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  1. Are American Pitbull Terriers Illegal in Australia?
  2. What could be wrong with this cat? :( Picture included.?
  3. Electric yellows and rams?
  4. the fleas that won't go away?
  5. Proper water current for african cichlid tank?
  6. Introducing The New Cat To Old Cat Scenario. Any Advice?
  7. I wish to put mice in a safe deposit box, how much will it cost, is it
  8. Can a dog survive a Water Moccasin Bite ?
  9. Breeding meal worms...help?
  10. How do I make iguana soup?
  11. 6 mo.Cav.King Charles likes to play with dried poop?
  12. A good cruelty free dry dog food please? I use Iams but not since abus
  13. different hair on pomeranians?
  14. Have you ever seen this?
  15. Buying a Jack Russell Puppy when I already have a Jack Russell Dog.?
  16. help with parvo 4 MONTH OLD PUPPY ?
  17. Collegiate or Courbette Saddle?
  18. What do you think of my dog?
  19. what organisms are in a dogs/canines ecosystem?
  20. My dog is nutered and our female is in heat, and he got her and when t
  21. My sister's cats sometimes groom eachother..?
  22. How do you keep a cat out of a certain room?
  23. homemade tank dividers ?
  24. my dog likes to eat tissues. is this normal?
  25. do you think my dog was abused?
  26. Puppy coming into first heat?
  27. A Single Abandoned Newborn Kitten ... Please Help!?
  28. im going on vacation can i leave my ball phyton at home !?
  29. Which dog s more easy to take care of Boxer or Doberman? For a first t
  30. Should I reapply Advantage after washing the dog.?
  31. How Much will it cost to keep a horse a month?
  32. most popular tropical fish?
  33. So my dogs have fleas... and nothings working?
  34. When is the goldfish's growth spurt?
  35. stress coat a fraud? aloe vera does not help fish heal?
  36. whats your favorite animal?
  37. How I can a business of insineration of pets?
  38. Is it true that rottweilers confuse you at night as stranger for they
  39. Whats the most original pet you've ever heard of?
  40. strange dog behaviour?
  41. Alaskan Husky Puppy Ears?
  42. I found a turtle on cedar beach LI, NY. I has a silver neck but shaped
  43. Need help naming puppy?
  44. Golden Retriever for sale Victoria Australia?
  45. What kind of snake has a yellow belly and a gray body?
  46. My tea cup yorkie is pregnant...?
  47. Low cost vet clinic in santaclarita or sanfernando?
  48. Why does my cat keep getting UTI's?
  49. How old is your dog ,if over 15 and healthy what do you feed him/her?
  50. How to loosen up her back end?
  51. snake question....???
  52. My sister's guinea pig is making strange noises!!!?
  53. whats the best dog food?
  54. What is that old saying about coral snakes?
  55. Which one do you think is cuter?
  56. Are monkeys legal in nevada?
  57. dog question about pound putting two dogs down?
  58. How do i take care of my fish properly? Because no matter how hard i t
  59. Reptile permits in ny help?
  60. ok so i half fixed my problem with my fish eating my goldfish...now ho
  61. Do you allow your kitty to climb your arms and walk your neck, with it
  62. How can you tell the difference between a female and male Tarantula?
  63. mixed breed question?
  64. How do you get rid of animal bone if you no want people to see or smel
  65. adopted feral cat - can she have a playmate?
  66. I dont know why my dog is shaking. ?
  67. My 3month old beagle is coughing?
  68. i got a ladybug... i want to know is it true they drink pee ._.?
  69. I need to name my dog...?
  70. What are the symptoms of broccoli poisoning in dogs?
  71. How do I stop our dog from eating its own excrement?
  72. i had a pup named tobi from the beggining of the year to 22nd of septe
  73. Is your cat also weird...possibley possessed?
  74. Help ball python question?
  75. Do most "cat people"...?
  76. How to help a golden while it's giving birth?
  77. is your dog stupid? or retarded?
  78. female cats? ?
  79. what to do after power outage for my aquarium?
  80. how long after my dog gives birth should i spay her?
  81. What type of goldfish do they sell at PETCO?
  82. How do you battle a flea infestation?
  83. what are the qualifications of stud dogs?
  84. 10 Gallon Aquarium- plants and fish.?
