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  1. How do i pick the right dog?
  2. how do i convince my mum 2 let me have a rat??!!?
  3. Lovebird excreting excessive waste, please help!?
  4. If 1 year(human)=7 years(dog), then what is 1hour(human)= x (dog) ?
  5. What is the exact breed of this dog?
  6. Feeding raw food to a puppy slows down growth?
  7. If I die, how will my cats survive? A serious question.?
  8. getting fish help filters air pumps etc.?
  9. Plan on cross breeding a few cats?
  10. Why don't my friend puppy like my pup?
  11. How can I prevent play biting?
  12. Should I still be giving puppy milk at 4 months?
  13. My cat has not left her kittens?
  14. Live in flat with big garden and cats. How to get them down?
  15. what tame parrot would you prefer a indian ring neck sun conure or gre
  16. Can adults dogs be train ? ?
  17. How can I teach a cat to use the toilet instead of the cat box?
  18. Can anyone tell me how to breed love birds?
  19. what if the turtles stop eating?
  20. bunny vacination help?
  21. Can anyone recommend the best insurance for my dog?
  22. Which dog food is better in India in terms of cost and quality? Eukanu
  23. what is this Lion Fish type and what is it like and is it possible to
  24. My Shihtzu Is About 6 1/2 Weeks When Am I Able To Dect Movement In Her
  25. found a loan duckling, what do i feed it till the shops ?
  26. rat trick?????????????????????????
  27. Domestic duck breeding?
  28. HELP Whats wrong with my fish?
  29. I live in Lincolnshire and I am looking to buy a tortoise?
  30. i want to teach my old dog a new trick (namely, fetch), how do i do th
  31. Hard time choosing name for cat ?
  32. names for 2 blue tabby kittens?
  33. What breed should I breed on virtual pups ?
  34. what could be wrong with my cat?
  35. help 10 points i promise?
  36. My dog won't stop barking!?" ?
  37. "my cat is blind" update?
  38. what should i buy my freind she loves animals i live in australia!!!!!
  39. bunny not eating hay now and pulling large amounts of fur out and eati
  40. My cat ran away, any chance he'll come back?
  41. im going to get a baby bearded dragon?
  42. what colours of mice are harder to get.?
  43. Health Problem with my Puppy . PLease Help anyone?
  44. which direction do the birds go at sunset?
  45. should dogs be banned from all cities?
  46. The Savannah cat Australia.?
  47. I need Help!!! Quick?
  48. My maltese dog has become very spoiled and he has now even forgotten t
  49. What is a good brand of electric dog clippers?
  50. Rat Cage Help Pleasee!!!!!!!!!!?
  51. Ferrets Ferrets Ferrets?
  52. URGENT-Missing Cat. poorerly?
  53. What should i call my new Blackmoor ?
  54. I'd like a Small pet any ideas?
  55. LIVE dog discussions?
  56. Do dogs have antiseptic in their saliva...?
  57. Is there any way i can get a licence to get my son a pet rabbit?? We l
  58. if a rat is gasping wheezing for air, how long does it have approx to
  59. im pretty sure my cat was hit by a car or attacked, what is the best i
  60. Can anyone tell me why my 10wk old bichon Frise keeps trying to suck m
  61. has anyone ever heard of a deer chihuahua?
  62. if my dogs gives birth at 43 to50 days will the puppies survive?
  63. are grass hoppers and prey mantis the same insect?
  64. Should I trust my dog?
  65. is this cage ok for a male rat? ?
  66. how to figure out that my kitty is blind?
  67. What does your cat do that makes you love it so much?
  68. Fish Pond in Vivarium ?
  69. Anyone out there hear or use the pet food from---> SimplyPurePetFoods?
  70. Anyone Selling Puppies ?
  71. Do all cats like the sun?
  72. How to approach, handle, and restrain a Hamster correctly? Its got a s
  73. methylene blue in a fish tank?
  74. Is it easy to breed frogs in captivity?
  75. how to stop my dogs tail(greyhound) from bleeding he nicked in the tra
  76. what type of meals should i prepare for my rats?
  77. What type of dog should i get?
  78. What do you think i should name my foal horses?
  79. OK,I prefer a very hairy dog. But when they have the odd diarrhea even
  80. what fish are easy to breed?
  81. My 2 yr old niece is crazy about horses !!?
  82. cheapest way to put dog to sleep?
