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  1. How do I keep my cat entertained while I am away on vacation?
  2. An older, untrained shelter dog is making it hell to train my new pupp
  3. what birds are compatible with Chinese painted quail ?
  4. My pet rabbit keeps eating leaves off my Bromeliad and Marginata plant
  5. I was bitten by a dog 2-3 months ago?
  6. who thinks dogs look stupid with bows on?
  7. should I feed my goldfish more than twice a week?!?
  8. does any body know a horse float hirer near bangholme vic?please help!
  9. name of a dog small breed?
  10. how do your steer your horse with one hand?
  11. need some info about spaying and after care?
  12. Do i have to have horse insurance?
  13. Anyone have a non-toxic remedy for fleas?
  14. Do all calico's have all white tummy's?
  15. What can I do to make my puppy beautiful?
  16. what breed is my dog, how should i walk him?
  17. Professional Extermination Advice Needed!?
  18. I have a Sick 12 week old Puppy?
  19. how can i stop my dogs from tearing their toys apart?
  20. How would New Foundland dogs go as guide dogs?
  21. my rabbit is a minny flop and she is starting to have a ball of skin u
  22. Something is wrong with my cat!!!?
  23. Why does my dog like to chew on cotton swabs? The things you clean you
  24. i need to know if there is an alternative to placing my dogs in Quaran
  25. How can I convince my mom and dad to get me a dog?
  26. Getting a Argentine Boa, but I need to keep it in something small whil
  27. I have 2 americana chicks. They are about 3 weeks old and both of them
  28. My puppy has a fever, what can I do to reduce it?
  29. My cat threw up something semi-hard and oddly shaped, what could it be
  30. Does anyone have any information about Lymes Disease in dogs? ?
  31. name for a boy cockatiel?
  32. My dog is limping, why?
  33. my cat just died this morning should i let my other cats see the body?
  34. My dog only wants to eat at night?
  35. i want to buy a sugar glider?
  36. Why are my puppies ears all red and scabby?
  37. Yorkie (jerry) Scam from Cameroon?
  38. i have a male budgie in my avairy and ihave a female cocktiel who have
  39. Omg just cheaked outside and......?
  40. I really want a dog but my dad wont let me coz he thinks its gona bark
  41. i want a dog where can i get it?
  42. pet rat! help this is so urgent!! please?
  43. Quiz Question........?
  44. How soon will my puppy be full size?
  45. need to find the american kennel club assoc. /for a copy of lost paper
  46. how can i get my dog to stop digging?
  47. do you think im right?
  48. Can I just let my turtles hang out in the yard if it's big enough?
  49. Whats your favortie breed that you always want?
  50. Can someone please help me with my pet mice?
  51. Info about keeping ferret/s?
  52. Tips on how to stop a dog barking during the night.?
  53. i need new tap water conditioner. what can you recommend ?
  54. what are the essential things needed in a budgies cage?
  55. I really want to get a budgie and keep it in my room...?
  56. i have two 3 month old clownfish THERE SO CUTE!!?
  57. how much does it cost to own a horse?
  58. when do male pygmy goats mature and are able to breed with my nannies?
  59. How much money would it take you to kill a puppy?
  60. How many should i buy?
  61. How can I keep my dog calm when in the car?
  62. my dog all of the sudden started stretching and acting very restless.
  63. Another convcing your parents for a dog question?
  64. My Rabbit eat rose leaves...?
  65. saddle club.....help!!!?
  66. What To Do With Ants and Bug Spray?
  67. can mares be 'fixed' so they dont act like they do in spring?
  68. How much daily time needed with a parrot?
  69. hen not laying!!!!!!!?
  70. what is a good name for a rainbow lorikeet?
  71. Why isn't my cat eating?
  72. What kind of kitty am I?
  73. Does any body no how to stop a dog barking during the night?
  74. My 16 week old pitbull pup has diahrea and wont eat. He has all his sh
  75. My hen's legs are bleeding badly and the rooster is pecking at them, b
  76. i was given a lizard and the species is not showing up?
  77. Does anyone know any rat breeders in sydney?
  78. Help me please is about my dog!?
  79. my 1year old dog was in heat and was caught with a male dog...?
  80. Do Westies Like Winter or Cold Temps?
  81. how do blind cave tetras know how to school?
