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  1. what are some jobs that my 12 year older can do?
  2. Do cats become nicer as they grow older?
  3. are puppies in any given litter considered twins...does one egg sepera
  4. Canine Enrichment activities?
  5. Need some advice about a stray cat?
  6. Could i keep baby sunfish in a 10 gallon tank?
  7. Why do cats bring mice to your door?
  8. Why do female dogs bleed from menstruation but female cats don't? ?
  9. Do you think my house has fleas or am I just paranoid?
  10. what to do when puppy has broken hip?
  11. Sweet/Biting Kitty...WHAT DO I DO?
  12. Can my shelter cat give me the virus that gave her her upper respirato
  13. Our dog has been in labor for about 18 hours and still no pups?
  14. can a kitten catch a cold ?
  15. white snake with black dots??
  16. I might be getting a new kitty and need names!?
  17. why is my rat acting this way?
  18. Cesar dog food commercial ?
  19. my dog getting seziors?
  20. What are your views on animal testing?
  21. I am going to my first horse show--any tips or words of advice?
  22. How much weight can a 14.1H horse carry?
  23. My dog has watery eyes and he is squinting. What could it be?
  24. Will my rabbit having babies effect her in the long term?
  25. my puppie has bumps like black heads around his areas what do you thin
  26. has anyone heard of this happening with a saddle?
  27. Do cats respond to "electronic" pets?
  28. at what age can i wain my baby rats their Only 1weak old?
  29. could this stress out my pet rat?
  30. Why is my dog acting weird?
  31. Is "sunseed : sunthing special" northern white pine bedding dangerous?
  32. what small animal similar to a bush baby can i legally own?
  33. she just did this out of nowhere, no sign or anything?
  34. can a mali uromostyx lizard and a sulkata tortoise live together?
  35. Help me convince my dad to get a puppy!?
  36. Is it normal for your goldfishes eyes to fall out!!?
  37. How can I care for an injured baby rabbit?
  38. How can i train my puppy to go outside?
  39. my cat doesnt like the car rides?
  40. Is it normal for a water monitor to shake?
  41. Should I trust a kitten(6 months) for outdoors/outside even under supe
  42. Checkerboard cichlid or bolivian ram?
  43. New 14 gallon tank with established water... how long to cycle?
  44. Kitten got a shot, now in pain?
  45. my angel fish`s fin has sawt of fell off and is dangeling?
  46. Question about dog ticks?
  47. What kind of cage should i BUY for two guinea pigs?
  48. What are ferrets like? Please Answer!?
  49. I want a small pet, what kind of small cool pet should I get?
  50. My puppy has Giardia and Roundworms. Is it ok to raw feed right now? O
  51. What is needed for my fish pond?
  52. What is the best method to brush my cats teeth without him freaking ou
  53. when can i give away my baby platies?
  54. how to earn above a 60% in your first dressage test?
  55. sd uop psdn ?
  56. Do dwarf hamsters have rabies?
  57. At what age do you generally stop crating a puppy?
  58. My kitty is sick, but I can't get him to the vet til Tuesday?
  59. i have an 8 week old puppie and i think hes to skinny what can i feed
  60. Toy Poodle Breeding then Neuter?
  61. Rice like worms in animal stool?!?!?
  62. is a akita dog good dogs for a family?
  63. my cat is mad weird why?
  64. Frequent Urination in 14 week old puppy Red Cattle dog cross?
  65. What classifys as a "lateral" movment and what is everything else that
  66. My puppy is losing his teeth and there cracking is this part of teethi
  67. leopard Gecko buying list?
  68. Which animal would you rather have...?
  69. I just poasted a thing "i have a black lab and she breaks her chain"..
  70. How to litter train kittens ?
  71. My dog has fleas! what should i do? please help?
  72. Are fleas more apted to live on dogs before lice?
  73. What do you think of this horse rescue organization?
  74. Beginner and Cheap fish? ?
  75. my kitten wassick yesterday can i catch it?
  76. do kissing gourmias need heaters????? how do i work mine?
  77. my 10 gallon tank and a pelco ?
  78. I know how to horseback ride but i need help!?
  79. Is my baby rat too young? is this a big deal?
  80. i had my heater off for a couple of hours and i just put it back now w
  81. My dog died suddenly, I have a new dog, but I can't seem to accept him
  82. is my cat sick need help!?
