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  1. Help! My Kitten keeps making a gagging noise in his throat!It isn't a
  2. Oto cats eating flakes?
  3. Question about my pitbull.?
  4. What happened to my parakeets!?!? :(?
  5. Have you ever had your pet get murdered?
  6. Trying to convince my mum to let us have a puppy?
  7. what kind of shots does my dog need?she is a 3 month pitbull?
  8. I have 3 big dogs what would be the best dog food to feed them all?
  9. why does my dog like to like me the best on the lips?
  10. Will the cat freak out on the plane.?
  11. stop a dog from embarrassing moments?
  12. Volunteering at a Rescue, Advice Needed?
  13. Is it ok to treat pet rats to an occasional Decaf Coffee bean?
  14. Do Guinea Pigs make good pets?
  15. Pettipaws buyers, users - how do you do your pets nails with it?
  16. What is your favourite breed of dog?
  17. Why did my hamster bite me?
  18. How do you know if you've got a racoon or possum in your house?
  19. how much does post and rail fencing cost?
  20. Bumps after horseback riding?
  21. my mice are not breeding?
  22. does anyone have anything about dogs reacting to different types music
  23. help with potty training puppy ?
  24. What kind of dog was it?
  25. Need to find a Ferret Rescue?
  26. Which size is better for two male ferrets?
  27. baby red tail boa shedding??? need info?
  28. dwarf hamster keeps squeaking?
  29. How often to wash cat's food and water bowls?
  30. Red fox calling out?
  31. My infant abandon kitten is sick... what to do?
  32. My cats hate their cat food?
  33. Is Pro plan good dog food now that they have made changes to their kib
  34. Can I report him to anyone?
  35. Redoing the Rabbit Cage....?
  36. I added Clout medication to my fish tank but forgot to remove the carb
  37. help please my dog is in labor no vet will help due to money one breac
  38. Why does my cat seem depressed?
  39. Yellow tang?or any saltwaterfish?
  40. What are some good dog trainer courses online?
  41. What is my girl mixed with?
  42. My dogs poop is a dark green....is this bad? Normal? ?
  43. thyroid radioactive treatment on a 18 year old cat?
  44. Halters?????????????????
  45. Does anyone know of a good source for exotic mantids, or other arthrop
  46. Using pea gravel in an aqurium?
  47. Dog Help! Is he just having Anxiety?
  48. could a 150 gallon high tank support ?
  49. Our Clown Fish arn't looking to good! Please help?
  50. Should i get another rat?
  51. Boner poke ^_^??????
  52. Are dogs more social than cats?
  53. Do you have a crush on your mailman?
  54. Can Makeup make my cat and kitten sick?
  55. Why is my gerbil................?
  56. Can a pet rat give a cat worms?
  57. what breed of dog is big, gentle, and smart?
  58. Any ideas on how to keep my Lab/Pit mix out of the cow pastures?
  59. How do you take care of a Betta fish so that it lives a long life?
  60. Are you scared of big dogs?
  61. My tank after revamp, what do you think? (40 gal)150 litres?
  62. adopted abused dog...?
  63. need a few websites!!?
  64. How to stop a newly adopted cat from jumping on kitchen table?
  65. preparations for baby rabbit?
  66. What's your dog doing right now?
  67. Does anyone have any tips for caring for a new RES or Red Eared Slider
  68. Does a Mini Schnauzer make a lot of noise?
  69. Mix breeds or pure breeds?
  70. whats a good dog food for chiuaua's?
  71. Aggresive betta. killing neons?
  72. Where can I find a good rat cage?
  73. Chooseing Dog Problem?
  74. Cat yearsssssss. How old is my cat?
  75. Where can I find a pet...?
  76. So found a starfish on the side of the road one day and it was still a
  77. Do Mini Schnauzer's shed a lot? ?
  78. Any help finding my tortoise?
  79. O My Gosh- She hit him?! What do I do?!?
  80. What Is Your Favorite Pet?
  81. help with dog odedience?
  82. what is the best dry cat food i can give my 3 month old cat?
  83. What should I name my new puppy?
  84. What kind of dog is this? English bulldog / pitbull? English bulldog/
  85. What do I need for my aquarium?
  86. Help!!! What is this on my aquarium?
  87. Treatment for dogs with e coli?
  88. Vet said my dog had a stroke?
  89. anyone showing soon?? Survey?
