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  1. what is a good fish for a community tank?
  2. What would be the minimum cage size for a pair of tiels?
  3. Dog getting Neutered Late?
  4. New puppy now two dogs. Is it supposed to be this hard to handle??? ?
  5. Do you think I did the right thing? And how should I defend my actions
  6. Does anyone have free kittens?
  7. My horse doesn't like water!?
  8. Please help me solve this probelm?
  9. Help with removing cat urine?
  10. How many tarantulas can I get?
  11. Is there a Vet that could help me understand why my cat pulls his hair
  12. Going to petco tomorrow, any fun toys/treats for a 1yr old pitbull?
  13. I have two dogs and a cat. which one crap evey where?
  14. how much do hedge hogs cost?
  15. How can I get my 2 dogs to stop fighting with eachother?
  16. How do i take out pet odor from my rug?
  17. How do I know if my fish is eating enough?
  18. um... can some one please give me GOOD,NICE facts about bull terriers?
  19. Dwarf hamster/hamster/Guinea pig question?
  20. CUshings disease question. ?
  21. Grey Arab mare has weird skin condition Vet checked no answers?
  22. is it true that male hamsters are more tame than females? if so why an
  23. Male rat tumor on face?
  24. barn situation, help me write the letter?
  25. My rat went blind in a fight?
  26. Bathing Dogs Once A Month? ?
  27. my new doberman/gsd Pupppy fearful?
  28. Ball python shedding.?
  29. can hamsters have grapes?
  30. Should my puppy have a night light?
  31. can hamsters have grapes or strawberries?? Or can they have cabbage an
  32. my poor parakeet??!!?
  33. Semi-Quarter horse bars and a thoroughbred?
  34. when do zebra danios lay their eggs after they mate?
  35. Rats with psychological problems!?
  36. Help Help Help Dog Lovers Only PLease!!!!!!!?
  37. My puppy with allergies ate a dead wasp. What do I do?
  38. Help with a bit for my horse?
  39. What is required to enter a dog in a show, how do I enter mine?
  40. My chihuahua puppy has 3 loving people in our home?
  41. My Ferret Is Gonna Be Diabetic ?
  42. Im looking for a dog for my girls. What type of dog? Also one that doe
  43. I think my puppy is constipated?
  44. what is your favorite hybrid dog name? ?
  45. Can you teach an old dog rules?
  46. when do zebra danios lay thier eggs?
  47. how much are shots going to cost for my puppy?
  48. Has anyone else tried jomax horse treats? ?
  49. Yellow Belly slider Help!?
  50. Please please help me?
  51. My 7 month old pomeranian got into the garbage last night and since th
  52. chihuahua's are stupid, arent they?
  53. Can i keep a puffer fish with 2 Tomato Clown fish and its anemones? ?
  54. Why does my baby red ear turtle slider?
  55. Experienced or trainers only please?
  56. What kind of pet is best for me?
  57. How much is reasonable for a registered APBT?
  58. PLEASE HELP ME... My mom absolutly will not budge for a snake?(ball py
  59. Does anyone have experience using herbal remedies for cats?
  60. can somebody answer please!?
  61. What kind of fish should I get?
  62. Why doesn't my guinea pig like Lil Wayne?
  63. How to I take care of my puppies teeth?
  64. which should i get yo?
  65. How do I get my horse to use his hindquarters more rather than his fro
  66. where can i buy an orchid mantis ootheca in the us?
  67. Your opinion on outside dogs?
  68. How do i keep this kitten clean?
  69. where is a job that involves animals in the west island, quebec?
  70. I need to change my ball python's eating habit?
  71. Age for re-homing mice?
  72. Who else thinks this is horrible!?
  73. What sort of pet do you have ?
  74. My puppy is constantly sleeping, is that normal? Also..?
  75. When choosing a dog, what do you look for?
  76. how old is my kitten (picture inside)?
  77. gorilla vs bear ?
  78. Goldfish dying what should i do?
  79. a few questions about fish bowls?
  80. how do i feed like crickets to my cichlids.?
  81. I don't have dog food for my Toy Poodle. What can I feed him?
  82. What is a active hypoallergenic dog?
  83. i got a new kitten and i have a few questions well alot help please?
  84. Can I use yoghurt to help with a ear infection?
  85. bulldogs in SF Bay Area?
