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  1. why are most stray cats chubbier than cats that have homes?
  2. Can I teach my dog to play more?
  3. can anybody help me get cat urine and feces smell out of my house? i h
  4. I need some Hamster food help?
  5. Can I put a female betta in with two guppies?
  6. Essentials for a tack trunk?
  7. How can I get my hamster to grow 5ft?
  8. My dog Is a mix but with what please help?
  9. Did the Felidae formula change too?
  10. Information on Himalyan Cats?
  11. What breed is my cat?
  12. Rat nipping ?
  13. Do colleges let you have bunnies in your dorm?
  14. Why does my Golden Retriever puppy have dandruff?
  15. do dobermans brains keep growing?
  16. How high do small junior hunters 16-17 jump?
  17. My cat has tapeworm. Question...?
  18. How to keep a horse from throwing their head?
  19. Why is my dog doing this?
  20. my newborn kitten has blood in his butt?
  21. What should I name this new baby paint horse?
  22. how do you tell if a fish is a boy or girl fish?
  23. What plants can grow under stock lighting?
  24. exotic animal breeder permit/license where to get it for Oklahoma?
  25. My Guinea Pig is an incestuous lesbian.?
  26. 8 week old kitten with fleas.HELP!?
  27. Algae around fish tank?
  28. Can dogs/pets feel love? ?
  30. What horses are good to breed to an Arabian mare?
  31. What is the current price of a goldfish at Walmart? Please help me.?
  32. What should I name him?
  33. showing animals question?
  34. can i breed axolotls using 1 male and 2 females? ?
  35. is california golden wheat straw (fresh) ok for rabbits?
  36. Ran out of Dog food...?
  37. help? bunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
  38. My Fish.......Please help!?
  39. Is it normal for parakeets to have...?
  40. my dog keeps scratching at his ear and shaking his head i looked at it
  41. I can't believe Petsmart workers?!?
  42. I just recently bought two bunnies?
  43. i want to have new email?
  44. what should i do with a hamster my mom said to get rid of it?
  45. how do u tell what sex kittens are?
  46. Costume Class Ideas!!!!!!!!!!?
  47. what kind of fish can i out in my pond?
  48. can i catch a wild turtle and keep it as a pet?
  49. Contest! winner gets 10 points! read details to know about the contest
  50. can you put a female betta fish with her babies oor goldfish?
  51. Do you know what could be wrong!? I'm so scared!!?
  52. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  53. How do you feel about bizzare 'designer' crossbreeds of horses? ?
  54. my ball python wont eat.?
  55. I am renting this house that had 4 dogs nd a litter of pups living in
  56. My cat is peeing blood?
  57. Is this not an aggression problem?
  58. Question about contact with stagnant water in aquarium?
  59. siamese fish was weird , now dead ?
  60. Confirmation on my filly?
  61. why wont my snapping turtle eat :(?
  62. what is a good name for a maltese girl puppy named shiloh?
  63. I have a 3 week old kitten?
  64. critique my riding please?
  65. cheapest place for baby box turtles in VA?
  66. My dog's face stinks?
  67. wat should i Name my platypus?
  68. why doesn't my kitten love me?
  69. My Rosy Barb has lost half of its scales!?!?
  70. 6mo old male cat inside.stray male cats outside?
  71. Does my cat hate me now?
  72. How should I punish my dog when he has a jealousy prob with another do
  73. Does your dog sleep under the covers?
  74. should i take my dog for a walk?????
  75. What would you name her...?
  76. do you no whey the pets mart i go to sometimes has sick animal's?
  77. what do i feed a baby duck?
  78. Cat gets stuck upside down?
  79. How much should I ask for my eastern box turtle?
  80. how often should i cleen my turtle pond wich does not have a filter?
  81. Feeding Ball pythons white mice????
  82. Poll: Dog or Cat........?
  83. I have a new kitten.?
  84. Why do my chinchilla's not get along?
  85. Possibly sick pet rat?
  86. about how much money would it cost total to get a bearded dragon?
  87. snake food question? 10 points for best answer!!?
