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  1. Saddle help needed please?
  2. How much did the pet store buy your baby hamsters for?
  3. how to bridle a horse?
  4. How do I get my rats and kitten to get along?
  5. Can I do anything for my guinea pig?
  6. What is the bubble surrounding the decaying matter in my tank?
  7. I have a coupl equestions about my pregnant chihuahua?
  8. will one dog feed another dogs pups?
  9. Help with dog names!!?
  10. What size should my leopard gecko be before i feed him a super worm?
  11. Help my Rabbit! Please !?
  12. duck problems?????????????????????????
  13. How do you breed guffie (fish)?
  14. What else would cause a pitbull to bleed from the rectum, throw-up for
  15. Do any of you know where I can take my 11 week old pitbull puppy to ge
  16. Info for my pregnant guppy?
  17. What to do? Please help.?
  18. what is the best exotic pet for me?
  19. Horses as psychologists?
  20. can a litter of pups have 2 Fathers?
  21. Ive caught a mouse Help! What do i do?
  22. this may seem trivial, but, how do you train a pup to use the paper in
  23. why do black birds sit on powerlines?
  24. Cane Corso breeder in Hawaii?
  25. HELP! My two cats are fighting with one other! Why?
  26. is a blue leg hermit crab a saltwater fish?
  27. should I buy a rabbit?
  28. OMG! my cat is driving me crazy! is she in labor!?!?
  29. I think my Pleco is dying? I got up this morning and it laying on it's
  30. is a star fish a salt water fish?
  31. is a ryukin goldfish a saltwater fish?
  32. How far along does she look?
  33. Lost Corn Snake!!! Please Help!!!! ?
  34. are clown fish saltwater fish?
  35. What do you think? how many kittens?
  36. If she had any kind of spitz in her what might she have?
  37. My hamster seems to be getting worse?
  38. Have you seen this dog he lives in oregon city/OR but he got lost in s
  39. i go to feed my bearded dragon and it only eats like 1 criket and want
  40. Ferret got bute by ants?
  41. What is the annual income for the average pet store owner in the US?
  42. is a regal tang fish a salt water fish?
  43. if your unsure of the type of lizard you have, what can you feed them?
  44. Is an Easter Garter Snake legal in Oklahoma?
  45. Why has my dog started to pee in the house?
  46. Does anyone know about sick Gerbils?
  47. How many calories does an average-size dog eat per day?
  48. Which Dog Is The Cutest?
  49. My chihuahua's nose is always stuffed up?
  50. marine fish experts only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  51. travelling back to england with your pet?
  52. Our cat has gone missing?
  53. my cat stuck its paw in my eye?
  54. When will my Yorkie be in heat again?
  55. Help! My parakeet is sick!?
  56. Do drawf hamster bite?
  57. What type of big dog should they get?
  58. what is the earliest age i can flea dip or bathe my kitten?
  59. What are the qualities you look for in a trainer?
  60. Where Does Cat Poop Come From?
  61. Do rabbits eat newspaper?
  62. Anyone own a bichon-poo dog. Are they good pets?
  63. How can I stop my cat from being aggressive to my other cat (see detai
  64. bird breeders in louisiana? please help? free 10 pts!?
  65. What is this junk on my cat?
  66. Will my Dog Ever Listen?
  67. how much is it to get a cat nurtured?
  68. I have a mouse and I don't have enough money for shavings till next we
  69. I have two questions about rabbits!?
  70. Australian labradoodle. Does anyone own one?
  71. does ur dog likes baths?
  72. Help. i think my doggie is hurt.?
  73. Best cleaning device for cat hair on floors?
  74. how much would it cost to own a pony for a year?
  75. where can i find a list of birds with pictures?
  76. I Have a question about male and female cats which ones are better? be
  77. Whats this stuff on my rats tail?
  78. my rats won't mate, and i need my female rat to be pregnant.?
  79. Is the nutritional supplement drink TwoCal HN safe for puppies? ?
  80. Pregnant Guinea Pig advice.?
  81. Western Saddle Fitting?
  82. which 1????Gecko or salamander?
  83. How often should I feed my fish?
  84. I put my Really Pregnant guppy in a netted breeder tank and she keeps
  85. What to feed a mouse...?
  86. What is the approx cost for a cat health check up?
  87. i don't know what pet to buy a iguana or a ball pyton?
