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  1. What setup am I gonna do?
  2. how can i teach my 7month old lab not to nibble things?
  3. Weimeraner's Anal Glands?
  4. Why does my bunny act so..weird?
  5. my mare has just had a foal when the best time to bring her back into
  6. Can a puppy catch a cold?
  7. My mother cat (6mo. old kittens) has become feril and stays away from
  8. Whats a chiwawa? Is it an animal?
  9. Hi, my dog wont stop chasing cats? And.....?
  10. Is it normal for my male cockatiel to want to mate with my other male
  11. If i get a duckling from the farm were do i keep it?
  12. What can be done to help a dog cope with the loss of a canine companio
  13. What can I do to save my Guppies?
  14. Birdie bread for budgies?
  15. Any tips for a pregnent rabbit?
  16. Do red-eared sliders get lonely?
  17. what is the best way to transport 3000 goldfish from LA to Houston?
  18. What Should I Do About My Dog???? Pleasse Help...?
  19. Can You Keep 2 Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters In 1 Cage?
  20. Advice on introducing a new dog into a home where there currently is o
  21. Dog Frightened of Hairdryer! Please Help ?
  22. I have problems walking my dog. Help?
  23. My roborovski hamster wont let me pick him up what should i do?
  24. if i say i have a chicken as a pet do ya'll think?????
  25. is anyone scared of spiders?
  26. If rabbits’ feet are so lucky, then what happened to the rabbit?
  27. new fish suggestions for my current community tank?
  28. why do cats hate dogs or vice verse?
  29. Does anyone else's cat stretch their arms up against your legs?
  30. What colors would my horse look best in?
  31. Help with dog depression?
  32. how do i tell when a praying mantis wants to shed its skin?
  33. Why do people claim to be dog lovers then buy dogs from breeders?
  34. My dog bites alot and it hurts =(?
  35. can a praying mantis be blind?
  36. What is the best pet, cat rat or dog?
  37. What are the best products i can purchase to banish fleas on my cats a
  38. My praying mantis leg?
  39. Is my kitten really sick?
  40. My cat has a sore throat ?
  41. Making money with horses?
  42. Has anyone ever had to give a kitten to the humane society?
  43. Dog negelected & Dog bite!! PLEASE HELP?
  44. Flea Bitten Tail on 7 week old Beagle?
  45. Would the electric blue dempsey and a white lobster be able to handle
  46. kitten taken away from mom too early?
  47. Will California purple sea urchins from the tidepool stay alive in my
  48. So my mother ran over a frog . . . he's still alive . . .?
  49. My family is planning on getting a dog..what kind should we get?
  50. Hi, can we keep this fish in 60 gallon tank?
  51. Heating for cornsnakes?
  52. Have you ever slept with an animal? ?
  53. why does my rottweiler growl and bite?
  54. My baby praying mantis(nymph) has hurt his legs and does not eat?
  55. Occupying a puppy during the day?
  56. Horrible little white worms sticking out of my fish, anchor worms?
  57. Doggy daycare in louisiana pricing? what should I charge?
  58. Should I get an English Bulldog?
  59. Dachshund curved spine problem...?
  60. do parrots are great pets like dogs?
  61. Where to Buy a Frilled Neck Lizard in Omaha, Nebraska?
  62. toilet training my adult dog?
  63. Should i use a sweat scraper to dry my horse from the rain?
  64. Hi, I want to get a spoodle, but already have a very demanding burmill
  65. Sick goldfish help??
  66. How to catch a stray cat when I have a cat trap?
  67. Why is this wild cat behaving like this?
  68. my dog got sprayed by a skunk and he stinks and so does my house on th
  69. why is it that some people are too passionate about animals?
  70. New Ifor Williams Horse Trailer problem?
  71. Help!!! How do I get cat wee stain out of my carpet?
  72. How do i get my male Sheltie to mount the female?
  73. Have you ever sat on a cat?
  74. Is my female house cat pregnant?
  75. Can you identify this bird?
  76. Dogue De Bordeaux:- Do you think?
  77. Would this setup work?
  78. this might sound really dumb. how do i work out the volume of my fish
  79. Important betta fish questions?
  80. How do I make a horse hair bracelet?
  81. Making money PONY style?
  82. Are clown loaches a good fish to have with neon tetras?
  83. Is orange oil ok to use on my leather sofa?
  84. What do I do with lost dogs?
  85. Is it safe for my budgie to sleep in my room?
  86. what name do you like better lucy or laura?
