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  1. My younger sister won't let us euthanize our cat?
  2. Can you identify my new puppy see pics?
  3. Male cat, male kitten...HELP?
  4. Where do you buy Winter white dwarf's?
  5. Socializing a Wire Fox Terrier?
  6. Do newts need to be wet all the time?
  7. My lovebird bites...does anyone know how to stop biting?
  8. is sunblock safe for dogs?
  9. My last question on feeding a RAW diet to your dogs?
  10. my hamster is biting her leg and there is no more hair left on it?
  11. Dog Ate Ant Poison. Help?
  12. how can I convince my parents to let my dog sleep with me?
  13. what is the best store to buy millipedes?
  14. how to hide a corpse after u have well put them to sleep permanently?
  15. my guinea pig is sick?
  16. Halloween Costume Ideas??
  17. So... about my pug.... ?
  18. What would you rather get a Chinchilla or Gecko?
  19. How do I train my dog to not bark as much?
  20. insect in my aquarium?
  21. mY goldfishes love their reflection? ?
  22. Info on horses heart rates?
  23. is it illegal to dye my dogs tail?
  24. A gecko for Christmas?
  25. Head-shy Horse. HELP?!?
  26. My dog bit somebody what do I do?
  27. Puppies and Sub-Q fluids?
  28. Please Help Me Wiht This Question????
  29. my puppy is 9 weeks old and weighs 20 lbs, how much will she weigh ful
  30. What should I name my new (pics included)?
  31. can i mix frontosa with blood parrot cichlids?
  32. Please Help Me With This Question???
  33. how can i get a baby squirrel?
  34. how do you cut a birds wings?
  35. Do Chinchillas make good pets for 12 year olds?
  36. .......Picky ferrets?
  37. Dog section: :)........?
  38. Is moss safe to put in an aviary?
  39. If you could become a dinosaur, would you?
  40. What kind of dog should I get ? P.S.I want it to be a girl?
  41. For some reason today out of the blue my rabbits biting and scratching
  42. white spots on my turtles?
  43. Why does my parrot have bad breath? He has always had it and is now se
  44. How many times a day do YOU walk your dog and for how long?
  45. Feeding beneful or pedigree puppy food?
  46. Fishless Cycling of my 125 Gallon tank.?
  47. Human/bunny treats...?
  48. Emergency Hermit Crab Help?
  49. Can I feed my hamster rat food?
  50. I just received a 10 month old Shiba Inu dog, and I have a few questio
  51. What would be the result of breeding a strawberry roan horse to a palo
  52. I am thinking about getting a long-haired cat..?
  53. Whatcha talkin' bout' Willis?
  54. I want to be a police dog trainer?
  55. Really big jack russell terrier?
  56. Leash training ferret?
  57. Dog shakes???????????????-sometimes?
  58. Good Ideas? 10 pts will be rewarded!?
  59. How to get my dog to behave on the leash?
  60. Why does my dog do this?
  61. Volunteering At An Animal Shelter For Minors?
  62. what other fish can i put in my 20 gallon high tank?
  63. please help me with this!!!?
  64. can i give my dog a flea bath after i gave them a capstar pill?
  65. power head direction in a wet/dry tank?
  66. Question about horses...?
  67. My cat sheds to much,What can i do to stop it?
  68. cat will not use the litter box ?
  69. Show Buggies/Carts? Where can I find out about...?
  70. Alligator snapping turtles??????
  71. On average how much does it cost to board a horse?
  72. green tree python humidity?
  73. Can you tell me what is a ham?
  74. For some reason today out of the blue my rabbits biting and scratching
  75. crittertrail X for my teddy bear hamster?
  76. Help with new horse!!?
  77. green puffer fish food?
  78. Getting a Cat used to...?
  79. anyone have anyways how to train a 3 month old toy poodle...basic trai
  80. my fish have ich but i started treatment a few days ago...but it looks
  81. I just got a new puppy. When I take it outside to poo it rarely does i
  82. Why do dogs bark from there mouth?
  83. My youngest goldfish keeps laying in bottom... not eating enough?
  84. Anyone have good information on petstore and puppy mills?
  85. how long does a yorkie last in heat? how long does it take for the fem
  86. How do i make my dog want to walk with me on a leash?
  87. where can I get a monkey?
