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  1. if my larger discus attacks the smaller one , does that mean im not fe
  2. i need help with my dwarf rabbit?
  3. Why is my kitty's intestines coming out of her butt?
  4. Where do you buy injectable methylcobalamin for your sick cat without
  5. Chihuahua pup coughing?
  6. I have a 9 weeks Yorkie/Maltese and she pees and poos in her cage. How
  7. If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked?
  8. What homeowners insurance do you use/recommend?
  9. my dog barks at other dogs and I'd like to stop it. She is 18months an
  10. What shoud I call my Guinea pigs?
  11. Can cockatiels and English Budgies live together?
  12. how long can a dog hold its breath?
  13. were can i buy i pug ? in yorkshire area !!?
  14. I lost my hamster. What do i do?
  15. should I be there with him when his time hits?
  16. what is the best trick for a dog?
  17. I have a lab and shes crazy ?
  18. what water conditioner do you recomend?
  19. my neighbour's dog has blood blisters round his eyes.?
  20. Help with Puppy Love ?
  21. do you thinks she's chi/dachshund?
  22. what makes your dog so special:)?
  23. Need some support/advice...?
  24. What is a good anti-itch cream?
  25. What kind of lamp for my Slider Turtle?
  26. What species of pet turtle are there?
  27. my firsted leased horse?
  28. Really worried about my cat?
  29. where can i get a lisard ? in nsw australia on the central coast ?
  30. Has anyone seen a dachshund and english bulldog mixed?
  31. Which animal is way funnier?
  32. How dangerous is it for a kitty to chew on wires?
  33. Click Here V If you wanna share!?
  34. Should I get my dog desexed before I get him registered?
  35. A dog is tied to the corner of a rectangular house. The dog’s leash is
  36. What is a Good rat trick or game?
  37. Spray or something for ticks in the backyard?
  38. My cat keeps spilling his water all of a sudden?
  39. what is up with dog music?
  40. Where in Melbourne can I buy a terrapin?
  41. Angel w/ net damage..?
  42. Can Raccoons Be pets?
  43. what is a good web site to buy fish from in Australia ?
  44. Do Ferrets Smell worse than rats if theve had ther stink glands remove
  45. my new dog follows me everywhere!?
  46. how do birds lay eggs without a mate?
  47. What kind of dogs do you think my puppy is mixed with?
  48. How fast does a ball python grow?
  49. After hospital treatment for canine parvovirus?
  50. what could i put in a 5 gallon saltwater tank?
  51. Does My Fish have ich or fungus?
  52. what should I do?? and im not touching them. what about my dog?
  53. Mouse Names..... HELP!!!?
  54. What is the best way to eliminate ticks from my dog? The conventional
  55. Whats wrong with my Goat?
  56. Does she have the right to take my cats?
  57. what to do about my betta?
  58. HELP! My kakariki eggs arent hatching!?
  59. Is there any medication you need to give to young birds?
  60. what causes baldness in baby ducklings?
  61. What do you need to turn a freshwater tank into a saltwater tank?
  62. will a Convict, or cichlids lets say 2 of each fit in a 29 gallon tank
  63. My RED Slider turtle has odd flaky stuff on his soft skin.?
  64. If a dog is opposite of a cat, what are some others....?
  65. how can i get my dog to stop freaking out when i blow dry him after a
  66. How long before aquarium heater is supposed to work?
  67. i want to buy a horse but i don't know what breed?
  68. How many times should I be cleaning my dogs ears?
  69. when will my convict mate?
  70. I want to buy a horse but what breed should i get please help ???????!
  71. Fish compatible with rainbow shark?
  72. Why did my hamster die like this?
  73. How can you tell how old a ferret is?
  74. What words rhyme with iguana?
  75. Did my cat have a stroke?
  76. How do regular wild minnows get along with a betta?
  77. did my cat have a heart attack ?
  78. i think my fish are very sick?
  79. I can not stand my kitten's face!?
  80. Gelding won't stop jumping?
  81. Gelding's worth in this economy?
  82. My dogs chain freezes during the winter, what can I do to prevent it?
  83. is my fish gonna die?