  83. can you keep a baseball-sized turtle, fish, and african dwarf frogs in
  84. Homemade CENTANE BOOSTER?
  85. I found a little baby fox snake?
  86. How to get rid of pet stains and odors?
  87. Any information on miniature horse ownership?
  88. does anyone know of any good western riding camps?
  89. will this harm my turtle?
  90. how to feed orphaned fries?
  91. what diseases can chipmunks carry?
  92. does my kitten have rabies?
  93. What was Toto in The Muppets Wizard Of Oz?!?
  94. How long after a dog MIGHT HAVE eaten gum would you say it is in the "
  95. What types of pit bulls out there. Not specifically that ust colors!?
  96. Pot Belly Pig vs. Kangaroo?
  97. Please Help?!? any suggestions would be awesome?
  98. why are my fish hiding?
  99. Can Parakeets live outside?
  100. Feline euthanization?
  101. can i use Top soil as substrate for my Russian Tortoise?
  102. What pet is better; chinchilla or hedgehog?
  103. where can i find a website that sells fighting roosters ?
  104. My black lab is almost 14 years old and she is acting very strange - s
  105. Snake breeders in Dallas?
  106. My sisters dog was just put down today... What would be some great way
  107. Hamster Halloween Costume?
  108. What are your favorite creative.unique names for these animals?
  109. whats wrong with my rats eye?
  110. Could an african dwarf frog be kept in a one gallon bowl?
  111. How do I treat betta fish injuries?
  112. How do I get kittens use having a litter box in another room?
  113. Is it possible for a dog to be pregnant and only have one puppy inside
  114. How do YOU turn your horse? English style only, please.?
  115. when did the BSL (breed-specific legislation) become so popular?
  116. Is a mini Schnauzer a good first dog? and what is bad about them?
  117. 35L tank with a betta... what tankmates can it have?
  118. how many months does it take for a puppy?
  119. we had our dog neutered last week and now he snorts and acts like he c
  120. how old is a male cat .....?
  121. How many different pets can you have?
  122. I have a black lab and she keeps breaking her clips to her chain when
  123. Safest way to dry a cat?
  124. Cut one wing of the duck or both?
  125. Dogs Penis is hanging all the way out! Please read!!!?
  126. Horse DNA profiling or Testing...?
  127. My horse "dips" her hind end at the walk and trot?
  128. Help!!! I need some dog advice?
  129. getting a hermit crab? need help with the tank? ?
  130. What are adaptations of box turtles?
  131. what name is good for a .......?
  132. Chihuahua with long legs....?
  133. Where can you find box turtles ?
  134. how often do you feed beta fish?
  135. I have a 30 gallon tank that has been set up and running for 2 weeks n
  136. help with my 6 month old lab?
  137. Pony Training Business?
  138. sad and confused (dog died)?
  139. Help! Looking for a puppy name?
  140. i want to know what color Betta do you need in order to end up with a
  141. BackYard Breeders blocking you? Ever experienced that?
  142. My mom is such a BITCH MY DOG IS SICK?
  143. Help me figure out a good exercise plan?
  144. How do I introduce kittens to each other?
  145. What do you think about this place??(its a kennel)?
  146. Do you think a shih-poo should have there tails docked?
  147. Any stores that sell cat clothes? Dog shirts don't fit my Sphynx. I do
  148. Cute names for a skunk or bat?
  149. What is the purpose of caveletti?
  150. Looking for matching horse blanket and shipping wraps?
  151. how to tell if a female chinchilla is pregnant?
  152. What's the best flea medication for cats?
  153. Anyone know if dogs can get poison ivy? I'm visitng my ?
  154. how many fish can live in a 30 gallon tank?
  155. ball python question?
  156. What can I add to a dog's diet to help its rehabilitation?
  157. I read this somewhere, and now I can't find it?
  158. Can low energy and high energy dogs live together?
  159. what is better as a pet rabbit giunea pig or chinchilla?
  160. My mom thinks rats are gross!!! what do i do?
  161. dog food.. best one? and my mistake?
  162. Male anole is looking sick..plz help soon!?
  163. How to stop my puppy from biting? Any info would help?
  164. Cat dry-heaving, wheezy?
  165. I have a male jack russel/chihuahua mix, and I have a BIG problem!!!!!
  166. Horseback riding whip help. easy points!!?
  167. how many days till moor eggs hatch?