  88. Animal College????please help?
  89. how many litters can a mouse have after each other?
  90. My cat is pregnant I think and so what should I do with the kittens?
  91. English Riders In Indiana!? I Need Help Finding Shows?
  92. I just got a small, black, adorable 2 month year old cat. I need a nam
  93. are black widow spiders fast or slow when they run?
  94. I think my horse has strangles~ best helper gets 10 pts!?
  95. What days do they have puppy socialization at Petco? ?
  96. what horse should I buy?
  97. -where can i buy sea monkey products?
  98. My cat ate some stuff and puked it up, it may still have something in
  99. my dog was shaking all over while lieing down, i put a heavy blanket o
  100. If you want to donate to save a baby puppies life, please take a look
  101. help my guinea pig looks thinner!?
  102. my baby turtles don't wana eat!!?
  103. I want to be a police dog trainer?
  104. Where can i find a miniature jersey cow for sale. A calf preferably.?
  105. Some questions on fish?
  106. My dog always eats the cat food...?
  107. what do u know about snapping turtle babies?
  108. How long do you have to go to college to be a vet?
  109. please help me with this!!!!?
  110. Do you think that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are really the ultima
  111. Please help me my gsd is driving me crazy?
  112. Does anyone know how long dog sour apple spray lasts? ?
  113. Is my cat Suffering?- Kidney failure with my cat Oscar?
  114. When I bring my new bunny home...?
  115. Help we need to know more about alligator protocol.?
  116. My budgie looks weird?
  117. Please help me name my fish!?!?!?!?!?
  118. ferret with a skin problem help plz?
  119. I have a 5 month old chow chow and she bit me while taking her treat a
  120. Why is my beardie's head more pale than the rest of it's body?
  121. My Rabbit won't wee or poo in her hutch!?
  122. What kind of food can I use to put weight on Koi before winter?
  123. My pomeranian is 8 years old. He sometimes has episodes where his legs
  124. Do you want to help save a dogs life?
  125. What birds can't fly?
  126. Meowing cat...Meows and Meows and Meows...?
  127. Help this puppy please!?
  128. mom wants to get a dog?
  129. "Green" kitty litter?
  130. is bubbie a good nickname for a pug?
  131. omg my bunny is bleeding!?
  132. what is the best water Temperature to give ferrets a bath in?
  133. my 42lb pit bull has diarrhea. all else normal (eat/drink plays etc.)
  134. My dog just had 9 puppies tonight what do I do?
  135. How do you teach a dog to fetch?
  136. Why is my cat foaming at the mouth?
  137. do mice make good pets ?
  138. Hamster name for winter white male thats grey.?
  139. Please Critique Vids Included?
  140. Where can you buy dog wheelchairs?
  141. Ferret Questions, Please help?
  142. Help save this puppies life!?
  143. Im not sure if my Betta (bruce) has white spot, ICK! ?
  144. What ingredients in dog food will make Golden Retrievers coat thicker
  145. I would like to buy a ferret from a breeder. Where/How can I find one?
  146. Can i put an aloe plant with my ball pythons?
  147. I just bought a Betta, could he be dying?
  148. 10 gallon fish tank . ?
  149. Pregnant Shih-tzu...?
  150. my girl lab will not eat anything what should i do. she did fuss over
  151. horse food questions?
  152. how will my Fish react when I switch tanks?
  153. My Dog keeps on trembling and won't stop.She vomited allot just once .
  154. Would a reputable breeder make spelling errors in her updates about th
  155. can feeder mice make good pets ?
  156. picking an adopted compaion for life ?
  157. How do I teach my border collie mix (9 months old) to roll over?
  158. breeding jaguar and texas cichlids?
  159. Do you think this is wrong?
  160. My dog has dry, scaly skin... what to do?
  161. My ick treatment is supposed to be over, but. . . ?
  162. Is anyone's kitty just as bad as mine?
  163. what happens when you add warm water to merrick dry dog food?
  164. ram territorial problems help???