  88. My cat stopped using the litter box?
  89. Please help my dog, I thinks he's ill and i'm really worried about him
  90. What do you think about dwarf hamsters?
  91. ..........Free Puppies?..........?
  92. Shocked by a dog collar?
  93. Word of advice: Keep your animal under control and on its leash Okay?
  94. Stocking My 26 Gallon Aquarium?
  95. What are the little white dots that my kitten is shedding?
  96. I just rescued a kitten?
  97. can i have ??????????
  98. A Cat that is sick i want to help it ?
  99. what is a good spider name?
  100. Activities for my cat?
  101. What size tubs should i use for baby, juvie, sub-adult, and adult ball
  102. HELP rabbit who gave birth..?
  103. Is it hard for a pup 2 bond/transition if it has been at a 2nd home fo
  104. Moving Injured Beagle to the Cold?
  105. Why would my puppy eat this unusual food?
  106. My "Pregnant" Roborovski Hamster?
  107. I am worried about leaving my dog.....?
  108. How do I get my dog to stop tearing things up, and throwing her food b
  109. Does anyone have a small dog for sale that is hypo-allergenic and is a
  110. Are Bill & Hillary Clinton bad pet owners?
  111. Please Help! I'm Desperate! Easy 10pts.?
  112. Very very anoying! anybody else?
  113. Need information on oscar babies.?
  114. how long do ram cichlids live?
  115. CritterTrail... One VS. Tree House?
  116. How can I get my cat to meow?
  117. how to bond with a horsey?
  118. can a puppy die from eating too much?
  119. Did Dragonflies use to be poisonous?
  120. Hello all if anyone needs help with hamsters i don't know much about d
  121. Are Bill and Hillary Clinton bad pet owners?
  122. Husky information AHHA HELP?
  123. Cat lethargy after spayed?
  124. My Guppy has been Pregnant for over 3 weeks, no birth, why?
  125. I might be driving down to Panama for a few months, and i was wonderin
  126. Victoria stilwell vs Cesar millan?
  127. My dog chewed an electrical cord?
  128. How much sand to put into my aquarium?
  129. Who would win a race at 10 yards rabbit or turtle?
  130. My sons hamster died! What could have happened?
  131. where is a good place to get a lion head bunny for cheap that isn't sp
  132. Molly fish disease. HELP!!!!?
  133. Why do people do this?
  134. If a snake makes sneezing sounds?
  135. does anybody know at petco if they sell any type of hamster leashes th
  136. my german shepherd keeps scratching and biting himself?
  137. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! My Maltipoo!!!!!?
  138. One of my gerbils died and the other needs a new mate. Help?
  139. would you rather choose a german shepherd or a staffordshire terrier?
  140. Any information about ducks that I could use for my project?
  141. Is my molly pregnant? again i gt ask?
  142. Do dalmations make good agility dogs? ?
  143. Male Guinea Pig won't eat?
  144. My dog won't eat dog food?
  145. Is Dock Jumping a good dog sport for Bedlington Terriers?
  146. spay incision infection? or something else?
  147. Commercial puppy...what kind of dog?
  148. I really need help here...how old does a....? 10 points?
  149. Can a bearded dragons RI be passed onto a snake?
  150. Question about blue rams and angels?
  151. What color looks best on my horse?
  152. ahh HELP please plz plz?
  153. I think my guinea pigs are fighting.?
  154. Word of advise: can those of you with dogs make sure they dont get off
  155. HELP pet friendly cleaning products?
  156. What should I name my new puppy?
  157. Guinea pig sounds? Has anyone ever heard this sound ?
  158. What is this stuff on my rats...?
  159. budgies will not go in ??
  160. Does olive oil really help mild constipation in dogs?
  161. Will my hamster be really noisy?
  162. can i house 2 male corn snakes together ?
  163. Does anyone know how much it would cost to livery a horse at Downe Hal
  164. Border collie x cocker spaniel?
  165. what do tadpoles eat?
  166. Can Canaraies and Parakeets live together?
  167. My cat just had a litter and is now really skinny. The kittens are 5 w
  168. dog question thats hard 4 me 2 xplain lol?
