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  1. can y'all help me please ????????????
  2. what can I do about hot spots?
  3. How to locate a possum and pick it up. ?
  4. What happens to dogs when taken to higher altitudes then they live in?
  5. Which dog is scarier?!?
  6. How can I help treat a baby turtle with a respiratory problem without
  7. barefoot or shooed? what do you like.?
  8. In your opinion, what is the best organization for preventing Animal C
  9. my moms boyfriend just bought me two leopard geckos but i have no idea
  10. poor helpless dogs need help & no matter who ?
  11. Will a savannah cat be a good companion for my house cat?
  12. What are some cute names for a rat?
  13. What would you need to maintain a pet hyena?
  14. Are there certifications in....?
  15. When doe puppies teeth fall out?
  16. My dog free stacks with her front feet too close together?
  17. I think my cat has a lower respiratory infection?
  18. Should I believe the hype about organic/grain-free/raw pet diets?
  19. What do you think I Should I do?
  20. NYC is too illegal!!!!!!!?
  21. Dog with constant dry cough...what could it be?
  22. Cats & protecting their humans?
  23. my dog and wierd bumps?
  24. is my chinchilla lonely? ?
  25. Why is my cat behaving this way?
  26. How do i know if my hubby was bitten by a copperhead snake or a thorn
  27. How much are Labrador Retriever worth?
  28. Can this get rid of tapeworm for dogs?[Link included]?
  29. i need help with my dwarf hamster?
  30. One of my friends is trying to find A male Sheltie... ?
  31. PLEASE HELP 10 points for best!?
  32. is it okay to pair the soft-haired dachshund with the long-haired dach
  33. Can anyone who loves hamsters extremely answer this?
  34. On vacation for 10 days - how do I keep my anole alive while I'm gone?
  35. Ich help! 10 Points for best answer?!?
  36. Do you think Cooper is a good name for an English Mastiff?
  37. Can a rabbit make a fart?
  38. Is it ok for my cat to eat blow flies?
  39. Why don't people like my insane little answers?
  40. yahoo answer dog users, what state do you live in?
  41. PittBull woes..........?
  42. What is a good pet for a 10 year old a Baby Turtle or a Baby Guinea pi
  43. Is my Leopard gecko sick?
  44. Mom won't let me get a guinea pig?
  45. Why would it be a dumb idea to ride a horse into town?
  46. i live in newcastle and was wondering where i can buy live ghost shrim
  47. How to convince parents to let me get a second dog?
  48. Can you hand rear a 2-3 week indian rigneck in a box?
  49. will the humane society give you discounted rates?
  50. My hamster has bitten my other hamster...?
  51. My cat looks and feels malnourished, but he eats plenty! Help!?
  52. my rat just started acting really sluggish and constantly cries. whats
  53. What breed is this.......?
  54. what are some medium sized plecos?
  55. shetland pony names............................................. ....?
  56. Why does my dogs jaw vibrate up and down sometimes for?
  57. will my rat ever be nornal?
  58. Have you ever accused a Fart on your dog?
  59. HELP My little calf is lost?
  60. How to introduce a kitten to 4 dogs?
  61. has anyone ever heard of a dog being afraid of the smell of a new truc
  62. i have a pet wolf spider in a 10 gallon tank with dirt have not seen h
  63. First Dog...Give it to me Straight ?
  64. Dog ear problem urgent help needed?
  65. how do YOOOUUU like your eggs :) ?
  66. my chihuahua is constantly crying for my neighbors dog?
  67. Is it possible for a dog to think of a small child as her pup?
  68. Papitese information?
  69. im scared my dog will die!!!=[?
  70. How do you know when a nile monitor is an adult?
  71. What kind of dog do I have?
  72. Is it ok for these puppies to be sleeping outside?
  73. Do parakeets like hearing running water?
  74. When will my german shepard hair stop falling out? ?
  75. what do i feed my
  76. I miss my dog but can't have another one.?
  77. Please help me; question about my dog?
  78. i need a doberman expert!!!?
  79. What shots does a dog need yearly?
  80. Do Gordon Setters Drool?
  81. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! My mom's female dog can't move her legs, happene
  82. help! my dog won't eat!!!?
  83. what flea stuff should i use for my cat?
