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  1. Is the Mickey Max cage too Small for One Syrian Hamster?
  2. new top fin aquarium leaks ?
  3. Help me find a puppy?
  4. How many eggs does a female betta produce? How many of them live?
  5. Dogs with heart murmer?
  6. my male cat is 9 he is an indoor cat. what does it mean when he runs f
  7. My dog eats belts ? ?
  8. What's the best way to get tar of a dogs feet?
  9. I am looking for holiday cards that proceeds go to a dog/animal rescue
  10. Horses Cheap in mid-MI?
  11. whiskas canned wet cat food stinks?
  12. How much are chipmunks?
  13. whats the purpose of the cats having to knead everything before laying
  14. Diarrhea in new puppy, excitement or problem?
  15. try and guess my hamsters name x?
  16. my birds egg should i discard it or not ?
  17. thank you for all your answers on the feral cat pulling her stitches o
  18. Convincing my mom to let me get a guinae pig please help me!?
  19. My kitten wont go in his litter box?
  20. Black Moor Fish and tank help?
  21. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  22. Feeding dogs greasy food, bacon fat, OK? a little?
  23. My blue discus turns black in the nights?
  24. American bulldog. what are they like temperment and easyness to train?
  25. if you shave an adult dogs teeth will they grow back to normal size af
  26. Why might my dog be coming out in spots?
  27. Please help!! My dog whimpering when he barks or when he tries to shak
  28. Female cats ?
  29. my dog wont eat what should i do?
  30. ive got a german shepard dog who growls at people when he is eating wh
  31. I have a 41/2 month golden retriever was wondering how long I need to
  32. Is a pug a clean dog?
  33. Why does my dog go barmy round the garden?
  34. Will it be ok to move a cat from england to Turkey?
  35. My 11 month old keeps trying to run away!?
  36. unfortunately we r retarded here..no professional vet is near..or even
  37. Strange behaviour from my dog?
  38. why is my cats fur knotting on her back?
  39. King snakes................???????????
  40. What dogs are like boxers?(eg. looks)?
  41. Dog Help! My dog is going crazy since last nite?
  42. How can you get dust out of a horses' coat.?
  43. What to put in my fish tank(2-2.5 litre)?
  44. please i need help..my cat is pregnant and she has just stoped eating
  45. Dog trainers contact details?
  46. German Shepherd is right????????
  47. why does my hamster rub his bum up and down the side of his cage?
  48. Is my Paradise Fish dieing? :(?
  49. Senior cats-Your experience with adopting adults over 6yrs?
  50. What can you do to enhance a horses' colour? Like chalk for white poin
  51. 35 litre tropical fish tank stocking levels!?
  52. i rode a horse today that was out of work for half a year and...?
  53. What does it mean when a cat has a heart shaped mark on it?
  54. help me what should i do for my cats eyes?
  55. I have a 3 year old female and a 9 month old male, and I think the fem
  56. Is there a way to get rid of pet hair throughout the house?
  57. My doggie it over weight?
  58. do chow chows play with toys?
  59. My questions rarely get answered, but i need help with this.?
  60. Do fish sleep or not?
  61. Is this Min Pin Dog untrainable?
  62. How can I stop our 10 week old kitten from "play" scratching and bitin
  63. How much dog does cat eat?
  64. How to tame a shy lovebird?
  65. DO all boxers have pointed sticky up ears?
  66. Help! I need a cheap rat cage!?
  67. How old doesyour foal have to be before they can have thier boxy feet
  68. Aquarium Tank Question?
  69. My dog has Kennel cough.?
  70. What kind of cage should i get for my block bear hamster?
  71. Dachshund dog and seizures survey?
  72. Easy Way too Catch Mice?
  73. I have 3 guppies, one of them keeps chasing the other..?
  74. Does any one know my horse?
  75. Tips for chinchillas?
  76. Bearded Dragon Question ( first answer 10 Points !! )?
  77. can your hamster(s) do tricks?
  78. is my tank ok help appreciated :)?
  79. Is my dog getting her exercise?
  80. My wife hates my dog what should i do?
  81. Is giving my Dog antibiotic safe?
  82. My Dog is Home From Surgery?
  83. Why does this happen to my fish tank?
  84. What are the advantages of riding bareback?
  85. Would three cats use the same litter box?
  86. is this ok??????????????
