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  1. i have 2 male rabbit's is it good to introcduce 2 female rabbit's to t
  2. Why do ducklings follow their mother?
  3. My sister feeds our rabbit honey nut cheerios everyday and he wont eat
  4. Anyone looking to take a 2 yr old male boxer in (Dallas, TX)?
  5. How can you tell when Hermit Crabs want to lay eggs ?
  6. help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! parakeets?
  7. How do you get rid of fleas?
  8. What frog is this? Yellow/Whitish skin, splayed limbs?
  9. Tiger Barb Fighting With My Other Fish?
  10. Do cats know how to get around coyotes?
  11. When is Judge the beagle's B-day and how did he get his awesome name?
  12. how can i tell the sex of my blue ram cichlid?
  13. Puffer fish with Tomato Clown FIsh and Fore Shrimp?
  14. What do you think? i want LOTS of opinoins?
  15. if I pull off my cats tail?
  16. whats the best kind of rodent?
  17. what temperature is too hot for a nearly 1 year-old california kingsna
  18. My Royal Python Won't Eat!!! HELP! I Need Ideas!?
  19. Dachshund clothes...? ?
  20. Can my betta fish get to agitated by its reflection?
  21. Is my dog gay ?
  22. can someone please help!!!?
  23. I need help finding a dog for me....please help?
  24. What are those stickers called that get stuck in dogs fur. ?
  25. Coping with pet deaths?
  26. ARTHRITIS!!!! My 10 year old boxer has a joint problem. I need to know
  27. 10 gallon crisis :( help please?
  28. Any reasons why my fish died?
  29. Don't cats normally get shaved when they are neutered?
  30. What are the advantages and drawbacks to adopting a siberian husky?
  31. I have a 4 month old poodle?
  32. help!!!!! my cat is sleeping in the cat box.?
  33. help me name my female betta!!!!!!!?
  34. y dog drank fish pond water and her face swole , what do i do?
  35. What kind of bedding and food does a blue belly lizard eat?
  36. Dogs that do not shed...?
  37. looking for a gsd protection dog, what breeder and how much to pay?
  38. Once i get my two male rats de-sexed, would it be possible to introcdu
  39. ABERCOMBIE AND FITCH and cat question( i no weird)......?
  40. Six things that I need some help with my dog.?
  41. Hello i have a poodle thats 14yrs old, just baught a little poodle pup
  42. there's was a dog laying in its driveway and i hit it am i responsible
  43. can toy dogs breed with big dogs?
  44. i need help with my 26 gallon aquarium!?!?
  45. When is Judge the beagle's B-day and how did he get his awesome name?
  46. new kitten and other kitten not getting along?
  47. my bulldog has no manners?
  48. Is this even possible?
  49. what breed is my kitten?
  50. How can I get our new pet rat out of the couch?
  51. Can I get all these fish from Petsmart?
  52. do blue ram cichlids become territorail?
  53. why are gerbils good pets?
  54. I getting a new puppy?
  55. Name for a quaker parrot!?
  56. Red Ear slider sexing??
  57. My dog just ate a vitaball on Wednesday what should i do?
  58. dog escaped from leash?
  59. Should I get another kitty?
  60. is the false sea onion plant toxic to cats?
  61. my dog has not drink water for the pass six days---what do i do?
  62. hesitant to take my foster babies back to the shelter?
  63. For All Great Dane Owners ?
  64. what do most people do with their dogs while at work?
  65. Why aren't they getting along?
  66. Are they messing with me? Potty training, new home?
  67. which type of hamster is nicer out of these two?
  68. what are some good websites to find horses.. ?
  69. How many of you multiple pet owners enjoy your pets fights.?
  70. what is a good alternative beardie food?
  71. What do you think of the "animal bordellos" in western Europe?
  72. What kind of pets do you think I should buy?
  73. Returning a dog to her original food?
  74. I have a blue dwarf gourami, is it sick? HELP.?
  75. Can humans take dog medicine?
  76. yorkshire terrier advice?
  77. I hatched 4 baby common kingsnakes three weeks ago and they have yet t
  78. Animal abuse?????????????????????
  79. Does Anyone have pics of westies and jack russel mix?
  80. Do cats like noise or should I leave the tv off?
  81. My dog has a small, solid protrusion coming from her belly. Could some
  82. what to feed a frog when you can't go outside?
  83. why is my kitten acting weird?
