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  1. What could cause a cat to lose it's hair on it's hind quarters?
  2. Guineapig died....Help...?
  3. This lady just asked a question stating her "teacup bostons."?
  4. I've just got my kitten vaccinated when can I give her a bath ?
  5. Tips for Keeping Pictus?
  6. Puppy mills, BYB, Petshops..?
  7. What is a safe snake (will not squeeze or bite) that wont grow more th
  8. We have a female 5 year old English bull terrior an we wont to get a R
  9. My dog the poodle or the Bichon?
  10. What are elevated kidney levels in a Boston Terrier?
  11. My dog has a bad stuffed nose!?
  12. can snails be harmful to beta fish living in the same fish tank?
  13. Will you help me name my kittens?
  14. my kitten's got a heat stroke what do i do?
  15. Help me name my new puppy?
  16. Can a malamute and rat terrier mix?
  17. Our puppy gets hyper at night time and rolls and runs around the apart
  18. bearded dragons should i get one ?
  19. Cats Kittens hygiene?
  20. Is there something wrong with my cat?
  21. Are Hamsters Very Messy ?
  22. Yes, There Are Tiny Bostons?
  23. were a good place to find breandal pits online ?
  24. Virtual horse/pony games online ?
  25. Whats The Best Way To Move Koi Fish? I Need Temporary Housing For Them
  26. I have a GS puppy that is aprox.13 weeks old and still has ears that t
  27. How long does it take for amercian bulldogs to come into season?
  28. Is travel overseas worth the trouble for me and my dog?
  29. Is my feather duster worm dead?
  30. What do fruit flys like?
  31. Why won't my cat use her liter box?
  32. litter kwitter phase 3 failing...what to do?
  33. my hamster is going to die in like a couple of hours i dont know y she
  34. My rabbit had 6 babies and they have all gone now except 1 which we ar
  35. my dog disobeys as soon as I leave?
  36. how do i treat ick in my tank?
  37. What kind of small dog would be good for me?
  38. Will feeding a puppy/dog cheap dog food?
  39. "help is my cat gay ???"?
  40. Is there any boxer puppies for sale?
  41. How to help mare lose weight!?
  42. can anyone tell me please i have in my tank 2 guppies 2 cardinal tetra
  43. Does anyone know of a no kill shelter in Dallas who is still accepting
  44. I recently moved into a new place, the closet reeks of cat pee. How do
  45. Thanks to everyone for all the help!?
  46. Can a cat with higher PH level eat canned food?
  47. Does anyone have any experience with BuyOnlinepetshop.co.uk?
  48. Can Animals Detect FugLy Face?
  49. Do you ever do anything special...?
  50. Chase between goldfishes?
  51. Kitten become more vocal since being neutered! Eh?
  52. Help my dog bit a frog?
  53. My hamster bit me about 3 weeks ago...?
  54. Is "Fish r Fun" a good store?
  55. Is it normal for a female dog to sit on her new born pups and why does
  56. omg how big is lizard poop?
  57. Cat Poo . . please help !?
  58. could my mare be prego>?
  59. Kittens dont cover poop?
  60. My sis and i would really like to get a dog but my parents have proble
  61. Will there be a water horse 2 ? and will angus star in it? ?
  62. Poodle or Bichon Friese or maltese?
  63. My hamster is a little feisty it won't let me pick it up? I just got i
  64. hedge hog questions!!?
  65. Is it possible for a guppy to give birth over the space of a few days?
  66. which one do i pick ?
  67. How to help mare lose weight!?
  68. What to use to get rid of the fleas on my dogs?
  69. Has anybody used the non prescription tape worm tabs for dogs?
  70. Raw feeders, what do you think of this ignorance?
  71. I want to have new email?
  72. how to crate train a puppy?
  73. my snake is sleeping in his water bowl,is this unusual?
  74. My Dog is peeing everywhere?
  75. can't find dog problems/puppy biting. can you fine it thanks?
  76. lab attacks twice and is still considered not vicious?
  77. What do you do about a dog's broken tail?
  78. Is my African Dwarf Frog frog with dropsy, or is she pregnant?
  79. what is the hours dogs are not allowed to bark in gwinnett ga?
