail?
  234. Would u be scared if u were attacked by a bird?
  235. okay... i need more help... i know u would.. pls... budgie taming... t
  236. How long do mosquitoe bites last?
  237. i have a yellow lab about 7 years old who has these episodes!has anyon
  238. kitten dying sadly... it's not cool?
  239. What do i need to set up my fire belly newt's habitat?
  240. My cats are swapping their food to each other. ?
  241. Pooch Recall - He just won't come to me?
  242. My dog Sheads like crazy!!!!?
  243. dog trembling while being petted?
  244. What makes the best dog groomer?
  245. Are Preformed ponds good?
  246. Does anyone know the names of the ferrets in Beastmaster?
  247. How to stop him from snoring?
  248. -is tropical fish food bad for a fantail goldfish?
  249. What kind of puppy would be good for me?
  250. Why do dogs sniff inbetween your legs?