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  1. I have 5 rabbits - 4 does + 1 buck. One of the does keeps breaking int
  2. dog in trouble - live or die?
  3. My Dog Has A Cactus Thorn Stuck On His Ankle Plz Help?
  4. My kitten is lonely help?
  5. Naming a new puppy help?
  6. I am lookin for sum buff, black, white and blue show quality fertile s
  7. why is there crap hanging out of my snakes butt?
  8. Do you think I have alot of pets? And which is your favorite name?
  9. Can Kitten's get Parvo?
  10. what kind of farm animals can live in the city?
  11. How many decibels or what pitch does a dogs bark have to be to make a
  12. Another fish stocking question :)?
  13. Dog playing too rough?
  14. anybody know somewere in miami florida were i can adopt a puppy not a
  15. Why Is There Crap Hanging Out Of My Ball Pythons Butt???????
  16. what to do about roomie's dog?
  17. Problem with my dogs behavior.?
  18. How do you set up a habitat for cuban tree frogs?
  19. Question about petfinder?
  20. Bengal cats - Is EAA better for them?
  21. horse won't change leads?
  22. Why Is There Crap Hanging Out Of My Sakes Butt?
  23. wher can I buy a tank for a ball python?
  24. how do i convince mt mom?
  25. Does anyone know where I can find tonkinese cat breeders in British Co
  26. Does your cat kill small animals then,try to bring them indoors,...?
  27. Is My Snake Constipated?
  28. Do you have a bio cube? And would you buy one again?
  29. the 2-5 gallon heater?
  30. How do I get rid of skunk smell on my cat?
  31. What would be better?
  32. How can I entertain or keep my pet rat or mice active?
  33. how long does it take for a dog to put on waight?
  34. platy sitting at bottom of tank?
  35. my snake ... is it constipated?
  36. Is anyone selling a horse, jumper, for beginning/intermediate rider?
  37. How much hay per day?
  38. Good show name for my jumper?
  39. dogs heel side question ?
  40. Where do i find a breeder with a chinchilla in the Los Angeles Area?
  41. My cat is an outdoors cat as I live on a farm, but I'm moving into a l
  42. How many goldfish and guppys?
  43. Kitten throw up and poo questions?
  44. Cockatiels head turned all the way around?
  45. Radar-World's Largest Horse? Wanna bet? Help!?
  46. Cat and kitten food...which goes where?
  47. Can i have 2 rabbits in a cage?
  48. Why are there fences around trees on horse farms?
  49. My 2 year old puggle has scabs on her nipples and i am a little worrie
  50. How often do a mated pair Red Devil Ciclids mate?
  51. Which feed or grain provides a horse with the highest amount of energy
  52. how many times a day should a dog poop?and whats considered abnormal?
  53. I have 2 toy poodles who love each other. But when mixed with other do
  54. Ever got a baby anything?
  55. How often should i give my bird a bath?
  56. is this horse clipped or is it a summer coat?
  57. my dwarf hamster has a tumor and it recently just began bleeding and i
  58. Is this normal !!!!!?
  59. How do you train a dog not to chase cars?
  60. Where can I find a 5 3/4" snaffle ?
  61. How Can You Tell if your Male cat Is Spayed? Can a Spayed male Still S
  62. how to post properly!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  63. does a male parakeet mate with more than one female parakeet?
  64. My dog was sprayed with something...?
  65. Where can i find out wat breed a dog is?
  66. Questions about goats?
  67. Is it okay to brush a dog's teeth like this?
  68. I bought a new filter for my fish tank. After about a day of it runnin
  69. i need a plant for a betta fish?
  70. Help my cichlid fish Tries to Eat me?
  71. How do you get nail polish off of a cats head?
  72. what color is my hamsters poop supposed to be?
  73. What to do about my neighbor not keeping his dog out of my yard (and e
  74. how can i get my horse to use his back end on the lunge line?
  75. im on a limited budget, how can a make a snapping turtle habitat.?
  76. My 10 week old puppy swallowed cocos palm tree seed, but he is still g
  77. is this all the stuff i need to take care of a bunny?
  78. cat shots???vaccination?
