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  1. Chinchilla question??
  2. i want a pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz help meeeee?
  3. Where to get labrador in OC? ?
  4. Chinchillas? answer only if u have one!!!!?
  5. Found a bird in my backyard, took it into my house, is this bad?
  6. How do you enter your rabbit in a fair?
  7. Easy tricks to teach a puppy?
  8. Cat peeing the house! HELP!!!!?
  9. My 6 m old Miniature Daschund will pee outside but not poop. Why is th
  10. english bulldogs?!?!? i want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly?
  11. Will my cats claw a leather recliner?
  12. How sensible does this sounds...really?
  13. Is there a better alternative to micro-chipping for pet identification
  14. Tips on taking pictures of horses?
  15. How Old Should a Puppy Be When you take them to the vet?
  16. Dog or Cat first???????????
  17. i am trying to identify a snake it is black with elongated diamonds al
  18. Help with apparel for riding?
  19. can my guppy be done giving birth after 2 fry>?
  20. Why do they come alive at night?
  21. Should I Use Her At The Show?!?
  22. What to feed baby rabbit?
  23. How soon after micro-chipping my cats should i expect a tumor to grow?
  24. how to get cat to sleep in its bed?
  25. how do u train a minnie to pull a cart?
  26. any good wolf lovers clubs out there???!!?
  27. Vet misdiagnosed : Can I get my money back for this?
  28. Do they have mixed breed agility? ?
  29. Is this a good quality English saddle?
  30. My cat is mean and crazy i dont want to hert her but we nead to FIX it
  31. Why does my friend's cockatiel do this with his toy?
  32. Does anyone know how much gallon this filter is meant for?
  33. Half Leasing and Full leasing a horse?
  34. How To Word It?! Properly?
  35. Are American Guinea Pigs Easy to Find?
  36. Can a female dog get pregnant before her first heat?
  37. Kitty Problem!!! Is anything wrong?
  38. How do you teach a horse to bow?
  39. my parakeet is squeaking instead of chirping.?
  40. I received a green spotted puffer from a friend. I need to know how to
  41. is it me, or has anyone else noticed this too?
  42. How can I make my kittens feel more comfortable around people?
  43. what could be wrong with my puppy?
  44. My kittens eye is all red? Help?
  45. Dog therapy question?
  46. persian cat population in iran?
  47. what does hamster diarrhea look like?
  48. my dog barks all night long ?
  49. Fun cat questionnaire ?
  50. My parakeet gave birth to 8 eggs but she hasn't been with them since l
  51. My 4 week old kitten is vomiting, what should I do?
  52. Never had a beta fish!! Help?
  53. English apparel!!!!!?
  54. how much water is safe to take out ?
  55. What should i do with my Pregnant Cat!?
  56. Do you think this dog is pretty?
  57. German shepherd helping with marriage proposal?
  58. Will a mare's disposition change dramatically during a pregnancy?Help!
  59. Happy Kitty Foundling Day?
  60. why do gerbils squeak?
  61. How does it feel topick up a dog****?
  62. cats and puppy get along?
  63. How do I get my cat to be nice to the new puppy?
  64. My shih tzu is shedding. Alot! I thought they don't shed.?
  65. My cat has brown spots in his eye?
  66. wat do i need to buy when i adopt my hamster?
  67. Why do bettas build bubble nests?
  68. How Do You Know When Kittens Are Fighting? And how Do You Know When Th
  69. which dog is the best for me?? HELP ME PLEASE!!?
  70. How long does it take start to finish for guppy to have babies?
  71. How do donkeys sleep????
  72. What color tack would look best on a dark bay horse?
  73. Is my hamster a bully?
  74. Which should i get a Molly or Betta?
  75. persian cat history and population?
  76. My 8yr old son was expelled from school for dragging a puppy with his
  77. how do i make my dog smell better?
  78. My Guinea pigs, keep fighting what should i do?
  79. How much wet food for a kitten? How much in a month?
  80. i found this yellow looking liquid in my hamster cage and was wonderin
  81. Do you believe there are right and wrong reasons to purchase from a re
  82. I need to know how to care for a figure 8 puffer! Please help!?
  83. were can you buy a baby turtle for cheap!?
  84. which breed is right for me?
