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  1. Bubbles in my Betta's tank?
  2. would my dog yelp if he had arthritus in his hip?
  3. whats up with my dog?
  4. Do cats get depressed periodically? How would you know? Not sick....ju
  5. is it normal for a cat to have a bladder infection after being neutere
  6. Am I Just Furthering My Dog's Bad Behavior?
  7. I wish to adopt rottweiler puppy, please help me to find out.?
  8. How many people would consider owning or fostering this dog for a year
  9. Do male guinea pigs try to hump other male guinea pigs?
  10. is it ok for my beardie to?..........?
  11. DO you feed your dog marijuana ?
  12. Is my Cockatiel Pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. Regarding my 4 year old cat?
  14. How can I take my cat from Japan to America by plane?
  15. Ice bags for goldfish?
  16. How can I remove my male betta from a tank without getting any of the
  17. How much sleep should a small dog get?
  18. What is the normal weight of basset hound pup of 2 months?
  19. will an E collar make my aggressive dog more mean or snap her out of i
  20. Introducing pet rats, hissing and viciously attacking, why?
  21. Rabbit safe way to get rid of fleas in the home?
  22. Where to buy an Anatolian Shepherd. ?
  23. Can you give a cat benadril and how much?
  24. Dogs-I want a dog but...?
  25. Did I make the right decision on taking the two dogs I found to the SP
  26. Help! I am stuck in my room. If I go in the kitchen the cat will bothe
  27. Rubber floor matting for better drainage? - please tell me what you th
  28. Is a Raw Diet good for dogs? Or is something else better?
  29. How tender should my kitties tummy be after almost 5 weeks since being
  30. How Many Gallons Is my tank?
  31. what methods are there to fatten up a shrimpy kitty.?
  32. what does this sound like ?
  33. My rat's vergina is bleeding can you tell me if this is part of her be
  34. will my dog lose weight when investigating new territory?
  35. Making it easier to walk my Chihuahua?
  36. What do you think of this?
  37. My bunny has something weird on his nose, does anyone know what it is?
  38. what food should i get to help reduce dermitis and yeast?
  39. what color do you think my Betta fry will be?
  40. Stray cat ouside in the freezing cold!!!?
  41. What does your dog do after a bath?
  42. Do snakes eat eggs in chunks or do they break the shell first?
  43. Dog has anxiety. She is well is every other aspect, I take her to the
  44. Does this sound like animal abuse?
  45. Dog will not shut up?
  46. Does any one know of any ways to calm a dog down for a roadtrip?
  47. Sick dog with Diarrhea...?
  48. can i feed tetramin for fish to turtles. i had some fish but they died
  49. what other types of turtles can i put with my Miss map turtle?
  50. what is wrong with my female cat?
  51. do pet animals really love humans?
  52. Do you have a dog or puppy?
  53. what kind of dog is this?
  54. I have a six month old kitten?
  55. HELP!!! My Cats Face Has Swollen Up! Mainly Under His Chin and His Rig
  56. How should i pay for a dog like this?
  57. Should the mother dog be alone during and after delivery?
  58. Puppy Still Has Worms..?
  59. Dog Breed question, please reply if anyone can help!?
  60. 3 year old cat - new to our family... one problem.?
  61. How much would it cost to keep a small toy dog?
  62. Why can't I accept their deaths? Is there a way to move on?
  63. 'Stud' Costs ? How much is an average?
  64. i dont know whats if somethings wrong?
  65. Found some pet meds, Baytril 150 mgs, What are they? Vets names on the
  66. Can Trinidad Dwarf Tigers climb the sides of a glass container?
  67. Dawn ...What is the brand name and model of the electric controller yo
  68. Why the sudden behavior change in my dog?
  69. 3 month puppy cannot pass bowel cannot poo, but drinks water.?
  70. im scared to reach in the cage and pick up my guinea pig it moves sudd
  71. what's your favorite breed of dog?
  72. i put a goby in my tank. i havent seen it in days...?
  73. My dog ate a vial of my tooth whitener...is it toxic to her...what to
  74. what should i do for my dog?
  75. what should i due/act/suspect around our new kitten?
  76. My hamster has wet tail.?
  77. Why do dogs lick you?
  78. EVERYBODY PLEASE ANSWER!!! On a scale from 1-10, how hard do parakeet
  79. what is your favorite animal to see at the zoo?
