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  1. dog and cat treats and dog and cat toys homemade?
  2. Is it okay to permanentley move a hamster into a bigger cage?
  3. I need some advice on training my puppy to use a wee wee pad?
  4. I knocked down the bottle of Clorox spilling some into my dogs eyes wh
  5. ???What breed of dog?
  6. ferret help. About health care?
  7. what kind of dog should i get?
  8. pleaaaaaaaaaase help!!!!!!!!?
  9. My dog is a monster, and I've tried everything! What do I do?
  10. I Can't Get My Puppy Pottytrained?
  11. Funny story about bathing cats ~ pet owners will giggle ?
  12. Can i try to see how she reacts if i close the crate door?
  13. How do I know if my Marble Molly fish is pregnant?
  14. what could this red lump be on my Zebra Danio?
  15. Why is my bunny mean?
  16. What size English saddle am I?
  17. can i put a algae eater with an african clawed frog?
  18. My Baby Quaker Parrot wont eat ?
  19. Do female dogs have a NEED to have a puppy?
  20. How can you tell wether a hermit crab is a boy or girl? HELP!!!?
  21. my dog has a very bad texture rash on his back , belly large bumpy sur
  22. Can someone give me a list of python breeds that make good pets and is
  23. How do you take care of a Oranda goldfish?
  24. Why do poodles have curly hair?
  25. fishy fishy ...... ?
  26. Can I have a mongoose as a pet?
  27. where can i buy a clown fish?
  28. My dog always barks and we let him out about 5 times a day. He gets wa
  29. My dog keeps barking at other dogs on TV?
  30. Can i buy a seahorse as a pet?
  31. my hamster is shaking! what's wrong!?
  32. I Just Found A Great Site:?
  33. I have a strictly indoor cat who has been wanting to go outside,how do
  34. Can anyone give me tips as to how to breed danios from experience?
  35. horse persuation letter?
  36. will my 13 year old cat die from kidney failure, she is seriously ill
  37. is there any harm in rubbing my snakes skin in baby oil?
  38. Is it normal for a 2 year old dwarf silver lop eared rabbit to change
  39. i am wanting to know how much pure brass owls are?
  40. Do Endler Fish take care of themselves like the Betta Fish?
  41. I have a female beaglemix in a collie everytime she gets around anothe
  42. best humane way to euthanise a mouse?
  43. i'm trying to find a inexpensive doggy bunk bed.?
  44. sometimes my bird(parakeet)sounds like a seal going artart kind of sou
  45. ive just got a puppy what shall i call her?
  46. help! brought a new puppy in the house.?
  47. Can a cat make it almost 30 hours without using the bathroom?
  48. Should i get a crittertrail, or crittertrail 2, or crittertrail 3 when
  49. whats wrong with my cat?
  50. How to get my dog to stop eating the trash?
  51. Vet Question........??
  52. My dog has bad liquid poop the other night, puked, and had liquid gree
  53. What is your favorite animal?
  54. Gerbil Questionzz!!!!!!!!?
  55. DO parkeets need a friend?
  56. do cats always land on all fours?
  57. baby plays fish don't eat?
  58. My 4 month old Dal is getting to be food aggressive?
  59. Spay sergery help???????????????
  60. Can a snapping turtle and a hermit crab live in the same cage?
  61. help....why are fish soo confusing?
  62. Are dogs allowed to be in Petsmart?
  63. (Again I know) Good chinchilla cage choice?
  64. My dog henry just got his regular shots for the year and he's acting w
  65. Do I have to many fish in my tank?
  66. Hamster Help!!!! Please Please!!!?
  67. How do I stop my chicken from pecking my other chickens comb?
  68. I want to bring my dog to America from Afghanistan? Where would he hav
  69. How do i make my horse hannah montana?
  70. whats wrong with my hamster?
  71. What's going on with my Goldfish?
  72. Please help, when caring for a rabbit....?
  73. saltwater fish, can i keep a tang, and pair of clowns in a ?
  74. Help with my GSD pup!!?
  75. Which one of these cages is the best ?
  76. Please help with my pug puppy!?
  77. What do you think of these bits?
  78. in a 20/25 gallon TALL setup.....?
  79. vitrual pet and people?