  83. Should I keep my guinea pig?
  84. My male Beagle 9yrs. old. Scratches his behind, back if he could. Any
  85. could a gerbil swim in shallow warm water?
  86. Dog is being treated for hookworms?
  87. My dog has recently developed a half ping pong ball sized lump on the
  88. Help! My male Beagle is way too fat, 9 yrs.old. How can I get to loose
  89. how long can a fighter fish live 4?
  90. what do i use on dog that got sprayed by skunk?
  91. Why is my brothers dog crying at night?
  92. Top Reason to adopt an Adult dog over a Puppy?
  93. I'm moving house and need to sedate my cat for the journey?
  94. Help please... My 8 week old kitten?
  95. Question for budgie owners?
  96. Hermit Crab Questions?
  97. i hope my guppy's and turtle hungry beaucase i don't want to see my tu
  98. What type of dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp?
  99. oscars or discus + tank mates?
  100. i have two puppies (8 weeks) i want to potty train them inside and out
  101. How do i get over my dog?
  102. Hi,what do you call ducks in flight i know its a gaggle of geese, but
  103. question about my rabbit's breed?i got some pictures here inside?
  104. my puppis arn't very active?
  105. Can I make a "juice" for my guinea pigs?
  106. My dog is losing fur on his tail and he isnt biting it, is there anyth
  107. Looking for a kennel for my pitbull?
  108. Best Horse age for a young rider? ?
  109. One of the 3 kittens living in my garden was found dead today, no inju
  110. I live in a 2 r0om apartment. Which breed to get? ?
  111. what to add to my aquarium?
  112. Is it true fish don't feel pain because that sounds fake? and do they
  113. hi where can i get a puppy ?
  114. Gerbil or syrian hamster?
  115. my fish died and i have no idea why? it's a gold fish?
  116. How long is it okay to leave a dog home alone for?
  117. What is the best fish for everyday life?
  118. Cemetery for Reptiles?
  119. Cat detterent spray ....is it effective...any side effects to humans o
  120. Will the UK Vets cop and nub dobermans tails anymore? i heard a rmor s
  121. My horse jumps the fence every day.?
  122. 2008 pigeon bands help?
  123. Passport for dog showing?
  124. My gf is going away for a week and she wants me to watch her dog, how
  125. My cat went hyper...im guessing?
  126. can everyone post their aquariums here so I can get some Ideas?
  127. Odd human-like names for cats?
  128. What causes dogs gums to bleed? ?
  129. Why does my rabbit have large poos sticking on his bum and tail? ?
  130. Where can i buy poison dart frogs online in australia?
  131. how do i get rid of the fleas?
  132. My new kitten keeps sucking on my finger?
  133. why did my cat die was he poisoned?
  134. My aging cat is becoming skinnier?
  135. My koi fish sits on the bottom of the tank and just sits there, not mo
  136. My chihuachua had puppies 2 nights ago and shes acting abnormal?
  137. i fish tank ph level is blue?
  138. I have been feeding a pregnant female stray cat. She is no longer preg
  139. People who like dogs, which of these do you prefer?
  140. help me with my cat i need help?
  141. My cat is peeing on the bed.?
  142. I have a cat, who's going to be a year. I fear we may have a mouse. Wo
  143. how do you get rid of fleas?
  144. Whats a real good puppy food?
  145. My dog has a ruptured medial meniscus ligament?
  146. why can't people say this nicely...?
  147. Name and breed identity for my new puppy please?
  148. how do you put a leash on a ferret?
  149. Can I put my air pump off at night?
  150. Who would punch a Kangaroo?
  151. Why are my kittens itching?!?
  152. Shih Tzu scratching a lot?
  153. My budgie is fluffing up is that bad?
  154. is my dog lactating shes giving off a clear type of substance.?
  155. I killed a dog. I feel worried...?
  156. Will this remove all the soap residue from my bucked I use when cleani
  157. I don't understand my pet bunny?
  158. where should i sell my eggs?
  159. I'm confused... Rats Peanut Butter... Good? Bad?
  160. What's the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  161. Do you think this is fair?
  162. Is it okay to get my kitten a bird?
  163. How much are puppies usually at a pet store?
  164. what signs do dogs give their master to show them they love them?
  165. TB is being stubborn about leads.?
  166. What is your favorite color horse?
  167. my cat is so sick please need helpppp?
  168. Can beta fish grow their fins back?
  169. what types of food cant rats eat?
  170. i just got a gold fish...im scared?
