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  1. How can i make a heat rock safe?
  2. how can we mate our pure bread labs?
  3. Putting my cat to sleep?
  4. What algae eater is best to put in a 29 gallon (permanent) with comets
  5. My pregnant dog, puppies are kicking like crazy?
  6. What is the maximum number of fish i can keep in a 110 litre tank?
  7. Why does my cat bother me in the morning and try to wake me up?
  8. is it normal for my 2 month old red nose pittbullto be very calm and m
  9. What is a good name for a puppy, its a girl?
  10. My dog has an injured back leg. Took her to the vet and did X rays the
  11. What can I say.......I'm frustrated?
  12. what is this dog called?
  13. my dog is at the end of her season,but keeps going for my male,whats g
  14. whats is your favorite animal?
  15. Horse Needs To Gain Weight?
  16. A question about Equiboots?
  17. Second thoughts about my dog dieing?
  18. pet help????????????
  19. Do you know of Any Redbone Coonhound breeders out there?
  20. Horse pawing in stall only. ?
  21. wat could my rottweiler be mixed with?
  22. Questions about rescued dog?
  23. Jumping Saddles Driving Me Mad!?...Please Help!?
  24. How much time should there be between cat pregnancies?
  25. how much are vets call out fees?
  26. I have a picture of a dog but I want to know it breed. HELP?
  27. My dog is on her first period, what should i do?
  28. What should I do? My dog had a tick & i think there is still part of i
  29. i would like to hear from someone who owns a goldendoodle?
  30. Why doesn't my dog like her food?
  31. i have a biube 35 litre tank.What fish should i get and how many of ea
  32. Adopted a pregnant dog, but she linked with another dog? Expert advice
  33. I'm considering adopting a saint bernard I'm wondering if anyone out t
  34. what is the maximum amount of fish i can have in a 35 litre tank?
  35. Is anyone familiar with or do any of you feed your dogs the Wellness B
  36. Questions about rescued dog?
  37. Jumping Saddles Driving Me Mad!?...Please Help!?
  38. How much time should there be between cat pregnancies?
  39. I'm not sure what gender my 2 budgies are how can I tell from their be
  40. Does anyone breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  41. what do you like best about your dog?
  42. Do pigeons produce eggs in the winter time?
  43. What so you call your horse? (preferably Registered horse owners)?
  44. How to stop my dogs charging me with excitement!?
  45. Is my bunny pregnant?
  46. My kitten got neutered today, he urinated all over himself. When can I
  47. Does dog parks carry diseases such as parvo?
  48. How many people would really, seriously consider this dog?
  49. how far should my reptiles bulb be from the vivariums floor ?
  50. where can i buy some rat/mice poison in toronto?
  51. Does it cost to adopt a pet?
  52. Do you know why do dogs bury bread?
  53. Does any one breed blue tick coon hounds?
  54. Are dogs born with allergies?
  55. My cat has a consistent dried and crusty nose. No snot or other sympto
  56. Do stupid pet owner's get on your nerves? If so how and why?
  57. Does/did your pet rabbit bite?
  58. How am i doing with my bearded dragon?
  59. Anyone with triops? I have 3 questions..?
  60. i'm in love with a fly, its been 3 days, what to do? how shd i keep it
  61. my cat is 10 yrs old, she is going bald and has fleas?
  62. yorkshire terrier excersise question?
  63. Can You Follow This Link And Create An Account? ?
  64. Tadpole Question Help?!?!?
  65. leopard gecko appetite loss dilemma?
  66. Are there any Chow Chow breeders on here?
  67. Neighbor's dog keeps getting out and attacking mine - file complaint o
  68. hi, i have a baby rott puppy and i just want to know if i can feed it
  69. Help! I think my budgie is sick!?
  70. i have a neopolitan mastiff and a bull mastiff bitch they have breeded
  71. 1 year old Shitzu. Is potty trained BUT he loves to pee on carpet. How
  72. Triops with fish? and 2 more questions?
  73. serious question- my cat does not clean her own butt?
  74. i have a maltese puppy tell now i dont know what to name it ?
  75. How can I get my dog to be good around other dogs?
  76. yorkie excersise...advice?
  77. should i try not to pet puppy...?
  78. My puppy has a pink thing in her butt and im not sure what it is?
  79. Help please for my kitty? It's all my fault. What can I do to help him
  80. My parakeet wants to mate with another female while taking care of one
  81. I have a 4 year old Maine Coon cat who is extremely stressed out due t
  82. My cat just started licking the sidewalk (every time she goes out), ne
  83. Cali Kingsnake Live Pinks?
  84. kitten has blood in his poo?
