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  1. Cat attacks arm??? Normal?
  2. what will guinea pigs do once they really like you ?
  3. I Need Help And Fast!?
  4. Dash for Cash bloodlines!?
  5. can you over socialize?
  6. About to purchase a maltese off someone. Dog is on antibiotics. Should
  7. Very verry nervous hamster ?
  8. Like this kitten name?
  9. Your horses improvements, in everyway. Share them here!!?
  10. how will i know when my boxer bitch is pregnant?
  11. My dog pees on the sofa?
  12. How do i feed baby guinea pigs?
  13. fish aquarium problems?
  14. Why is my oldest cat suddenly attacking my youngest and when will this
  15. my boxer dog bitch is really nasty with other dogs?
  16. Hypothetical but still important: If you get a dog from a rescue and s
  17. What does a huge yellow and white snake dream mean?
  18. Which of these do you think is better?
  19. whats wrong with my kitty? throwing up?
  20. I am trying to save up for a parrot..ideas?
  21. How long to wait before spaying...?
  22. does anybody have any ideas for a show name?
  23. Is it too much to spend a week's pay on a doghouse?
  24. My cat is peeing everywhere!!!!?
  25. Every night when sleeping my cat comes next to me on my pillow and lic
  26. About Dogue De Bordeaux French Mastiff?
  27. do you think dachshund's or bassets can swim?
  28. about the dog who mauled a pet rabbit?
  29. Why is my cat limping?
  30. in what seasons do cockatiels breed?
  31. My sisters dog is 10 and growls everytime I bring my puppy home. I thi
  32. does music affect a dogs behavior?
  33. Best cage for dwarf hamster?
  34. I WANT A BIRD! I need help convincing my parents to get a bird?
  35. dose it matter if i breed my rabbits one has loop ears and the other s
  36. my cat has a roundish cut on the side of his face?
  37. How do you control your cats shedding?
  38. How old do you have to be to work at petco?
  39. To our surprise....PUPPIES!?
  40. werid question but why do dogs?
  41. Difference between Dee ring and Eggbutt bits?
  42. How long do you spend on a schooling session?
  43. Is billiards chalk poisonous to small dogs?
  44. Is this rat wild or domestic? Help??!!?
  45. There is a tick in my pup's ear!!?
  46. front-line for small dogs?
  47. i am wondering, can i hack out where ever i want or are there rules?
  48. Every night when sleeping my cat comes next to me on my pillow and lic
  49. About Dogue De Bordeaux French Mastiff?
  50. do you think dachshund's or bassets can swim?
  51. about the dog who mauled a pet rabbit?
  52. Why is my cat limping?
  53. in what seasons do cockatiels breed?
  54. My sisters dog is 10 and growls everytime I bring my puppy home. I thi
  55. does music affect a dogs behavior?
  56. Best cage for dwarf hamster?
  57. I WANT A BIRD! I need help convincing my parents to get a bird?
  58. dose it matter if i breed my rabbits one has loop ears and the other s
  59. my cat has a roundish cut on the side of his face?
  60. How do you control your cats shedding?
  61. How old do you have to be to work at petco?
  62. To our surprise....PUPPIES!?
  63. Does anybody know any experts on Pomeranians and collapsing tracheas?
  64. Why is my snake is soo snappy?
  65. We want a dog, what do you suggest?
  66. I rescued a baby short tailed vole?
  67. My guinea pigs hate me?
  68. 7 1/2 months pregnant and my male cat is urinating on my things?
  69. I need to hear how people who live in apartments, or small homes, and
  70. how to fit a western saddle?
  71. How do I bond with my two Gerbils?????
  72. where do i put the Telescope to hear the puppies in side mother?
  73. What breed is my foster dog?
  74. My soon to be 6 month old dog needs a girlfriend...?
  75. So Bella is a good name for a Beagle, got it. Now I have another quest
  76. best way 2 do a water change in fry tank?
  77. Is your dog surprised by its own farts?
  78. My dog ate a whole piece of chocolate cake??
  79. Help doggie problem!! Tried everything need help..?
  80. What do you have to put in a rabbit hutch outside? ?
  81. can anyone help please?
  82. A very strange question about cats..?
  83. New Tank Syndrome...?
  84. How enjoyable of a life can a dog live with no front legs?
  85. What can I use to put over a plastic tub to keep the cat warm inside?
  86. Is it okay to feed my kitten tuna every once in a while?
  87. how to i train my dog to dance?