  84. baby rabbit just found need help ASAP?
  85. Have you seen this dog mix?
  86. One puppy has put on weight but not the other.?
  87. My cat is pooing on the floor!!?
  88. What's the difference between an AKC-registered dog & a CKC-registered
  89. I need help!!! (respond immediately!!)?
  90. If you saw a child walking a large dog, would you feel more confident
  91. can anyone give me any information on how to make a magnificent sea an
  92. My pug has huge pink lump with black on it?
  93. Whats a cute name for my new cat?
  94. How do I take care of baby platies?
  95. Do snails shed their skin?
  96. how old should a female dachshund be before you breed her/?
  97. Dog may have gotten into Toilet Cleaner?
  98. Should I work in a bird wildlife sanctuary?
  99. Ragamuffin Kittens from sale?
  100. What is the difference in Lamb & Chicken dog food?
  101. can you feed fresh water shrimp to a res?
  102. can u please send me some information about how to know if my budgie i
  103. My cats are driving me crazy?
  104. What snake can i get?
  105. barking dogs .......?
  106. Do birds smell ? (Oops I needed 20 more up here)?
  107. Anybody ever do birdie rehab?
  108. Have you ever heard a pet store sales pitch?
  109. House Train German Shepherd Puppy?
  110. Boston terrier In new jersey?
  111. CRAZY Cat Help Please!!!?
  112. How to breed My Angel Fish ?
  113. What is a good name for a Chihuahua puppy dog?
  114. Anybody's pet bird ever got in the toilet or something not healthy for
  115. Can I mix Larger Domestic Rats with Medium size Domestic rats?
  116. Does a Veterinary Resident need to do a certain amount of taks in orde
  117. Is there anything I can do to keep my dogs back nice and strong?
  118. Do goldfish more like environments with rocks or environments with wee
  119. Who do you call when you see a dog get hit and laying in the middle of
  120. what are the sings that would show when and if she was going to have b
  121. how old is judge the beagle/how old is brownie the guinea pig?
  122. My cat motions as though he is going to throw up but never does, could
  123. why does my turtle not go on its basking dock!??!?
  124. Overweight Dog????????????
  125. puppys challenging behaviour?
  126. Horse has diarrhea???????
  127. My Parents Won't Let Me Get A Pet Bunny!!!?
  128. How do you wash your dog's face? I know I'm not supposed to get his ea
  129. Is Taffy a good name for a dog?
  130. What breed of dog is on the Beneful Bag of dog food?
  131. What kind of Turtle is this?
  132. Do mollies just have one baby?
  133. the water in my tank looks filled with particles!!!?
  134. What's a good, small dog breed?
  135. how to find coonhound michiagn rescue. Like to talk to someone?
  136. My rabbit started going out of his box, after years of having very goo
  137. mane help please! how can i help it grow?
  138. Where can I take my puppy to get her socialized?
  139. How do blind people pick up their seeing-eye dog's excretions?
  140. Compassionate, affordable Veterinarian.?
  141. How much should my dog weigh?
  142. anyone in Jacksonville want a kitten?
  143. help i fed my puppy some can dog food now he is sick to his stomach wh
  144. Should i flush this fish or keep?
  145. How long until my fire belly toad lays eggs?
  146. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
  147. what's the bird that has a penis longer than it's body?
  148. My Cat has a "growth" like substance under his skin...?
  149. hamsters or mice????????
  150. Is my cockatail dieing?
  151. i REALLY want a nother dog but what breed should i get and where?
  152. Bulldogs And Kids Dont Mix Help!!!!!?
  153. Just got a ferret =0) But a few ?'s ...?
  154. brine shrimp ?
  155. becoming dog trainer?
  156. Since I have been gone a few people have started using an acronym...?
  157. need a cage 1st long haired hamster help need 2 buy a cage ?
  158. Why did my cat not have any symptons when he died last night?
  159. My neighbours dogs barks and yaps all day & night? What can I do?
  160. How do you toilet train a dog that already is toilet trained for anoth
  161. How to make money from animals?
  162. how much dose a moss ball, java moss, and Ghost shrimp cost?
  163. My cat has a lazy eye!?
  164. i need help on what other tropical fish i can have with ones i got ..?
  165. my gold fish has bumps on 2 sides and scales sticking out !HELP?
  166. Would a African Frog be a good choice in my Aquarium?
  167. what if my puppy has a swollen stomach??