  88. What is the difference between MOUSE and RAT?
  89. where can i get a cheap horse in Illinois?
  90. My dog has a fishy type smell in her ears, what does that mean? She is
  91. my dog's tooth came out and he's 5?
  92. X-ray Confusion - possible Diaphragmatic Hernia or Congenital Heart Di
  93. What should I do about my cat?
  94. Random Question for all Equestrians!?
  95. Has your dog ever had problems with taste of the wild food?
  96. what is your opinion regarding this fish?
  97. Please give me a website listing fish species?
  98. All My fish have died from ick what now?
  99. How much money will this cost me?
  100. When will my male dog learn to lift his leg?
  101. Pro Plan or Royal Canin DANE FOOD?
  102. Is This A Pastel Ball Python ?
  103. minnows get along with bettas?
  104. How can I get my BOMBAY KITTEN to come out and play more? (nocturnal a
  105. how could i get a pet...?
  106. my leopard gecko is shedding?
  107. My new goldfish?
  108. what is the name of this cute bird?
  109. hamster problem plz help?
  110. help my dog keeps running away?
  111. My guppy is REALLY CLEAR. I mean I can see everything inside her. Does
  112. How to take care of a Beta fish?
  113. Are there any games I can play with my hedgehog?
  114. how do you cure a constipated chihuahua puppy?
  115. Is there a way to fix a leaky water bottle?
  116. Why did the dog urinate?
  117. Tricks to teach my border collie mix? (9 months old)?
  118. What does it mean when a Parakeet seems to be pulling out or losing al
  119. When is it okay to let my puppy outside?
  120. My dog slipped a disk? (or at least I think she did)?
  121. What should I get for my dwarf bunny?
  122. ???How much salt for my hermit crabs?
  123. Will someone with a deep conception of rats please answer this questio
  124. Betta Fish Questiooon?
  125. Could my guinea pig go blind?:?
  126. What are a cat's auxiliary lymph nodes supposed to feel like?
  127. What should i feed my plecos? I am currently feeding them algea discs.
  128. I was wondering if there are dogs or any animals that are homo?
  129. my snake has been acting mean striking me?
  130. My gerbil escaped! Please help!?
  131. can you have livestock anywhere in ontario ?
  132. OK could i keep an apple snail with a betta in a 1.5 gallon tank?
  133. My cat broke her leg and had a pin placed 6 days ago.?
  134. AKC registration...how to?
  135. I want my OWN dog my family dog is so dumb and dosent like me?
  136. My baby water turtle...?
  137. pregnant guppy tank size?
  138. Cascade 700 filter help?
  139. What does Two eyes are better then two heels.-Clinton Anderson mean? I
  140. Can female ferrets be desexed on heat?
  141. I wanna breed fish, what should I breed first, and how?
  142. Growling Parakeet!!!Help!?
  143. what guppies going to give birth first?
  144. Could my dog have cancer or something else?
  146. When does a Cairn Terriers ear stand up?
  147. Has your dog ever been stolen?
  148. How should I introduce a new kitten to my dog?
  149. Would Valerian Root be safe for cat?
  150. do the types of beta fish vary or affect breeding of them?
  151. My weanling filly has snotty nose and cough.?
  152. I put my new horse in a field, and he's now a SPAZZ!?
  153. Why do Ball Python's hiss?
  154. I need help on a stray kitten?
  155. would it be wrong to do this?
  156. how to join 4-H with dogs?
  157. need help on food choices?
  158. I am thinking about getting a dwarf bunny ...?
  159. What can live in a 2 gallon aquarium?
  160. Will dogs remember you?
  161. pregnant guppies. please help me?
  162. Teacup Chihuahua's! Please Answer!?
  163. My Male cat became very hostile today after a visit to the vet?
  164. what is a poison dart frog?
  165. Potty training your dog ?
  166. Are my iguanas okay answer please?
  167. How to make a dog collar?
  168. Silence a Meowing Cat?
  169. Is my pleco going to get bigger?
  170. pictures are needed here!?
  171. how big dose the stimson pythons grow?
  172. dog help???????????????????????????
