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  1. What's the fish capacity of my tank?
  2. my hamster looks swollen?
  3. Dog Trainer/training message boards?
  4. Walmarts Puffer Fish?
  5. two Baby leopard geckos?
  6. Does it bother you to see the hunting and killing of innocent animals
  7. A question about my beta's behavior?
  8. What is safe to give a cat for pain?
  9. Anybody have any of the dog breeds from this list?
  10. how could someone have dog's teeth removed to stop chewing?
  11. Registration for paint horse?
  12. how do you eat your placentas?
  13. Do Guinea Pigs get Wet Tail?
  14. im starting my own dog wash and grooming business!?
  15. Can my dwarf puffers eat snails that i find around my house?
  16. Is she ready for the show ring?
  17. My new cat has some hair loss?
  18. Price for Australia arowana and crickets?
  19. Is it safe to turn off the light in a saltwater aquarium?
  20. Bunnie help please?!?
  21. can i hold newborn babies?
  22. Should I put my old cat down?
  23. My oranda goldfish has someblack stuff in his face?
  24. What are these worms on my aquarium?
  25. Toilet train your cat. I need some help please!?
  26. What is a small pet that is out of the ordinary?
  27. Dog freaks out when she is startled.?
  28. HELP one more time? cockatiel?
  29. what is the best kind of dog to get and what website to find it?
  30. Can I keep my green cheek conures in the same cage?
  31. What should my first day with a new rabbit be like?
  32. Bottle Fed CALF!!!!!!!!!!?
  33. Why does my JRT yelp when I play piano?
  34. How to contain a wild horse for gelding?
  35. Should I be concerned about flea eggs my cat scratches off?
  36. why do I need to pluck my dog's hair?
  37. What's wrong with my dog?
  38. How long can budgies stay by themselves?
  39. Are spider plants and/or palms safe houseplants for cats?
  40. I keep finding these weird white wormlike things around my dogs?
  41. I'm giving my cat sub-q fluids; how do I know if I'm going in deep eno
  42. I have a 7 month old female norwegian forest cat. I took her to vet ab
  43. Is there a Group in yahoo that feed their dogs The B.A.R.F Dog Diet?
  44. How do I let my bidds get used to me?
  45. my dog is due any day. why are her tetes red?
  46. Cats eating pumpkin stems?
  47. Will these neglected bunnies be okay together?!?
  48. please help with my 3 year old male pomeranian/terrier/Chihuahua mix ?
  49. how to get a dog to stop runnin away?
  50. How can i start a petition against bulldog fighting in middle school?
  51. why does my gsd pup tail goes upright and over his back?
  52. Is my dog sick because of this flea medicine?
  53. Are there every cockatiel shows in michigan?
  54. how do i check for the pH in the water in my tank?
  55. To the rabbit owning community: how many of you would benefit from a w
  56. does this mean im a bad person?
  57. My puppy was chewing on a marker?
  58. What is an American Bulldog worth that is 2 years old AKC registered a
  59. crate problems help!?
  60. What is the BEST cat food?
  61. Please help, Cat very sick?
  62. Can a red eared slider turtle live in a 29 gallon tank with 2 or 3 gol
  63. Why are my dogs gums dark red?
  64. omg!!!!!!! (Topic=dogs)??
  65. my dog is limping, what's wrong?
  66. First DOG...Show me the Way?
  67. What are some non-fish aquarium pets?
  68. How can i make my triops lay eggs?
  69. Is it normal for my 3 month old lab to have diarrhea?
  70. New horse barn name help?
  71. My 1 and a half year old golden retriever hasn't used the bathroom in
  72. breeding cages in Toronto?
  73. ungroomed shitzu dogs subject to infection?
  74. my 5 month old puppy is still biting- should he be past this stage? ?
  75. how can i tell if my parakeet wants to lay an egg?
  76. what is better for fish tap water or bottled water ?
  77. Emergency food supply for cats?
  78. what can i feed my 1 inch piranha ?
  79. I m getting a puppy were can i get them?
  80. is a ph of 6.2 to low for fish?
  81. How long can I hold off on getting my cats fixed before I have problem
  82. blood parrot attacked my lake malawi african cichlid?
  83. making a wood house for my guinea pig, what material of wood would be
  84. why was my little puppy trying to hump my leg?
