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  1. How do i know when my dog is about to give birth?
  2. what MARINE fish, inverts or anything else do you think i should put i
  3. My Goldfish is bleeding?
  4. Whats The Different To Hamsters And Mice ?
  5. I was wondering why dogs do that?
  6. Min Pin DOG can't hold his PEE and does it on himself?
  7. What is the difference between Dog and Cat Pheranomes ?
  8. Question about getting a dog?
  9. My horse is having a baby in the winter. help?
  10. My puppy is scared to death of everything?
  11. my american bulldogs eye is a little red.?
  12. why is Misty cat shedding or casting her hairs like there is no tomorr
  13. How do I keep cats off the counter?
  14. Goat and horse together...will the goat try to escape?
  15. Why do dogs like to lay near sun? ?
  16. Do Gooses make good gaurd dogs?
  17. Our 4 month old Beagle is crying, and barking at night, HELP!?
  18. My stick insects, they're getting stranger?
  19. how many birds can i get+?
  20. Is my kitten in heat?
  21. Ferret overprotective of food?
  22. Where do you buy a pinky mouse?
  23. What is the name of the breed of the dog used in "Friends" season 7?
  24. what should i name my horse?
  25. Why doesn't my cat suffer frostbite on the pads of his paws after bein
  26. Socializing a one year old chihuahua?
  27. Why won't my dog stop pooing in the house ever since we got out Christ
  28. How can I stop my dog from shedding so much?
  29. my rabbit is eating and passing the food but his back leg(s) are not w
  30. What has happened to my dog?
  31. what size litter box should I get for my 2 cats large or extra large?
  32. Conure and parakeet in same room, separate cages.?
  33. Ferret Cages Info Needed?
  34. Need Help with Crate Training!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  35. Should I restart my tank?
  36. What eats Chinchilla Rats ?
  37. Live Wild Turkey as a pet?
  38. OPTIONS...19 year old dog?
  39. Goldfish deaths and suggestions for other fish?
  40. Is this silver molly pregnant?
  41. what size travel cage?
  42. Adding More Fish To My 55 Gal Reef Tank?
  43. Can Dwarf Hamsters be afraid of Guinea Pigs?
  44. How can I tell if strikeback flea fogger didn't work?
  45. i have two acres of land and would like two no whats the best pet for
  46. Who else is tired of Bonnie and her ignorant answers, plus dog q?
  47. Anti-social bristlenose catfish?
  48. what size litter box should I get for my 2 cats large or extra large?
  49. Conure and parakeet in same room, separate cages.?
  50. Ferret Cages Info Needed?
  51. Need Help with Crate Training!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  52. Should I restart my tank?
  53. What eats Chinchilla Rats ?
  54. my girlfriends dog jumped infront of?
  55. Why does my cat suddenly start letting out loud meows repeatedly?
  56. My Kitten Won't Eat Or Drink?
  57. What fish are attacking the others?
  58. my kitten will not stop meowing?
  59. can I feed my betta fry powder fish food when they hatch?
  60. Will this combination work together?
  61. Black lines on my male molly?
  62. Question for pet groomers in Tennessee?
  63. Hiring pet grooming tools?
  64. Why do certain lizards seem to do exersizes, like push-ups etc.?
  65. Min Pin Help With House Training! Owners only, please!?
  66. Setting up a new Tropical aquarium?
  67. How are these Discus Juvies? Plz comment. ?
  68. 7. My bird has laid an egg at the bottom of the tray, what should I do
  69. I’ve just bought my birds and it has been two days and they’re not dri
  70. At what age is it best to get my lovebirds sexed?
  71. Can I mix lovebirds with other birds in the same cage, same size birds
  72. is this normal?
  73. puppy names, any suggestions?
  74. HELP! Bunny is sick!! :(?
  75. What toys should i get for my hamster?
  76. My Snake Is Missing A Some Scales?
  77. I have a Brussels Griffon, 1yr old. She is hyper and too agressive. Is
  78. How can i convince my mum to allow me to get a kitten ?
  79. How long after kitten is born do they feed off mom?
  80. How long does it take for a guppy to get color and reach sexual maturi
  81. Help me find bill of sale?
  82. MY BOSTON TERRIER chews everything when he is at my parents house, but
  83. are all the reptiles from lllreptile.com safe to buy and healthy?
