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  1. GATO, my precious you trouble me so, help me with this problem?
  2. Mistreated pit-bull needs help!?
  3. why isn't my fish swimming around?
  4. Why does my puppy get so scared?
  5. would a wolfe make a good pet if raised from birth by a human?
  6. puppt crate training?
  7. how can i train my dog on a pad?
  8. what animal is a bit bigger then a hamster and cuddley?
  9. Rabbit Fencing in Australia?
  10. My neighbor rescued a wild baby bunny?
  11. Bearded Dragon Questions !?!?
  12. my dog has a foul odor in mouth and blisters inside bottom mouth .what
  13. Whats happening to my Budgie?
  14. Why are some people so convinced that... ?
  15. I want to make a neat idea cube condo for my bunny....?
  16. I need name suggestions for my kittens. ?
  17. Is it weird to hump a teddybear?
  18. Do they still sell chia pets?
  19. How can i not miss my puppy when i go on vacation?
  20. i am getting a pitbull this tuesday is 12 weeks going to be to hard to
  21. Does a ball python need one side of the tank warmer than the other?
  22. My cat has dry bumps at the base of her tail. Why?
  23. Yorkshire terrier puppy sick.?
  24. saltwater aquarium fish?
  25. new puppy, and old dog.?
  26. How many times should I clean my dogs ears?
  27. Mom wont let me get a guinae pig after i did so many thing ASPA HELP P
  28. want a costume for my horse?
  29. Any ferrets for sale in warwickshire?
  30. my puppy wont stop crying when i put her in her kennel?
  31. I might be getting a rat......?
  32. need to know everything and anything about these dog breeds?
  33. Suddenly allergic to my dog?
  34. Why does my dog take his food and eat it in a different room?
  35. What are some good toy ideas for prairie dogs?
  36. For my dog (Easy Points!!)?
  37. What is good for a dog that is constipated?
  38. My betta fish is changing color? Is this bad?
  39. When should we handle our hamster?
  40. why does my bunny scratch and eat the carpet?
  41. are white orchids poisonous to cats?
  42. Why can't I get the PH down?
  43. Could a Dachshund become a service dog?
  44. What are some good flea products beside Advantix and Frontile?
  45. my dog attacks my new puppy?
  46. My guinea pig passed away?
  47. Help me please!! I am not sure what to do!?
  48. what should you feed a stray kitty?
  49. Is it safe to order fish online?
  50. insect in my aquarium?
  51. Eye allergies in horses?
  52. i have a 8 month old boxer puppy how long is their growth spurt ?
  53. Puppy has swollen red butt, looks like a small tomato, what do I do?
  54. HELLLLP! My Miniature Schnauzer's neck..!!?
  55. Why were some animals given back to this woman?
  56. Is the painted platy a tropical fish?
  57. Why do dogs shake their legs when you scratch their bellies?
  58. Red-eared slider won't eat?
  59. Can I use a 150 watt Metal Halide with a 250 ballast?
  60. Pain relief for shih tzu??????????
  61. What kind of dog do i have?
  62. Where can I find Ottos in Santa Monica, CA?
  63. training my african grey to let me touch him?
  64. Were can i find a local adoption center for dogs?
  65. How can you potty train your puppy?
  66. Why my dog loses hair?
  67. What is my conure doing?
  68. How can I really tell if my male cat is blocking again?
  69. This is just a test question?
  70. Help Please! I need cheap shots for my chihuahua mix ?
  71. When is enough, enough for treating fleas? ?
  72. My dog sometimes pants rapidly for an unusual amount of time, even whe
  73. What brand of food, do you feed to your dogs?
  74. I got my cockatiel a couple of weeks ago and keeps trying to bite me?
  75. Is there any way I can relieve my kittens symptoms?
  76. Good but cheap dry cat foods?
  77. My cat chews through wires!?
  78. what is an animal that is a leader and VERY assertive?
  79. move adults or move fry?
  80. I Have An Eye Question...?
  81. How do I not get fleas but still go to a house that has them?
  82. Bumps on my cats ears?
  83. how to breed guppies, mollies, platys?