  85. My GSD keeps going pee and poo?
  86. i just got my eggs HELP??????????????????
  87. who thinks pit bulls should be banned from england?
  88. What Is the Best Hamster To Get?
  89. dog getting put to sleep...?
  90. MY CAT???? help ASAP?
  91. i'hv 8 marks in QA 15 in D.I & 18 in V.A. i fall under physical handic
  92. If a horse doesn't trust you will they not lie down around you?
  93. is it true that mice love dog's food?
  94. Infected cat scratches?
  95. Blue Ram Cichlids, breeding?
  96. this is my baby is she cute?
  97. How to stop a cruel family from getting a cat?
  98. do mice eat dogs food?
  99. Do you think this is a good idea?
  100. My dog has a red bump on his leg?
  101. can different type of tetra,danio,guppy and platy live together?
  102. my dog gave birth ! and is skinny ?
  103. My dog has a nasty habit ? HELP !!!!!?
  104. Problem posting an ad on Kijiji....?
  105. do you think my guinea pig is cute?
  106. How Much Exercise Should My 5 Month Old German Shepherd Have A Day?
  107. A few hamster breeding questions. I need a lot of details just to be t
  108. how to become a dog trainer?
  109. my dog gave birth 3 days ago !!!?
  110. does white molly nips guppies fins?
  111. i have a biube 35 litre tank what tropical fish can i have?
  112. my horse is scared of his stable!!!?
  113. Does Anyone Know About This Pet Shop In London,kilburn, Called Jumanji
  114. Old pregnant gerbil ?
  115. how do you know if your horse is internally ill? ?
  116. Petition to limit live transport of horses for slaughter?
  117. Can you suggest a dog breed please?
  118. My beagle has been shaking in car rides, how can I help her get over t
  119. Shelter has my former dog?
  120. NEW KITTEN... what to do?
  121. Is this just playing or not?
  122. URGENT!!!Please help!!!!!:-(?
  123. Letting budgie out of cage?
  124. How big will my Chiwienie puppy be as an adult?
  125. English Bulldog That Smells!!!?
  126. Anyone looking for an AQHA LL'er prospect?
  127. recipes for dog treats!?
  128. Is my bunny pregnant?
  129. Follow-up question... Does it change things if you know the name "Whit
  130. Should I leave my rabbits?
  131. stand etc for 60l biorb?
  132. Baby Ball python for Sale?
  133. my 5month old puppy is shaking and keeps licking his area?
  134. A few hamster breeding questions. I need a lot of details just to be t
  135. how to become a dog trainer?
  136. my dog gave birth 3 days ago !!!?
  137. does white molly nips guppies fins?
  138. i have a biube 35 litre tank what tropical fish can i have?
  139. my horse is scared of his stable!!!?
  140. Does Anyone Know About This Pet Shop In London,kilburn, Called Jumanji
  141. Old pregnant gerbil ?
  142. how do you know if your horse is internally ill? ?
  143. Petition to limit live transport of horses for slaughter?
  144. Can you suggest a dog breed please?
  145. My beagle has been shaking in car rides, how can I help her get over t
  146. What is the best age to break in a youngster?
  147. What is the best age to start breeding my female Boston Terrier.?
  148. what is the difference?
  149. My kitten is congested. What do I do?
  150. my cockatiel who is 8 years old keeps falling off his pearch for no re
  151. Could a diuretic and potassium bormide for seizures at the same time h
  152. Dog ate a bottle cap?
  153. What would you do if a friend was going to buy a dog that you knew did
  154. My cat has developed one small pupil and the other one is big, just no
  155. Neighbor leaves puppy Chihuahua out at night... Freezing?
  156. what is the best cat breed?
  157. I'm afraid my hamsters are too cold. ?
  158. Has anybody ever asked you what your purebred dog was mixed with?
  159. Dogs tooth is bleeding. Why?
  160. Why Do You Never Notice Something Is Wrong Until Its Too Late? (Sorry
  161. Begale bassett hound acting crazy after being spayed?
  162. how to get a horse to pick up a lead faster?
  163. What kind of games do you play with your cat after you get him stoned?
  164. IS my cat ok or what?
  165. Docking, cropping, dew claw removal VS declawing in cats?
  166. My kitten thinks she can fly, does anyone have this problem or know ho
  167. I am looking for a small horse. The Paso Fino is only 13.2 hands & I a
  168. inexpensive yorkie pup in maryland?