  85. I have the kind of minnows ?
  86. We found a toy poodle in the street with no collar. We put up signs bu
  87. What's wrong with my dog? anyone please help.?
  88. my dog was hit by a car and she now a cast on, she is eating regulary
  89. When does the grass stop growing?
  90. Do hedgehog's pointy spine things hurt?
  91. Has anyone used DE (diatomaceous earth) to treat fleas in carpet?
  92. how many times a day should I feed my guppies and zebra fish?
  93. Is 20 years old to young to have a dog? Will give best answer.?
  94. what is your favorite cat's name?
  95. Spider in WI.... what is it?
  96. is my dog dying???? ?
  97. Do you have an holistic pet shop in your area?
  98. My Sisters cat had renal failure?
  99. what should i put in my four month old dutch warm bloods stall?
  100. Traces of blood in my puppy;s stool?
  101. my dog has cataracts...?
  102. my cat ran away and i found her ?
  103. Is a red area on a yellow bellied slider turtle shell something to wor
  104. Would a uth melt plastic?
  105. will fleas live on people?
  106. Can you teach old hamsters tricks?
  107. what name do you like for a caramel white toy poodle puppy?
  108. Anybody else going...?
  109. A cat I am babysitting is in labor....I think...help?
  110. What is your pets favorite toy to play with that you(or someone else)
  111. a mouse had a black thing coming out of his butt, he passed it, it was
  112. help with my sharkcatfish?
  113. how do you teach your dog to stop licking you?
  114. Cat's eye pink and partially closed?
  115. Have a question about French Bulldogs?
  116. How safe are heating pads?
  117. Can my dog's caregiver be responsible for my dog's death? ?
  118. In Your Opinion Whats a Better Pet?
  119. Can you give me a lot of information you know, websites or something a
  120. What's YOUR Pet Peeve(s)?
  121. What will cause a cat to foam at the mouth with no other symptoms?
  122. What kind of bird is this? please tell me.?
  123. Breeding neon tras and Cardinal tetras?
  124. why are my dogs boobs so big?
  125. Where can I get a piebald morph ball python?
  126. killing lice on squirrels?
  127. Big dogs should be allowed in HDB flats?
  128. what is a good diet for a dwarf hamster?
  129. I REALLY need help placing a 4 year old shepherd.?
  130. Why does my horse...?
  131. What would be the best brand of food for an American eskimo dog?
  132. Anyone else's dog have valley fever?
  133. ring worms on the skin?
  134. Does any one buy Orijen dog food in around Toronto?
  135. Does the USA watch Dog Borstal ( UK ) on TV or have their own version
  136. i havent held my bearded dragon in a while, and i dont know how to mak
  137. Bumblefoot in captive Japanese Quail used for experiments? Please help
  138. My New Betta Wont Eat?
  139. Please help me with this! My mom is looking in to buying A Chihuahua p
  140. How can I stop my 14 week old puppy from pooping in his small crate?
  141. Getting Free Russian Tortoise? Need To know how to take care of it?
  142. Why does my dog smell so bad?
  143. what website do i got to to find a dog?
  144. adopting another dog! can you tell me what mix you think they are.?
  145. repost and edited since i dont know how?
  146. i have that attacks other dogs shes a small dog she plzzzz leave your
  147. can i hold my hamster before?
  148. Food Web of Red-Tailed Hawk?
  149. Do cats get headaches?
  150. I have a regal blue tang " Dory fish" w/fish ick...?
  151. Please help me............?
  152. Can you get worms from your house cat?
  153. What is the smartest animal in the world?
  154. what are these rings on the skin of my puppy? ?
  155. My cat ate a piece of pepperoni off my plate before I could stop him w
  156. Bearded dragon shedding.... need help. ?
  157. Hermit Crabs HELP?!?!?
  158. Our cat came back from the vet with jagged claws?
  159. I want to breed neon tras but its very hard to me to know what is male
  160. my friends tigger and pooh?
  161. I was wondering if anyone had some good small pet ideas?
  162. how old do you?...........................?
  163. Plz help, my fish MAY be dying!?
  164. Anyone heard of a cat face spider? One that looked that was on my dog
  165. Is this a good way to prove to people about the dangers of breeding ha
  166. What kinds of wild horses are there in alberta?
  167. My 10 week old Puppy is crying and running around the house...?
  168. When is the best time for a dog to have her first litter?
  169. 2 ?'s..answer what you can!?