  80. we have a female 5 year old English Bull Terrior and want to get a Rot
  81. Is my dog aggressive?
  82. Am I feeding my fish enough?
  83. My father slept with a tiger and now i am very fury, help?
  84. Italian Greyhound Adoption?
  85. How do you get duct tape off a hamster?
  86. My Rat Is Sleeping In Her Litter-box...?
  87. Indian Ringneck Baby Deformity?
  88. How I recognize my lovebirds gender?
  89. Okay so going to pick up my gorgous yorkie on friday help pleaseeee?
  90. is there a VERY reasonable vet around lima ohio ? ?
  91. a dog with distemper?
  92. is there any vets, kennels or catteries near Gt Yarmouth willing to ta
  93. Irish Staffordshire bull terrier ?
  94. my arowana is swimming at an angle?
  95. I have a three year female boxer, she is not fixed, and up to date on
  96. Do you think i should get a puppy?
  97. i need help with a show name!?
  98. How can i stop my cat scratching at the carpet to get into a room?
  99. Can a noise such as a phone cause a cat to attack?
  100. Help with my Dead Mollies?
  101. Trimming A Westies Coat.?
  102. Teaching a dog "paw down"?
  103. What to charge for dog walking (pitbull puppy)?
  104. We just moved our cat into our new apartment and now she won't eat? ?
  105. English Pointer information sources? ?
  106. Help planning next dog food for my english bulldog puppy?
  107. Pale yellow Kitten poop in nesting area...?
  108. Dog has thick yellow pus in eyes and seems to be suffering from vertig
  109. Is it okay to put finches and parakeets in the same cage? Or finches a
  110. ...brought turtles from china town ?!?
  111. Help! My dog is in labor and i dont know when he will give birth!!!?
  112. Boxer DOG Help! Please.?
  113. How do I get my cat to use the litter box?
  114. What kind of behavior should I expect from my Corgi/Jack Russell mix?
  115. My dogs have been treated with flea treatment? I think they have fleas
  116. my friends dog has bitten a lady?
  117. What do you think about my dog?
  118. 3 week old puppy won't nurse?
  119. How long does my dog have to live?
  120. Anyone have any suggestions for taking care of an Arkansas Chocolate T
  121. Looking for young fancy or dumbo rat about 8weeks old in South FL!!!!?
  122. What Does Equine Massage Therapy Do?
  123. ed or closed litter tray and what type of littler?
  124. no matter where ever i am in my apt. i turn and look and my female cat
  125. can you catch worms from a horse?
  126. Do you agree that dogs have a natural willingness to obey?
  127. why did my dogue de bordeaux die so suddenly at the age of four? He wa
  128. Keeshond question! Preferably 4 those who know the breed!?
  129. I had 2 parakeets, they've multiplied! i cant tell male birds from fem
  130. Gold fish is developing red color dots all over body. How to take care
  131. Health problems with my cat?
  132. will our 5 year old female English Bull Terrior dog get along with ano
  133. Riding schools - Muir of Ord?
  134. Problems setting up boundaries?
  135. Can I bathe my puppy?
  136. how can i house train my 1 year old dog?
  137. How old before dogs are full grown...?
  138. I live in the caribbean how can i lobster and fish farm off the seasho
  139. Where is that Travis horse?
  140. my pigeon's left leg has got paralysised below the knee ?
  141. can u soften dogs nails before clipping?
  142. Dog digestive problems from eating BJ's dog biscuits?
  143. I want to work with animals but dont know where to start?
  144. can u keep a possoum as a pet?
  145. What type of lights do i use to grow LPS and SPS saltwater corals?
  146. why is my fish always spitting its food out? one of my fish already di
  147. once pond snails are removed from a tank what do you do with them?
  148. How do you secure your dog during travel?
  149. How do I train my dog to potty outside rather than inside?
  150. Once a dog is reprimanded how should you treat it?
  151. can rats be gay or bi?
  152. A Few Ratty Questions.....?
  153. Is rat bite dangerous?
  154. looking to adopt a Doberman?
  155. My dog has brought fleas into my home what do i do now?
  156. What are a few simple bunny toys?
  157. Is there any way to give comfort to a cat in heat?
  158. Poll: Has your dog ever...?
  159. My cat was neutered and now the area is infected...help?
  160. Do you know about Capstar flea treatment?
  161. my dog has a scabby neck?
  162. How do you make fish sink?
  163. when will my pup come in season ?
  164. How do you make a seahorse sink?
  165. is the dogs period same as women's period?
  166. My dog has seisures and I want to know what kind of medicine i should
  167. why cat can't have milk?
  168. How do I stop a large dog from humping me?
  169. how to make a frog tank half land half water?
