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  1. Which Spaniel for a family pet?
  2. Why does my hamster like to flip his house over?
  3. My dog won't stop eating poop! HELP!?
  4. why are ferrets so long?
  5. Dog goes in the house no matter what?
  6. Anyone know the difference?
  7. Help kitten in heat!!!!!!?
  8. Is something wrong with my tiger calico.?
  9. My Cat has blood in Urine, is being sick & losing hair...?
  10. Purchasing small animals from pet stores?
  11. My cat has some sort of chronic disease! please help!?
  12. What do you think of this Black PMU Filly?
  13. Eye stain removal from maltese dog white coats?
  14. Does anyone now a recipe for homemade Betta fish food?
  15. Is there no generic for Capstar (nitenpyram)?
  16. help with my silver fox???
  17. Just bought a shubukin goldfish?
  18. pets breath some causes ?
  19. I think my kitten is 7 months...?
  20. How much water should my dog drink?
  21. Anyone know the difference?
  22. Help kitten in heat!!!!!!?
  23. Is something wrong with my tiger calico.?
  24. My Cat has blood in Urine, is being sick & losing hair...?
  25. Purchasing small animals from pet stores?
  26. My cat has some sort of chronic disease! please help!?
  27. What do you think of this Black PMU Filly?
  28. Eye stain removal from maltese dog white coats?
  29. Does anyone now a recipe for homemade Betta fish food?
  30. Is there no generic for Capstar (nitenpyram)?
  31. help with my silver fox???
  32. Is rolling at an owners feet showing submission? HOW TO CORRECT...?
  33. My dachshund had pups 8 days ago 7 of them?
  34. Vestibular Disease at 9 months dog?
  35. blue/green chromis help required?
  36. GOOD DEAL OR NO?(kinda long)?
  37. I have been looking for a special harness for my dachshund and I was w
  38. Is it okay to have a baby chihuahua around a sun conure?
  39. My dog has liver failure and has to be put to sleep. How can I deal wi
  40. Is my Budgie a male or female?
  41. Why do people dump animals?
  42. How do you get your dog to walk up the steps, if she refuses?
  43. i have a male n a female guppy. i m not interested in breeding them?
  44. My bunny keeps sneezing, what should I do?
  45. What color of lab do you like the best? Also, do you prefer the englis
  46. American Hairless Terrier AHS?
  47. Whats the difference between field boots and dress boots?
  48. How to lunge a horse?
  49. how do i convince my dad to let our family get a dog?
  50. My kitten tries to run from me. What can I do?
  51. Dog attack situation?
  52. what are fishes favorite freeze-dried food?
  53. Reccomended Sarcoid Teatment?
  54. Can certain medications cause constipation in dogs?
  55. What is the easiest way to leash train a new puppy?
  56. Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
  57. i am afraid that my hamster fight?
  58. do you think my dog might be ill?
  59. pig repellent technique?
  60. how much () does it cost to neuture a female rabbit?
  61. What do you feed ferrets?
  62. My dog has heartworms...?
  63. my cat is drunk, what can i do?
  64. can you post me a link of a good mini goat encloser?
  65. do geese make good pets please answer?
  66. help!!! pregnant dog here!!!!?
  67. putting dog to sleep?
  68. Poll: how many people have german shepherds?
  69. where can i buy a cheap large hamster cage, preferably online?
  70. can you post me a link of a good duck encloser?
  71. Does a horse get depressed after being gelded?
  72. Are house accidents common if a dog is going into heat?
  73. Weaning a foal - does it get easier?
  74. aaaarrrgh i dont know what to do! HELP?
  75. Cat litter munching dog...?
  76. Male cat about to be fixed will not SHUT UP, please I need a tip to ge
  77. Kitten destroying my house - help!!!?
  78. What's the best & quickest (lol) way to house break a puppy.. Big dog
  79. My dog had diarrhea a few times yesterday and threw up small amounts o
  80. hamster stick together?
  81. Bearded Dragon and Malayan Box Turtle Questions. don't mind this quest
  82. Is my rabbit pregnant?
  83. How to take good care of a pet turtle?
  84. i have a 9month old boxer pedigree pup what's the best thing to feed h
  85. Why did my cory catfish die?
  86. What Do You Think of Brad Pattsion's Video?
  87. please suggest me a good name for my parrot. please tell me the specie
  88. which is your favorite animal?