  87. My red eye tree frog is being odd. Someone help!?
  88. my dog had 9 pup 6 one day 3 da nxt....she discharging alot....is she
  89. How to train toilet habits for pet dogs? Request suggestions from dog-
  90. How do I stop my dogs from fighting?
  91. What is your favourite dog breed(s)?
  92. Info on grackle nosebands?
  93. When do kittens need jabs/spaying/worming?
  94. My rabbit has a buzzing sound.?
  95. is my dog suffering?HELP?
  96. Three week old puppy has watery poop and threw up once, he is still ea
  97. How do I convince them?
  98. What are some interesting things i can do with my horse?
  99. Tips for guinea pigs... easy points?
  100. staffordshire bull terrier?
  101. Rabbit peeing blood??????????
  102. Puppy attacking my fingers!! Why?
  103. fish with swim bladder disease?
  104. how much duz a guinea pig cost ?
  105. Could a rat crawl out from the toilet bowl?
  106. has anyone lost a black and white cat?
  107. 2 months olds maltese throwing up?
  108. This is SUPER IMPORTANT!?
  109. how do u housetrain a full grown .....?
  110. Could you eat budgie eggs?
  111. Problem with my dogs anal glands?
  112. Can anyone tell me exactly how to prepare a tank for brine shrimp, lik
  113. how to stop my hens from pooping in there nesting boxes?
  114. how often should i bathe may cat? and how should i do it?
  115. My fish are they dieing?
  116. Algae infestation! help me out?
  117. Kinda weird but 100% Serious?
  118. Are you a Dog or Cat person? Why?
  119. What do you think I should do?
  120. 14 week old kitten has something on her fur but i'm not sure what plea
  121. Seven week old Bichon Frise ?
  122. are himalyim mice suposed to change colour?
  123. Rat Help!! Rat Help!!?
  124. What would you do with your kittens?
  125. How often do you have to clip a guinea pig's nails and how much does i
  126. At what age dogs could be fixed?
  127. My Corn snake is about 1 year old.?
  128. Is there a tortoise that doen't hibernate or need heating?
  129. 1 snail in our tank for 4 months now it has had about 2 babys but ther
  130. worms on cats??..new kitten need help?!?!?!?
  131. My cat and 2 dogs will be reunited....advice needed pls?
  132. My cat and 2 dogs will be reunited....advice needed pls?
  133. Does anybody know the difference in personalities in a cat person and
  134. i cannot find a rescue where to adopt a guinea pig in malta :( !?
  135. 2 kinds of japanese spitz???!?
  136. basskid42 ? I got your mail and Q's, but couldn't respond. Did you clo
  137. bearded dragon heating help?
  138. Can i help my aggressive dog?
  139. Dog : Seven week old bichon frise ?
  140. any tips for persuading my parents to let me loan a pony?
  141. Bearded Dragon Guestion?
  142. Animal Control Question?
  143. Please tell a suitable name for my Pup?
  144. Help.... Have got an out of control puppy!?
  145. whats wronge with my fish?
  146. i want to breed my hamster but how ?
  147. I walk my dog everyday after school?
  148. how do i tell if my persian cat is purebred?
  149. My Boxer girl is 8 wks old, when is the best time to have her spayed?
  150. Black and white Columbian Tegu Care.?
  151. what are pig rails and where do i get them from to put in my whelping
  152. How much fruit & veg do you give your guinea pig a day?
  153. What should I call my baby girl hamster? ?
  154. I have 2 cats one that goes out practically all day and night and one
  155. My filter has broke!!?
  156. am i too friendly with my cat?
  157. Should i buy a rabbit or a guinea pig?
  158. Can a Dojo Loach survive in an aquarium with salt?
  159. My cat is lactating all over the place, how can I stop it?
  160. what causes my pussy to be so itchy?
  161. what should i call my two chinchillas?!?
  162. How do I teach my Manx cat (9 months) to fetch? ?
  163. My fish with the disolving fins?
  164. i was just wandering what to put in a 4 foot tank, that isn't fish or
  165. I have a 9yr greyhound who keeps gagging / urging. Anyone know what th
  166. why doesn't my 2month old puppy play or run?