  85. How bad is it to be spit on by a llama?
  86. recently I saw photos of amazing under sea creatures that were just di
  87. My cat only drinks water that I drink why is that?
  88. New Chihuahua Please Help?
  89. is it ok to mix tuna with dog food for a pregnant female?
  90. SOMEONE HELP i have 3 betta females in a big size bowl but two of them
  91. my DOG BARKs each time I leave him tied out front of the shop only whe
  92. Talking Birds... Is this true?
  93. Hello! My dog didin't eat all day and in the evening urinated with blo
  94. Playing methods for biting pups?
  95. How clean is a cat? Really?
  96. How to handle my cat's behavior?
  97. help! what are 8 other animals similar to dogs? plz answer!?
  98. can i mix satin balls with his dog food with out all the grains?
  99. Is it true that dogs...?
  100. My cat is pregnant...?
  101. Do poodles and yorkees get along?
  102. should i put my goldfish with my baby turtle?
  103. what is the best dewormer for a pregnant goat?
  104. i have never heard my cat purr..is this normal?
  105. My savannah monitor and corn snakes live outside and was wondering if
  106. Does your dog eat carrots?
  107. Are penguin bio filters good?
  108. Fun tricks to teach our dog?
  109. Do you affectionately call your dog bad names?
  110. how much salt do i add to a betta tank?
  111. Is my baby cockatiel healthy?
  112. Friends for a Male Betta in 10 Gallon Tank?
  113. Is it safe for cats too eat tomato or ravioli sauce?
  114. I have a gourami with gas bubble disease, it looks infected, should I
  115. Something inside my walls?
  116. Omg!!!! Hermit Crab In My House After It Escaped Two Months Ago!!!!!!!
  117. my dumb puppy! HELP?
  118. My 7 mnth old cat is sick...?
  119. What is the weirdest name you've ever heard for a so-called designer d
  120. I know horses feed off of each other mentaly, but why is it so extreme
  121. How big does a yard have to be to have a chicken?
  122. Are my turtles [[red-eared slider]] gonna die?
  123. my dogs killed a cat?
  124. People in Oz that like ferrets!!?
  125. What is a good (on the small side) house dog to have that's not real h
  126. Help, Doggie Dandruff?
  127. My cat twitches a lot should I be concerned?
  128. Horse has white flaky stuff all over her body...?
  129. How to treat epistylis on a marron?
  130. my green anoles are afraid of water?
  131. How do I start to show my rabbits?
  132. My wife/s cat was bit by a snake. The fang puncture wounds were just o
  133. can i breed meal worms? ?
  134. how much pepto for my yorkie?
  135. Filling Out Puppy Problem?
  136. HELP- Kitten may have broken leg...?
  137. My dog is hallucinating! What should I do?
  138. Why most of them love dogs to be thier pet ones?
  139. Blind Leopard Gecko!!!!!!!!!!?
  140. How do you make molly fry grow faster?
  141. Help Something Is Wrong With My Lizard?
  142. very young pregnant cat err kitten "experts i need your help pls" ?
  143. how can you tell how old is a dog?
  144. I'm considering getting a Yorkshire Terrier. Please let me know your p
  145. can rabbits eat cauliflower?
  146. I've heard it's better to get a female dog over a male dog. Is that tr
  147. how often should i bathe my dog?
  148. puppy acute vomiting?
  149. Does anyone know where i can find a chin-wa breeder?
  150. When do the dogs produce milk?
  151. Where can I get a leopard gecko and for how much?
  152. does bettafix work ?
  153. How do I make my own filter system to keep my mud crab alive?
  154. A Question About My Dog Sadie?
  155. Not really asking anything....just want to say.....?
  156. Which vet in the N.Virgina area will crop a pups ears? Which is best a
  157. are all cichlids compatable?
  158. my stinky cat!!! Is killing me?
  159. best interactive toys for your dog?
  160. Ever tried taking your cat walks on a leash,...?
  161. What is your favorite song about cats?
  162. molecuball vs buster cube? which is better, more exciting for a dog?
  163. What kind of peanut butter can i feed my dog?
  164. My oscar attacked my background today XD?
  165. which dog is good plz help me?
