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  1. Help me choose an AKC name for my Maltese?
  2. red eyed tree frog help?
  3. You can save a cat. I am willing to adopt a cat and will pay for shipp
  4. is it to late for a 4 year bichon to have babies?
  5. help! somethings wrong with my holland lop rabbit!please!?
  6. furminator, does it work?
  7. what is the salinity of tapwater?
  8. Why does my dog hump my leg?
  9. how do i get my dogs to quit being jealous?? ?
  10. My starfish is sick. ?
  11. Can someone help me with naming a few dog breeds?
  12. How do I tell if the rat is pregnant?
  13. better to get a female rabbit or male rabbit?
  14. what types of fish like alot of current in water made by filter ?
  15. Diaper bag for dogs????????????
  16. Do beta fish fight with other beta fishes?
  17. Live mouse traps, any suggestions?
  18. Help! I found a small squirrel and she is making some little noise, I
  19. Building up dog muscle?
  20. how can i choose dog collar?
  21. what does 4-h stand for?
  22. Would you buy this horse?
  23. What can I do with a household with a dominant male rott/mastiff and a
  24. Giant Isopod as a pet?
  25. still in need of puppy name!!?
  26. how long do they mate.?
  27. Pig breeders in Texas?????
  28. Do i really need to use aquarium salt when my ghost shrimp is pregnant
  29. How can I get my dad to take my dog to the vet?
  30. How do I get my dog to like me?
  31. Should I adopt a dog from a rescue or from a breeder?
  32. What is an alternative way of keeping dog in your own yard?
  33. is it ok to leave my 1 year old dog locked in my bedroom for the day w
  34. My friend's cat scratched me?
  35. house trained dog peeing in house?
  36. Which planet do you think best represents your dog?
  37. what you think with my dog blog http://dogcollar-ude.blogpot.com?
  38. are goldfish group animals or solo animals?
  39. The Manual of Appropriate Behavior (for your horse) ?
  40. My dog ate baking soda. Should I worry?
  41. dog collars and where to buy them?
  42. What should I choose?
  43. how much should i feed my 2 foot ball python?
  44. I need to know something about a turtle!?
  45. How do I work the mirror mate for my budgie?
  46. Beta Fish Please Help?
  47. Horse questions and sarcoids?
  48. i buy a dog then give it away then buy another, whats wrong is this OC
  49. How long do you leave frontline on before giving a bath to the dog?
  50. what are fun things to do with your guinea pig?
  51. My dog stinks to high heaven!?
  52. has anyone else's dog gotten sick from rawhide ? ?
  53. Rex Rabbit Information? Housing, Diet, Size, Lifespan & Names!?
  54. Help Please! Two Baby Bunnies..?
  55. Why is my dog peeing in the house?
  56. how do you find out the sex of a parakeet?
  57. My dog has a never ending ear infection - any ideas of what causes thi
  58. Dear Dogs; Is this what happens when "Daddy" takes you to get a haircu
  59. How do you stop a dog from biting?
  60. Kiddie Pools for turtles??
  61. should I let my dog win tug of war?
  62. pets and all that goes wit it?
  63. How do I train my Yorkie puppy to use the bathroom outside or in a cer
  64. Is this a cool barn?(pics)?
  65. is it cruel to have an outside dog?
  66. Will my pitbull puppy turn out agressive/bad?
  67. A Couple around the barn questions?
  68. Female rabbits???????????
  69. Good Quality Shampoo and Conditioner?
  70. I just brought home a 9 week old male yorkie, I am having choosing a n
  71. 3 year old house trained german shepard with small amounts of urine se
  72. last night i ran over my neighbors cat while i was driving, and i dont
  73. New tank for guppy fry?
  74. can i 29 gallon tank support?
  75. Gekos hang around front/back door after dark. Not able to go in or out
  76. Do I have to get the gum out of my cats fur?
  77. What do you think of my dog?
  78. my cats producing milk but never been pregnant?
  79. Pet Birds Please Help?
  80. Isn't she adorable? (pictures included!)?
  81. bridgetts dog on the girls next door?
  82. My puppy nips alot how do i stop it?
  83. Should i put my pups crate in the living room by the patio window or i
  84. What age does a standard poodle get the largest amount of puppies?
  85. How to get the most out of my puppies young monthes?
  86. Urgent Birman Question!?
  87. great dane x mastiff ?