  169. how much $$$ does it cost to get my Parakeets wings cut so i can take
  170. Peach-Fronted Conure?
  171. 1 week old kitten help?
  172. My puppy ate a popped balloon, is that going to harm him?
  173. What breed is my puppy [pic]?
  174. Baby rabbits warm enough?
  175. anyone selling syrian hamsters?
  176. is this ok for my dog?
  177. why is my parakeet so mean to others and gets super mad near a person
  178. why would my 5 month old pitbull puppy have very bad diarrhea?
  179. metal baker racks.....?
  180. Was my dog's death caused by choking?
  181. Is there a safe way to rid fleas from kittens?
  182. When is it safe to put your dog on low protein food?
  183. How do I convince my parents to get me a guinea pig?
  184. I need a site of REALLY good animal testing pictures?
  185. What about a blue and gold macaw?
  186. everything you need to know about hamsters?
  187. pregnant dog in labor?
  188. my dog description...for flyer....help?
  189. shall i feed my rabbit grapes?
  190. Where can I buy plastic corners for my couch to protect from cats.?
  191. hello my doggie is 64 days pregnant and showing no signs need advice p
  192. What is wrong with my cat? After giving meds she is lethargic, droolin
  193. Names Needed For Dairy Bull Calf Asap! !!!!!!!!!!?
  194. What type of chickens tend to be the broodiest?
  195. Honestly, tell me folks.. do you always pick-up after your dog? or let
  196. Standard poodles do you know how big they can grow?
  197. What is the average price of a Scottish Fold kitten?
  198. About digitial thermometres. ?
  199. How much on average does it cost to have a dog per year?
  200. How do I make my dogs coat fluffy?
  201. I am soooooooooo sorry but another yorkie question :(?
  202. how stop my kitty peeing everywhere?
  203. 7.5 month american bulldog male...?
  204. hello I got a guinea pig a few days ago that was from a private rescue
  205. how do i raise a tough and strong dog?
  206. I bought a savanna monitor today.. read on.?
  207. Adopted a dashound???????
  208. What does Cat Grass do to cats?
  209. My neighbor's dog attacked my dog. What do I do?
  210. At what age can I start giving my kitten treats?
  211. would it be ok to add a coral banded shrimp?
  212. I am getting a new pet rat..were do I start?
  213. Is my guinea pig going to have her babies soon (pics)?
  214. .......Free Puppies?.......?
  215. Pictures included of this kitten..what should i name her?
  216. how to breed red honey gourami?
  217. do you think i should buy a golden retriever or a yellow lab?
  218. how do you "feel" for the correct diagonal?
  219. Why is my peking duck laying eggs at such a young age?
  220. I want to get a chihuahua or miniature pincher. Is it bad to leave a d
  221. I would like another pet but;?
  222. Hamster chewing on its testicles? Details inside*?
  223. i just bought a dutch rabbit and it wont drink any water shall i try m
  224. Is Fluke a good name for a golden retriever?
  225. What is a person who studys dolphins called?
  226. can you paint a cats toe nails?
  227. Bird Question About Macaw?
  228. I lost my baby nicaraguan boa constrictor yesterday afternoon?!!!?!?!?
  229. Will my puppy freak out?
  230. Just Candled the Duck eggs and I have a few Questions.?
  231. An easy ten Points!!!!!! Where do i get one?
  232. My goldfish is constipated?
  233. Getting a young horse to pick up his leads!?
  234. what is the american canine association?
  235. In the UK how often to horses need injections? are there set annual on
  236. Is it ok for a horse to live out all year long in Northern England?
  237. Very Controversial Pleas Contribute?
  238. what exact type of hamster is in this video, shorthaired, longhaired,
  239. I got my male pet rabbit castrated 2 months ago?
  240. Q about live plant lighting?
  241. My dog 7 week pregnant dog cant walk in the mornings. why?
  242. dog urine smell help?
  243. do i let my cat have a litter?
  244. dwarf gaurami fry??? i brought a second tank to breed and moved gravel
  245. Scuds allowed in aquarium?
  246. witch dog should I get?
  247. i think my cat is pregnant she is eating more and sleeping and also cl
  248. 10 points for best info.. how do i get..?
  249. What Breed Of Dog Do You Own?
  250. Is it okay for my dog to still have milk without her puppies anymore?