  84. have you seen your dog lick the floor?
  85. I'm getting a new puppy I think that I have all I need but it would be
  86. is the webkinz pink and white dog retired?
  87. Does anyone have a picture of the dog breed that Buck from the Call of
  88. Have a Sharpie question?
  89. My female rouen duck is actually a male?
  90. What are some small dogs?
  91. Can someone please tell me how to use the nitrogen cycle for my aquari
  92. How comes dogs dont like to touch their own waste?
  93. what do garden snakes eat?
  94. hamster prob ??????????????????
  95. Dry skin and hair loss on cat?
  96. what does a dog trainer do?
  97. does anyone kno how 2 make a cat trust u? one dats not domesticated?
  98. I have a bearded dragon!?
  99. My 100 pound golden ate a piece of trident after I spit it out. this w
  100. can a raven have a yellow beak?
  101. Dog info!!!!!!........?
  102. what dvd of the saddle club is School Horse on?
  103. How do I get my horse to change leads in a canter?
  104. My Sheltie just had puppies! Is it unusual she only had 3 when she had
  105. Information on Pet Fish?
  106. My Goldfish seems really healthy but he/she has black stuff at the end
  107. Is there anyway to help a dog have puppies without taking them to the
  108. how to take care of baby hamsters when their mom isn't around?
  109. Sick, pregnant, or old?
  110. Does anyone know of any good horse advertisement websites?
  111. where is while tigers and leopards allowed at?
  112. What is the world largest Cat?
  113. Should I give empty egg shells for my parakeets/budgies?
  114. English horse riders: i need help with clothing:)?
  115. My horse was being boarded, they werent feeding him?
  116. I want a guinea pig so much but..?
  117. would you like to post a picture of your cat/kitten?
  118. My kitten is threw a little blood and I don't know what to do answer t
  119. my cat is dragging his back right leg?
  120. While walking our dog, how can I keep her from barking at and jumping
  121. What is a cool, and easy pet to own?
  122. Why does my cat vomit so much?
  123. My dog is in heat today. In which days does she accept the male dog to
  124. Pregnant Dog! There was some discharge after she went pee. Confused on
  125. How much is a Maltese worth?
  126. Are Wild Mushrooms Toxic To Cats?
  127. my kitten going crazy?
  128. when a mare starts waxing is it clear or does it have color?
  129. Who in Australia would like to know where to get a dog?
  130. Why are some animal shelters over $100 and over and some are $50 and l
  131. Breeding!! any help would be great!?
  132. why did my healthy lovebird die?
  133. Best dog grooming clippers?
  134. What's a mineral block for a budgie/parakeet?
  135. how do you get ride of the stinky dog smell?
  136. I found a couple of fleas on my dog.?
  137. Which dog breed should I get?
  138. Fish Died Today.. How?
  139. How do I cut my dogs hair?
  140. WHat are the downsides to a golden Retriever?
  141. What is there to know about baby aquatic turtles?
  142. What should i dooooo?
  143. how much is a blood test for a dog?
  144. Are there any good animal rescue organizations for horses in NJ?
  145. What treats do horses enjoy eating that aren't unhealthy?
  146. Question for Hamster owners?
  147. Why does my kitten scratch me?!?
  148. Small little water snakes?
  149. Are black lights harmful to fish?
  150. My Springer Spaniel has crystals in her urine. My veterinarian has her
  151. Question about bearded dragons?
  152. How much is that doggie in the window ?
  153. would you trust a home-made hovabator?
  154. What hh should this Arabian mature to..?
  155. Do cats get bored???????
  156. Guinea pig and a mouse?
  157. What are some cheap fish ?
  158. How do i do a good speech on animal abuse?
  159. Help with my stinky dog?
  160. Power Filter Problem?
  161. tank size !!!!!!!!!!?
  162. My dog keeps stepping on her little brother?
  163. What should I do about my rude cat?
  164. What should I name my 2 hamsters?
  165. quick question for those who have aquariums in their rooms?
  166. How expensive would it be to raise two cats each month?
  167. My kitten broke his ankle and the vet says he needs surgery. $2000 for
  168. Why do cats sleep so much?
  169. Why the phrase "It's a dog eat dog world out there"?
  170. Ideas on how to build a homemade canine agility maze?
  171. What was meant by the phrase: "Let sleeping dogs lie"?
  172. My cat is injured!!!?
  173. anybody who has a dog on PHENOBARB please take them off of it..it kill
  174. in my 29 gall0on fish tank?
