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  1. How do I train my 6 month old kitten to go to the toilet outside, inst
  2. my money plan for new horse...what do you think?
  3. UKC PITBULL PUPPY in keller texas?
  4. I'm exhausted from dealing with this, will it ever end?
  5. Can My Puppies Eat Regular Soft Dog Food?
  6. i have two female dogs and one of them keeps try to hump the other one
  7. Why my Corydoras are not eating the shrimp pellets I fed them? ?
  8. which is the better breed presa canary or cane corso?
  9. what is the best substrate for a red tail boa?
  10. i have two silver dollars,3 plecos,6 neons and 4 glass catfish in a 30
  11. Imus gaits of gold saddle coupon?
  12. What fish can i put with Oscars?
  13. Lab Puppy With Soars On Snout Wondering What They Are From?
  14. I don't want to do this... please help me!?
  15. How much should I be feeding my 5 month old puppy? 10 points for best
  16. How many Koi fish can i have in NJ?
  17. did my hamster's baby die?
  18. 2 of my 6 day old english bulldog pups dont eat as much and dont hold
  19. I got a new horse! arriving this sunday. my first horse. help!?
  20. How do i get my dog to be potty trained not only in my room but whole
  21. Which Rottweiler puppy would you choose?
  22. german shepard and lab puppys.. vaccination problems?
  23. What's the alternative to getting a dog from a breeder?
  24. Any one traveling with their horse?
  25. My cat ate some medicine. What should I do?
  26. what exactly is clamped fins ?
  27. Can I put my iguana in a dehydrator to preserve it through the winter?
  28. what kind of dog is this?
  29. How do you train a lovebird to sit on your finger, talk to you and sit
  30. Feeding horses in spring/summer.?
  31. tightening girth...does it really need to be THAT tight?
  32. Choose one of these communities?
  33. My pug puppy has green mucus in her eyes and a runny nose that crusts?
  34. what does this mean when i walk by my dog?
  35. My golden retriever puppy gets very territorial when people visit. Wha
  36. Neutered why should i get my dog Neutered?
  37. what kind of fish can i put with 2 red tail sharks and one baja shark?
  38. Hermit crab care please?
  39. Incubating Duck eggs- thermostat?
  40. Whats wrong with my Black Moor?!?
  41. I got a chihuahua puppy! ?
  42. Legal to kill a racoon/opossum to protect pets?
  43. What is my dog coming down with?
  44. Why is my cat so loud?
  45. puppy seems to be very possessive?
  46. Do shelters adopt puppies to the first person who applies?
  47. Can my cat mix these two medications for fleas and worms?
  48. tetras to go with my betta?
  49. Will he be okay alone?
  50. what other fish can i put in with this fish?
  51. why could my fish be dieing?
  52. How to convince my parents to let me have a rabbit?
  53. When do Betta fish babies become adult?
  54. Need urgent help white things on fish gills?
  55. how do i litter box train my rats and does rats poop smell bad ?
  56. It's thundering outside and my dog is shaking like a leaf! - is there
  57. Should I allow the cats to be out together?
  58. does anyone knw da normal body temperature of a Labrador retriever? ?
  59. How do you tell the sex of a hermit crab?
  60. Can you sue someone for ruining pets behavior?
  61. where do I find the price for salamanders? I live in fremont,californi
  62. Need help with my new Betta fish!?
  63. What are Your favorite qualities about cats?
  64. whats wrong with my red eared slider turtle ? :(?
  65. Why are dogs coupled (stuck) together for many minutes after mating, a
  66. Why are there so many irresponsible dog owners in the world?
  67. Why don't cats live longer than 20?
  68. how long can fish go without eating?
  69. im doing a research project on Vetinarians and i need to ask Q's about
  70. Suggest Names For My Hermit Crabs!!!!!?
  71. Can i keep rodents in an aquarium?
  72. just got a new tank,help me fill it, money is not a problem :)?
  73. Why do cats sleep so much?
  74. How much of food (if i scoop it in a cup) should a coming 9 months old
  75. I only wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who tried to help in answe
  76. Dwarf hamster's tail, completely ripped off!!?
  77. Good fish stores/aquariums in nyc?
  78. "Carnivore" Tank Ideas? Stocking list for 30? Tips and Ideas?
  79. my momma cat got out and won't come home. how do i get her home?
  80. 4 year old male pit bull staggers and falls?