  88. Is it poisonout for a dog to eat a shrew?
  89. How do I get my boyfriends female dog to get along with my three dogs?
  90. About my blood red parrot's egg situation....?
  91. does anyone kno how to cheat on my math lab?
  92. Is it a bad idea to go for the runt of the litter?
  93. Looking for medium sized dogs, any suggestions?
  94. 1 year old puppy barking when we come home?
  95. taming my pet rat? help experience rat owners?
  96. Our pony has a cough and runny nose. Do we need to call the vet?
  97. POny finals pictures?
  98. Wondering how long I should wait to get another rat?
  99. If a horse has a large cut on their foot do you wrap it with vet wrap
  100. My Shih Tzu Got Into A Chocolate Bar!?
  101. Bring Bruce Home......?
  102. Can Squirrels vomit. Will they be O.K if they eat rat poison?
  103. The best Veggies and Fruits for my Red Ear Slider?
  104. Tips and/or recommended readings (websites/books/etc) on training our
  105. Are there charities that donate money to treat sick rabbits?
  106. kitten's butt stinks?
  107. Mixed Herd Dynamics? Geldings fighting?
  108. Am i doing anything wrong with my 8 week old kitten?
  109. Cute cat names please?
  110. Has Anyone Else Raised and Trained a "Pet" Silver Fox From a Fur Farm?
  111. where can i find white cloud mountain minnows ?
  112. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  113. Can your dog get heartworm from being held a lot?
  114. What's wrong with my poor little Lab?
  115. do you know anyone who has had worst luck with pets? do tell...?
  116. RESEARCH HELP!!! Anyone who has owned a rodent now or before, what wou
  117. My dog has cushings disease, anybody ever deal with it?
  118. need help with limping pup...?
  119. freshwater aquarium question?
  120. Any One Have A Free Or Under $250 Yorkshire Terrier In Georgia?
  121. What to do about my mom's whining and yelping dog?
  122. what is going on in our fish tank?!?
  123. Sword tail problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  124. wondering when pregnant dog might whelp?
  125. which animal is also known as a 'pony in pyjamas'? ?
  126. Is my cat vaccine correct?
  127. will he know what to do when we let him go?
  128. What is killing my fish? I have treated my tank for fin rot. I have cl
  129. i need a name for a marineland killer whale?
  130. What is the general process to go through if I want to use my dog for
  131. Where can I find a small wading pool for my dog?
  132. Why does my cat bring me her toys at night?
  133. can you keep capybaras as pets ?
  134. please give some advice?
  135. two puppies a Rottwiller puppie and Doberman puppie when u allready ha
  136. does my rat look happy?
  137. I have a dog with serizures, is there anyting i can do?
  138. How do animal doctors know when a lion or tiger or another animal has
  139. Recently I have been developing feelings for animals; bunnies in parti
  140. Dog shots done in one visit?
  141. How to get a previously beaten dog used to being petted by men...i don
  142. 12 week old beagle pup sick?
  143. Chorkie For Sale In Tennessee Area? ?
  144. What breed do you think my dog is?
  145. Questions for all veterinarians? Please answer. ?
  146. I have squirrels in my attic? When do they have babies?
  147. jet li verses a horse?
  148. My yang shitzu adores cat treats (I have 2 cats) and she got by mistak
  149. Can coppersave make my fish tank water cloudy?
  150. Is it safe to give my dog Children's Benadryl?
  151. a pet killed by a neighbuors dog?
  152. Should i breed my betta or not?
  153. What breed of horse can live out all year in Northern England?
  154. Where did domesticated dairy cows come from?
  155. Can I keep tropical fish with goldfish?
  156. Would this be OK until I got his dry food?
  157. How do you breed hamsters?
  158. My dog is throwing up yellow....is this bad ?
  159. My five week pit pooped worms.?
  160. Do you like my new puppy?
  161. Why does my colt keep doing this?
  162. My dog won't stop barking!?
  163. Do penguins have knees?
  164. Adopt a tiger?Tiger lovers10 points?
  165. Culling prospective pup-owners....?
  166. How much does a 4 mos old cat pee?
  167. can you get a guinea pig to like you without picking it up ?
  168. Boxers Or American Bulldog?
  169. My friend got bit by a cat there is hardly any marks but his finger is
  170. How to help Puppy stop peeing inside his crate.?
  171. clown knife fish in 300 gallon cube tank?