  168. How long will my Pomeranians long legs grow?
  169. Should we get a cat??? HELP!!!?
  170. if you have energy to case animels go for it get reidy get set go .jus
  171. Fresh water and fish?
  172. what is the hardest or rarest dog breed to find?
  173. Hotel not pet friendly anymore?
  174. how much One on One time with animals and a ferret question?
  175. Several Questions about Tanks and More?
  176. What is your favourite breed?
  177. will a pet rabbit get along with two hamsters 2 cats and a cockatiel?
  178. Can my bunny go on a leash?
  179. how to get a guinea pig calmer?
  180. i got a 34cm by 21cm by 20cm fish tank how many gallons is that?
  181. How do i get two very agresive rabbits to breed?
  182. How long does it take for a dog to throwup?
  183. My cats eating habits?
  184. one of My dog's peed on my couch!!!!?
  185. Mouse still here.........?
  186. My 3 yeard old cocker spaniel keeps peeing in the house. What could th
  187. How do ducks help our communtiy??? pls help me?
  188. Help With My Guinea Pigs?
  189. Mollies,had babies,what do i do,until tommarow...?
  190. My horse Elamia is a Paso Fino is that a breed?
  191. Today my hors stArtEd pein and my camp ladi made me stand up on sitrup
  192. Antibiotic/Antifungal suggestions needed?
  193. what can i do to relieve my puppy my dry skin scratching?
  194. Blood Vessel in the White of the Eye? ?
  195. i got a 33x21x20 fish tank how many gallons is it ?
  196. My dog is following me around litterally everywhere laying at my feet
  197. I accidentally left my frozen brine shrimp out over night is it safe t
  198. We cant decide on a name for a new puppy?
  199. I have a gecko that just started laying on his back - any ideas?
  200. what should i name him?
  201. Is my puppy adorable or what?!?!?
  202. My cat loves nachos!!?
  203. Rhodesian Ridgeback or Vizsla? ?
  204. I am paper training my puppy how long should I have her in the bathroo
  205. DOG AND GUM helppppppp?
  206. animals in dire need of serious help!!!...who can help?
  207. where is my tweety bird?
  208. Fun Doggy Quiz for you?
  209. Why did my rat bite my eye? Did I react properly?
  210. jack russel whos been licking her front paws ?
  211. Can rats have a period?
  212. Due to miscommunication our kitten had two rabies vaccinations within
  213. how do ducks help our community?
  214. Is this okay to feed my mice this every day?
  215. Female or Male Vizsla?
  216. my wiener dog is very crazy.?
  217. can hamsters over heat?Hohhot?
  218. 6 month old puppy with toilet training problemes!!!!! i REALLY need he
  219. Is this animal abuse when the neighbors leave their dog on a chain out
  220. how many times a day do fish need to be fed?
  221. where can i take fish for money?
  222. Help! Buying a fish tank...?
  223. My 10 month old Female Jack Russell "secretly" urinates in our hallway
  224. im trying to get my 8 month old dachshund to stop whining and barking
  225. Why does my dog lick my chair?
  226. Anone else's cat do/like this?
  227. How can I get the dog to stay out of things?
  228. My beagle attacks me when I eat food?
  229. Why is my rat bleeding from her pirvate?
  230. do you have any ideas for a girl cat name!?
  231. My dog just ate raw chicken...?
  232. What would they look like (chihuahua puppies)?
  233. What should I name my new puppy?
  234. If I wanted to make some kind of turtle/tortoise garden how would i at
  235. Question about a kitten?
  236. Can 6 months old toy poodle still be trained a little more?
  237. I want to put my rabbit in a pen on the ground to stay instead of bein
  238. help me name the dog i am getting?
  239. Just found fry in my tank. Help! How can i take care of them?
  240. Are you an animal lover? ?
  241. How do I stop my dog from peeing in the house?? his 18 months old.was
  242. If I said I was looking at getting a Fila Brasilerio?
  243. My teddy bear hamster lost his whiskers!!!?
  244. information about the american allaunt?
  245. What is the differance between an English Fox Hound & a Harrier?
  246. cute or funny kitten names???????
  247. Sutures from neuter looking very red?
  248. my neighbors dog do do is funky- i mean i can't even sit out in my bac
  249. why wont my dog run with me?
  250. My dog accidentally ate a snickers bar help me?