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  1. What can I call this little chap?
  2. How much claritin can I give my 80 lb dog she suffers air allergies an
  3. Little confused about adjusting a Betta into a tank?
  4. how big do pugs get, and how well behaved are they usually?
  5. What is another alternative to declawing a cat?
  6. My mom dog is "bleeding" 3 weeks after having puppies. What is going o
  7. My cat is always begging...?
  8. Can dogs have asthma?
  9. What are some good names for a female boxer?
  10. Can I use new zealand moss for bedding in my tarantulas enclosure?
  11. Dogs are sooo cute........?
  12. Why do my dog's eyes glow?
  13. guinna pig???????????????????????
  14. Where can I find a kitty litter box that is low maintenance? ?
  15. I will never know if my hamster has babies easy 10 pts?
  16. saltwater fish tank.?
  17. what colour is my budgie?
  18. what breed dog is this?
  19. Do You Think My Puppy Is Cute? ?
  20. Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  21. Should I be concerned?
  22. why is there water comming out of my cats butt?
  23. How to get my cat to play more often?
  24. Is Critter Care Bedding Okay For Mice To Eat?
  25. what is wrong with my fish?
  26. where can i find a 90 gallon tank?
  27. Dogs like border collies?
  28. What is the best time of year to watch grass snakes?
  29. Are these deadly to my dog?
  30. Is my dog a mix between a Dachshund and Mastiff? Is this possible?
  31. list of pets if the months for 2008?
  32. Has My cat gone crazy?
  33. oh no i have mice whats the most inhuman way to kill them ?
  34. 4 1/2 month old kitten deficating and unrinating in bathtub?
  35. Where can my cat goto the bathroom in Petco/Petsmart?
  36. Thai devil Soapdish crab molting questions?
  37. Managing arthritis over winter?
  38. Tarantula Natural Setup?
  39. what should i do??????????????ANSWER PLZ?
  40. how can i teach my dog to shake?
  41. I need codes for Howrse?
  42. where do I find a dog breeder thats in the area?
  43. Help! My dog is bleeding.?
  44. What to name my fish?
  45. Why is my Pug not eating?
  46. is my ball python getting enough to eat?
  47. How do I teach my puppy "Stay" and "Rollover" ?
  48. Kitten very itchy after surgery?
  49. Horse has left hind injury?
  50. How do I stop taking my anger out on my dog Lilly?
  51. I just got a betta fish 3 months ago. Can i put glowfish and catfish i
  52. Need help with Dog Insurance?
  53. Why are my ants dying?
  54. Are dogs at shelters tested for diseases?
  55. would you please... help me!?
  56. To the Dog section Top Contributers....I need your input. I/D or raw?
  57. mobile home vet put my dog to sleep but?
  58. I've had a betta fish for about 3 months or so and i dont know if its
  59. Two, cute new kittens! names anyone?
  60. Cool name for my dog?
  61. goldfish lifespan...................?
  62. how do i earn a male chickens trust?
  63. is my puppy going to be viscous?
  64. How to stop my puppy nipping?
  65. What is the type of animal called that strips the fur off of the anima
  66. Should i get a golden short haired or a black bear hamster?
  67. Is it safe to feed my guinea pig........?
  68. who has a ring neck parakeet, and does it talk?
  69. Im looking to buy 2 peach faced love birds, how big must the cage or a
  70. Goldfish are blowing bubbles?
  71. Please Help Me!!! (rats)?
  72. What is your favorite dog breed?
  73. gray parrot training tips and tricks?
  74. Where in bangalore can i get anti-parasite spray for my birdies?
  75. How can I prepare for my puppy raiser home interview?
  76. Will my tank be O.K.?
  77. my hamster has two black lumps by his bum what are they?
  78. My Guinea Pig is sick! Help needed!?
  79. Are Chihuahuas okay with kids?
  80. 6-10 gallon fish tank?
  81. how can you tell if a dog is....................?
  82. WHat is another alternative to declawing a cat?
  83. Is it safe for cats to eat eggs (cooked or raw)?
  84. My dog started limping yesterday. I checked his leg and didn't see any
  85. Puppy Teething Help :( ?
  86. Common Garter Snakes?
  87. Do you celebrate your dog's birthday?
  88. how do i teach my dog to not hurt my cat?