  81. Do guppies need air pump?
  82. Are Halti's considered inhumane?
  83. Does anyone know where I can get a yorkie in michigan?
  84. is it true you can use table salt in aquariums?
  85. how do you.. grow algae?
  86. My Yorkshire Terrier is shedding, why is this happening?
  87. Something VERY wrong about my betta?
  88. Filter isn't working at all?
  89. How can i Stop my Dog from Eating Poop.?
  90. My cat loves to go on car rides?
  91. Service Dog Tasks???
  92. Can a Black light in bedroom harm my fish or reptiles?
  93. how come my canary never have fertile eggs?
  94. Impatient at shows..?
  95. Are there certain foods that we(humans) can eat that kittens can also
  96. My cat is acting weird after a vet visit with shot updates and deworme
  97. Mommy Doggy Name Problem?
  98. my fish is on a lean- helpppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!?
  99. Whats the best for oscar fish?
  100. Can I use wardley chlor-out in my drinking water?
  101. oooooo, i no this isnt really a question but go to mcpups and look at
  102. I act alot like a cat! But why?!?
  103. How much can fire bellied-toads hear, see, and smell? What Do crickets
  104. Dog or Cat, or just some fish.?
  105. Hamster chewing her bars?
  106. Dog Training Advice Needed?
  107. is it ok to give my fish a piece of chicken?
  108. Woman in San Francisco dog mauling case gets 15 to life, does she dese
  109. How Old Should My Rabbits Be Before Vaccinating For Myxomatosis?
  110. What is wrong with my cat? She has become super agressive with food an
  111. are all leghorn hens noisy?
  112. My cockatiel keep on biting his feathers off! Why? and when i blow on
  113. How can I get my Pug puppy to stop pooping in her crate?
  114. My red tail shark is not eating anything. is something wrong?
  115. why does my cat do this?
  116. What are some fun things to do with my Hamsters?
  117. EMERGENCY! Help! my dog is really sick! whats wrong!?!?!?!?
  118. Why does my cat do that?
  119. I have to dog sit three dogs in a few weeks?
  120. How rare is tenanus in cats?
  121. how can i convince my parents to get me a hamster?
  122. how many dwarf hamsters can you keep in a 10 gallon tank?
  123. What breed of dog is good for guarding a suburb property?
  124. my fish wont eat goldfish pellets? why?
  125. How can I get more involved with horses?
  126. Dose anyone know what breed my leopard geckos are?
  127. Does your dog like blankets?
  128. My cat has figured out the doggy door how can I stop him from going ou
  129. my dog never had anyone to mess with her when she was younger now she'
  130. can i help him ?
  131. If 2 ferrets like each other, how will they interact?
  132. My cat has pink around the edges of her left eye. She has been tearing
  133. Cat I found isn't getting along with my cat.?
  134. Miniature horses - I have never had horses before ?
  135. What is wrong with my cat?
  136. do you have dogs what are thier names send me a pic to?
  137. My 5 month old kitty just had a seizures after playing really hard, sh
  138. Where to get and info. on chipmunks?
  139. Is it safe to put a mixture of vinegar and water in my gsd's ear?
  140. my hamster keeps sneezing?
  141. How often to cats pee?
  142. Can Fancy Tailed Guppy's have a Kink in their back? ?
  143. How do I make my roof top patio safe for my dog?
  144. how long should my dog wear a cone on her head after she's been spayed
  145. My cat peed on blanket?
  146. When you look at a cat, what do you REALLY see?
  147. New puppy concern....please help!?
  148. Do you hit your dog/s ?
  149. watch this video and what do you think?
  150. What causes a cat to scratch and lick himself all the time?
  151. whenever i say pretty bird to my parakeet it moves its mouth like its
  152. Guinea pig help, please?
  153. my cat has an embedded collar wound help?
  154. i don't know what to do.my neighbor who is my brother-in-law has a sic
  155. Are some cat foods better than others?
  156. On average, How much do Bunnies sell for?
  157. My kissing gourami died... read and tell me if you think my other fish
  158. Looking for Pug breeders?
  159. My neighbors and there dogs.?
  160. puppy growls when i pat it (lightly) while it is eating?
  161. i either want a chinchilla or a ball python i am 11 years old which wo
  162. what is the better breed cane corso or presa canary?