  169. Any good fish shops in Northern Ireland ? Shipping websites too!?
  170. Where can i get cheap Innova Dog food?
  171. HELP ME!! I just got my kitten castrated!?
  172. Do snakes urinate (wee) if so does it come out as water or as a dry so
  173. Dog problem or kid problem?
  174. Dog breeding question?
  175. My dog will not come out of his shed when I get off work. Is he deaf o
  176. How much would a kiko goat baby go for?
  177. flower pot in my rats and hamster's cage?
  178. Is it normal for a cockatiel to talk in its sleep?
  179. Is there any chance that 2 unneutered rabbits could get along and live
  180. Recomendations for Cat Toys?
  181. how long does a 50 pound bag of feed last u for 1 horse?
  182. hamster names? something cute, and funny....?
  183. Would my kitten be ok?
  184. Do domestic ferrets hibernate? ?
  185. Can a fish tank cause mold in a window unit a/c?
  186. Where can I purchase a saddle for my dog?
  187. I recently got an Green Anole, how do keep up the humidty in his Tank?
  188. What is the best way to introduce a puppy (Cavalier King Charles) to a
  189. Would you tell someone to their face that they got took by buying a te
  190. Can i feed this to my cat?
  191. why does animals hibernate?
  192. Trying to find out if my female dog is pregnant.?
  193. Hunters: what headset is appropriate for showing?
  194. Can I handle my rats?
  195. leopard gecko appetite loss?
  196. Were can I buy a squirrel house?
  197. Help! My hamster has a large lump her left cheek.?
  198. Leopard gecko substrate?
  199. How long will a chicken be clucky for what should be done or not be do
  200. My puppy is outside in the freezing cold and I'm not allowed to bring
  201. Applying for care credit?
  202. have you ever read something so sad about a dog being hit by an SUV?
  203. bird help 10 pts...........?
  204. how do i tell if my new baby leopard geckos are healthy?
  205. How do i stop my cat from batting at my christmas tree?
  206. Im considering buying my b/f a snake for Christmas. Probably a cornsna
  207. Suggestions on homemade food toys for dogs?
  208. To all you irresponsible BYB's that don't bother to fix your pets. Wha
  209. What to do for a dog 1st birthday? Hes a shih tzu?
  210. My dog keeps on PEEING on my stacks of DVDs, Y?? ?
  211. I have an ill robo with a bald patch near the eye...?
  212. Guppies about 1 month old questions?
  213. i have two cats and they have problems with vomiting?
  214. how did you feel when having a pet put down?
  215. Help my kitty please!!! HELP?
  216. I take nursery guinea pigs home at wkend, will they be confused if I b
  217. I spilled spot remover on my dog.?
  218. Dog bunchers in SW Missouri (Springfield)?
  219. My puppy is pregnant.?
  220. I'm having puppy troubles!?
  221. how do i convince my parent to get me a pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  222. What am I going to do now?
  223. Reply on my new pup i sent not long ago?
  224. Male parakeet trying to mate with 2 females?
  225. I feel so sorry for my puppy?
  226. what is in the basic horse feed?
  227. home/natural remedy for dog's ear infection?
  228. Is there no way to get rid of fleas!?
  229. How do i teach my horse to stand sill when being mounted?
  230. Puppies an Parents. . . HELP?
  231. Dog banana costume, where can I find one?
  232. how do you keep your litter box from stinking up your home?
  233. how to do california quail farming?
  234. How do i catch a big smart rat?
  235. Levels of horse riding?
  236. am i a bird i tnink i am?
  237. does my cat know are kittens are her kids lol?
  238. Reptile --> ?
  239. Are border collies one person dogs?
  240. why my mollie fish are dying ?
  241. fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy was had no hair, so fuzzy wuzzy wasnt fuz
  242. My rabbit's urine is pinkish red, why?
  243. why is my kitten being sick?
  244. Kitty litter box issues. Any suggestions?
  245. what to feed my endler fry if their in the tank with their parents?
  246. How hard is it to find a landlord that will allow Dobermanns?
  247. LET ME REWORD IT...My dog got hurt what do I do PLEASE HELP ANYONE ANY
  248. how to tell for sure if my dog is no longer alive?
  249. Guinea Pigs + Loud Music = ?
  250. Are there any laws prohibiting me from humanely killing then eating my