  170. My mare is about 23 years old and I want to breed her. Do you think sh
  171. A new cat with blood in stool/bloated stomach/diarrhea?
  172. Can someone help me name my puppy for AKC registration?
  173. my fish doesnt move all day.... help?
  174. can bearded dragon live off only bearded dragon pellet food from the p
  175. What are the defence and offence of the merlin bird?
  176. My dog is in heat for the first time so is there anything in particula
  177. corn snake aggression?
  178. What will the cost be for removing the eye from my cat? He was attacke
  179. Any name suggestions for my new kitten?
  180. I want an American Eskimo dog but I have one concern?
  181. How do you breed most tropical fish?
  182. My 4 year old almost sat on our chiuaua?
  183. which one is better dogs or cats?
  184. I need a good can food to start my pup back on?
  185. My dog's cyst fell off and is bleeding. What's the best way for me to
  186. What is a cute name for a bunny?
  187. I have a golden retriever and she is about 11 months old. She eats EVE
  188. i need help with my hamster?
  189. Hedgehog breeders in NY?
  190. does anyone know about turtle?
  191. my freinds dog got hit in the neck then stoped moving and foaming and
  192. goldfish health problem, please help?
  193. how do I tell my wife i want a hamster?
  194. Pomeranian's Hair Loss after birth?
  195. ok guys and gals what should I name my new puppy?
  196. i want my rott weiler to howl but....... .?
  197. what would be the best thing to treat ick since i have an applesnail,p
  198. What do bunnies eat? It was born in the spring of this year.?
  199. My dog has strange bubbles ?
  200. My Snake Got Out Of Its Cage And My Great Grammas Coming Plz Tell Me H
  201. what petstore sells the healthiest hamsters?
  202. Is their a way to measure horses/mules IQ's?
  203. What is a good alternative breed if I cannot own a Siberian Husky?
  204. what can you do about the cat peeing all over the couch in one spot?
  205. Questions about the furminater. ?
  206. Did my hamster die naturally?
  207. How do you start a microworm culture and infurosia culture ?
  208. what is a good name for a puppy?
  209. Where can I order Ivermectin (for my dog) online?
  210. How can I get my dog to walk on hardwood/tile surfaces?
  211. I'm wanting to update my turtles tank setup.Can anyone help?
  212. How can I get a 5 month old puppy to stop groling?
  213. My needle nose fish is so stubborn. Help!?
  214. for someone who's a horse genius?
  215. i have newly hatched baby birds, what do i feed them?
  216. how many different types of cats are there?
  217. How much of what I say can my dog understand?
  218. Whats the most easiest fish to breed and if please show me how to bree
  219. i sprayed my balcony with raid about 4 hours ago, is it alright to put
  220. I got a golden retriever, what should I name him?
  221. Is the following considered animal abuse?
  222. I am going to get an American Eskimo dog and I have a question.?
  223. two of my cats dont get on?
  224. I'm trying to find a chihuahua puppy, does anyone know of good reputab
  225. Adrenal Sex Hormone Alopecia ?
  226. i'm getting a dog what will she need?
  227. Neon tetras and Cardianal tetras can the School together.?
  228. Can border collies make my allergies act up from pet dander read for d
  229. if i breed hamsters should i breed dwarf or syrian?
  230. Too many feeder fish?
  231. How come my guinea pig....?
  232. Dog has started peeing in the house?
  233. Baby guinea pig problem.?
  234. should i breed my hamsters?
  235. The lower fang of my cat is suddenly protruding.What should be done?
  236. what is an awsome hamster name?
  237. How much would you say it costs to own a 5 pound miniature dachshund e
  238. How can I find my dog a home?
  239. How can I deter a local cat, without annoying my cat?
  240. First Person Who Answers This Question Gets Best Answer!?
  241. is it possible to tell how many babies my mouse will have?
  242. im so stupid!! i fed my bunnys letuce?
  243. How do I get my leopard gecko to trust me?
  244. help this was really sad?
  245. Any reviews for these products?
  246. How can I get rid of the dogs on my flea?
  247. Is this ferret a sable or chocolate?
  248. Why does my dog have bug bite like marks on him?
  249. i think my dog is sick.what should i do?
  250. how old does a colt have to be before breeding?