  166. Keeping crickets in a one gallon milk jug?
  167. Why do Animals always snif the Ground before they do there job?
  168. how can i remove algae stains from glass and is it difficult?
  169. Destructive dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  170. What breed is my cat?
  171. heavy on the forhand?
  172. How much do rowilers cost?
  173. Aggressive Dog, Who's To Blame?
  174. Free advertising websites.?
  175. Is this community suitable for a 15 gal tank?
  176. Metabolic Horse Syndrome? ?
  177. Does Jesus love me even though I pinch kittens?
  178. Will my schools OHSET team get in trouble if....?
  179. My horse is Navicular. Im taking her shoes off.. what do you think.. s
  180. My dog ate a plate full of sweets please help!?
  181. What's in my cat's eyes?
  182. just curious - can you mix two good brands of dog food?
  183. Anyone know about dog nasal tumors?
  184. How can I get my parakeet/budgie to eat pellets?
  185. which is better? maltese or yorkie?
  186. What color is a dogs urine suppose to be slightly yellow or clear?
  187. A question about my goldfish's tails?
  188. What kind of light do red-eared slider turtles need?
  189. My Dog Ate Claritin D..please Help?
  190. New Guinea Pig Question?
  191. What kind of cichlids can be put into a 10 gallon aquarium?
  192. How do I convince my parents to let my puppy stay indoors as opposed t
  193. how many fishes can you put in a 5 gallon tank!?
  194. what should i do 2 help my bull tadpole 2 grow up should i put a heate
  195. Advice about 6 month old Lab?
  196. my betta has torn fins what should i do to help them heal ?
  197. Very stupid question about my pet rat and my 2 cats!?
  198. My Dachshund started sneezing a lot when I moved into my new apartment
  199. rabbits????? breeds????
  200. What size collar should i get for my 9 month old boxer dog?
  201. How often should you rinse out your filters?
  202. can i make this are suitable for a snake?
  203. Do you think she may be part spitz or what?
  204. Are there any freshwater (mini/small) crabs that don't need land?
  205. How long before cory cats eggs hatch?
  206. Question about a non predictable dog?
  207. Did my dog have a stroke?
  208. How do i convince a friend that getting her dog fixed is best?
  209. What are the side effects of loperamide hydrochloride?
  210. What should I do with this Parrot?
  211. My 7 month old chihuahua puppy will not jump. Is it a problem or not?
  212. Kinoki Detox Foot Pads and my dog?
  213. What fish should I get?
  214. Please help me choose a name?
  215. To crate or not to crate a Golden Retriever puppy? ?
  216. What are some fun things that I can do with my lizard?
  217. My puppy loves to eat grass and dirt...?
  218. Help my dogs tongue wont stop bleeding!!?
  219. i want to breed my cat but i don't know with whom?
  220. How can you tell your if your cat is pregnant?
  221. A good name for new dog?
  222. Easiest way of Catching bunny? ?
  223. New beagle from the shelter?
  224. Can someone give me an easy trick to teach my puppy.?
  225. Sighthound questions?
  226. Is my Rabbit okay???
  227. Do ball pythons poop only after they've eaten?
  228. Pregnant Mare Dripping Urine?
  229. Anyone want to help me name a baby female kitten? (Pictures included)?
  230. my dog wants to wet on things that are different in our home clean rug
  231. A poll for breeders......?
  232. How do you know in which places dogs are allowed?
  233. My dog is now 8 years old. How can I help her mind?
  234. if you know bugs....?
  235. Could anyone help me with the set up of a nano reef?
  236. Eating Habits Baby Bearded Dragon?
  237. I think I have a problem with my Convict Chiclid.?
  238. Emergency Question?!?
  239. why would a dog whine all day? what could be wrong with it?
  240. I am looking for a small dog that can live in a small back yard and al
  241. Why does my puppy copy me?
  242. I have two dogs I rescued, my vet says they are pits, i think so too,
  243. Rats = solitary or social?
  244. Is this normal behaviour for a molly?
  245. Ok, im looking at My Meebas ?
  246. Water frog question. help easy 10 pts!!!!!!!!?
  247. i have donkey.dont have no place to put in. live in projects. do u kno
  248. Help! Is my hamster dead?
  249. Question about orphaned kittens?
  250. My dog has fleas and i have 3 other animals i will be treating w/ fron