  80. do i need documents for my dog to travel with me,from UK to Italy?
  81. My rat poops alot is that normal?
  82. i think i might have killed my girlfriends bunny?
  83. two things about bearded dragons?
  84. How do I get my 8 month old Brittany to focus on me and walk nicely on
  85. Are there any dog foods that are good for helping dry skin?
  86. Can a 120 LB 5" 3" Female Ride a an average to larger sized Welsh Pony
  87. Should i get a crittertrail, or crittertrail 2, or crittertrail 3 for
  88. My cat was in heat when she left. Ever scince about middle of August s
  89. Need advice on how to re-train puppy for potty training?
  90. Is my fish a female or a male? Pictures included!?
  91. Homing pigeon id for the uk?
  92. Do you support a law that requires the Vocal cords to be removed from
  93. Im abit worried about getting a new puppy with my cat?
  94. Pet traveling problem, needs fixing.?
  95. what is ur favorite animal?
  96. Cat is having peeing problem.?
  97. Horses sleeping?????
  98. Is Parelli Right For Me and My Horse?
  99. keeping one gerbil. I feel really bad.?
  100. Is it okay to put my baby done?
  101. can heart worms kill my dog ?
  102. IS MY MALTESE DOG CUTE? (pic)?
  103. Does anyone else have a Freak Cat?
  104. whats the worst that can happen to a cat in a balcony?
  105. CANTER Question!????
  106. kitten rabies my grand childrens kitten they took her to the vets?
  107. can heart burns kill my dog?
  108. What can I do about my budgie and cockatiel... who are deeply in love?
  109. budgie help with female ?
  110. in embryo birds, a temporary projection of the beak used for piercing
  111. What other creature can I keep in my tank which will help clean it?
  112. Is it OK for my cat to drink toilet water?
  113. Can somebody list the Colleges that allow you to have a dog in your do
  114. help with a horse costume?
  115. My cat is being weird!?
  116. How can I get my old kitty back?
  117. How does the collar in the Don Sullivan's training system work? ?
  118. lhasa apso puppy soon HELP?
  119. What does this mean???
  120. question about my cat help please?
  121. what should i do about these dogs?
  122. how can i get my dog used to other dogs?
  123. why is my 6yr old calico cat suddleny start peeing on rugs and the flo
  124. Question about my lab puppy!!!?
  125. I need to exchange my dog?
  126. Are pears toxic to dogs ?
  127. bearded dragon question 2. ??? 10 points+ best answer?
  128. where to buy Esbilac?
  129. How do i manage my cats liter box ?
  130. what can i do if my dog has heart worms ?
  131. Question about Canidae food....?
  132. Puppy didn't eat his treats this morning! not normal what's wrong?
  133. How do toads live inside rocks?
  134. Is my cat's leg broken? please help?
  135. Puppy Mill?!?!?!!?!?!?
  136. I am a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  137. Can a male roborovski and a male mouse live together?
  138. how do i get diesel off of my cat's fur?
  139. Citronella in my dogs eyes?
  140. has there ever been a documented case of wolves attacking humans in th
  141. leopard gecko shedding?
  142. hermit crabs new tank?
  143. My hamster chews his cage bars...help!?
  144. I'm getting a My first Horse!?
  145. does Chinese people eat dog?
  146. Has anybody been to " White Stallion Ranch "?
  147. Help im sad plz help me !!?
  148. Dogs will never obay?
  149. why do unspayed female kittens pee on the floor somewhere in tghe hous
  150. First time tortoise owner > help
  151. how do you tell if a parakeet is a boy or a gal?
  152. Silver-tipped tetras?
  153. My Dog Bit My Girlfriend?
  154. My dog has become aggressive towards other dogs. What do I do?
  155. wanna get a lizard.. need help choosing!?
  156. i took the filter of my 5 gallon betta tank?
  157. The best dog bed???????
  158. best dog food brand for puppies?
  159. How do you care for fairy shimp?
  160. How big of a fish tank would I need for?
  161. What is wrong with my cat? pic ?
  162. i need to declaw one nail from my dog is that possible?
  163. giving my kittens away?
  164. I'm getting a My first Horse!?
  165. does Chinese people eat dog?