  87. pet rats, do they get on better after a yr or so ?
  88. Why won't my dog eat REAL food?!?
  89. Compatible Stocking List?
  90. Do Tadpoles Have Genders?
  91. what is wrong with my dogs paw? ?
  92. How long will a pedigree chicken live?
  93. How to get rid homeless cat from enter to my house's area?
  94. When you have a litter box for rabbits what do you put inside?
  95. Do you watch The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan?
  96. should i euthanize my goldfish? don't know what to do!?
  97. Which is better Timberwolf Serengeti or Taste Of The Wild for dry food
  98. what to name my colt?
  99. feeding your dog just meat (cooked)?
  100. Getting Cats Nail Cut?
  101. Anyone Sellin Kittens?
  102. How to deal with 2 puppies? ?
  103. Where can I buy Special variety "Guinea-Pigs" in Tiruppur/Coimbatore ?
  104. Blue Tongue Lizard Help?
  105. i have 6 molly fish in a tank and would like to add other fish, what k
  106. Is there any high end designer that makes a collar specifically for ca
  107. What does the cat I'm holding look like?
  108. What can you put down to keep a cat from peeing in the same place on t
  109. Are there certain oils you can use to deter cats from areas?
  110. My Housesnake eggs are turning a purple colour and going soft?
  111. Does your pet have music preferences?
  112. Our 2 year old lab is always scratching..She has no fleas.How can we m
  113. Which of these 2 dogs shed more hair????? ?
  114. I understand why some people don't want to let their cats outside, but
  115. What Should I Name My Budgie?
  116. My terrapin doesn't seem to like pellets so what can I give her?
  117. My Cat is leaking fluids and she is pregnant?
  118. Can a horse of 10 years old take up different training?
  119. Differences between male and female Argentine B/W Tegu?
  120. Eating Fleas! HELP! What's going to happen?
  121. What food can I feed my cat to make her gain weight?
  122. how can i save a noisy myna?
  123. What to do with anchor worm infestation?
  124. Kiten poo/flatulanceMy 9 week old kitten had had very bad flatulance,
  125. my yellow belly damsel keeps on hiding when ever i go to feed him and
  126. My kitten has one folded ear...?
  127. What makes a pet so important to you?
  128. haunch and forehand turns ?
  129. How often should baby iguanas eat?
  130. How long is the period of chicken eggs in the process of producing?
  131. sick zebra finch - whats wrong with her?
  132. What are some easy to keep snakes in Australia?
  133. Looking for a name for my dog?
  134. how long does it take to......?
  135. My Leopard Gecko Wont Eat?
  136. Should i do a Complete water change? after 4 fish die?
  137. Why wont my male diamond python eat may someone out there please help?
  138. I have bought a Pac shock collar and need to know....?
  139. I need help getting rid of fleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  140. Doberman keeps going for certain dogs?
  141. Bichon Frise or Chow Chow ?
  142. What is my dog is line breed with sister to brother can my puppy be re
  143. HELP WITH baby budgie please Urgent?
  144. Is it normal for pregnant cats to vomit occasionally, especially in th
  145. Ideas for a story to do with pets? ?
  146. What is the best quit bird, that likes to cuddle and is quite?
  147. green cheek conure or a parrotlet?
  148. some things to do with my horse that she will enjoy?
  149. i am not getting any other dog food other than pedigree in my locality
  150. You see a moribund dog on the road..........?
  151. Is it uncommon for a family pet to act strange after a death of a fami
  152. Do parrotlets like to cuddle?
  153. My Budgies beak is crusty and beginning to peel! Help!?
  154. Is there an alligator that stays small and can be kept as a pet?
  155. Please give typs, but am I a NIMPH?
  156. How long should my hamster sleep for? i go to bed at 11:00pm?
  157. Do you think your pets know your sex?
  158. if my female dog got mix if her own breed and a nother dog hit it to d
  159. Why is my dog .......?
  160. How come rob (from MTV's Rob&Big) let mini horse go? :-(?
  161. How come my 2 sailfin mollies ex large male get along with my 2 dwarf
  162. litter training my rats?
  163. What is the best way to get a cockatiel egg to hatch on the bottom of
  164. How to tame a cockatiel?
  165. What is an easy way to start off a petition at school against pit bull
  166. can puffer fish go in a coral reef tank setup with clown fish, tangs a
  167. How do you teach a cat to stay away from cars?
  168. medicating separation anxiety dog?