  79. What do you do for a dog that has a hot spot and pulls his hair out?
  80. My Dog was just hit by a car?
  81. Lighting for my Savannah?
  82. Wtf Is That!!!! Ewwww!!=/?
  83. My cat has been throwing up today. Should I take it to the vet? ?
  84. Why dos my cat bite me so much my cat bites me like everyday and try's
  85. What pet do you think an eleven year old girl should get?
  86. What is a good name for a male bull terrier puppy?
  87. How do i stop my cat from...?
  88. Hermit crab SURFACE MOLTING! Urgent help!?
  89. What kind of pet should I get?
  90. Got a new puppy 2 days ago, and now she is sick. If I take her to the
  91. are khaki breeches "in" in the hunter ring and how to size ladies show
  92. Which is the best of the best flea protection for my male 4 months old
  93. WOW!! I'm getting dwarf hamsters!!?
  94. is this ok when buying a horse?
  95. Hamster won't be picked up after a month?
  96. My dog just ate a pack of Halls! What should i do?!?
  97. my piranhas are nesting?
  98. Can someone help me identify a few plants? (pictures!)?
  99. if you dont have store bought turtle food... HELP!! I NEED HELP ASAP O
  100. Kitten having Breathing problems, How can i help her?
  101. Attached Bearded Dragon Eggs?
  102. can any body help me out with an awnser?
  103. my first cat we had who lose his hair now l got a new cat he is doing
  104. Hello, i need help with my Dog?
  105. what are the laws for breeding reptiles in NJ?
  106. Cichlids and Mollies?
  107. Can you mix pedia-lyte with kitten milk replacer?
  108. I just got a new dog :):):)?
  109. will the aspca take a ?
  110. siberian Husky or doberman pincher?
  111. Don't you just LOVE it when your puppy/dog behaves really well?
  112. I have no $ and i need to find a way to cure my 3 month year old puppy
  113. What kind of dog is she? ?
  114. How do I get my dog a job?
  115. Puppy hates lying on back?
  116. How do you stop your guinea pig from biting you.?
  117. Guinea pig is making a weird hissing sound...?
  118. Is it litter box training? ?
  119. Do teddy bear hamsters like to be held?
  120. Animal Experimentation...?
  121. does anyone know of anybody in perth selling siberian husky pups?
  122. were can i find siberian husky puppies near santa maria ca?
  123. Which saddle brand would you choose?
  124. do budgies [parakeets] really talk?
  125. How old are kittens when they start drinking from a bowl?
  126. Whats a good cat litter?
  127. Which magazine is better and why? (Dog fancy or Dog World)?
  128. Green Anole and a mouse wheel?
  129. Dehydration and gas in stomach...what could the cause be?
  130. Cute names for a betta?
  131. Do cats have double eyelids?
  132. what do i do if my cat keeps humping his toys?
  133. How are my kitties going to get along?
  134. What are the Up's and Down's of having mice?
  135. Can fresh water turtles and frogs live happily together?
  136. Help save a dog.......?
  137. sores on my cat's neck from her collar?
  138. Where can I find down-loadable videos that I can save to my computer?
  139. giving away kittens at 2 weeks old?
  140. buy doggie birthday in oviedo, Florida?
  141. whats a fish that is fun two watch eat shirmp and other things that is
  142. Does my dog even look like a west highland terrier (pic included)?
  143. caring for a pet chipmunk ?
  144. Doggie Help! My dog has a Hemotoma (however you spell it) in his right
  145. what is the average life span of a bearded dragon i captivity?
  146. what color is my hamsters poop supposed to be? ?
  147. My male cat is making the loudest cries/meows! Help!?
  148. what is the best pen for a big dog?
  149. AWESOME saddle pad!! Does it work? Please help....easy 10 points!! Peo
  150. We are feeding our Border-Collie Iams food and want to change her bran
  151. Are dog's supposed to loose teeth?
  152. Blood in her Stool...?
  153. Kitty naming help? Pictures too?
  154. my doggy keeps hiding under my legs?
  155. Is it legal to own a squirrel in Tennessee?
  156. Planted aquarium CO2 question.?
  157. how can i tame my parakeets without getting thier wings clipped so the
  158. what happens when a 3 month old puppy has inflated belly?
  159. 6 foot burmese python?
  160. horse with runny nose.?
  161. How can i get my cat to eat? She's is sick?
  162. How can I get dog poop smell out of the carpet?
  163. Dogs for people with allergies?
  164. 6 bar frontosa male or female?
  165. How can i make a volcano in my fish tank?
  166. fishie is losin scales!?