  84. My cat licks her butt when im talking to her?
  85. Do red eared sliders breath under water. ?
  86. Is it ok to feed cats and kittens on just dry food?
  87. Should I call the Vet?
  88. where can i find good horse tack... and what kind do i need?
  89. i am going to get to cats and i do not no what i should name them ?
  90. dog has a swollen gum?
  91. siberian husky acting wierd?
  92. What do i need for a pet ferret?
  93. Does anyone know of an animal vet, in the Phx, AZ area, that is inexpe
  94. which horse breeds are safe for children?
  95. My dog has had diarrhea for 2 weeks...HELP!?
  96. Help Please! I need cheap shots for my chihuahua mix if you can do it
  97. My cat ran away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  98. Where can I buy a small soft shell turtle in Toronto On. like free-30
  99. what goldfish grows several feet?
  100. Cost of spaying/neutering?
  101. My parents want to get rid of my ?
  102. Black lab puppy training?
  103. What if your gecko's color is fading?
  104. puppy .. lil help :)?
  105. Do you have a ferret ? Do you allow them to run around your house or d
  106. Breast cancer in cats?
  107. i can't get over my pets... :( ?
  108. Does my dog have fleas and what could i do to get rid of them?
  109. hermit crab help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  110. EMERGENCY!! clumping cat litter ingested by opossum!!?
  111. My pet rat has a huge lump on its lower belly like cancer but it devel
  112. Do hamsters smell bad?
  113. Rattlesnakes-how high can they crawl -over walls? over mesh wire? How
  114. first time getting a kitten, what should i buy for?
  115. pittbull terrier or english bull terrier?
  116. Questions on Bantam Chickens?
  117. HELP NEEDED, dog whines after eating?
  118. what can my kitten eat at 2 months?
  119. Volunteering At An Animal Shelter?
  120. fish has internal bleeding?
  121. Have you ever used a balance training system with your horse?
  122. what do you feed goldfish when they grow to 10 to 16 inches, should i
  123. how long will a snake survive without water ?
  124. need help on food choices?
  125. is sand okay to put in my box turtles home ?
  126. Do people prefer Dogs or cats? ?
  127. my cat is pregnant and i found this in her bath room!!!!!!!!!10 pts!!p
  128. how does crushed coral work as gravel in a freshwater tank?
  129. First time hatching chicks only two eggs one is starting to break thro
  130. how would i find my new cat?
  131. Horse Polo Wraps?????
  132. Will my cat be ok with moving?
  133. What should I get at petsmart for Bugs?
  134. What is this puppy mixed with?
  135. where can i find clip-on containers?
  136. need to know about these dog breeds. anything will help?
  137. Has anybody had to deal with strange breakout on their dog - possible
  138. Do you have any pets?
  139. German Shepherd help.?
  140. Do rabbits need to go to the vet?
  141. im planning to adopt a nanday conure from mspca, id love some pros and
  142. is there anyway to tell what color puppies I will get if I breed an al
  143. What colour Cavalier King Charles pups would we get?
  144. leo shopping list needed?
  145. my fish turning white, should i worry?
  146. Is my dachshund over weight?
  147. dog tricks is this possible?
  148. Why do doves always travel in pairs?
  149. Am getting a calico cat. What should I name her?
  150. tell me whats wrong!! my chicken is sneezing!!!?
  151. dogs training help ?
  152. what kind of bird should i get?
  153. Dressing our horses up for Halloween?
  154. if a pitbull go against a rottweiler which one would win?
  155. How hard is it to train a 1 yr dog to live with a kitten?
  156. male betta being overfed?
  157. Do fish have eyelashes?
  158. What kind of horse breed should I get?
  159. i have already got a cat and a dog and a hamster i want a new pet whic
  160. plz send pics of big toad tadpoles?
  161. Cat gunk :) Lol help!?
  162. I need a list of recomended durable pet crates.?
  163. panda cory question plz help?
  164. english bull terrier or ps3 core?
  165. need ideas for a female kitten name?
  166. Is my green tiger barb going to die?
  167. My parrot fish has black patches all over its head. Any ideas?
  168. Any cool puppy names?
  169. My Cat Is Hurt Help!!!!?
  170. Albino Hamster Help Plz Plz?
  171. What type of hamster would you recommend to be the friendliest and the
  172. what dog breed that has the highest lifespan?
