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  1. do hens need to sit on eggs to hatch?
  2. Why does my bull terrier chase its tail?
  3. Merle Color In Pit Bulls?
  4. How to tell your rabbit is a female or male?
  5. Why is my rabbit mean to me?
  6. I Have A Box Turtle, Can I Let Him Go?
  7. Dog food for allergies ?
  8. Why does my dog drag his privates across the floor all the time?
  9. what do ticks look like on a dog?
  10. Blue Paint on my cats!?
  11. how do i prevent my dog from bumping his head on things hes a little c
  12. Dobermans Help Please......?
  13. best place to bye reptiles?
  14. 1 yr. old house broke Great Dane just started going 1 and 2 in the hou
  15. What is wrong with my cat?
  16. Dalmatians, Personal Experience...?
  17. What Breed of dog do you have?
  18. How to introduce two dogs?
  19. What Breed of dog for me? please help?
  20. Adult cat or Kitten, male or female?
  21. Name that dog! 10 points for the best name. What is a good name for a
  22. Removing dog hair from clothes?
  23. My cat was put down today after an illness.?
  24. Are Shiba Inus good dogs, and how are they with other animals like cat
  25. Where can i download Clydesdale Videos?
  26. Do king charles need a special diet,people have told me to avoid all m
  27. Do you have a tortoise to rehome or are looking to rehome a tortoise?
  28. What do AA rider and Junior rider mean?
  29. How do dogs differ by breeds? For example, what makes a terrier differ
  30. I have a bad kitty......?
  31. Dogue De Bordeaux or Rottweiler:-?
  32. TLC for my new aquarium suggestions please?
  33. How often do you need to feed a captive Tegu?
  34. Dog not wanting to eat their food?
  35. Golden retriever or Labrador?
  36. Whats the best way to wash a cat?
  37. New 4 week old kitten, need some info about taking care of them!?
  38. How many puppies will they have?
  39. Can I put my corn snake with other snakes?
  40. Do platys need do be kept in groups...?
  41. Is it legal to have a domesticated wolf as a pet?
  42. Pet Parrot??? Is this ok?? Stupid question !!!?
  43. PUG seems to have hurt his leg or his hip this morning.?
  44. what color do you think i should get for my bay horse costume?
  45. Hi, My horse wont let me pick up his back feet at all, the farrier can
  46. I was attacked by a villain bird today. It made me bleeding.I didn't g
  47. How can i get my pit/rotti mix to get that great shape of a full breed
  48. Fluval 3 internal filter electricity consume?
  49. if my cat poos in (my own) border in garden, do i leave it or pick it
  50. T5 lighting. 2ft globes, 14w or 24w? Can it hold both? Help :(?
  51. I have a 250 gallon tank with these fish in it?
  52. Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?
  53. Will ducklings you buy from the farm attack you?
  54. Is 5/6 years old too old for a rottweilers first litter of pups?
  55. ASPCA animal health care?
  56. i have baby guppies in the net and they are about 6 or 7 weeks old naw
  57. Do I need to wear long boots or short ones?
  58. What do you think about KONG?
  59. Can a licensed cosmetologist be a dog groomer?
  60. How can I tell if my cat has an infected claw?
  61. How do i get kittens from out under my porch?
  62. If you dont keep pens for you ducklings then were do they stay over ni
  63. how much does it cost to have a dog neutered in broward county?
  64. My bloodhound wont stop barking!?
  65. Is this a puppy mill?
  66. What can you tell me about this fish?
  67. help with the feeding this winter of my two elderly ponies?
  68. Were do you keep ducklings?
  69. 3 days ago my bitch got bread and....?
  70. Are ducklings legal to have as a pet in Canada?
  71. what should i call my female baby african grey parrot?
  72. Horses eating acorns?
  73. Cat lovers come here! (Only you guys would understand)?
  74. How can I keep my hamsters quiet?
  75. i have 2 chihuahuas. that sleep and live togeather 24/7, one of them i
  76. my dogs itch and itch they have a yeasty type smell i have taken them
  77. if i got a lepoard gecko would it be ok to take out viv/housing and fo
  78. What is a good way to teach a previously untrained lab NOT to jump on
  79. Some people say to not get a mirror for ur new cockatiel becuz it will
  80. Why are puppies on the Internet so much money and always "champion blo
  81. how to take care of a cockatiel?