  90. Friewalkers, Walkaloosas, Tennuvians?
  91. where can i get LIP whitener?
  92. How can I teach my kitten?
  93. taking care of a baby lovebird!?
  94. im selling my sugar gliders ?
  95. My dog wont listen (question re-asked)?
  96. We're thinking of getting a pug puppy?
  97. My dog has unnatural anxiety around other dogs? He almost sings around
  98. what gets rid of cat urine smell?
  99. Is this proper for iguanas to do?
  100. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  101. Does anyone know the cost to remove a mammary gland tumor from an 80 p
  102. Im going to live life like im dieing. ?
  103. i think it might be a red,white,black snakes but i thick i should look
  104. whats the different characteristics between a boy hamster and a girl h
  105. how long does it take for my dog to have her puppies?
  106. Does anyone else's dog/dogs fake an ear infection?
  107. New Baby Ball Python! need some help?
  108. Does spaying early stunt growth and developement?
  109. Saddle help. Easy Points!!?
  110. What kind of puppy is this?
  111. How do I think outside of this box?
  112. My dog killed my gerbil this afternoon! What shall i do with the dog??
  113. Adopting a second cat?
  114. Whats the process for a caterpiller to turn into a butterfly?
  115. My cat has a lot of behavior problems ?
  116. what happens if i buy a french bulldog [female] when i already have a
  117. 5'4" and riding a 15.2 hh horse... too big? small? just right?
  118. i have been doing research on this dog?
  119. why does my dog drool when she is at the dog park / she doesnt do this
  120. my guinea pig isn't eating or drinking and stays in the corner all the
  121. HELP! my dog! and my neice...?
  122. i hv got some fishes like angel,gold fish,tiger barp etcin my fish tan
  123. i cant see my pregnnt hamsters nest?
  124. Why do my parakeets keep dying?
  125. Are wheels safe for rats?
  126. My dog's ear is smelling and he's shaking his head a lot. Hubby says u
  127. My little sister won't leave my dog alone?
  128. Best Mouse Cage?!?!?!?
  129. Does Fluffy need a friend? ?
  130. I really want to get into the showing world!(Long, Detailed)?
  131. Can I Modify my Tank Size? (Will Pick Best Answer)?
  132. Can the Saliva of a dog (not injected with anti-rabies) can still caus
  133. Am I too big for this horse?
  134. Should I call animal control? ?
  135. if i put a scorpion under a black light. wut would it do?
  136. Emergency food for a stray cockatiel?
  137. Red Ear Slider question...?
  138. assignment on persian cats ?
  139. Games On horseback?kk?
  140. Why is chocolate bad for dogs? ?
  141. Betta Fish questions....?
  142. Do You Think My Pet Is Cute??? Easy 10 Pts?
  143. whitch dog is cuter? I just wanna know?
  144. How much would it be to get a cat looked at by a vet?
  145. Ok... I think I have a serious problem?
  146. How do you become a dog trainer?
  147. My dog has a huge knot on left side of neck and won't turn head that w
  148. why does my dog take so long to do her "duty".?
  149. guppy with dilated eyes?
  150. spots on dogs skin that are red and losing hair?!?!?
  151. Dog Health Problem (Help)?
  152. It isn't poop and it isn't urine, what is that horrible smell?
  153. How can i know if my dog is dying?
  154. What do you prefer the most?
  155. Does my rabbit have wry neck!?
  156. Things that make dogs sick...?
  157. Is there any such thing as cat birth controll?
  158. how can I get my cat to accept my new dog?
  159. How to clean smelly ears on my Dozer (pit bull) something natural I ha
  160. bettas torn fins ?
  161. How come ferrets are illegal in New Zealand? ?
  162. Are Blue Pit puppies (razors edge) good for homes with small children?
  163. whats a good substrate for a plant only tank?
  164. Training a dog in agility?
  165. What kind of pet should I get?
  166. can dogs get poison oak?
  167. Out of all the different breeds of dogs which one do u like best?
  168. I had to leave my cat with my aunt, will she be the same when I get he
  169. Bichon Grooming?????????
  170. What type of lizard is this?
  171. hypoallergenic bed for large dog?
  172. How old does baby squirrel's need to be when you stop stimulating it t
  173. Are My Rats Allowed Outside?
  174. Liquid baby vitamins for fish?
  175. How to Care for a Swallow? Someone at my highscool bashed a nest, and
  176. do dogs' whiskers fall out?