  88. What is better a choke collar or a prong collar?
  89. How do i get my golden retreiver to walk on a leash?
  90. Can You Help Me Pick A Name For My Dog?
  91. Whats the price to remove dew claws, lop the tail and ears of min pin?
  92. What brand of dog food do you recommend feeding a husky? My dog doesn'
  93. How much more.......?
  94. How can I get my kitten to gain weight?
  95. should i take my dog to the vet?
  96. What kind of bird is Tweety? ?
  97. my cousin needs a maltese breeder she does not have a computer is ther
  98. I bought 3 fish but I don't know what they are! ?
  99. What is a good hunter type horse?
  100. Plastic and a guinea pig! This is urgent!!!?
  101. How to pluck puppy ear hair!?
  102. Labrador retriever with not so good of an appetite?
  103. Please Help Me With This Question :)?
  104. Can I put 1 goldfish in a 6 gallon tank?
  105. ball python shedding?
  106. My husky only eats about once a day, is this normal?
  107. i need bird names!!!?
  108. how old to breed my dog?
  109. I have one fantail one pink kissing fish and one common goldie how big
  110. I have a pitbull puppy, male. NAMES?!?!?!?
  111. how bad is it really to feed your dog cat food ?
  112. Omg Teenage Months..what Am I To Expect???? ?
  113. What is a good product for dog shedding?
  114. My 19 year old cat has stopped eating & drinking?
  115. Hartz flea medication?
  116. When you hear collie which breed do you think of...?
  117. so what kind of people food can dogs actully have?
  118. who gave nick jonas a dog for his birthday?
  119. sail fin mollies how big do they start breeding?
  120. how much should my dog weigh?
  121. is my new biological filter 2 powerful?????
  122. What are some pet shops in Toronto,Ontario, Canada?
  123. Can you put 5 goats, 5 sheep, 4 chickens, a rooster & a potbellied pig
  124. What is my tank missing?
  125. English Bulldog???????
  126. What is the average number of puppies a standard poodle can have? What
  127. why is my cat doing this ?
  128. Trying to breed my betta fish?
  129. what age to brush chihuahua teeth?
  130. Why do dogs have strong body odor?
  131. My dog is still frightened of traffic what can i do?
  132. How much will a Syrian Hamster cost?
  133. What is a mini prix?
  134. why do dogs lick their balls?
  135. I need help with my frog.?
  136. Bloody stools, vomiting, foaming at the mouth...?
  137. what breed of puppy should i get?
  138. What is the best brand of dog food?
  139. My cat Mary just loves to watch Bear Grylles, Born Survivor. Does your
  140. Can Betta's And White Skirt Tetras Be In The Same Tank ?
  141. What should I charge for overnight pet sitting?
  142. i have a 8 months old hermann tortoise..could any 1 tell me, should i
  143. Where can I find a Breeders page?
  144. how should i clean a used fish tank?
  145. My mom has decided..... ?
  146. why have my two rabbits died?
  147. Are you going to participate in ?
  148. how to help my 5 yr. old cat?
  149. what is the prper name for when you have like a group of older horses
  150. found cat where to take it?
  151. my dog scratched her self bald?
  152. how much can i sell a feather fin catfish for?
  153. how long can they live?
  154. How do I get two grumpy cats to transition to a new kitten?
  155. What breed of dog is this?
  156. I No Hell Existes But Who do is going to be Their?It's Okay for me to
  157. I Am trying to sell my 3 dachshunds puppies!?
  158. My cat and 2 dogs will be reunited....advice needed pls?
  159. I think my new dog has worms....what would you reccommend?
  160. A small patch of feathers above my budgie's cere is brown, is it a war
  161. Whats a cute clever costume for a fat medium sized dog?
  162. how should i help this bird i found in my backyard? plz help!!!?
  163. How do you get a 5 month old puppy to stop jumping up on you and every
  164. where can i watch nour gumus in arabic ?
  165. What's the weirdest horse you have ever seen? What breed was it? ?
  166. My new puppy I just got and my other dog I have had for 3 years have n
  167. What is a good name for a TB Gelding?
  168. What tags/licenses do i need for my pets?
  169. How do u kill ants that won't die (dogs)?
  170. My dog lets off a fishy smell.?
  171. Can stallions be placed together in one pasture ?
  172. My Cockatiel is shaking?
  173. Window+kitten+me=help!?
  174. list of foods that are toxic to dogs??plz?