  85. In cats, do felines have specific blood types like humans or can they
  86. HELP! What is wrong with my beta fish?
  87. A couple kitten questions for you guys...?
  88. Whats wrong with my dog?
  89. My Guinea Pig Acts Weird?
  90. Is there a way to escape-proof my wire mouse cage?
  91. Do SHORT HAIR dachshunds shed and which gender is more cuddly and play
  92. Aquatic Turtle?????????????
  93. how to make a boa constrictor happy ?
  94. Why does my dog lift his chin up?
  95. Dog is chewing on corners of walls. Sprays at pet store dont work. Loo
  96. will slug bait kill my mice?
  97. Headstrong Horses..How do you achieve the goal you want?
  98. a leak in the fish pond?
  99. Who has a wheaton terrier arent they the cutest dogs ever!?
  100. There's a lot of bubbles on the side of my Betta's tank... is it a bub
  101. Did anybody lose a cat in alameda california?
  102. What Are Labor Signs For Dogs ? ?
  103. bearded dragon tank question?
  104. Fish Tank Change HELP!?
  105. What's wrong with my black molly?
  106. What should my next dog be?
  107. What dog should I get?
  108. Is canned tuna fish in water unhealthy for cats & dogs ?
  109. My hamster escaped her cage?
  110. Found turtle can it be easily taken care of as a pet?
  111. Who else does breed rescue?
  112. My neutered cat is peeing everywhere!?
  113. help rabbit namez!!!10 points fo best answer!!?
  114. BIG BOY RAT? hyper????
  115. Do you think that.....?
  116. Is it possible to push my dog into heat?
  117. How much does a 5 Gallon tank and a 10 gallon tank usually cost in a r
  118. are ferrets good pets?
  119. homecooked meals for senior dogs with kidney disease?
  120. My cats on a raw food diet?
  121. why does my betta always have his mouth ?
  122. my dogs temp 97.9 i know puppies will be soon. how can i tell the diff
  123. Should I? Or Shouldn't I?
  124. My great dane and our stove?
  125. Help with an older dog going to the bathroom indoors?
  126. Cat has thrown up about 15 times today?
  127. Which would you prefer, male or female puppy?
  128. Horse Goals!?!? Time for your opinion!?
  129. How do I train my dog to stop running off?
  130. What do you put on the bottom of a ferrets cage?
  131. Is my beta fish about to die of old age?
  132. How do I teach my dog to skateboard?
  133. I need help with my dog's behavior!?
  134. Duckling Q, Need you answer by Tommorrow!?
  135. How to convince my mom to let me get a third kitten?
  136. How do you stop a horse from bucking and rearing?
  137. My 8 year old cat is transitioning from outdoors to indoors and is doi
  138. Can you help me figure out what the growth on my beagle's head is? ?
  139. My bearded dragon keep 'falling' on his back (~1 year old)?
  140. Have you ever had a cat that appeared healthy then just dropped dead?
  141. my cat is in heat and wont leave me alone what should i do?
  142. when do you let the babys loose from the breeder net?
  143. Aquarium question.....?
  144. I need help from fellow guinea pig owners!!!?
  145. Are my hamsters ok that i touched them before 2 weeks?
  146. Thrush? How would i treat it without damaging the hoof?
  147. There is a kitten with a broken leg crying outside my home right now?
  148. Ok what is good and bad about a Maltipoo pup?
  149. How do you convince parents to let you get a hamster or a guinea pig?
  150. who feeds their dog by BARF?
  151. Boa becoming a bit aggressive?
  152. Any Irish Wolfhound Lovers Out There?
  153. Does any body know a good holland lop breeder in Maryland?
  154. Are free-roaming cats legal?
  155. Natural Horsemanship; bridless & saddless (tackless)?
  156. Which is a better pet, a guinea pig or a hamster?
  157. My Dog, Bella, Is HouseBroken. Apparently Not HouseBroken Enough. She
  158. when should my nitrite levels rise?
  159. How do you get fruit flies out of turtle tank?
  160. what should i name my dwarf hamster?
  161. why are all my contacts TC's now and I'm not?
  162. i have one male parakeet and i got another male parakeet will they get
  163. Only for vets that noe about dogs!!?
  164. why do whooping crane have long necks?