  89. When can you wash puppies?
  90. Pregnant Molly? Please Help, ?
  91. Do chickens feel labour pains everytime they lay an egg?
  92. My goldfish is a bit too aggressive !?
  93. Why did Jimmy die today?
  94. I have a male manx cat and he is about 1.5 years old. ?
  95. My dog has bugs on him. advice?
  96. Do dogs get an itching sensation when bitten by mosquitoes?
  97. My kitten won't use its litter box why?
  98. is it safe to keep a bird you found?
  99. will my bunnies be ok?
  100. Any dog riders out there?!?
  101. brown bottom and figures help?
  102. Dog Shoooooooooooooooooows?
  103. looking for a horse. apha?
  104. What kind of personality does a Jack Russell Terrier have?
  105. Dog riding ? need help!?
  106. Feeding the laminitic TB over winter?
  107. Hummingbirds in Oregon?
  108. Why is it that cats always seem to know more than they let on?
  109. Observations and more questions about Yahoo?
  110. Cool name for black and white cat? ?
  111. I just got a rescue cat. She is white with a black tail and black (top
  112. crickets or grasshoppers?
  113. wild kittens in yard, one with rope round its nek. help?
  114. My cat refuses to stay in the fence. How do I know he will come back?
  115. Do you think my cat hates it when I do this to her?
  116. can you use calcium that is for humans for dogs?
  117. why does my teddy bear hamster wake up to clean him self?
  118. exercise for my dog!!!?
  119. Calling All Shih Tzu Owners and Breeders!!!?
  120. Cat with non-repairable diaphragmatic rupture ?
  121. Best dog to get ?
  122. best fish for a 2.5gallon fish tank?
  123. heat bulb help!!!!!!!!!!!?
  124. How do I help a rescue ferret put on some weight?
  125. My 6 year old Hackney cross Dressage mare seems to be lame only when t
  126. What fruits and veggies (besides carrots and apples) are safe for hors
  127. What's a pet that doesn't smell bad and is easy to care for?
  128. how long did it take you to change ownership of your dog?
  129. just got a 4 months old quaker parrot any advice?
  130. Can dogs catch a cold? ?
  131. I was wondering if a dog sucks on a grape and you get it before they a
  132. Lunging balance training system?
  133. information on crabs and their habitat?
  134. what is the difference between a german giant bearded dragon and a reg
  135. How to move a tarantula?
  136. Why does my cat love to warm his buns on my laundry after it comes out
  137. Pets in an Apartment Question!!!?
  138. What should me and my friend name our dog?
  139. what humidity should it be in a boa constrictors tank % ?
  140. Aquatic Pet??????????
  141. How can i lower the price of a breeders dog?
  142. how hot should it be in a boa constrictors tank?
  143. Where can i find a newfoundland, golden retriever cross breeder in ont
  144. i think my gerbil is dieing, help?
  145. good websites for petz4/5 downloads!?
  146. if you have a pit bull please help (:?
  147. I got a new kitty and oh no!?
  148. My balloon mollie fish has a black hole in between 2 big black dots on
  149. What do you think is great about your dog?
  150. Do mini rabbits make good house pets?
  151. How do I measure stirrup length?
  152. Anybody know how to clean a tarantula's cage?
  153. 7 yr old beagle with thyroid problems?
  154. Cat question! Please answer?
  155. Did you know that today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day?
  156. Whats the best place to buy a little turtle ?
  157. Animal and Pet lovers interested?
  158. why is my rabbit biting?
  159. My dog won't eat - any help?
  160. Swiffer Wet Jet Harmful to Dogs Causing Liver Failure?!?
  161. Annoying assistants!!!!?
  162. where to find a english baby male budgie?
  163. Why would my Maltipoo be losing hair around her rear and tail area?
  164. My dog is having puppies. She is a Lab. She is having a puppy every 4-
  165. What kind of bedding do i need to put on a pair of cockatoos cage?
  166. HELP!!!! 2 Male Aggressive, 10 month old Shih Tzu dogs.?
  167. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  168. i need help with a show name!?