  86. Please Help Me With My New Hamster!?
  87. Litter Box Help Needed!!!?
  88. Blue Buffalo Dog food...??..?
  89. 7.5 month american bulldog male...?
  90. Hi can you have a snake for a pet ?
  91. "Impressive" Quarter Horse bloodlines?
  92. Can i keep a 8 inches frontosa cichlid with Oscar, Red Belly Pacu, Ele
  93. Are betta fish to be kept in bowls?
  94. prego or not prego dog lactating?
  95. Black moor help, infection or something?
  96. When you are at the barn, do you hang out with people who are complete
  97. can somebody tell me why i act too much like a dog?
  98. New stable?? opinions?
  99. why won't my hermit crabs eat?
  100. Will 3 baby sliders (farm-grown) get along with a baby snapper that a
  101. OMG! My dog just got sprayed by a skunk!?
  102. A few kitten Questions (5 months old)?
  103. An african grey for a pet?
  104. How can i convince my parents to get a dog?
  105. A New hamster that moves really slowly?
  106. Does my puppy have Parvo? ?
  107. Can Dogs Go On Planes (for holidays)?
  108. Chaca chaca catfish will it eat another catfish that is 2"small?
  109. On the show the Dog Whisper who is the owner of the pit bull Daddy?
  110. i'm looking for a cute dog to buy (:?
  111. My Bassett Hound has really stinky breath and a stinky face. What can
  112. how do I enter my dog in a show?
  113. seizures in dogs can anyone help?
  114. What is the best remote/magnetic cat door? ?
  115. Is it okay to let my cat who had ringworm out yet?
  116. could you help me...?
  117. Omg My Mom Wont Let Me Get A Guinae Pig Please Help Me?
  118. I have 2 dogs a male and a female and the female might be pregnant. Wo
  119. i have a quick question about my pet fish...?
  120. Can anyone recommend a small animal vet in New Jersey?
  121. I'm worried about my doxie after her first time in heat?
  122. i just got a bearded dragon and he doesnt knwo where the mealworms are
  123. Did you ever wonder....?
  124. If the dogs were stuck for about 25 min. what is the possibility of pr
  125. My horse is going through a bad stage?
  126. My neighbors abuse their animals, what should I do?
  127. I have found fleas in my apartment from previous tenants' cats how can
  128. Swollen testicle sac after bunny neuter?
  129. My puppy chews when I'm gone, but a crate freaks him out?
  130. I have a 4 year old beagle/shiztu mix and the area below his nose turn
  131. Can I have Peppermint Shrimp in Fresh Water?
  132. can i get some boy names for a hamster?
  133. My fish have red bumps and spots all over their bodies,also brown slim
  134. How Do I Catch Baby Red Slider Turtles?
  135. I have an 18 month old cat, I've had him since he was 5 weeks old and
  136. My German Shepard is becoming aggressive to people and I am starting t
  137. We just got our kitten and he hasn't pooped since we've got him. It's
  138. How to get a cat out of a tree?
  139. Which dog is best for my 13 year old son?
  140. can goldfishes have babies fish?
  141. Do you think my cat would be okay?
  142. Snapping puppy.... Help???
  143. I came home to a terrifying sight ?
  144. can you over stock on plants?
  145. If my apartment had fleas, would I be able to see them jumping around?
  146. will my pregnant cat come home?
  147. Would it be okay REVISED, please please answer.?
  148. Legal advice on preventing my pets to be gone from rental house?
  149. can you stretch a horses hind legs?
  150. how do you get wild cats to come near you?
  151. how to give the spectra 7 canine shot?
  152. How do fish sleep with their eyes ?
  153. have any of you herad on the news about a cockatiel bird having a dise
  154. do these hamster potty training kits work?
  155. How do you stop your dog peeing inside?
  156. How do i get my mouse to like me?
  157. What should I name my new kitty?
  158. How can I help my cat's wounds?(he almost got skinned alive)?
  159. Isn't anyone out there upset that Sarah Palin compared herself to a pi
  160. How do you identify a hamster's breed?
  161. I have a new male kitten pooing and peeing everywhere else bar the kit
  162. aquatic plants ?
  163. how do i breed my cat?
  164. my cat is having kittens?
  165. I want to get cat, but I really don't like cats. I still think kittens
  166. Which dog breed is the best for a 13 year old boy?
  167. is it common for miniature cocker spaniels to have seizures?
  168. how do u train a bird to go on ur hand and not to be scared of you?