  80. My dog is acting strange, any experience please?
  81. Are there any colorful fish you can keep with an oscar?
  82. Best Pet Insurance (dogs)?
  83. in regards to my dog cant poop...?
  84. I want to get 2 guinea pigs but my mom only said I can only get 1? Hel
  85. Is WET Meow mix bad? It has meat as a main ingredient?
  86. i have a per teen female cat that has a bump on you belly it seems to
  87. what's wrong with my little kitty?
  88. Stray kittens under porch stairs -- don't know what to do?
  89. will deodorant hurt a puppy?
  90. Do you have a dog or puppy?
  91. What is the best way to potty train a puppy?
  92. we're ttc, and we have an uber possessive dog. how can we know if she'
  93. what kind of dog do you think this is?
  94. How do feel about American Pit Bull Terriers?
  95. Does anyone else have this problem?
  96. My Cat Has a Cut????? PLEASE HELP!!!!! EMERGENCY!!?
  97. Is it too cold to leave my dog in the garage when its 31 degrees out?
  98. Anyone know where to find 20 gallon aquarium?
  99. Tell me about MegaRay MVBs (for a bearded dragon)?
  100. i just abopted a cat?
  101. Are Shetland sheepdogs good breeds of dogs?
  102. What will happen with my Gerbils and a new wheel?
  103. i have a hamtser and it is so smart?
  104. My rat has bumps/scabs?
  105. what do cats generally like in toys?
  106. Animal poll!!! what is your favorite pet?
  107. Ok so i got some new fish. and they had a baby? sry bout the other pos
  108. Do all flower horn fish have red around the eyeball?
  109. is it possible for a guinea pig to live if its been left in the sun?
  110. a question for all hedgehog owners?
  111. Crinkly Ears On Blue Heeler?
  112. Help!!! Dog/Puppy problem ?
  113. Why is my cat doing this?
  114. Scorpion Help Please!!?
  115. Whats your favorite animal?
  116. I need names of websites that have ads from puppy breeders! Name some
  117. does a pack leader become more aggresive when he has more followers?
  118. What can be done for allergic dermatitis?
  119. Darkside of the Rainbow?
  120. How long will my Black Moor stay pregnant?
  121. What should i name my pet cockatiel?
  122. Dog Growls and Shows Teeth when I go into the bedroom while waggging t
  123. how many pets are found abandoned each year in california?
  124. Are my puppies sick? They are awfully small!?
  125. How can I keep my cat nice looking with ALL this fur?
  126. Do pregnant dogs get diarhea as well as sick stomachs?
  127. My mouse isnt growing up? Lol, awkward question but, wtf?
  128. What kind of dog is she?
  129. I adopted a five month old ?
  130. ok so i got some new fish. and they had a baby?
  131. I need help with my overweight dog.?
  132. is it true coral can reduces ammonia ?
  133. Keeping cats off a balcony?
  134. cat on kitchen bench?
  135. How do I get my dog to stop nipping people?
  136. Is my dog anorexic????????
  137. My dog is a horney toad!?
  138. I went to the pound just as they were about to euthanize the cat I was
  139. Water level siphon help!!! 10 points!?
  140. why will my society finches not breed?
  141. my dog ded ware is he?
  142. Dog Whisperer - Lunatic or Savior?
  143. Adding salt to my aquarium for my Green Spotted Puffer, even other fis
  144. What is a very good safe bareback pad?
  145. Why does my roommate's pitbull bark at me for attention?
  146. does anyone know what i can do about the shedding of my bulldog please
  147. what are those tiny brownish bugs in my indoor fresh water aquarium?
  148. Yorkie puppy and potty training....?
  149. How can i teach my dog to not get her cable wrap around the tree?
  150. Chihuahua with an ear infection?
  151. Is there such thing as a brindle Chihuahua?
  152. My Lovely Rabbit....?(confused)?
  153. What do I do with my platy?
  154. my dog ate a crayon will he mb okay?
  155. In spineworld, what can I mix in zorofs machine and how long does it t
  156. is rabbit lucky or unlucky?
  157. How can I make my puppy feel loved?
  158. why is corn bad for st.bernards.oh and what is bigger st.bernards or e
  159. How do I get my tabby female cat to be more playful?
  160. iam getting a white poodle soon and i need a name for her, please help
  161. help me cheer my dog up!!!?
  162. do you hit an animal or possibly cause an accident?
  163. My Puppy Went Into Cardiac Arrest For 4 Minutes, Will He Suffer Brain
  164. where can I buy the magic globe tank?