  84. Do Ball Pythongs need a special lighting source? ?
  85. I dont know what pet to get?
  86. Is Flakyness on the Soft skin okay?
  87. Were can you get a cloud mountain minnow at?
  88. What is the correct way to avoid out of control dogs on walks?
  89. grooblety goop los noodle soop? ?
  90. Why is my dog shaking?
  91. I found a lost dog. What do I do?
  92. Are there any animal shelters in the Chicago area where I could adopt
  93. What are your favorite kind of Koi fish?
  94. What do Balloon Mollies need to breed?
  95. what is wrong with my cat?????
  96. What type of saddle would you recommend?
  97. What is a good intermediate Reptile pet (Preferable a lizard)?
  98. Is there someone who sells safe rat cage adaptions?
  99. Do you think Our puppy knows we saved her life?
  100. how can i not miss my puppy when i go on vaca?
  101. Why don't cats like water?
  102. Any ideas for finding this?
  103. Do you think Linda S is really annoying with her "cat link spamming"?
  104. blue bear..the souix words please..?
  105. Advice on training a dog that "mouths" a lot?
  106. Horse Show Name, i need help?
  107. who thinks PsychicChick is a troll?
  108. Would placing moth balls around house help deter mice?
  109. Whats A Good Hamster Name?
  110. my pet rabbit trouble?
  111. New dog is over protective of me?
  112. who are oscars friends of.?
  113. can a female pitbull be intergrated into a house with 2 neutered males
  114. what does this pup look like, a dutch shepherd, or a gsd?
  115. My snake got out what now!?
  116. My Snake escaped into a hole in the wall....?
  117. How often do you wash or give a house cat a bath?
  118. Bathing a rabbit in dawn?
  119. my rats tail and feet have turned really white?
  120. My kitty had a UTI...is it her food?
  121. why does my dog get so scared?
  122. How much food should a 9 month old average bodied cat be given per day
  123. Chicken with obscenely swollen eyes? Help?
  124. My dogs chain for the backyard freezes during the winter, what can I d
  125. Getting my guy to slow down on the longe!?
  126. Why Doesn't My Hamster Breed?
  127. my dogs take a poop in side the house can someone help me?
  128. Would you rather have a Boxer dog or Poodle?
  129. Any tips for new comers to breeding rabbits?
  130. CRITIQUES PLEASE! me and matt ?
  131. How much are chinchillas at petco?
  132. help!!! my cat has something wrong with her!?
  133. Any woman ever ridden a wild bull?
  134. is it true that chows only bond to one person?
  135. Why do dogs like to hang their heads out of car windows?
  136. Why has my duck stopped laying?
  137. What size of tank should i put a beta in?
  138. is it true bettafix can coat a bettas labyrinth and kill it?
  139. How to catch small animals?
  140. Medication for dog immune system?
  141. Best treats/food and toys for new cockatiel?
  142. guinea pig... pregnant?
  143. This is urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE CAN I GET........?
  144. Help! My neighbors cat poops in my yard?
  145. Chihuahua names?????????
  146. New Quaker pet, need help with taming?
  147. Why is it so bad to flick a kitten in the face with a rolled newspaper
  148. HELP. my fish is so sick.?
  149. How do u tell a boy hermit crab from a boy?
  150. Why is my dog so picky? What can I do about this? ?
  151. what is the VERY SMALLEST dog breed?
  152. Are you okay with people petting your cat as it waits for you outside
  153. would a border collie be sad if he lived indoors?
  154. are piranhas illegal in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  155. What kind of cat do you think this might be? (video)?
  156. Why would part of my dog's tongue be missing?
  157. Should I neuter my puppy?
  158. i have a dry saddle...?
  159. Albino cory color question?
  160. 3 small oscar fish. 29 gal tank due to rapid growin..not eating the ch
  161. live rock curing ?
  162. Which is better a siberian husky or a german shepherd the TRUTH!!!!!?
  163. Can you use cat litter for Guinea Pigs?
  164. how big are shitzu puppies normally when they are born?
  165. Does anybody know if you can bring fish or animals in a fish tank to O
  166. Help! I found a baby rat!? ?
  167. what do you do when your hamsters face is swollen?