  169. what do you do when your puppy get its period?
  170. I feel So So Sad Is it My Fault For His Death?
  171. What would be a good pet for a 8yr old (no dogs/cats)?
  172. Are there any "over the counter" feline UTI medicine?
  173. is this a good cage for my hamster?
  174. Why do people think cats hissing is scary?
  175. How do you console a pet whose lifelong sole owner has passed away?
  176. do you think my dog will survive from parvo ?
  177. When do newborn kittens their eyes?
  178. Benadryl: Diphenhydramine WITH or WITHOUT hydrochloride?
  179. Carpet Python and corn snake?
  180. wat are the good AND bad things about guinea pigs. 10 points best answ
  181. Help on DISCUS any fish expert out there?????? SICK DISCUS?
  182. How to get my older dogs to get used to our new puppy.?
  183. training a dog to be good with a bird?
  184. ok my bird is always like growling is this a good thing or a bad thing
  185. please!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me with my fish?
  186. Why does my dog howl like a wolf when he hears a ambulance or fire tru
  187. will my black moor eat krill and shrimp pellets?
  188. my dog & her droppings ?
  189. what to do (linked to previous question)?
  190. Dogs and human interaction?
  191. i need help finding the perfect baby bunny for me! any suggestions? ?
  192. What do ya'll think of this bit?
  193. My Next Door Neighbors Dog? ?
  194. I need a name for a boy ferret?
  195. Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!?
  196. how long do button quail eggs stay good after being layed ?
  197. Tracheal Collapse in Dogs?
  198. Can I keep two dwarf hamsters of different genders in the same cage?
  199. Are basset hounds protective of their owners?
  200. Best tank size for these fish? Living conditions?
  201. What is a good website for pet meds, like Frontline? ?
  202. What should I name my hamster?
  203. Dog with really long nails....?
  204. how do I stop her from buying a pet shop puppy?
  205. Was that lady telling the truth......?
  206. i got my dwarf hamster a two storie cage and he will climb to the top
  207. my 2 months pregnant cat is missing.?
  208. What pet would be best?
  209. Expensive frozen mice at petsmart?
  210. HELP?! My guinea pig just pooed a white thing out?
  211. Why did they shed like crazy while I was gone?
  212. What are some cute puppy names for my MALE jug :)?
  213. How can i stop my 9m boston terrier from peeing in her crate?
  214. Would it be okay if I used an . . . ?
  215. my 6 month old American bulldog puppy doesn't bark ?
  216. how do you breed a cat?
  217. My puppy's stomach looks really big, I think he may be bloated. What s
  218. I have a long haired teddy bear hamster and she killed all her babies!
  219. what all do i need for my green anole / leopard gecko?
  220. Why do people think I'm gay because I love cats?
  221. 10 Gallon Fishes help please?
  222. 1 year old Great Dane:limping in hip, no appetite, lethargic. What cou
  223. whats the main color of a zebra ?
  224. How much food do u feed a small dog & how many times a day? New dog ow
  225. Does canine companionship equal human companionship for a dog?
  226. Who is going to be showing at All American Youth Horse Show?
  227. Anyone out there Have Zips Heaven Sent horses?
  228. Tropiclean Flea & Tick Shampoo?
  229. well my cousin just gave me a little 4 month old poodle?
  230. My Dog Mickey Has An Infection Because Of the Groomer and...?
  231. Why is Cockatiel Mean?
  232. Help with Convict Cichlids?
  233. my dog just died like five day's ago, so can anyone cheer me up with s
  234. I just accidentally my brother's cat. What the heck should I do?
  235. Is my Siberian Husky broken?
  236. Horse halloween costume ideas?
  237. what do you think of this horse (i wanna buy)?
  238. Goat intestinal parasites?
  239. What would be a good show name ....?
  240. Dog suddenly aggressive towards other dogs?
  241. How do I disinfect limbs for my reptiles?
  242. Could you please help with my aggressive lactating rottweiler bitch. ?
  243. New yorkie!! Advice Please!!?
  244. need some suggestions for songs to play at a dog show?
  245. Puppy 9 months old Has heat happened yet?
  246. Heeelllp,my Hermit Crabs Shes Dead??
  247. are toy poodles really delicate or can they rough house with another d
  248. What Can I Do To get My Puppy To Get Bigger or Grow Faster?
  249. Worm questions......?
  250. What breed of dog should we get?