  84. what do you think about this name for my boy hamster?
  85. witch is bigger a ball python or a boa?
  86. My cat is missing some skin off her nose what should i do?
  87. my dog sucks her blanket just like a dummy, any ideas why?
  88. I chased a coyote for 100 yards?
  89. What's a dog that is hypo-allergenic?
  90. help with height of puppy?
  91. I'm moving soon and my cat is pregnant.?
  92. does my 1 year old oscar fish do mates on each other!! tnx a lot?
  93. Anybody feed their rabbit a pellet free diet?
  94. why isent my dog eating?
  95. My puppy chihuahua growls & bites. Saying NO doesn't work.?
  96. why cant my horse cant play dead?
  97. Help me? PLease? It's my cat... He's sick. He'll be put to sleep if we
  98. German Shepherd Poo And Pee Training?
  99. Is my silver mollie pregnant? Video included?
  100. Germon Shepherd Ear Problem ?
  101. Help with getting my first horse?
  102. Puppy Potty After Eating?
  103. What's the best bedding for the bottom of a Rats cage? ?
  104. I have a great dane and she is almost 1 year old and not yet potty tra
  105. Need help with a fish decision?
  106. Which Pitbull Should I Consider Adopting?
  107. Hey people, I need help, would like to adopt a dog.?
  108. My cat will not stop meowing?
  109. who has a mouse as a pet?
  110. Can human live without a dog?
  111. Are gold fish to messy in a small tank on there own? ?
  112. We have a new kitty what can I expect as far as the first vet visit?
  113. Does anyone have a good recipe for cat/dog food?
  114. 11 week old beagle mix training help?
  115. I have a Great Dane, she is almost a year old and is still not potty t
  116. Is this serious, I'm scared! Please Help! I WILL GIVE YOU 10 POINTS!?
  117. dog growing pictures - by week?
  118. How do I clean my dog's eyes?
  119. what is a good name for a hamster?
  120. pet contest. please vote!!!?
  121. please help with my fish questions..10 points best answer!?
  122. stray dog found, what do i do?
  123. How can i upload a video of my fish? I need some help!?
  124. what kind of chicken are they using when they give it as a treat to do
  125. H o r s e T r u s t . . . .?
  126. my kitty's paw, helppp?
  127. What are good slat water fish for a beginner? ?
  128. Why does my dog make a crying noise sometimes when he yawns?
  129. where to buy dog care products in bangalore?
  130. my cat has a swollen chin and is really skinny please help?
  131. Do you use your own tack in lessons?
  132. Suitable toys for pet cockatiel?
  133. What type of corals should I get?
  134. Neighbourhood cats using our driveway as a litter tray?
  135. A question on rhode island red chickens?
  136. Beagles, Pomeranians, Labrador Retrievers, Hush Puppies.. which one's
  137. Basset snapped at my 2 year old, what can I do?
  138. How can I calm my cat after being spayed wtih an e-collar on?
  139. Which name? Fast Answers 10pts!?
  140. bearded dragon food: horror stories about mealworms+crickets?
  141. covers on the cage at night?
  142. Can cats be randy after being desexed?
  143. Is it safe to take my iguana to a park full of ducks and geese?
  144. Is it common for dogs to have bloodshot eyes?
  145. will a rooster mate with a hen only when it is broody?
  146. How do you get a horse on the bit?
  147. anouther question on moveing barns?
  148. Should i get my dogs this ??// ?
  149. I have a 30 gal tank with four goldfish among others but only my small
  150. Questions on five week old Rhode island red chicks?
  151. housing multiple bearded dragons together?
  152. How many pets have you raised and what are they...?
  153. New soon to be cat owner, advise please ?
  154. can you give me any info on caring for mini horses?
  155. Weight Estimation for a..?
  156. My Snake Just Got Bit!! Help!?
  157. how much do mini horses cost in the u.s.a?
  158. choke chains for dog are the good or bad?
  159. What is the difference between Addiction's dehydrated foods and the ho
  160. my cat was spayed a week ago but she started to loose some blood from
  161. Chocolate lab with ear problems and smells funny?
  162. my ball python's not eating, but is still active. is that normal?
  163. Why did my dog put his paw in the fire?
  164. how to convince my parents to get me a cat?
  165. my rat has had babies and i was wondering if i can clean the cage out?