  168. Do dogs get hairballs too?
  169. How Can I Get My Dog To Be Potty Trained?
  170. Pets for pets? Is this normal?
  171. Trying to train my 10yr old dog to bark on command?
  172. A Kitty question....?
  173. 10 points! live rock curing. 10 ponts!?
  174. need someone to ride with me:horse?
  175. Looking for a young male rat to add to my rat troop. I live in the Nor
  176. About Finch's PLEASE HELP!!?
  177. Help! How did my Hamster die?
  178. what kind of dog is scooby doo?
  179. How can I handle fights between my cats?
  180. Help with getting a new cat/kitten?
  181. dwarf hamster help!!!!?
  182. Am I a Mean kitty owner?
  183. My cat won't stop drinking my fish water?
  184. do border collies get on with cats?
  185. Chinchilla or Guinea Pig?
  186. any tips on taking care of a pregnant hamster?
  187. Question About Dog Skin Diseases?
  188. What can I do to stop my dog from randomly biting and growling at me?
  189. Good Guard dog for a Collage girl?
  190. teddy bear hamster question!!!?
  191. keepign a rat in a tv box?
  192. how do i know if my hamster is ready to be pregnant?
  193. Are ferrets really lactose intolerant?
  194. Can i sue manufacture of fish aquriam?
  195. A Kitty question....?
  196. Traveling in a car with a Cat for 36 hrs.?
  197. Coonhound Rescues...Do they take a dog that bit someone?
  198. How old must you legally be to own a dog?
  199. Im looking onto automatic litter boxes, im basically looking for consu
  200. Help on sexing Labradochromis sp.Hongi SRT by sight?
  201. Is having a no pet policy discrimination against pet owners?
  202. I put my gerbil in the microwave to make it radioactive why didn't it
  203. Where can you find Pirahnas in San Diego, CA?
  204. i saw a question about microchipping puppies?
  205. My puppy wont let me sleep! any suggestions?
  206. how to get rid of fleas?
  207. Name of an aquarium plant?
  208. How and when do I license my dog?
  209. my betta has torn/nipped fins should i add bettafix?
  210. Please helpppp!!! ?
  211. help I messed up pretty badly caring for my koi!?
  212. Is my Budgie angry? What should I do with him outside of his cage?
  213. i got 2 teddy bear hamsters their about 2 or 3 monthes old. ther very
  214. lost kitten help!?! cant find it anywher!?
  215. Are Dobermans just cropped and docked for cosmetic purposes?
  216. where can I buy live starfish in Brisbane Qld or around Brisbane? I wa
  217. My hamster is whimpering in its sleep?
  218. Why do dogs really howl?
  219. Appaloosa for sale in victoria?
  220. I found a baby stray kitten and its really really cute and even my pup
  221. House training pomeranian?
  222. Protein skimmer help?
  223. I want two cats whenever we move how do i convince my parents to let m
  224. is this toy bad for my cat? catnip toy.?
  225. How can I better my cat's breath? It smells like a black person! (Poo
  226. Things to know about horse trailers and the truck to tow it?
  227. my budgie broke its leg will it die?
  228. Fish tank pictures! Please post!?
  229. Guppies?????????? 3 week old fry!?
  230. how many pitt bull lovers are out there?
  231. What are cool things you can do with Hamsters?
  232. Could he still have fleas?
  233. Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy babies?
  234. Why does my dog prefer someone in particular?
  235. hmm I got a question on this, and help would be great!?
  236. saltwater hydrometer?
  237. Crittertrail Two for Dwarf Hamsters?
  238. How can I get my beagle to stop barking?
  239. What Should I Get? A Cat or a Hamster?
  240. Looking for a golden retriever or a german sheppered...?
  241. shih tzu puppy barking question?
  242. question about monkeys?
  243. Is Jaguar cichlid tougher than Red devil? 10 pts?
  244. Do Guinea Pigs really smell?
  245. What kind of cage should i get for my black bear hamster?
  246. how do u pick up a guinea pig?
  247. A list of all the Wild Cats?
  248. Do I have to cycle my tank for goldfish?
  249. puffer fish question?
  250. Are Great Danes good dogs to have?