  175. i'm trying to figure out which breeds come as teacups also. does anyon
  176. why did my snake do this?
  177. do rats like to swim and play in water?
  178. Will my salt water fish tank ruin my books?
  179. 1 fish died in a 7 gallon tank?
  180. Do Las Vegas pet stores sell Sphynx (hairless cats)?
  181. My Bunny Growled At Me And Kind Of Scratched Me?
  182. i need help please !!!!!!!!!!?
  183. can i put leopard gecko dust for crickets on the crickets im feeding m
  184. Should I get another rat?
  185. beta fish??????????????????
  186. is it normal for rabbits to have big breast?
  187. My dog vomits several time a week in the early morning (around 4am) I
  188. my hamster is poorly HELP?
  189. i and my 2 children each got a puppy today. (actual question follows b
  190. Dalmatian Mollies in a 10 gallon tank...?
  191. Cloudy cat eye: reason for concern?
  192. How would you suggest we go about removing a 6 foot black rat snake fr
  193. My betta fish is bleeding, not eating, lethargic, and floating near to
  194. What tropical aquarium fish was released during Katrina that is now da
  195. I need a farm or barn name for my new horse farm.?
  196. My cat has little puncture marks on face?
  197. what pets have you got?
  198. Are My Dogs Plotting My Downfall?
  199. If you couldn't afford to get your dog put down (due to ill health )?
  200. What should i name my Bird?
  201. Pomeranian temperament vs. Yorkie temperament?
  202. what type of dog is the most smartest?. ?
  203. Blood coming from a dogs butt?
  204. HELP! My sister's cat is flipping out!!! =O?
  205. For FFA's SAEP I'm wanting to sell Angora Rabbit fur. Does anyone know
  206. runny nose, wat is wrong with this rabbit?
  207. whats your 3 all time favorite dog breeds?
  208. Has anyone ever ridden an Akal Teke horse? What are they like?
  209. What's a kind of dog that doesn't shed a lot of hair?
  210. Really sick rat, wondering if I should move my other one into a differ
  211. I am in Western Ky and in our backyard I found a blackish brownish gra
  212. Rabbits eating their young?
  213. do rats like to be walked? ?
  214. Why was my guinea pig shivering?
  215. Theoretically, would it be possible to turn a cat inside out by kickin
  216. whats a good family dog breed?
  217. OOp's i gave my Dog Chacolate ...?
  218. Why do dogs eat their own poop?
  219. When can i stop letting my dog out in the middle of the night?
  220. PLEASE HELP!!! Collie in desperate need!!?
  221. Why is my dog acting like this?
  222. Where can i find a bichon close to illinois?!?
  223. Where to get Ferrets?
  224. I need help convincing my mom im mature enough to take care of a cavy?
  225. My dog's snout is swollen, what could it be?
  226. Hamster HELP PLEASE!!!?
  227. How long do i have to wait to get my Betta?
  228. Can MY DOG see in the dark?
  229. Best type of fencing to get for small dogs?
  230. Do beta fish fight for a little before they mate?
  231. Why is my fish tank yellow/greenish?
  232. My 7 yr old shiztu has a red dot on his eye an i dont know what to do?
  233. My poodle about 10 yrs old had what I thought a red rash inside his le
  234. Why do some cavapoos have long hair and some dont? Mine has short wavy
  235. how can you put your guinea pigs on a diet?
  236. Why does my dog drag her face on the carpet?
  237. Will your cat be undergoing a surgical procedure? How will you ensure
  238. Would this be considered as animal cruelty ....?
  239. Yo What Is Bset Way To Eat Goldfsh Fryed Or Bked?
  240. Does anyone know any leopard gecko breeders..............?
  241. I bought 2 zebra Dino's and i have researched them but could not find
  242. What is the best way to keep baby seahourses alive?
  243. i am going shopping for my comet goldfish. Please tell what all I nigh
  244. I am looking for a friend for my cockatiel, Sunny. (read inside)?
  245. Betta breeding help? ?
  246. stinky farting?????????????????help!!11?
  247. do cats and dogs see ghost in a certain room?
  248. I am looking for an Aussie?
  249. my rat is scared of every little noise......?
  250. How do I judge when my cat & kitten have gone beyond play fighting to