  163. My neighbors and there loud mouth dogs.?
  164. Why would my cat attack me for no reason?
  165. How can I comfort my puppy so she wont cry all night?
  166. Why do male cats have SIX nipples, when they're totally useless? I can
  167. What do I feed a 6-mo-old spayed dog, in pain, won't eat, on rimadyl,
  168. Is a bull dog considered an aggressive breed of dog?
  169. new puppy keeps crying at the door?
  170. has anyone used rescue remedy for dogs?
  171. What can i do for my rat?
  172. My cat is in a lot of pain.. Help?
  173. Is it ok to use cat litter? My indoor rabbit doesnt have any contact w
  174. Is it possible for my dog to be in heat after being spayed?
  175. is it ok to feed my dog fruit?
  176. help my bulldog puppy has pheumonia and keeps regurgitating her food?
  177. what is the best lizard/reptile for me?
  178. what kind of skin problems do shitzu have?
  179. Black cat names. (any sugestions from anyone?)?
  180. How do I stop my dog from chewing on his tags and charms?
  181. 2 albino oscars, males? female? both?
  182. What should I know before getting a Siberian Husky?
  183. Can I put my Ball Python on a vegan diet?
  184. my snails? are these eggs?
  185. My dog is old, how do I best spend time with him?
  186. Around what age is it ok for my red nose pit bull to live outside?
  187. where can i make a blog for my puppies?
  188. I have a friend who lost his dog a few years ago, he took it pretty ha
  189. My cat isn't being himself and im not sure why?
  190. Help with my new little pet shop rescue?
  191. Are dogs ticklish or is it something uncomfortable? ?
  192. Why do petstores carry R/O water?
  193. What do you think of these puppy ownership rules for my son?
  194. Help with Quaker Parrots!!!?
  195. My red nose pitbull is about 3 months can i cut her nails?
  196. I need to know what kind of dog would be good for me?
  197. Is it normal for 4 week old kittens having diarrhea?
  198. Are there there a type of fish that.........?
  199. what's a mink?? i know its some kind of animal..?
  200. Do you think I made the right decision?
  201. Has anyone used a Courbette Axis?
  202. How big is a rednose pitbull to be at 2 months?
  203. How old does a boy hamster have to be to mate?
  204. How do You Give A puppy A Bath?
  205. What do you think of dogs used for guarding purposes only?
  206. I Need Some Help With My New Turtle?
  207. Which weird looking cat breed do you think is Cutest?
  208. I am looking for a good or excellent boarding facility that i can boar
  209. what are some breeds of boas?
  210. How can i tell how many Gallons does my fish tank hold?
  211. Are you a vet? Hope to be one like me? I need your help if so!!?
  212. whats the best dog.....?
  213. I think my dog might be sick?
  214. What type of dog do you think this is? ?
  215. Do you think my pufferfish will recover?
  216. i need money for a horse!?
  217. when crate training a dog, how long do you keep it in the crate?
  218. How can I encourage breeding in my parakeets?
  219. i have two female and male adult leopard geckos. how do i get them to
  220. Oh No! I Really Want A Budgie! ?
  221. What is wrong with my dog? What to do?
  222. Dog Bites bottom of foot?
  223. whats best food for my puppy?
  224. what is a good substrate for a snake?
  225. are there any bright green snakes that dont get to big?
  226. trying this again, my anti social dog.?
  227. Will My Female Yellow Bellied Slider Lay Eggs?
  228. help is my dog dieing or sick?
  229. Does The ASPCA support legal hunting?
  230. Do pitbulls have sharper teeth or just stronger bite?
  231. How old is my Kitten?
  232. What disease was this? Fish ebola?
  233. I have two purebred dogs trying to breed, 2 days & no success. What co
  234. Why does my baby cornsnake keep biting me ?
  235. Are you supposed to walk 4 month old puppies and if so how do i convin
  236. My dog has yeast around his mouth?
  237. Trapped kittens? ?
  238. Whats the best name for a hyper puppy ?
  239. My mom is getting rid of my beautiful labradoodle puppy, how do I stop
  240. 2 Tetras dead in 2 days...?
  241. several discus questions?
  242. Betta fish darting and spinning?
  243. Twilight related names for kittens?
  244. it's like my 6 month old puppy cant brealth?
  245. Is my rainbow shark nibbling on my gourami?
  246. Anatolian Shepherd health problems?
  247. how do you catch a rat (with out hurting him)?
  248. i just got a hamster a couple of days ago...?
  249. how do i identify my chinese dwarf hamsters litter area/?
  250. enducing labor ina cat at home is it possible?