  89. I'm making a dog bone it calls for fusible fleece on the inside don't
  90. why is my dog getting all these lumps on him?
  91. What is normal behavior after getting a dog fixed?
  92. tips on housebreaking a puppy?
  93. Dog goes a little every time I pet him?
  94. Should i name my new hamster,?
  95. can we give a hamster dry oatmeal?
  96. Why is my cat clawing out the hair on It's face?
  97. what are some treats for my birds?
  98. Help! My dog ripped out his claw!?
  99. puppy chihuahua care?
  100. stop dog from barking?
  101. How to remove the algae from a plant?
  102. Can I feed my dog purely, vegetables and rice?
  103. How do you wash dog toys?
  104. I have two NEW fish, i THINK they are males, can i have any help?
  105. I have 3 Ponies, But what can i do>?
  106. bath tub for water trough with stains?
  107. Do you use Healthy Hair Care Moisturizer on your horse?
  108. teacup nonsense~!!!!!!?????!!!!!????dogs?
  109. Do dogs/puppies fart?
  110. Serious Cat problem(Please Help)?
  111. Do you need to re-introduce a horse to trails if they haven't been rid
  112. How old is too old for my rat to have babies.?
  113. I Have four pit bulls two parents and there two pups one of the pups i
  114. Why does my dog get into the cat box?
  115. My cat is my baby...he is an indoor cat but he cries & cries everyday
  116. information on bloat?
  117. perakeets? how do you take care of them?? can I use outside sticks in
  118. MY cat was diagnosed with fatty liver disease 2days ago HELP!!!?
  119. Help!! i need a dog!!?
  120. I cannot stand her! who else thinks this is cruel!?
  121. Can you just compete in Show Jumping?
  122. is it possible that your dog can be pregnant in just first mate?
  123. What do people mean when they say, "That horse isn't cut yet."?
  124. Looking for anyone who can help with a pair of Budgies I have!?
  125. Stocking Question-29 gallon & 5 gallon?
  126. Do you have a beagle or puggle?
  127. I Found A White Dove in the Middle of the Street Completely freaked ou
  128. What could be wrong with my chihuahua?
  129. I recently got a chinese dwarf Hamster like 2 days ago . I found that
  130. How do I control my cat?
  131. How much should i pay for a red-tailed boa?
  132. Is it legal to have a pet praying mantis in NC?
  133. HELP!!!!! Please I have a Pomeranian an whippet mix...!!?
  134. my cat likes to sleep and cuddle with me?
  135. kittens that are 4 weeks old are they scared of humans?
  136. Which Hamster? Which Gender?
  137. my cat is freaking out, hissing/growling at me, what do i do?
  138. how to get my red parrot to colour up?
  139. dog questions........and others?
  140. where did you get your Yorkie?
  141. Can 1 ghost shrimp be in a 1 gallon bowl?
  142. Do cats have nine lifes?
  143. Turtle Aquarium????????
  144. Groomer trims our cocker spaniel like a poodle..?
  145. why did I fall asleep after horseback riding?
  146. How hard is 1 fire bellied newt to keep?
  147. How old is to old for a Quarter Horse?
  148. how does the Invisible Dog On A Leash work?
  149. If my puppy keeps scooting his butt around on the floor, then what doe
  150. my dog is scared of stairs?
  151. What are your views on the use of prong collars for dogs?
  152. The puppies are crying.......?
  153. What tank size does 1 ghost shrimp need?
  154. which cage is better for a syrian hamster?
  155. My 2 year old puppy has been getting outside by digging holes. How to
  156. Neon tera fading ?
  157. Microchipping Your Dog?
  158. Which is better for fleas? Advantage or Frontline?
  159. I Have A New Freshwater Stingray.....i Would Like To Know How And What
  160. dog help............?
  161. Pup bites too much..?
  162. My puppy is 4lbs, his crate is for 1-10lbs, is it too big?
  163. Help? Dogs and carrots?
  164. Can you change the owners info on microchips in dogs?
  165. How do I get my dog to like Diet Coke more?
  166. What is a good name for this adorable kitten?
  167. What do i put in a rabbits nesting box??? ?
  168. how much should i feed my dog?