  167. Which one to spay among the dogs we have?
  168. Traveling with Dog on plane?
  169. Why are animal lovers (especially the dog lovers) very mean people?
  170. can a 'saint bernard' breed with 'chihuahuas'; has this been attempted
  171. Rhodesian Ridgeback information ?
  172. Anything else I should do for our newly adopted 7 month old cat?
  173. Apple branch for chinchilla!?
  174. can you use sand you buy in the shop in an aquarium say building sand?
  175. Help with my puppy please?
  176. smelly belly puppy HELP ME?
  177. i'm moving my goldfish from a bowl to a fish tank is there any way to
  178. can hamsters breed without a boy hamster ? ?
  179. Slight hamster issue regarding wheel and other animals.?
  180. How can i convince them?
  181. 2 Questions on Brine Shrimp...?
  182. Can you keep guinea pigs inside all the time or do you HAVE to let the
  183. Rawhide dog chews...?
  184. Amateur Emu Rancher Advice?
  185. emergency in the vet's office?
  186. How can I mark kittens to see which are which?
  187. Is it true if a guinea pig gets too hungry it eats its on poo?
  188. how long can a lovebird survive without water?
  189. Sugar Gliders - What do they need?
  190. Blood in my dog's stool?
  191. My Goldfish is lethargic?
  192. Where can i buy Billabong Bugs from?
  193. ive just got a boy kitten and im not sure what to call it?
  194. My guppy seems to be "Wasting away"?
  195. Nero 2 De Luxe Ok For A Rat?
  196. how much do guinea pig cages cost ?
  197. Is a degu hard to look after?
  198. cockatiel again what gender is it?
  199. naughty and nice cockateil. how can i stop it from biting me?
  200. my dog river is scared of other dogs, what should I do?
  201. Any ideas on my dogs breed??(pics included)?
  202. Could my pup be pregnant?
  203. Do u think my cat is cute?
  204. budgie egg, will it hatch soon?
  205. how many legs does a dragon have?
  206. breeding quails and their eggs?
  207. Is my horse a TWH?!?!?!?!?
  208. Who has a cat that is Black?
  209. food names for 6 newborn baby bunnies, we have treacle, milo and honey
  210. What was the most unusual things your horse does/did?
  211. Does bettamax help heel fins ?
  212. can hamsters eat hard boiled eggs?
  213. can you put a guinea pig in a hamsters cage ?
  214. my dog keeps going potty in the same place in the house!?
  215. What is the funniest thing your cat has ever done?
  216. I think my cat has fleas?
  217. should I get my two dogs fixed?
  218. What is the best pet parrot or large bird under $150? Available i?
  219. is it normal for my cat to meow late at night?
  220. Do Rats Smell Bad?????????????/?
  221. what breed is best for me?
  222. Help, I need two gorgeous gerbil names!?
  223. Rat or hamster? And a Q about Cages?
  224. my dog crys alot more than before?
  225. Would you change a kitten to adult food after he's been neutered?
  226. Do koalas live in rainforests? Help . More detail.?
  227. Do hermann's tortoise hibernate in asia?
  228. can you buy/own pet monkeys in Austrlai? if so, where can i buy one an
  229. can my 7 week old puppy go into the garden before he has his vaccinati
  230. My goldfish keeps getting eaten...?
  231. the deal with 'hamsters'?
  232. why does my 12 year old bichon keep on losing her fur?
  233. Why do chow dogs have blue mouths?
  234. how bad is a hamsters bite , and how often do they bite ?
  235. Keeping the Cats off the Cubbourds?!?!?
  236. what do i do with rabbit?
  237. Question; I need help with my Best friend Rocky? ?
  238. i wonder what happened to my cat?
  239. Should i cut my dogs hair.?
  240. my dogs gone snarly, im worried for my children?
  241. help me my fish are sick!!!! 10 points for best answer!?
  242. What are your favorite "horsey" movies?
  243. Can I use my cat as a weapon in the event of a zombie attack?
  244. How can i give my rabbit away?
  245. does this give me a right to remove my horse without 30 days notice?
  246. introducing a dog to a new baby...?
  247. Arabian Horse Forelock?
  248. where can i buy a palomino warmblood in WA?
  249. My cat plays in her waterdish?
  250. What is wrong with my kitten?