  166. Has anybody been to " White Stallion Ranch "?
  167. Help im sad plz help me !!?
  168. Dogs will never obay?
  169. why do unspayed female kittens pee on the floor somewhere in tghe hous
  170. First time tortoise owner > help
  171. how do you tell if a parakeet is a boy or a gal?
  172. Silver-tipped tetras?
  173. My Dog Bit My Girlfriend?
  174. My dog has become aggressive towards other dogs. What do I do?
  175. wanna get a lizard.. need help choosing!?
  176. i took the filter of my 5 gallon betta tank?
  177. The best dog bed???????
  178. best dog food brand for puppies?
  179. How do you care for fairy shimp?
  180. How big of a fish tank would I need for?
  181. What is wrong with my cat? pic ?
  182. i need to declaw one nail from my dog is that possible?
  183. giving my kittens away?
  184. Help, Why Does My Tadpoles Keep Dying Off?
  185. Large Neon green caterpillar with gold shimmering stripes on the sides
  186. Can my fancy mouse have parsley,kale, or carrots?
  187. Stocking a 35 litre fish tank?
  188. mimi mules questoon plz help?
  189. Which is best- tiger or lion?
  190. Why does my Maltese/Spaniel eyes tear up so much?
  191. Traveling internationally with ferrets?
  192. is a pom a good dog or A chihuahua?
  193. Question on feeding....?
  194. Bearded Dragon Question ?? 10 Points + Best Answer ?
  195. When feeding home cooked diets how do you ensure the diet is totally b
  196. What tack do i need to show my 3 yr old welsh cob stallion in?
  197. what do i feed my puppy and when...?
  198. What is the lifespan of a java fern?
  199. could I get a kitten? Please answer?
  200. Dog has excessive vomiting and ?
  201. My dog has a white film on his nose...is this a cold?
  202. Is there a website where I can find out how many dogs I am allowed?
  203. my 7 year old budgie doesn't look to well?
  204. what is the cheapest price for fennec foxes?
  205. Is it possible that dogs can see ghost / spirts?
  206. what is a "raised" bridle?
  207. What can you put on a wooden fence to get a dog to stop chewing on it?
  208. Breeding question about fish?
  209. What are the red/brown bugs on my cat?
  210. Red Sea MAX Aquarium?
  211. What should I do!!! puppy mill?
  212. hermit crabs new tank?
  213. Settling your new yorkshire terrier puppy in?
  214. what does it mean when a dog is slobbering a lot?
  215. Is it possible for a wildcat and a domestic cat to breed?
  216. i bought a rotastak starter set for my hamster?
  217. My negibhor has 8 dogs in his house. Is there a law against having so
  218. Recall!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  219. what would the cost of a penguine 150 and 6 bags of gravel be?
  220. how do you tell if a dog is food agressive?
  221. What position does your cat sleep in?
  222. What mid-large size breed of dog has the longest lifespan?
  223. What kind of kitten should I get?
  224. was i wrong not been able to watch my dog put sleep.?
  225. what do you think i should name my new puppy?
  226. What kind of dog would be best?
  227. Why does the dog eat plastic?
  228. how long do dwarf campbells hamsters live?
  229. My adult dog will be having dental surgery with possible removal of al
  230. Neighbour's dog poops in my yard!?
  231. tiny fieldmouse. i rescued from my cats?
  232. do all hamsters bite badly ?
  233. Red eye tetras acting normal?
  234. Help about horses ??
  235. Can a Leopard Survive as a...?
  236. do you think my dog will survive?
  237. any good dressage tests?
  238. My negibhor has 8 dogs in his house. Is there a law against having tha
  239. whatis it about shetland sheepdogs that we love so much(why cant we on
  240. Super skinny horse, 16hh 46 girth... :|?
  241. what are the types of spitting cobras?
  242. my 2 year old cat will not come indoors since we got a kitten why is s
  243. i've raised box turtles since i was 8 and now i'm 37. my question is,
  244. who are the character in the story marley a dog like no other?
  245. Is it necessary to brush my dog's teeth?
  246. can a bearded dragon live in a 3x15x18 tank all its life, because i do
  247. What should I name my new Shiba Inu dog?
  248. How can I get him to settle down?!?
  249. Why does my puppy eat grass?
  250. Bullfrog Habitait Help?