  169. What does the word DOG mean to YOU?
  170. Best small apartment dog?
  171. Whats Wrong With Them?
  172. The Yukon and Wolf-Dogs?
  173. Overstocked 29 Gallon Tank?
  174. Where do i keep my goldfish when i'm cleaning its tank?
  175. llama requirements for space?
  176. My dogs breath smells different why?
  177. My betta needs a filter but is there one that won't cause a current?
  178. are pure bred dogs...................................?
  179. Ok. Stupid Question. But Can Dogs Cry?
  180. My Shihtzu Is About 6 1/2 Weeks Pregnant When Am I Able To Dect Moveme
  181. What Breed of dog do you think will be the next Target of the media?
  182. Is it bad if you buy a rabbit from a pet shop?
  183. Finding a Musk Turtle in Chicago...?
  184. My siamese cat PREGNANT?? maybe?
  185. why do animales get abused?
  186. Betta in vase (NO PLANT!)?
  187. I'm trying to learn about conformation(vid)?
  188. how can i get gecko to like me?
  189. 3 More Questions About Turtles...Help.?
  190. Is cat food bad for dogs?
  191. leopard gecko, she is 4mths can i house her wit younger?
  192. HELP NEEDED, dog whines after eating?
  193. Is there anything out there that is like the sauce/juice in canned cat
  194. Falconry Apprentice in DWF texas?
  195. My iguana feels really hot, should I stick it in the cooler?
  196. what should i name my female grey hourse?
  197. help with walking trouble with boarder puppy?
  198. how to make a dog bed?
  199. my cat just started peeing on the floor even though he has a litter bo
  200. I'm getting a guinea pig today. Name ideas?
  201. My dog won't urinate in the morning before I leave for work. Should I
  202. about guppys please help!?
  203. Please Help! Names! Easy Ten Points!?
  204. how much does it cost to deworm a puppy at the emergency room?
  205. Who loves Pit Bulls?? Also, include a picture!?
  206. I can't figure out what this pitbull is mixed with...?
  207. Can cats be kept inside a flat? Is it fair on the cat?
  208. what kind of dog is this?
  209. My dog keeps sneezing! help?
  210. Which would be a better pet: feeder mouse, fancy mouse, or rat?
  211. my puppy's ears doesn't stick out?
  212. Can I bring a rat on the train if its in a cage?
  213. how do you make a puppy to roll over?
  214. Does an AquaClear power filter 30 give enough oxygen for a 20 gallon t
  215. Boa Constrictor Name...again?
  216. just for fun....whats your dogs name?
  217. What to do about cat fears?
  218. Is there a backwards catnip?
  219. New Canidae Dog Food? Good Or Bad?
  220. Guinae pig convincing my mom to get one?
  221. My cat suddenly started growling at certain toys. Any Idea why?
  222. Is There Anyway I Can Get My Dog Registered?
  223. sleepy ferret..........?
  224. Unexpected Cat Death Help Please?
  225. my kittens eyes have been ?
  226. Feline abortion, what are your views?
  227. websites that sell ball pythons?
  228. house training for dogs; had him three YEARS?
  229. 10 easy points about dogs?
  230. What's the best way to safely bring a kitten's fever down?
  231. what do you think the cutest breed of dog is?
  232. Pics of ball pythons ?
  233. Help! Dog is suddenly very lethargic and off-balance...poison?
  234. My balloon mollie fish has a black hole in between 2 big black dots on
  235. what can i keep in a community cage with fire belly newts ?
  236. why do chickens pluck their feathers off of each other?
  237. what will cheese do to a dog?
  238. Does it hurt fish when they get a tattoo? Where can I find a fish with
  239. White-lipped Tree Frog care?
  240. What are the chances of eggs from publix being fertile?
  241. "what is the quickest way to clean my 50 gallon fish tank?
  242. My dog is acting strange?
  243. whats the smallest size tank i can get with a heater for my baby guppy
  244. i found my hamster weak and cold and unable to walk what do i do?
  245. How big is a fighting fish's (Betta fish's) stomach? ?
  246. In general, can Great Danes be trusted off leash (with the proper trai
  247. Why are my fishes bowls always so dirty?
  248. Could I keep a Betta fish in a suitable sized bin? It would be clear o
  249. Aquatech 5-15 assembly?
  250. My Cockatiel's poop looks like green pee!?