  82. Why so judgemental towards other dog owners?
  83. Tropical, freshwater or marine, saltwater fish aquarium? Which is best
  84. My dog was desexed 3 days ago?
  85. What can I do if somebody's dogs dug into my yard and killed all of my
  86. Best dog food for my golden retriever?
  87. What fish should i get?
  88. greedy husky puppy since i've got another puppy?
  89. what do yong peacocks eat and how many years does it take for them to
  90. What bit should I try to get a horse to slow down?
  91. About how many puppies does a sheltie have in one litter?
  92. my cat has bloated stomach, is this normal?
  93. Smelly Border Terrier?
  94. I need to fine a way to transport a hedgehog.?
  95. Our 8 month puppy is having her front left leg amputated today. What a
  96. Bunny Behavior...please help?
  97. what is a jackson cat?
  98. Any suggestions on how to ?
  99. In a fight between a mouse and a deadly viper, who would you expect to
  100. How do I tell with a bird....?
  101. what do you think of my horse?
  102. Do red foxes turn grey?
  103. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  104. My cat is dillusional?
  105. May i put two Teddy bear hamsters of different genders in one cage?
  106. what could i put in my rats cage?
  107. We found a little lizard with wings on its side and a wounded tail. Pl
  108. my nanas wee dog has a shower everyday, is this bad for her dog?
  109. Toy Suggestions for my puppy?
  110. Buying my daughter a pet?
  111. For experienced individuals: What is the cost for Lupron Injections fo
  112. my 3 month old puppy is bleeding?
  113. I've been asked to research Pavlov's dog? Is he the dude that invented
  114. My dog has had its first vaccination it will be going near fully vacci
  115. Anyone know any good farriers?
  116. My daughter's pet crayfish has eggs! What do we need to do?
  117. What is you faviorte pet name?
  118. rescue pup- lhasa apso?
  119. About food for my pup?
  120. I purchased a goldfish yesterday and fed him this morning but the food
  121. Im getting a black bear hamster?
  122. We found a little lizard with wings on its side and a wounded tail. Pl
  123. i like my kitten awww?
  124. Do butchers clean the shop front with something to repel dogs? Our dog
  125. I'm crate training my puppy, he is asleep in his crate at the moment..
  126. why do people pamper there pets?
  127. Does anyone know if birds like and eat radish, broccoli and quinoa? ?
  128. how can i get my dog to urinate outside? she will only use the paper a
  129. Where can I get my 7 month old male spayed for cheap ?
  130. why do kittens play tickle your feet?
  131. my 7 month old husky developed an egg sized lump on his back. Any idea
  132. my lil small kitten is sweet?
  133. gorgeous small kittens?
  134. do you like kittens i do?
  135. I need animal help! i have 12 animals and i am 12!?
  136. Would this carrier be okay for two male rats ? Link provided. ?
  137. When was the last time you ate chocoloate?
  138. my neutered male cat cries to go out but when we let him out he cries
  139. how can cats meow whilst washing themselves?
  140. Help again cockatiels?
  141. Need a video of horse and rider falling when going too fast round a cr
  142. What injections do ferrets need in the UK?
  143. Black Moores And Pearlscale Fish?
  144. can my 50 cm checkered garter eat new born hamster?
  145. Introducing a new kitten?
  146. Fungal Infection or Whitespot? Plus Fin Nipping?
  147. my dog is drinking lots of water recently why is this?
  148. Sick Australian cattle dog HELP!!!?
  149. Can a pregnant cat be frontlined?
  150. How do I get this horse to canter slower?
  151. How do your cats get along?
  152. Ball python Morphs...?
  153. How do i get over it?
  154. what is black mamba i want to know what is that where is it in the wor
  155. can u keep these 2 cold water fish together ?
  156. Omg! Help I Found Baby Ducks And I Dont Know How To Take Care Of Them?
  157. My cichlid eggs have hatched, unfortunately some got mouldy, some babi
  158. why does my cat keep pissing in the morning on the bed?
  159. I have recently purchase an ex- race horse. How do I find out his raci
  160. What kind of work would a husky/shepherd enjoy? ?
  161. Bonfire night and dogs?
  162. Naming my 5 week old Black Fluffy Kitten?
  163. How to handle locusts?
  164. what are the effects of traveling by airplane on dogs?
  165. Can my dog really be on heat again so soon?
  166. How fast to crayfish grow from babies? ?
  167. Do cats like their wet food meshed up in the bowl?
  168. male chihuahua doesn't know how to be walked?