  166. Helping out at an animal shelter in Korea?
  167. can you give me any info on caring for mini horses?
  168. Weight Estimation for a..?
  169. My Snake Just Got Bit!! Help!?
  170. how much do mini horses cost in the u.s.a?
  171. choke chains for dog are the good or bad?
  172. What is the difference between Addiction's dehydrated foods and the ho
  173. When was the first dog tamed?
  174. What breed is my pup?
  175. Hairy Growth on Rabbits head ?
  176. why have my fish become sick suddenly?
  177. help please ?
  178. I need some answes rats bathign how soon is to much? ?
  179. How to become a service dog trainer in CA?
  180. what dog should i buy?
  181. Advice should I put my healthy 22 year old mare in foal ?
  182. Can someone please advise me on a dog door?
  183. My dog has got bitten by maggots, what must I do?
  184. Is this cage ok Please i need some help D:?
  185. why do some people bother having a dog when?
  186. Cat vomiting for 2 days , not eating but drinking water, 4 days ago sh
  187. which puppy would you choose?
  188. Horse for lease in Belrose/terry hills/ingleside area?
  189. A few questions for my tiger oscars....?
  190. i have a 14 month old python. last night noticed some reddish marks ac
  191. What's wrong with my guinea pig?
  192. whats that website you can adopt rats retiles dogs cats barn animals?
  193. How Many Gallons In this Tank?
  194. Dog Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]?
  195. When was the first dog tamed?
  196. Couple questions about GloFish?
  197. What does mange look like?
  198. hello all. I have a ring worm problem. See more for details. Thanks!?
  199. How cute are my animals? ?
  200. Injured canary - Cant afford vet?
  201. Will someone tell me kindly what I should do for my cat?
  202. My Dog passed away to today...what do I do with the body, and how do i
  203. What month does the dog start to get milk in her belly!?
  204. Dog health.. My dog is in pain during her BMs.?
  205. Does anyone have good 4 lines horse poetry?
  206. How can we increase the adoption rates of cats/kittens in shelters/pou
  207. Help.Filling out an adoption paper.?
  208. what type of chickens are these i really need to know please!!!! ?
  209. names for female zebra finches?
  210. Do cats have selective hearing?
  211. i have a 100 gal fish tank with 11 assorted fish how often should i fe
  212. Can female staffys be just aggressive as male ones or even more?
  213. URGENT!!! My sister's baby corn snake escaped & got lost!!! How do we
  214. YES/NO - Would a dog kennel be a good Idea for us?
  215. Help with Hacking in Australia.?
  216. Cat obsessed with my bed?
  217. How to introduce cats?
  218. my dog losing weight?
  219. Guppy problem.......?
  220. Would a dog kennel be a good Idea for us?
  221. My cat is getting VERY soppy?
  222. What is My Small Pregnant Cockatiel Doing?!?!?
  223. a inside rabbit question?
  224. How can I tell if my pet rat is pregnant?
  225. What is a good inside dog?
  226. Is there any way to make sure my cat doesn't fight?
  227. my cat leave little seeds everywhere that look like sesame seeds?
  228. how do i get my cat to like me more?
  229. Rabbit has seizure-like attacks?
  230. more rabbit questions?
  231. limescale problem ?
  232. Bunny question...does any1 share this prob?
  233. My 15 week old kitten humping his sister?
  234. Sit Means Sit specifically Luciano Aguilar?
  235. i think my dog is pregnant?
  236. Trying to get him on the bit?
  237. What kind of breed is my dog?
  238. Baby Pit Bull Lost Front Lower Fang Tooth 3 mos.?
  239. Is it normal for a Doberman to scratch at posts?
  240. My dwarf hamsters won't stop scratching. Allergies?
  241. Why would a dog who has been abused still react friendly to humans?
  242. What needs to happen in order for my pregnant small cockatiels babys t
  243. How long does recovery take for an ill baby turtle?
  244. Question about the pitbull shows- Hardest Hitting?
  245. How can we increase the adoption rates of cats/kittens in shelters/pou
  246. I removed the tick I thought, but there is still a small black piece u
  247. I gave my puppy propet liquid dewormer, now he is very sick.What can I
  248. Does anyone know a good, reputable dog trainer in the LA area that spe
  249. Can fish recover from ich on their own?
  250. do dogs like eating weed?