  173. Yes, or No? I need to be ready!?
  174. I have a question about ferret clothes?!?!?!?!?
  175. Why does my dog always cry when a guest comes over?
  176. I have a dog that I've had for eight years. It killed a kitten for goi
  177. What does it meen when a guinea pig moves it house around?
  178. i have a question about oets.. gotta know it. plz help! (ignore the qu
  179. How long do you have to wait until you can un-bury a rattle snake head
  180. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  181. My dog is ruining my screen...help!?
  182. Why does my cat keep pooping on the floor?
  183. How do i convince my parents to let me get a cat?
  184. Cats that wont use the littler box anymore?
  185. Do dogs have bile in their liver?
  186. guinea pig owners or vets plz help asap again.?
  187. Is this an Mini Lop or English Lop?
  188. How can I get my feral/stray cat to play nice?
  189. when the second egg of a pigeon hatch?
  190. what is the best way to teach my dog to fetch?
  191. guinea pig owners or vets plz help asap?
  192. My fish has an annoying case of ick?
  193. Anyone know if you gan bathe a dwarf robo hamster?
  194. what do you think of this ?
  195. I have 20 + horses and with prices getting higher it's getting harder
  196. Can i give my dog Sara Lee Hardwood smoked ham or turkey bits?
  197. How to convince my parents into getting another dog?
  198. Why are people so ignorant when it comes to keeping betta?
  199. how can u tell a thoughbred from a quater horse?
  200. looking new home for dog?
  201. When to take a cat to the vet?
  202. What kind of fish should I get?
  203. Should I get a pet insurance for my cat?
  204. r there n e horse haters out there?
  205. Cat Sneezing after her shots?
  206. What should I name my pet turtle?
  207. i just got a ball python when should i feed it?
  208. Why don't cats like water? ?
  209. Why is he licking the air?
  210. How can I housetrain 2 adult dogs?
  211. what's the corret size heatmat?
  212. As a TEMPORARY measure, how long can I keep a goldfish in a bowl?
  213. How long after can an adder bite be fatal to a dog?
  214. 4 month old Puppy recovering from Parvovirus?
  215. How often should I feed my fish?
  216. should i get a 2 boy rats or 2 girl rats?
  217. Does anyone have any suggestions for books that are good for training
  218. hamsterball race - keeping my hamster in shape?
  219. where can i find cheap tiny tea cup maltese puppies in raleigh?
  220. dawraf freshwater puffers?
  221. I live in saudi arabia and im looking for a puppy which is up 4 adopti
  222. New cat not eating his dry food but will eat treats, wet food and play
  223. If dogs get euthanized because no one wants them then they should give
  224. my dog got ran over by a car what to do HELP!?
  225. how would I make a nesting box (hole) for a kingfisher?
  226. Will a cats belly get wavy during contractions?
  227. Where can I find an Australian Shepherd rescue in Louisiana? I have go
  228. At what age can kittens be given away?
  229. I need dog training tips!!!!?
  230. What's wrong with my hamster?
  231. Help Any Answers Appreciated!!!!?
  232. What type of hamster is best for beginners?
  233. Why does my 1 year old male ridgeback always get humped when I bring h
  234. Fun things to do with my horses!?
  235. I am looking for a doberman pinscher?
  236. Cat adapting TOO quickly to a new enviroment?
  237. Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy?
  238. Are Russian blues good for people with alleges?
  239. How to get dog pee out of carpets?
  240. Help identifying this fish in my aquarium?
  241. horse or not? PLEASE HELP!!?
  242. what is an animal that is clever, manipulative, and sneaky?
  243. Where can I get a Salamander?
  244. my dog and dad were attacked ....?
  245. How can i keep my New kitten as a house cat?
  246. I have a question about terriers. What would you consider the best ter
  247. Cat bones! Hey, why don't they make these?
  248. my dog won't stop whining as soon as he comes in from going out in the
  249. How do I help the cat?
  250. Does a female dog get along better with a male or female dog?