  171. i got my dog spayed 3 days ago and i wanted to know how soon can i get
  172. which dog body parts are the best for massaging?
  173. Getting cats to eat new food and not reject it?
  174. Does anyone else feel sad for the animals in shelters?
  175. My Boxer dog is eating and eating non stop and crying for more?
  176. My 4 year old spayed cat has traces of blood in her urine, what could
  177. Dog GPS collar recommendations ?
  178. My little Kitty (a month old) had an accident last week! and she was i
  179. I want to set up a pigeon nest on my terrace i have lot of plants?
  180. grass snakes in Essex?
  181. My kitten is so different after being neutered. ?
  182. If a turtle doesn't have a shell is it homeless or naked? ?
  183. Ball Python Help!!!!?
  184. EMERGENCY dart frog help!!?
  185. My rabbits has stopped drinking her water?
  186. How to handle this letting kitten out my room situation?(please help!!
  187. ow you go by outting your dog on like dog food or anything for pets fo
  188. is it safe to hold 1 day old kittens?
  189. Is the Doc Olena blood line known ?
  190. Anyone know of a natural remedy for flea control?
  191. Horse Riding Lessons in Sydney or surrounding areas?
  192. would anyone really pay 700+ for a fish or spider?
  193. What is wrong with my cory cat fish? He is on his back?
  194. my puppy cooper attacks his sister chloe and bits her until she crys h
  195. I want an original ( exotic ) pet?
  196. Could My rabbit be sick or dying?
  197. My Corn Snakes Tail Tip Broke Off! Please Help Meeeeee!! What should I
  198. where can i find siamese kittens for sale i need a pet shop pound or s
  199. k my bunny has fleas,how do i get rid of them?
  200. Can I send my iguana to a pet salon for a pedicure?
  201. Has anyone seen a Pintoloosa? ?
  202. What kind of pig is best for a pet?
  203. There is something wrong with my ferret...?
  204. my puppy keeps bitting my toes how do i get him to stop?
  205. Help with RABBIT name =)?
  206. Guppies and Snails???? ?
  207. sand sifter starfish acting really weird...?
  208. yorkie with nasal congestion?
  209. I am thinking of buying a Paso Fino horse. Does anyone here own one or
  210. Hamster Question AGAIN .. thanks guys :)?
  211. i found two newborn kittens and one has a big cut with maggots what ca
  212. Good internet site to identify a weird snail?
  213. what are some really sweet and friendly dog breeds besides golden retr
  214. I found a black snake with yellow stripes on it and it had a fat round
  215. Is this right why did they do it that way?
  216. I want to buy a Paso Fino horse. Does anyone have one? What are they l
  217. Is my fish tank big enough?
  218. help with my betta! his tail is like coming off! (sorta) HELP!?
  219. I just bought a robovorski hamster...?
  220. How can I make a terrarium?
  221. How much do you clip off a budgies claws when they're too long?
  222. where should i sell my quail eggs?
  223. Is it ok to walk your dog without a leash? ?
  224. What to do or give my cockatiel for warmth?
  225. What kind of dog do you think is the best pet? (playful & cute)?
  226. how to handle letting kitten out my room situation?
  227. Hamster Help ? Has anyone had a hamster ?
  228. How can i keep my cats and dog from going under my bed?
  229. Pet co messed up our puppy?
  230. Tips for starting dog walking service in my village?
  231. ill make this as brief as i can,for this time in the morning?
  232. what can be causing my dogs nails to come out?
  233. Why is my gsd not mean to smaller dogs?
  234. how long does it take a female rabbit to fall pregnant ?
  235. Any tips on Hermit Crabs?
  236. My mouse is really sick - ?HELP?!!!?
  237. Tiger (Exotic cat) BREEDERS in FLORIDA?
  238. How often should I change my filter and how do I know to change it?
  239. What are the small Strange Lumps under Kitten's Skin?
  240. How long does it take for Ick to kill my fish?
  241. If I want a more calm lap dog should I consider a bigger dog rather th
  242. Pain In The Butt!!!!!!!!?
  243. Anyone ever heard of a rodent loaf?
  244. how often should i feed my cat? dry or wet?
  245. Ugh! father thinks i should not become rotti breeder cause they might
  246. About my gold fish????????????
  247. My cat always licks my face,but my question is below;yahoo's question
  248. what r my budgies saying?
  249. my female cockatiel just died, and i was wondering if i get my male co
  250. what wrong with my cat? What making her violence forward her family?