  165. What is 'matting'....?
  166. I have a Question About My Dog?
  167. looking for funny dog names?
  168. how can i make myself feel less guilty?? ?
  169. what breed do i have? i asked before(pics)?
  170. oddly colored paints take a look?
  171. Cat getting along with Dogs...?
  172. My 8mth old cat is not eating and puking?
  173. What is the best name/ breed of dog?
  174. People keep getting animals that they dont really want. Why?
  175. can fungus growing on fish immobilize a fish's tail so it can't sweep
  176. How can I get my dog to stop licking EVERYTHING?
  177. I'm freaking out. What will happen to my bunny!?
  178. My Cat Ate Advil Helppp?
  179. i am getting a Hamster?
  180. Chance of goldfish getting pregnant?
  181. can two different parrot species interbreed?
  182. my hamster has a lump in her lower body and i just found out she is a
  183. what toy is best for a cockaiel?
  184. Please Help!! My beta stopped eating, he won't even come to the top of
  185. NEW PUPPY!! name ideas?
  186. how do i clean my rabbit, she's been sitting in her litter box!!?
  187. What is your favorite wacky animal.?
  188. Which of these bareback pads do you like best?
  189. what are good cichlid tank mates?
  190. My Siamese fighting fish wont eat?
  191. pet name for a hedgehog?
  192. My 6 w/o chihuahua shakes abnormally while he sleeps. please help me?
  193. I think I'm sexually attracted to my dog?
  194. Name my new Filly, easy 10 P ?
  195. Cats Killing Tecnques?
  196. I want to have some some fish in my apartment and I need help on what
  197. What breed do you think she is?
  198. Can you wipe a puppie's butt with baby wipes after they poop?
  199. which pitbull sex is more hyper?
  200. So I heard that turtles can eat earthworms?
  201. Does anyone know why my dog could be doing this? A vet, a smart person
  202. WHAT would you name a pet PIG?
  203. Polar Bear Hunting is Disgusting!!?
  204. Female dogs, puppies, etc (very important)?
  205. Why does my puppy...?
  206. im curious to know how pet groomers deal with unpleasant or mean pets?
  207. How do I get my dog to go in her dog house?
  208. my guinea pig thinks im food?? he bites my fingers?
  209. why can't my dog poop?
  210. im i at the right age to train a horse i want?
  211. Is it Normal For a Guinea Pig To...?
  212. Whats the most vicious dog?
  213. i need help with my CAT PLEASE?
  214. Lethargic Fish..Flukes or Swim Bladder disease?
  215. is bettafix a good product?
  216. Help! My red-bellied piranhas are eating each other!?
  217. My bunny won't stop peeing on the bed. WTF?
  218. What can I give my dog for her hips?
  219. My dog won't go in her dog house?
  220. my chinese dwarf hamster has a pink lump on its butt..does anyone know
  221. is it safe to spay/neuter a cat that is 2/3 years old?
  222. what is everyones opinion of shih tzu dogs?
  223. wat kind of dog should i get?
  224. when a dog flea bites human does it hurt......?
  225. How can I tell if my cats tail is broken?
  226. looking for a very reputable saint Bernard breeder in the north east..
  227. My dogs balls are lopsided! should i be worryed? 5mths old boxer?
  228. do hamsters eat this kind of food?
  229. Before my dog goes to the bathroom...?
  230. My rabbit has been eating his bedding and I do not know why.Can someon
  231. 8 month old lab ?
  232. How to get my cat to sleep in her bed?
  233. Budgie and Cockatiel question?
  234. One-eyed danio: will he be okay?
  235. I am hatching eggs,but when I ed the incubator it smelled.?
  236. How long can a pomeranian dog 3 years old and healthy live for without
  237. My cat ate a cotton ball?
  238. Is it okay for a kitten to eat meow mix and her kitten food?
  239. How to leash train a difficult puppy...?
  240. my cat is hurt what do i do?
  241. why is my dog pooping blood?
  242. are my jacks female or male?
  243. Dog Gentle Leader not so Gentle?
  244. does anyone know a good snake breeder that ships, is cheap and has hea
  245. Oh man...I just found my hamster...yikes!?
  246. What breed of dog do you think this is?
  247. whats the best way to house break a new puppy?
  248. IS my cats tail broken??/?
  249. Approximate aquarium size? For bearded dragon?
  250. what happens to the puppies that no one buys at a pet shop?