  169. My dog ate a smartie?
  170. Dog Help!!! =]=]=]:D?
  171. Why does my puppy have puffy eyes?
  172. how many gallons is 300L?
  173. Does anyone else's Rabbit chew their house to pieces? What is the funn
  174. PLEASE HELP. My pet budgie has a sore foot!?
  175. What is mii female rabbit doing?
  176. What industrial cleaning product can i get?
  177. Are cats able to see clearly what is on the TV, or computer?
  178. What are some good/cute chihuahua puppy names?
  179. need some advice on what to do with my african cichlids?
  180. my dog shake as if he has got parkinsons just now and again?
  181. ferret info. need to know how to take care of them the best.?
  182. My dog is vomiting straight mucus!!?
  183. Proven mini lop doe?????
  184. how many fish would this tank hold ?
  185. my dog does not like neighbours dog?
  186. I have 2 cats should i get another kitten? read all detail before answ
  187. Im wanting my rabbit to be adopted?
  188. is a beagle right for me? i want a dog?
  189. how come when i get close to most of my chickens they sort of hunch do
  190. how much are Icelandic Sheepdog?
  191. i have a 55 gallon tank with 7 oscar fish,4 jack dempsey,1 pleco,2 bic
  192. Why is it that you cannot cross breed birds?
  193. Kitten urinating on bed but uses litter box aswell.?
  194. best namee....pick one plz........x?
  195. Will a flea collar get fleas off my cats ears?
  196. my chickens shells are too soft how can i make them harder?
  197. Dragon eggs won't hatch-pinkies-rats or mice?
  198. how to look after my pet rat properly?
  199. My dog has been constantly twitching?
  200. wanna buy a wolf hybrid puppy?
  201. Easiest way to get fleas off my cat's ears?
  202. I mixed roborovski, campbell, winter white & pudding dwarf hamsters in
  203. What are some things I can feed my crickets? ?
  204. my cat sleeps in litter tray how to keep her smelling clean?
  205. What should I get for my boss on his birthday (he loves dogs)?
  206. Does anyone know why this might be?
  207. Trying to remember ?
  208. how do i rid a tank with an ammonia of 8?
  209. what happens if i applied a flea treatment to my cat that was for cats
  210. Very sick kitten, how can we help her?
  211. Importing a puppy into Singapore from the US?
  212. I want have babby, but i am man?
  213. My Dog is malting hair Everywhere; What can I do?
  214. If you designed a New Foundland dog video game what would things would
  215. What do I do with my dog's eye irritation?
  216. Do goldfish grow to fit their tank? or...?
  217. dog named chichi she is a boxer mix?
  218. introducing male rabbits?
  219. Why do chickens freeze?
  220. dogs peeing everywhere?
  221. I have a yabbie in a smal tank and I have caught a shrimp should I lea
  222. My cat is acting strange....?
  223. My female indoor/outdoor cat hasn't come back & my other female cat ha
  224. Buying Aquarium, But will it fit in my car?! Please help :) Sort of im
  225. how to make a Scratching Pad for your cat?
  226. Advice: Clothing for my dog?
  227. What does it meen when your hermit crabs salt water bowl is getting fi
  228. can you train a canary to sit on your shoulder?
  229. Green Spotted Puffer Brakish Water?
  230. the dog ate my homework?
  231. name...tot.stuckk.....kitten..::::::::::::SSSSSSSS ?
  232. what should i do about my cat ......?
  233. name help for a kitten?
  234. Flea every month I faithfully apply Frontline to the back of
  235. im trying to teach my budgy to talk and he.....?
  236. kitten..wat d you think of this name?
  237. what breed of dog is this ?
  238. how much does it cost to desex (spade) a female cat?
  239. something was coming out of my cats urinary tract?
  240. Thinking about getting a cat - advise needed!?
  241. How can I catch a sick blind stray cat?
  242. Why is my husbands pit bull acting this way?
  243. Why does my bird have white "sleeves" on his feathers most of the time
  244. for pitbull owners(excluded)=)?
  245. What would be a good pet snake for me?
  246. How often do you feed a beta?
  247. Ball python morph... maybe... HELP! PLEASE?
  248. is it time to have my dog put down? mange?
  249. Y iz alix and spiirt buer so stupid? DEY BOTH ABUZE THER HORZES! WHO A
  250. In the movie "Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer", what breed of