  175. I need a vet or vet assistant's advice about spay pain and IV meds!?
  176. gourami blind in one eye?
  177. what about for cats? Will the product work for cats as well?
  178. This just breaks my heart - dog shelter?
  179. I have decided to make all my dogs food is it better to cook it or ser
  180. Hey, my mood ring says I'm happy. I'm not, my kitten just died. ?
  181. My cat attacked a frog and seems to have broke his or her legs, Is the
  182. What should cat poo look like?
  183. how do you get charcoal out of dogs fur?
  184. question for rabbit owners/breeders.im worried bout her ?
  185. whats the best brand of dog food?
  186. Help with stopping my dog from barking?
  187. at what time of day do I stop giving my dog water?
  188. What is there to know about baby sea turtles?
  189. Extremely QUIET filter for a 35L tank.?
  190. I am planning on getting two cats, How often should I feed them each d
  191. Why does my cat follow me everywhere?
  192. What are your cats names?
  193. Whats the best way to train our blue heeler from jumping on people?
  194. How funny is the little shimmy that cats do before they pounce?
  195. Hamster related question?
  196. We have recently adopted a female cocker spanial, ?
  197. rainbow bridge. Is it true ?
  198. i am looking for male animals that leave the mother to raise the babys
  199. what shoudl i name my cat?
  200. If a full grown german shepherd bites? what happens? ?
  201. When will my cat give birth?!?!?!?!?
  202. Need names for my new Alaskin Malamute?
  203. Help with lab retriever!!?
  204. I Have Regal Blue Tang W/white Spots...?
  205. Where to get day old chicks?
  206. Why do cats always...?
  207. Possums have moved in...?
  208. i took my dog to the vet to be neutered when i called they said when w
  209. can u give a horse these treats?
  210. Can I put Advantage or Frontline on my kittens, without having to bomb
  211. how much weight does a mare usually gain per month when pregnant?
  212. where to buy a chinchilla in vegas? ?
  213. Alix Cu M Her U Suk?!??!? And Aisly U Suk Too? && Bm Sucks 2?? && All
  214. Where to find a fish tank lid?
  215. when a mare gets milk or starts waxing is the liquid clear like water?
  216. 10 week old attack kitten vs. docile 12 yr old Maine Coon Queen of the
  217. Costume contest~ Please help: 10 PTS POSSIBLE?
  218. Are dogs more loyal than some people? ?
  219. Why do my cat's want in then want out?
  220. Will she go to the bathroom under my couch?
  221. Im just amazed when it comes to helpless animals.!!!! ?
  222. How can I make an agility maze for my dog?
  223. i need sites to adopt guinea pigs!?
  224. Dog question? Training against running away?
  225. Can a horse eat cranberries, the ones that are whole in the bag, not c
  226. Horse Lover ! Any Jobs Involving Horses ?
  227. Age of baby bird before taking home?
  228. my cat is acting strange?
  229. Do you guys know what type of dog this is?
  230. i want to know where they sell day old chicks for less money ?
  231. Is a parrotlet the bird for me?
  232. Whats better for a betta. Flakes or pellets?
  233. how do I breed zebra danios?
  234. United States Pony Club? Rating Up?
  235. Electric fence energizer making a loud snap?
  236. How long after eating should my ball pythons defecate?
  237. Cockatiel questions help?
  238. How big do terriers grow?
  239. Anybody here own a "velcro dog"?
  240. I have a 1 and a half yr old Chihuahua ( Max) and hes too skinny, what
  241. hedgehogs in oviedo, florida?
  242. what does disengage the haunches mean?
  243. bearded dragon???????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????
  244. How long should I take my Chihuahua for a walk?
  245. What is the difference between german and american bloodlines in Germa
  246. Help my dog have been loosing teeth Permanent left and right!?
  247. Suicidal Snail--Why is my snail trying to kill itself?
  248. Does a fish=a pet ? ?
  249. What is a good home remedy for ear infections?
  250. how can i get my snake out of its tight fitting hide?