  165. I need help with a male kitten name?
  166. Does aromatherapy work on animals?
  167. How do I know my dog's clothing size?
  168. Question on cockatiels?
  169. Have you ever seen a fish with legs?
  170. My cat went to the vet and now my other 2 cats are hissing at him?
  171. Lump on my chihuahua dogs?
  172. horse health question?
  173. What kind of dog am I?
  174. Is my RES a boy or girl? (pics)?
  175. In your opinion from owning dogs?
  176. Probably a silly question. ?
  177. what can you feed a lizard or geko?
  178. For Chihuhua Experts?
  179. Cat spayed today and turned very aggressive to me and other pets?
  180. could an oscar fish ive in a 20 gallon tank?
  181. What are some good names for a male Doberman Pinscher?
  182. What is your favorite animal(s)?
  183. cat urin stains!!!!! 10 points!!!!?
  184. What should i name my hamster?
  185. How long do guneapigs live?
  186. Arabian horse forelock? part 2?
  187. would you help me convince my mom?
  188. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  189. Hamster Breeders Near Avon, Indiana?
  190. Does a female have visible sutures after spay surgey? ?
  191. Which First? Dog Or Child?
  192. My guineapig is waiting...?
  193. What should I name my new horse?
  194. What would you do if someone abused your animal? ?
  195. Would this work?And a gourami questions to!?
  196. The bottom half of my snakes body is very limp and i think he might ha
  197. my dogg got pork! will she be okayyyyyy???!?
  198. Did the human brain evolve from cat food?
  199. How Do You Get Ride Of Iguanas In Your Backyard That Aren't Your They
  200. How do I train my dog to stay in the yard?
  201. How to make a cat drop a live animal?
  202. Ghost??? my rabbit died and maybe her ghost.....?
  203. my 4yr old pit keeps having seizures ?
  204. Do you know of a reputable (REAL!) British Bulldog breeder near or aro
  205. Fish Baterial/Fungal disease help? (Dwarf Gourami)?
  206. i had a cat to that was spraying we put him down we got a new pet i'm
  207. Should we sell our koi or...?
  208. Can snakes get motion sickness?
  209. looking for horse riding?
  210. my yorkie is 2months old when do her ears sit up?
  211. How to convince my mom to get me a third cat?
  212. Can my mal live indoors with the family without a cage??r=1222125977?
  213. How do I get rid of cat urine odor?
  214. Dog bones.. How to make your own...?
  215. whats the name from the movie Flicka!?
  216. Why is my betta fish's water cloudy all the time?
  217. Why is my chinchilla still acting strangely?
  218. what are ball python worth?
  219. Switching to English, Is the Saddle Any Good?
  220. GoldenDoodle Question?
  221. which puppy, a siberian husky or a dalmatian?
  222. Finding a home for my 2 puggles?
  223. Set up for baby veiled chameleons?
  224. Do snapping turtles need to sunbathe to digest food like some other ty
  225. I really think my cat is not eating enough...?
  226. Dogs chasing each other around the house - worried they will get hurt
  227. Which one????????????????
  228. about my dog lucky with his constant scratching and biting on himself.
  229. can somebody give me some good tips on potty training for my puppy?
  230. Need suggestions for an unruly sometimes mean dog.?
  231. How to convince my parents to get a 2nd dog!?
  232. Unexpected white cloud fry, any tips?
  233. My cat's stomach is rock hard (nursing)?
  234. What Am I Missing...?
  235. okay. so my dog was attacked?
  236. The breeder we got the dog from told us to use science diet puppy food
  237. Is this really true what they told me?
  238. Are Sun Conures intelligent? Do they know who they form a bond with an
  239. Does anyone use Peticure to trim their dogs nails?
  240. Question for people who have dewormed their puppies?
  241. crying puppy! please help!!!!!!!!!?
  242. should there be a law in the US that if you own a dog you have to have
  243. maggots in purina dog chow food?
  244. What are some holistic ways to cure allergies for my dog?
  245. my betta fish doesn't like his new home, what's wrong?
  246. I found a bunny hiding under our shed. He is bout 3 weeks old. Iv done
  247. What are the chances of my dog getting pregnant after they get stuck?
  248. Are Sun Conures smart? What diet should I feed it. Does it have a thin
  249. My dog seems to jump on anything that moves?
  250. Need Advice Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????