  177. is it ok for my local petshop to do this?
  178. what 2 do when a 4 week 4day old pup has "the runs"?
  179. Why does my puppy keep limping? =(?
  180. how can i build a pond for my turtle with just pond liner?
  181. HELP!! with my yorkie im getting ready to sale him?
  182. I have a 11 wk old puppy and we are having a hard time training her no
  183. Is my cat just weird?
  184. At what age do you take a puppy to the vet?
  185. I want to get a gerbil or a hamster BUT I HAVE 9 CHIHUAHUAS...........
  186. I have 2 female rabbits and i bought another female baby rabbit today
  187. Im Thinking Of Buying 2 Parakeets.Should I get 2 Boys Or 2 girls?
  188. Why does my fish swim up and down the side of the tank constantly?
  189. Is There Turtle At The Lake If So How Do I Know There Is One By Me?
  190. my cat barked????????????!!!!!!!!?
  191. Any animal and pet lovers interested?
  192. im getting a new cat!?
  193. Nice easy rabbit treat recipes? ?
  194. Ducklings, need your help in a Question I have?
  195. Who Lives In The Wisconsin Area?
  196. My dog has not eaten for 2 days and her feces is dark like there is bl
  197. Can my puppy eat two different kinds of dog food?
  198. How often should i empty out the litter box?
  199. What can I do to object this? (pitbull related)?
  200. My bird needs a bath but HATES water. What should I do?
  201. what is that red thing that keeps coming out of my dogs weiner?
  202. Had kitten since 1 day old- 4 wks now. Pees in litterbox but doesn't p
  203. how to stop a puppy from nipping?
  204. How long do aquatic (yellow bellied slider) turtles need to bask a day
  205. Please help my kitten is sick?
  206. Please read- VERY IMPORTANT!?
  207. toxic bubbles in marine tank?
  208. Found a dead flea on our dog, should we be concerned about more?
  209. What is the best breed of horse for a novice rider?
  210. My dog has possible yeast around his mouth, what are the causes of yea
  211. Veterinary technician career?
  212. My funny video of my dog! What do you think of this?
  213. I just spent an hour trying to cut my cats claws!!?
  214. i think my bearded dragon is sick?
  215. Need help with dog breeds?
  216. Theres a white cat in my backyard..what do i do?!!?
  217. My dog is really starting to make EVERYBODY angry....?
  218. What’s the best way to get rid of Kangaroo ticks?
  219. tiny scabs all over cat??? HELPP?
  220. Fish ideas for a prehistoric 30 gallon tank? Theme ideas?
  221. Can a dwarf hamster and a Guinea pig..........?
  222. EEEK! My rat is going to lose an eye!?
  223. How much work does a monkey take to own?
  224. How can I safely remove bird poop off of the wall without ruining the
  225. dog report on puggles?
  226. I want to get either a gerbil or a hamster but I have 9 Chihuahuas....
  227. Title for cat article needed.. ?
  228. How are you supposed to give a baby dwarf hamster a bath?
  229. Why do my parakeet or budgie do this?
  230. Why are people so ignorant as to...?!?
  231. my budgie's eyes are swollen shut?
  232. Is it okay to hold my kittens?
  233. I accidentally stabbed my neighbor's cat. HELP?
  234. i have a bearded dragon but do i leave the white basking light on all
  235. My dog has kennel cough, what do I do?
  236. can any one know were can i teach my dog protection traing online?
  237. 27th day pregnant!!!!!!?
  238. Horse Jumping Question.?
  239. How do I get my dog comfortable with me going to work?
  240. my dog and my mom wtf!?
  241. Fish help... transporting fish?
  242. Who loves rare dog breeds?
  243. Can I add Pond salt to my koi pond if I have Turtles in it?
  244. My Iguana has fungus.....?
  245. Are there any beaches in Hong Kong that allow dogs ?
  246. I want to adopt a baby yorkshire pig..anyone know where to adopt or ho
  247. Reasons why not to get a Guinea pig instead of a dwarf hamster?
  248. Do Ohio's Vicious Dog Laws (PitBull Breeds) Banning Pertain to Owners
  249. How much sugar can a rabbit handle?
  250. what is a good name for a dog for a cubs fan ?