  172. Getting my kitten microchipped?
  173. Saddle club question help ?
  174. Can an injured baby corn snake live? .?
  175. A saw a mouse in my guinea pigs cage! Can they hurt my guinea pigs?
  176. How Do I Know If My Sunburst Platy Is Pregnant?
  177. Joint inflammation, lyme disease?
  178. Hound dog in an appartment?
  179. What's that medicine called for dogs?
  180. Why do abused animals still love?
  181. I have a 10 gallon fish tank does chlorine evaporate out of the water
  182. why does my teddy bear hamster wait till 9:00 to goo to sleep?
  183. will that ASPCA take a...?
  184. What do you think these pups are?
  185. Allergic to Dwarf Frog food, frozen blood worms... Now what?
  186. I moved and my cat suddenly is peeing on the bed!!! Why?
  187. how do i get rid of this stalker ?
  188. How important is it for a dog to be up-to-date on his shots?
  189. what animal attacked a swan which was in the sun newspaper?
  190. my foal which was born in june walks on his tiptoes,?
  191. Mice questions, please answer?
  192. How do I ward off sicko animal haters?
  193. What Are The Correct Answers To Riding Level 4 On Howrse?
  194. Help! My kitten is sucking on my stuffed dog!?
  195. My siamese cat cries all the time now since his sister died.?
  196. My Bunny had a head tilt, took him to vet, then he died last night....
  197. my 6 month old chihuahua won't come out of the corner, he is very shy.
  198. Is it actually possible to kill 2 birds with a single throw of a stone
  199. What kind of kitty liter should I use, after getting my kitty declawed
  200. why dont dogs have whiskers?
  201. I lost my rescued pony Basi?
  202. Animal Question In KC MO Pets?
  203. my animals have not had any vaccinations, ?
  204. bearded dragons are they good pets ?
  205. i want to hold my hamster but im scared. ?
  206. I am traveling 1100 miles with my cat, have I thought of everything?
  207. If you feed your rabbit but the rabbit didn't see you feed it, did "yo
  208. Need help with trimming goat hooves?
  209. Norwegian elkhound owners?
  210. how do i help a stray cat?
  211. New carpet and puppy who is already potty trained keeps using the bath
  212. Do syrian hamsters like to be held?
  213. Why is my golden dojo so skinny?
  214. Their has to be a home remedy to make my dog go to the bathroom?
  215. how big do boxers grow?and are they the kind of dog that will sit with
  216. Help! My Dog keeps chewing up one area of the carpet!?! ?
  217. I have a 150 gallon fish tank, how do i get the water clear?
  218. Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness?
  219. If you can't afford...?
  220. I want to adopt a puppy. Please don't be mean.?
  221. Why do people come on here to ask for help when their dog obviously ne
  222. My pregnant cat is bleeding from her anus?
  223. Betta with new fish, help?!?
  224. What is a good chew snack for my Australian Cattle Dog mix?
  225. Can fancy goldfish and normal goldfish go together?
  226. I think my dog is pregnant?
  227. I think my dog is pregnant?
  228. When does a male dog become fertile?
  229. if i were to feed raw, how would i?
  230. My kitten turned 4 months old the day he went missing is he going to c
  231. my dogs sheath is swollen, not his penis why is this ans how to fix it
  232. How can I teach an abused dog to play?
  233. Yes, There Are Tiny Boston Terriers?
  234. Has anyone had a pregnant yearling filly?
  235. How to stop a dog from pee'ing?
  236. Dwarf hamsters....PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
  237. My cat gave birth to one kitten, 16 hrs ago, is she finnished having k
  238. Best way to introduce a new cat to a household with a 6 month old pupp
  239. Do cichlids mix well with other tropical fish...?
  240. What are those cats called that have all kinds of patterns?
  241. my dog has worms.....?
  242. What do you think about the training?
  243. MY Dog is shaking after vaccines?
  244. I have started getting slugs/snails all over my fish tank - are they h
  245. What will happen if I don't vaccinate my dog? I can't afford it =(...
  246. am i a bad dog owner?
  247. Guppies, tropical fish?
  248. Any ideas why animals hate me all of a sudden?!?!?
  249. best way to introduce a new cat to a household with a 6 month old pupp
  250. were can i get my budgie clipped merseyside area?