  167. How can i teach my gerbils to do tricks?
  168. Does anesthesea free teeth cleaning "push" plaque up under the gums?
  169. What is the perfect pet for me?
  170. what is teh best kind of ground for my chameleon?
  171. little parrot is going after my lips!?
  172. help on this ,please ,read my question ! any help?
  173. HELP!!!! Forced puppy eyes?
  174. which cockatiel cage is the best?! i will give anyone who answer thumb
  175. ferret cages and accessories [maybe donate]...?
  176. lookin to buy a lizzard...wat should I get?
  177. my dog likes to bite my clothes what do i do?
  178. new kitten cries!! help : (?
  179. Animals that you have ridden?
  180. Why do cats make that awfull sound?
  181. Is this a good filter? (Penn Plax? link included)?
  182. compare guinea pigs to other pets?
  183. how do you stop a cat from urinating on a certain piece of furniture?
  184. Sick angelfish, thought it was a fungus but maybe not?
  185. My Rat Has A Sore And A Black Bump... Please Help?
  186. Please help! Cantering problems?
  187. Will the skin of a kiwi harm my green Iguana in any way? ?
  188. got a large multi bird house. heavy,around 10lbs. how high to mount? d
  189. my burmese python is losing scales ?
  190. HELP!!!Dying Serpae Tetra!!!?
  191. What type of dog should I get?
  192. Stoping?!?!! Help!!?!??!?
  193. When was the last time you rode a horse?
  194. Would it be okay to let my horse of 17 years breed?
  195. why can't cats eat chocolate?
  196. How do you work one of these filters? (link included)?
  197. ferret wont stop attacking me.?
  198. What are all the reasons horses would get a sore in their mouth?
  199. Pomeranian had some of mint chocolate chop ice cream... is he gonna be
  200. how long will it take for a sulcata to grow 10 inches?
  201. How Can I Get Over My Cats Death?! T^T?
  202. is my kitten going to die?
  203. i think there is something wrong with my box turtles eye ?
  204. Got a 55 gallon fish tank need a pet.?
  205. Help me...Natural horsemanship!?
  206. **Cleaning Bits??????**?
  207. Why are all my catfish dieing?
  208. Is this a sign of animal abuse?
  209. baby kitten trying to feed on our dogs???!?!?
  210. Has anyone in South Carolina had a problem with fleas this year?
  211. my dog is a beagle and the father is a puddle and a cockaspaniel what
  212. Need help quickly, fish not doing so well.?
  213. how often do porcupine puffers need to eat?
  214. Besides fattening horses up, is corn oil good for their coat?
  215. Can I put two plecostomus in one tank...?
  216. How do I get my horse to drop?
  217. How do i know if my african dwarf frog had babies?
  218. whats a good name for a grey female rat?
  219. My hamster's cheeks are full and he hasn't emptied them for a while?
  220. ANIMAL TESTING speech!?
  221. Poll: Do you lock your dogs.....?
  222. What to do with my neighbor's dog?
  223. I have three oscar fish.. Can they coexist with one chinese algae eate
  224. 15 week old italian grey hound puppy bee sting to face?
  225. whats the deal with my hamster?
  226. i bought my cat this flea medication?
  227. sunburst mickey mouse platys questions ?
  228. What to do about adult dog pooping in the house?
  229. I want a puppy that....?
  230. 5 mo old cat, swelling and pain in left legs.. ?
  231. horse spray/finger paint?
  232. how do i make a saddle cloth or blanket for my 14hh horse?????!!?
  233. whens the next reptile show in southern california?
  234. Since Steve Irwin's death, do you think people are doing more to help
  235. Baby Cockatiel droppings question...?
  236. What should I do, my norwegian buhund 9 or 10 dog bit me?
  237. whats the differenc between uva and uvb lighting?
  238. Any ideas on when to release a dove that fell from the nest?
  239. What would be the best?
  240. do i have to keep my uvb light on all night on my bearded dragon or no
  241. What do you think of this tank?
  242. I saw my Hap Moorii spawning today. How long does it take for the eggs
  243. Where can I find a gold velvet collar for a cat?
  244. My parakeets eyes seem to be changing color whats going on?
  245. Fun things 2 do to my horse?!!?
  246. ACL surgery $4000 to $5000 for 190 lb. great dane?
  247. I just changed my parakeets cage around...and he hates it!?
  248. what do i do if my cat wont take care of her kittens?
  249. Thes are my dogs names, do you like them?
  250. do guinea pigs always...?