  165. What is the best size tank for a common goldfish?
  166. Is there anything else, apart from fish food, i can feed my goldfish?
  167. My dog has a black dot below his pupil on each eye. What is this?
  168. Female dog refuses to walk on grass!?
  169. Are holland lops easy to breed?
  170. My wonderful rats! LOL?
  171. I'm getting a bunny!?
  172. Can anyone recommend a good dog breed for my situation?
  173. Is a critter trail 1 good for my black bear hamster? Read additional i
  174. Why is my puppy's hair falling off?
  175. how long before guppies have babies fawning?
  176. is it fine if i leave my cockatiels on top of their cage?
  177. I was wondering about Chihuahuas?
  178. My dog ate a brownie a couple days ago!?
  179. I just adopted a 3year old from Rwanda, is it wrong to draw stripes on
  180. will my dog be ok while i'm at school?
  181. in michigan, can you keep a pet chipmunk?
  182. how long does it take a female rabbit to have babies?
  183. what kind of mouse is this?
  184. can someone tell me the gender of my cockatiels (link)?
  185. How do you take care of pet cows?
  186. How do I fillet my iguana?
  187. Betta fish dying (bacteria growing on them)?
  188. What kind of fish to start with in a 10 gallon tank?
  189. can someone please tell me the answers to this quiz, i need to pass it
  190. how do you care for dragon flies?
  191. How come older dogs between the ages of like 6 and 14 hate puppies?
  192. Cat pregnancy question!?
  193. HELP 911 Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  194. my rat is too skinny but the thing is she eats and drinks alot?10 poin
  195. Do you know in which states, apart from Hawaii, you can leave your est
  196. how much hay would this horse get daily?
  197. Do think my dag is cute?
  198. is my sea anemone sick?
  199. someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
  200. My guinea pig has eaten plastic! Will she be all right?
  201. we just got a cow cow cow today i want to enter it in?
  202. Should Bettas be kept in bowls or do they need tanks?
  203. a name to shorten to R.J.?
  204. Where to buy green card?
  205. question about mice. ?
  206. My 4 month old pup doesn't like tile floor?
  207. How do I clean this fish tank?
  208. do i have too many fish in my tank???
  209. We just found a rabbit's nest?
  210. how old does this puppy look?
  211. Is my kitten going blind?
  212. Training a Feral cat. Do I have a chance?
  213. whats the most effective way of teaching a puppy to be toilet trained,
  214. Why is my older dog afraid of puppies inside but not outside?
  215. A question about desexing dogs?
  216. i have a pet cockatiel. my ?
  217. Do cats have eyelids?
  218. well my dad is getting me a dog?
  219. what do you think about the habitrail mini (for mice and gerbils)?
  220. Help!!!! Help with my gerbil!?
  221. Where can I find a specific kind of collar for my new kitten?
  222. what do Red Eared Slider turtles eat?
  223. What other fish can go with my male betta?
  224. my rabbit has malocclusion on one of his front incisor, and that tooth
  225. should I get a feeder mouse as a pet ?
  226. I spilled ZEMA Ear Miticide on my Cat (overdose)?
  227. gourami????????????????????????????
  228. why does my dog sometimes sleep with his eyelids ?
  229. Do you think that this puppy is cute?
  230. How do I know if it was a dog that killed my pet rabbit?
  231. Hamster or guinea pig?
  232. insulated coveralls to do barn chores?
  233. what is the best(safest) horse back rideing hemet i can get?
  234. my cat"s eye is filled with blood what can i do . it is 8:12 and the v
  235. What's your favorite dog breed? :)?
  236. 115 gallon and fish ideas for the tank?
  237. Will my 3 cats ever get along?
  238. Can u legally keep a zebra in N.C. ?
  239. Just got a new kitten, my first in 4 years, I've forgotten what I'm do
  240. Questions for experienced Cichlid keepers (Best answer gets the points
  241. Why is my kitten peeing on the floor?
  242. What do you do when you have seen ........?
  243. What is wrong with my dog?
  244. Can the eye of a goldfish grow back?
  245. How ca I stop my turtle from rolling onto his back?
  246. we just got a steer and i want to join him in...?
  247. Help!!! My dog will not stop biting my other dogs ears. He's getting p
  248. I take her out, she pees 3 times, I bring her in & as soon as I do she
  249. Kittens have small bumps on their nose?
  250. What kind of dog is ghetto like a pitbull but not as agressive?