  82. Why does my cat meow obsessively when I tie her play mouse to a shoe s
  83. Why did my pregnant guppy die? ?
  84. rabbit acting like cat?!?
  85. does a pomeranian x chihuahua bark alot???????? help!?
  86. ran over a dog my fault?
  87. What should I do about my bunny?
  88. my hamster has dirrhea?
  89. What kind of cat is this? ( Pic included)?
  90. How do I find my cat?
  91. My dog likes humping small children?
  92. Has anyone tried Betta Zing?
  93. Is It Normal For A Puppy To Vomit In The Morning?
  94. Buying German shepherd puppy in Brisbane?
  95. How do i get my budgie to talk?
  96. Are rattlesnake rattlers goodluck?
  97. Why does my male cat still mate call out the window when he's fixed?
  98. Did you ever lose a dog?
  99. My dog has hookworm & I think she got it from eating cat poop...?
  100. What would a baby fence lizard and a baby skink eat?
  101. Why does my dog like to sleep outside?
  102. What reptile would be best for a six year old?
  103. is a fox a kind of cat or a kind of dog?
  104. How should I discipline my small dog?
  105. How is my golden retriever pup?
  106. Embarssin quistoinz? Plz I am sry for bein bad earlir?
  107. My parakeet is staying fluffy and has labored breathing, what is wrong
  108. How do I get rid of a pigeon that comes back ever night and sits ubove
  109. My Male cat Bogie.....?
  110. How do you get a horse to respect your personal space?
  111. Would flashing lights irritate fish?
  112. Sometimes when I pet my ham, she stares off & her whiskers stop moving
  113. How do I keep weight on my horse?
  114. why do most people use gallons and inches in the fish section?
  115. Do Dogs know that a Puppy is a "Puppy"?
  116. pet snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  117. my cat has a lot of diareia ?
  118. How do you finger tame baby budgies?
  119. -how can i teach my goldfish to...?
  120. Dog's bottom of paw bleeding?
  121. My 8 yr old son beat up a cat that I bought him should I take it away
  122. Would getting a boxer in an apartment setting be a bad idea? ?
  123. My Dogs About To Die? Help Please?
  124. My cat won't stop licking her incision from getting fixed...?
  125. Is whole grain wheat bread good for parakeets? ?
  126. nile monitor live feeding?
  127. Why does my pit bull puppy love to sleep on my head?
  128. Please help, my sulcata tortoise wont eat?
  129. Can i wash my 3 week old lamb?
  130. my 2 week puppy has tail swollen end and feet?
  131. Switching dog's food?
  132. How many rats can live comfortable in this cage? (link)?
  133. dog found snack size twix candy and ate it what should i look for?
  134. wht other fish can i put with two red tail sharks and one baja shark,i
  135. My cat is peeing blood, what should i do?
  136. A potential girlfriend has a cat and I'm allergic!!! what to do?
  137. Should I switch stables?
  138. How much bigger will my pup get?
  139. I put flea medication on my cat yesterday and now she is acting very s
  140. what does it mean when your female dog humps your male cat?
  141. How Friendly Are Black Eyed Leucistics?
  142. is my dog scary looking?
  143. Is it possible to keep a Doberman in an condo?
  144. Swinging fender VS Australian Stock saddle?
  145. I want a pet snake.... ?
  146. do you think if i vedio tape my dogs?
  147. my two parakeets died and i dont know why?
  148. will betta's share a tank with any other live companion? besides anoth
  149. I NEED my new rat to live : /?
  150. Help I have a 4mth old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.....?
  151. My 3month old kitten doesnt purr but her mom does all the time?
  152. How can I house-train a German Shepherd puppy without being harsh when
  153. What are the best names for budgies?
  154. Petco or petsmart?????????????????
  155. Are grain mites easily visable?
  156. how can i tell how big my fish tank is someone gave me?
  157. Bully goldfish! Help me please.?
  158. How do you finger baby budgies?
  159. Are raccoons devilish creatures?
  160. what is going on with my turtles?
  161. What is a car that is good for a large dog to be harnessed in? I live
  162. How do you finger tame adult budgies?
  163. girl i know stole my chinchillas and stuff...?
  164. What to do for an injured fish?
  165. What size horse......................?
  166. What Age Should You Start To Walk Your Dog?
  167. I have a 7 year old cat that seems to have some sort of allergy to som
  168. what is wrong with my cat?