  170. My cat a month ago had kittens now for no reason she atacks my kids, W
  171. Why does my dog poke around at his food in his bowl with his nose?
  172. Name suggestion for brother and sister black toy poodles.... please...
  173. I think he's ring sour!?
  174. 6 week old puppy cries at night?
  175. What people foods can pot belly pigs eat?
  176. How do you get to town square?
  177. Why do babies think????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????
  178. Is Belle a good name for a beagle? Do you have any other suggestions?
  179. My pot belly pig baby is scared.?
  180. Does anyone here train assistance dogs?
  181. Moving my cockatiel from South Carolina to Texas... will he be ok?
  182. Does the animal rescue league charge you for picking up a stray cat?
  183. i've got 2 kittens and the person i got them off never held them or hu
  184. what is the wildlife of massachusetts?
  185. Dog Boarder/Kennel in Pittston Area of Pennsylvania?
  186. My dogs stool? What's wrong with him?
  187. Cannot grow java fern?
  188. What's the longest amount of time that an adult dog should be left at
  189. What should you do when you dog gets sprayed by a skunk? Is the tomato
  190. My dog have skin problem, how to make it recover faster?
  191. Advice for training 8 week old Golden Retriever ?
  192. What would be the cost of a female purebred pomeranian medical needs?
  193. Pls Tell Me! Thanks..... About Budgies...?
  194. can u least me the pros and cons of having a Yorkie puppy?
  195. Are there any rat breeders in Dubai? Or a pet shop that sells rat?
  196. What do I do? I want to adopt a puppy!?
  197. HELP! Baby Indian Ringneck - problems with legs?
  198. when is the latest time to give a puppy its first vaccinations?
  199. Do dogs eat Chicken or Lamb better?
  200. I Need Heip With MY Cat?
  201. My westie is biting one of his hind legs so that the hair is thinining
  202. How to make my Bunnies hutch fun?
  203. What would be better - one kitten or two?
  204. I am looking for a site that has free puppies?
  205. why do birds of the same flock feather together?
  206. Pet problem ? ?
  207. do pigeons have feelings?
  208. Does anyone own a Shih Tzu?
  209. Both of my dogs have an itching problem all of a sudden?
  210. my puppy has stopped eating?
  211. What is the most unusual job you've seen or heard of your breed doing?
  212. Why does my dog keep on howling every night?
  213. What should I do about my two fighting clownfish?
  214. My Dog is missing other dog.Should I take my dog back to see the other
  215. how many times does a 4-month old German shepherd SHOULD poop a day? a
  216. What Do i need to buy for a pet Ball Python?
  217. Why is my dog scared to eat and how do I get him to eat?
  218. Is My Dog Underweight?
  219. Hi there i have a leopard gecko no idea of age or sex?
  220. How many chickens does a ross have?
  221. How can I get my dog used to crowds?
  222. How heavy is to heavy for a spaid cat?
  223. Isn't cat whiskers suppose to be as long as cat is wide ?
  224. Why is my kitten meowing alot and rubbing against everything?
  225. Prong Collar, why is it so maligned and misunderstood?
  226. Where in nyc can I get my pup's ears cropped?
  227. Introducing new puppy to my aggressive Cat?
  228. how to set up and mantain saltwater aquarium?
  229. Why does my kitten choose not to use the litterbox?
  230. About My Baby Red Eared Slider.?
  231. I'm looking for resources on the web to help me choose a breed of dog.
  232. Anti-laminitis supplements - do they actually work?
  233. German Shepherds used for herding jobs?
  234. Hot Spots and Antibiotics?
  235. What is a healthy diet for two baby red eared slider turtles?
  236. how much are hermit crabs?
  237. cats off the leash..i need your help?
  238. help me stop my puppy from pooping in the kennel?
  239. Where can you buy Vinnegroons and how much are they?
  240. My hamster anus is bleeding?
  241. Australian Cattle Dog, Smithfield Blue Heeler?
  242. Kitten going out the door if it keeps going on the carpet... need sugg
  243. my rabbit is 30 days pregnant but seems 2 b loosing weight there is no
  244. Anyone Have a Dog Who Has Had a Stroke?
  245. please pray for our 6 mos. old perisan kitty. ='(?
  246. what and where is the plastron on a turtle?
  247. What kind of treats should I give my Gerbil's that wont make them sick
  248. Can somebody PLEASE answer my question?
  249. Could there be something wrong with this red tailed boa...?
  250. anyone know anything about the PetSafe wireless fence?