  168. I Really Want A Dog.... How Should I Ask For One?
  169. I Need My M0m To Get Me A Hamster!?
  170. Please help my cat!!!?
  171. Ok well those of you that read my last question about my puppy.?
  172. Horseback riding 'not my lifestyle' says mom?!?
  173. How many of you beat your pets when they cause a lot of trouble?
  174. How can I keep my 3 year old cat from attacking my 8 week old German S
  175. how do you know if your beta fish is injured?
  176. (Easy 10 points] 2 questions about animals ?
  177. aggressive horse - what do I do?
  178. What is a good name for our new dog?
  179. my dad wont let me keep my amster in the house he wants to put it in t
  180. Saltwater 55 gallon Aquarium Help?
  181. How long do bichon frise dogs live?
  182. my gunieapigs belly is heard and she dose not like nor wont to be heal
  183. How can i keep my 3 year old cat from attcking my 8 week old German Sh
  184. do u have something against pitbulls?
  185. brine shrimp ?
  186. Can a male dog that has been neutered be de-neutered? If so, is it exp
  187. My leopard Gecko is Acting strangely?
  188. What would you do about this?
  189. Saddle brand help. Eazy points!!?
  190. Cat or dog person???????????
  191. Why does my dog circle me?
  192. Rescue horses? What do you think of them?
  193. am i paying too much at the vet for my cat?
  194. is msm and condroitin good for dogs with hip displaysia. My dog is lam
  195. Is infected coral something a vet would treat and how would I transpor
  196. So my neighbor asked me to pet sit..?
  197. I need some help on getting my parakeet to talk?
  198. Help, I Think My Betta Fish Is Dying!! :'(?
  199. What does this mean with my fish?
  200. What is wrong with my 1 year old cat?
  201. What Do Your Dogs Look Like Wet?
  202. Cat mouth and now eye trouble?
  203. does pet-s-mart sell baby bird formula?
  204. how do you remove dog urine stains and odors from hardwood?
  205. i found my cat a month a go and she was pregnant and she had her babie
  206. free dogs in indiana?
  207. What does it mean to "socialize" a dog? ?
  208. Which pet fish are easiest to breed?
  209. are these symptoms of after worming a dog?
  210. How/where do you sign up to get a seeing eye or trained assistance dog
  211. New puppy.Don't know if he's healthy...?
  212. whats a pet that is exotic and is cool?
  213. What disease is this on my black moor goldfish?
  214. Sugar Glider Laws...?
  215. Is their a website i can buy this cage from in ENGLAND?
  216. Halloween costume for my dog?
  217. Got new Black Molly fish....?
  218. How long should a puppy stay with it's mom?
  219. Baby hamster advice!!!?
  220. what should i feed a 1 month old lab?
  221. I am thinking about dressing my dog up for halloween but I cant seem t
  222. My 4-5 week old kittens are stumbling a lot. Is this normal?
  223. Right, my J.R.T is pooing and peeing everywhere but the 'clean' paper
  224. Please Someone I Begging You Plz Help Me!?
  225. Bird And Red Lazer Light Question?
  226. Can my Fiddler Crabs survive long with low salt content, salt content
  227. Can a lost pet communicate with you in your dreams?
  228. What is your FAVORITE FUNNY pet story?
  229. I think my cats water broke maybe do you think?
  230. What would you call cross between a Dashound and a Chihuahua?
  231. Ah! My Maltipoo Needs A Bath! ?
  232. How Come My Watch Dog Can't Tell Time?
  233. I need to know all of the california animal shelters.?
  234. How To Get A Secure Lower Leg?
  235. I have a cat that is really fat !!! HELP!!!?
  236. kitten & cat fighting troubles ....?
  237. im a quite large person and want a horse?
  238. Vets or ppl who know a loooot about dogs!?
  239. when should i put the dog up?
  240. OMG. What do you think of this?
  241. Catahoula Owners - Which One?
  242. Would an electric fence (3 or 4 strands, 4' high) alone be enough to c
  243. I need help with my mama and kits!!! please help!?
  244. canary breeding question?
  245. How much would you charge for a dog walking service?
  246. I Want A New Dog - To Convince!!!!?
  247. 3-year-old Cat Is Pooping Everywhere!!!?
  248. Please read this i am in dire need of advice!!?
  249. are my Hermit Crabs mating?? ?
  250. what are the s&s of a dog who goes into cardiac arrest?