  169. Sergeant Gold Reaction ?
  170. How to treat ear mites in cats and dogs?
  171. do ferrets need frequent vet visits?
  172. why does my cat feel the need to wee on me when i walk in the door aft
  173. When cat's get declawed... do they bleed?
  174. what age in horse years should you stop riding a horse ?
  175. How high will a mini rex jump?
  176. How do you feed new born kittens?
  177. when does a dog's teeth all grow in?
  178. My Betta fish suffocated. Why?
  179. About to buy a snake! What to do?
  180. Please, betta fish experts out there..help me it is serious!?
  181. Help me with my Mice!! ?
  182. how to make my rabbits cage fun?
  183. my puppy is suffering side effects from dew claw removal, what would y
  184. What is the Melins (bird) habatat?
  185. Sulcata owners...Is there a way to tag your tortoise so if it gets los
  186. I'm picking up my new puppy in 2 weeks, any ideas on names?
  187. dogs with helping with ODD?
  188. I have ten questions about my miniature pinschers.?
  189. What is your dog going to be for Halloween?
  190. how to get rid of fleas in house?
  191. I bought a female burmese python?
  192. How often wash my dog?
  193. I love winter dogs but not sure which to get!?
  194. help with the new dog i adopted !!?
  195. Green Spotted Puffer don't know whats going on?
  196. how do I buy a live Pygmy Marmoset monkey, I live in Florida?
  197. upper respiratory infection in cats?
  198. Is it OK to feed a kitten Wellness canned food (5.5 oz adult cans)?
  199. if MY cat jumped into my neighbours yard,, and THEIR 2 dogs kill it, i
  200. My 13 year old Chihuahua has a cataract, what can I do?
  201. If you were to name these two cats, what would you pick?
  202. I want to buy cheap breeding pairs of birds for my new aviaries!?
  203. Small Algae Eaters For 5 Gallon Tank?
  204. 4 betta fish experts?
  205. My puppy is matting on his plush toy like a kitten does on the mother
  206. i need help finding a way to put my dog up for adoption...please help!
  207. Are miniature poodles hyper?
  208. pitbull had babies need help?
  209. Betta age and breeding?
  210. Where can I find a website with pictures and info on all dog breeds?
  211. What do you think i should do?
  212. My 3 year old,female, sprayed toy poodle is humping teddy bears, what
  213. Adding a cat to my apartment...?
  214. Emperor Scorpions - Multiple in one tank help!?
  215. can wolf spiders climb glass?
  216. my dog has a very weird habit. ?
  217. Dog Over Excited / Bites and chews EVERYTHING?
  218. My dog (Chihuahua) has a spot where his rabies vaccine was administere
  219. What are cute stories about you and your pet?
  220. How do i stop my cat from going in the shower.?
  221. Why wont dogs eat out of their bowls all of the sudden?
  222. Burmese python vs wieght lifter?
  223. my parakeets wing isz bleeding!!!!!?
  224. my budgie flew away today?desperate)?
  225. In a 2.5 gal betta bowl how?
  226. how do i find my spider?
  227. My Puppy Has A Dry Nose...What Should I Do?
  228. What do you think of Sentinal Flea Control for Dogs?
  229. Please help me name my dog:)?
  230. Lost, unhealthy kitten. WHAT DO I DO?
  231. Help me get my kitty home?
  232. Are Richardson's Ground Squirrels illegal to keep as pets in Maryland?
  233. Is this separation anxiety, I need help?
  234. I breed my rabbits the male rabbit had both nuts but now i notice he o
  235. What's a brindle doberman pinscher?
  236. Is pumpkin bread harmful to dogs?
  237. Do lime/sulfer dips irritate a dog's skin?
  238. im trying to catch turtles in a pond/river i saw one in there but i do
  239. My Dog is suddenly aggressive?
  240. numbers of fish in a ................?
  241. Fish ID Help Please!?
  242. What do you think about dog food rotation?
  243. Why do people humanize there dogs to the extreme?
  244. how do i build a cage for my water dragon?
  245. How cold can outdoor dog take?
  246. i'm 14 years old and i got offered a job being a dog-washer but we don
  247. My new Puppy is sick. help i took him to the vet but she didnt diagnos
  248. How much should I cut back on food when giving treats for training pur
  249. why are the people in the dog section so stubborn?
  250. Is this a healthy meal to be feeding me puppy?