  173. Rabbit question?????????????
  174. im 14 i was wondering what are the chances that my turtle has salmonal
  175. help! I put ph balance in my tank and now its all milky! I just lost m
  176. I was at the pet store today and I wanted to know if you would say som
  177. How do you tame a wild budgeriar?
  178. help me cichlid problems....?
  179. i dont know weather or not a dog is being beat for i can take action t
  180. if i add another girl dwarf hamster with my other one will my other on
  181. Which Breed of dog do you think is over bred?
  182. What kind of mix do you think this is?
  183. Why is 1 of my green spotted puffers turning black...?
  184. My dog is biting his hind leg?!?!?
  185. When will...? 3 Questions?
  186. Cichlids!!!! What Do I Need To Know?!!?!?!?!?
  187. My cat is gone... What might have happened to him?
  188. Whats the easiest warmwater fish to look after?
  189. about a rabbit I NEED YOUR HELP!!?
  190. I just bought 2 male crowntail bettas today? Names?
  191. I have a frog dilema. What should i do?
  192. HELP NEEDED, dog whines after eating?
  193. what kind of dog do you have?
  194. Does this sound like a good setup?
  195. What should i get a guinea pig or a rabbit?
  196. What should I do to start training for barrels?
  197. Some Fish name suguestions?
  198. my blue tang looses color at night.?
  199. My cat wants to go outside SO BAD?
  200. Whats the best thing to feed rats?
  201. what should jade name her new betta fish. it is red with blue speckles
  202. My family was kind of thinking of building a HUGE salt water aquarium
  203. how many pets do u have? what kinds?
  204. My puppy just ate some chicken bones!?
  205. Pleasure Horse Training?
  206. What kind of food prevents shedding for cats?
  207. How do u measure the thickness and water resistance of a dog's hair/fu
  208. Do cat rabies tags look different than dog rabies tags?
  209. is it okay to have 2 chinchillas in 1 cage?
  210. what are some cute outfits to go with your horse?
  211. Where can I buy Spike's Delight Hedgehog food?
  212. Which animal should i get ?
  213. Pets Chooseing Help?!?
  214. What's the best animal that is easy to take care of?
  215. my cat layla? is there something wrong?
  216. how long should it take for duck eggs to hatch?
  217. snake question....??
  218. Will Khaki Campbell and Blue Swedish Ducks leave and never come back i
  219. My f. parakeet is 2yrs. old and seems to be sick rufled feather watery
  220. If a Yorkie is wee wee pad trained by breeder, will he use them in my
  221. Can i use normal soil to plant my coldwater aquarium plants?
  222. what kind of cat food is cheaper, purena or authority?
  223. what kind of dog food is cheaper, purena or authority?
  224. what should i feed a bearded dragon ?
  225. Should I put my Dog to sleep?
  226. Stringy things in my aquarium filter, on frame for biofilter... is it
  227. Hamster nesting in exercise ball?
  228. whats ur favorite animal???
  229. One of my cat's had kittens.?
  230. How to get cats out from under my house?
  231. I did not know my little doggy had parvo when her baby puppy was born.
  232. How big does a rabbit's cage have to be?
  233. Is my dog sick? Needed 20 characters to complete question.?
  234. Why does my dog limp when she gets up in the morning?
  235. My guppy is small and her WHOLE body is CLEAR. She hasnt Eaten in 3 da
  236. any tips for aggressiveness in yorkie puppies?
  237. What Types of Vets are There?
  238. What size filter for this tank...?
  239. Getting my mom to get a DOG?
  240. my mini horse keeps foundering what can i do?
  241. How can you tell if a dog is deaf in one ear?
  242. I have my Dog Name list down to four names can you guys help me pick w
  243. can my friends bunny breed?he is 9 yrs old ?
  244. Whats your favorite kind of dog....?
  245. Help, Cat Confused And Maybe Stressed?
  246. Do dogs go through puberty?
  247. 2 Year old and a pet rat?
  248. PLEASE, SUGGESTIONS! I want a pet so BAD. . . ?
  249. What should Kylie name her kitten?
  250. I would love to breed from my betta as a hobby?