  169. Are green cheeked conures loud birds?
  170. What is up with my cichlids tail?
  171. My cat has trouble walking on her back legs... why would this happen?
  172. How do I get my puppy to like his crate more?
  173. Lizard Trap??????????????????????
  174. My oranda goldfish has someblack stuff in his face and his tail?
  175. The crazed chihuahua puppy from hell?
  176. what gets your dog's tail a waggin'?
  177. Golden Retriever Puppy?
  178. whats wrong with some poeple?
  179. My indoor cat escaped at night!?
  180. register of a boston terrier.?
  181. Feeding Different Kinds of Cichlids?
  182. Can you tell me about teacup chihuahuas?
  183. how do i get him to stop?
  184. my dog FREAKS at night and stares at the sky? what is wrong with her?
  185. Columbian Red tail boa HELP! ?
  186. How do I make my puppies paws soft again?
  187. Cleaning Chemicals And Birds?
  188. my oscar fish is acting like mating what should i do?tnx?
  189. Horse costume contest....?
  190. I have a purebred male Maltese?
  191. How much will it cost at the veterinarians' office to cure my dog of T
  192. When do you add salt to tank for columbian shark, is this age or size
  193. Behavior/Cuddling your cat?
  194. Can you own a pet bobcat in Illinois? If not is there any loop holes s
  195. which is better????????
  196. what is a good cage for a syrian hamster at petco.com?
  197. if a male fancy rat mates with a female dumbo rat?
  198. Is my guinea pig sick?
  199. how do you get a cat to go traveling on a vacation ?
  200. Bully breeds in agility?
  201. When your dog goes bonkers...?
  202. Ok, Just a few Questions.?
  203. Recommendations for dog training?
  204. What is the best way to hold an adult cat?
  205. i'm real curious why dogs smell other dogs ears?
  206. Do you like Brittanys or know about them?
  207. dog training for kids! please help me!?
  208. cat terrorizing my bunnys?HOW CAN I KEEP HIM AWAY?
  209. is this cage good for a syrian hamster?
  210. How do I get mats off of my cats butt, she won't even let me brush her
  211. Pls help...dog keepsvomiting foam!!?
  212. why my red oscar turn into gold?i want to know pls.!! ?
  213. What are some health benefits of spaying and neutering?
  214. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!?
  215. Small dog owners... what are your expenses like?
  216. My cat has a terrible wound on his head?
  217. can a bug bomb affect my fish tank?
  218. Are there any Parakeet breeders in Austin or Round Rock?
  219. could my cat have a crush on me?
  220. How big does a miniature american eskimo dog get?
  221. What to name my Shih Tzu Puppy?
  222. what should i name my horses?
  223. My parents wont let me get a dog- i've tried EVERYTHING, I need a last
  224. what wrong with my cat need answers today!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  225. Can A Greyhound Safely Do Agility?
  226. Does anyone want to buy a puppy?
  227. What should I name my puppy?
  228. Stocking a 26 Gallon Planted Aquarium? Please Help?
  229. Why does my pug eat things off the floor(things like dirt, hait, dust,
  230. Need a program to create dog pedigree?
  231. How do I treat a dog bite at home?
  232. ~Did anybody see this link*?! :) :-)?
  233. HELP?! is my rat sick? is he ok?
  234. Who does Obedience trialling?
  235. Help! My angel fish went after my new neon tetras!?
  236. What does it mean when a dog's snort mean?
  237. Ok so (I think) it's done, what do you think?
  238. My Hamster died ... Help me figure out why?
  239. I need help!?!?!?!?!Hamster Trouble!?!?!?
  240. What cockatoo should I get?
  241. betta fries and cory questions?
  242. Is Super Pet Hamster Potty Litter toxic?
  243. What bred dog would win a dog triathlon ?
  244. I'm new with cats and need questions about their habits?
  245. Does anyone have a picture of a rottweiler with a rare coat coloring (
  246. Is there another way to get a dog?
  247. What's your favorite animal?
  248. What do I do about my new puppy? He really likes to play, but it reall
  249. what website has young robo dwarf hamsters that are tamed healthy?
  250. Need more info on Bicolor blennies..?