  169. Why does my dog scratch the carpet?
  170. My kitten will only drink water off his paw just turned 6 monthes and
  171. my dog is throwing up yellow foam several times a day and wont eat or
  172. Why is my dog suddenly clingy?
  173. Are dogs really colourblind?
  174. do cats normally drink alot of water?
  175. How high should my horse be able to jump?
  176. What do you think of the idea of pitbulls fighting each other to the d
  177. My male guppy looks like he has a split tail. Is it a bad indicator?
  178. What Age can Cats get neutered?
  179. How can i get rid of bloodworms...?
  180. can dogs smell and/or sense the presence of spirits?
  181. my cats gone missing :( any advice ?
  182. My Robo Dwarf Hamster is acting bipolar...? Why?
  183. parts for marine aquarium?
  184. ITS NASTY I KNOW!!! But y does my cat take bigger sh*ts than me?
  185. what do you use to get rid of flea dirt on cats?
  186. Is it ok for horses to eat oats.?
  187. My kittens wiskers are breaking off?
  188. are there any other cold, fresh water fish other than goldfish?
  189. My dog is in heat (Australian Shepherd) .. I have questions!!?
  190. 5 newborn kittens.......none have a name......will you help?
  191. I would like to know if I can registrant my Siberian Husky if both par
  192. when my dog has her puppies how do I keep the area where the puppies a
  193. What is a good lap-sporty dog?
  194. Goldendoodles are not mutts?!?
  195. Help! My cat behaves so badly!?
  196. what should i call a white bunny rabbit name needed?
  197. Excessive bleeding after giving pups?
  198. When should we buy a puppy?
  199. Is it okay for a dog to live in your backyard, and not in the house?
  200. can colts be born with two penis's?
  201. Neutering my dog.............?
  202. things that are yellow but aren't girly sounding.?
  203. watch video, and help these dogs!?
  204. Is this normal for a dog's paw? (check photo in details)?
  205. A Dog's Prayer - What do you think about this message?
  206. i like to play with animals but not always! what do u like?
  207. Why do people get SO uptight about dogs fur being dyed?
  208. What dog is a good frist time dog? That does not shed a lot and bark?
  209. I have a male and female goldfish the like each other, what are signs
  210. do you think he will live?
  211. 10 Weeks Old German Shepherd Will Not Eat, Help!?
  212. pom pin toy terrier poodles info?
  213. does anybody no this it's been driving me nuts!?
  214. My dog keeps getting green puss in her eye. Will bathing it help the p
  215. Y does my Gerbil like to lick the bars on its cage.... ?
  216. Fish tank with no light?
  217. I like to know if birds Urinate as human?
  218. How would you describe your cat';s personality? ?
  219. How do you stop cats from getting on the counters?
  220. Does a horse really need a horse blanket?
  221. Why do you think owning a dog helps you live longer and have less stre
  222. sedate pet in order to groom him?
  223. I got another puppy i think that they're fighting for dominance?
  224. Metoclopramide side effects?
  225. Fish jumping out of tank?
  226. does anyone know where I can find a picture of a australian shepard/be
  227. What breed is my dog (picture)?
  228. Is a quacker a quite parrot?
  229. My bunny sneezes alot... and or coughs...?
  230. Is a parrotlet just as smart as any other smaller sized parrot, like a
  231. Fish tank looks fragile.?
  232. how in the world do you use silent dog whistles?
  233. My parakeet is eating its LAVA mineral block? HELP!?
  234. I found a snake from inside of my house, sitting on top of a plant (mo
  235. External canister filter in a 85 gallon tank?
  236. if my dog ate a chicken wing, about how long would it take to digest i
  237. Rescued kittens help?
  238. Whats the best cat food ?
  239. What would be a good carnivorous fish for beginners?
  240. What are some signs that a cat has a bladder infection?
  241. A medium sized dog breed?
  242. Does this video bother you?
  243. My cat has fleas on her ears how can i take em off read detail!!!!?
  244. why does my dog eat away from the bowl?
  245. My Hamster Fell! Help!!?
  246. How can I calm my cat down during my sleeping hours?
  247. When can I start trimming my baby guinea pigs nails?
  248. Strange bunny behavior?
  249. Rate Mickey! (my puppy =] )?
  250. will camal shrimp eat these?