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  1. I am having a problem with my cats...?
  2. What Jack Russell Terrier is this?
  3. Cat weeing on my new rug?
  4. how to teach my budgie?
  5. my cat is acting strange. I have just moved house can anyone help?
  6. is 0.6 wpg sufficient for a java fern to live?
  7. Horse Shows?? Championship show - Evening performance?
  8. What are cool names for cats?
  9. is it expensive to talk your cat to the vet after labor?
  10. what is a good chicken thats in high demand?
  11. What month does migration typically start for birds flying south for t
  12. I got bitten by a puppy?
  13. Newts, help please!!?
  14. Can birds fly for one month?
  15. My cat can't cough up his hair ball ... what else can I try? I'm tryin
  16. How To Know Flower Horn Gender?
  17. is it okay to keep my red-eared slider like this?
  18. Help! Please answer....?
  19. My black moor has got this white stuff on one of his eyes?
  20. How to stop a determined cat?
  21. the dog sniffs at crouches and bottoms when there are visitors. how ca
  22. What is the moderate size of a red-eared slider when reached to its ma
  23. My cat ate her own poo and threw it up? What the hell?
  24. In embryo birds, a temporary projection of the beak used for piercing
  25. Can fish be trained to follow your finger around the tank?
  26. Snowball Pest Control came & I don't know when to let the cats out. He
  27. I originally brought 3 fish 1 died. I replaced. it attacked & killed t
  28. looking for free puppy..boxer dog..or bulldog?
  29. Dead rat and dead mice ?
  30. Why are my hamster's ears...?
  31. What kind of food is rich with nutrients and vitamin C and calcium esp
  32. are german Shepperd's easy to train as puppies?
  33. My kitten keeps biting! He's just playing, not agressive but how can I
  34. can sugar kill a gerbil?
  35. My son's crayfish appeared to be carrying eggs under her tail; now the
  36. Any Hamster accidents?
  37. clipping budgies is this cruel?
  38. Our 7 yr old Weimaraner has droplets of blood from his penis - what ca
  39. What kind of food is rich with nutrients and vitamin C which I give my
  40. how can i tell if my cat is pregnant ?
  41. My kitten won't eat? Why?
  42. Could you tell me how to take care of a red-eared slider?
  43. how do i get rid of mice?
  44. Why do alot of people rather have pets than children?
  45. Why do allot of people rather have pets than children?
  46. My goldfish died of fin rot. if i clean the tank can i get a new goldf
  47. why do so many people call beTTa fish beTa fish?
  48. Major mouse help needed!?
  49. I don't want to spay or neuter my female and male kitten..?
  50. What do you love about your pet?
  51. Do dogs cry?????????????????????????????????
  52. should i use a rattle bottle?
  53. I hit a dog with my car on a bridge last night I panic and threw it of
  54. Goldfish bowl filters and pumps?
  55. My fish tank water is cloudy?
  56. how many hands should my horse be?
  57. How much in rands do fish or cats cost?
  58. Whats the best way to get fleas off a dog?
  59. hey friends i am NEHA, i want buy a pet?
  60. Is this light too strong if i want to get a java fern?
  61. horse worrys...i'm nervous about owning one...?
  62. Why did they killed my pet?
  63. my shih tzu just had babies yesterday when can we wash her ? ?
  64. How can I feed dogs separately when they've been used to eating togeth
  65. I want to teach my puppy how to find things?
  66. where can i find a rabbit condo?
  67. Looking to adopt a Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) mix?
  68. We're wanting 2 kittens from the same litter....?
  69. how much whould a rat cost per year?
  70. HELP!!! i have a kissing gourami who hasnt eaten from a month!!!!?
  71. Do hedgehogs purr or similar?
  72. What dog should I get?
  73. What's your favourite animal?
  74. Staring down a german shepard?
  75. do you have dogs what are their names send me a pic?
  76. Do rats like to burrow? ?
  77. PLEASE HELP! Cat and dog!?
  78. sick danio ?
  79. How do you tell if you have a hen or a rooster?
  80. How can I make my dog eat his new food?
  81. My two guinea pigs aren't drinking water?
  82. i am getting a 100 gallon tropical comunity?
  83. my goldfish died of fin rot. if i clean the tank can i get a new goldf
  84. does anyone know if perfecto vivariums have cable access points?
  85. i have a cocktail and he loves coming out of his cage and flying aroun
  86. is it possible to breed my cat and hamster?
  87. what wild animal would you like to keep as a pet if you could?
  88. Considering getting a husky?
  89. help me with my newly born guinea pig?
  90. What is the breed of the black dog that looks like a fox on the Pedi P
  91. I bought a new cage for my rats...?
  92. Dog sickness help please?
  93. Cat question HELPPPP CAT OWNERS! =)~?
  94. my cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  95. Bad fleas, and frontline isn't working?
  96. puppy training- will it really work?! ?
  97. What would be a good name for my puppy?
  98. I am selling four rats. Who wants to buy?
  99. First time peacock raising, how to sex ?
  100. First time peacock raising, how to sex ?
  101. I think i like my pets/animals more then family, is this a bad thing?
  102. Tips on how to keep my cat from.....PLEASE COME!!!?
  103. how long between my staffies nipples being swollen and producing milk
  104. what dairy buck should i breed my boer doe to?
  105. So what do you think of the humane societies endoresment of Obama?
  106. Cost of spaying a 12 week old mini daschund?
  107. what does a purring/meow mean?
  108. Does anyone else other than me give their pets middle names?
  109. Are there thing for dogs to bite for long time?
  110. How many beta fish babies?
  111. Baby silkie chicken questions?
  112. For how many weeks is a cat pregnant - mine is 4 to 5 weeks now ?
  113. one of my pond fish have a fungus how long will he survive if un treat
  114. hi there, does anyone know how to dye my brown leather saddle black?
  115. My hamster has diabetes, now what?
  116. Does a stronger filter on a tank mean more capacity for fish?
  117. Is it bad to take dogs for walk in high temperture?
  118. Question about horsemanship pattern, and horses feathers?
  119. my goldfish had fin rot can other goldfish get it?
  120. Does my dog need stitches?
  121. New puppy needs really good name!?
  122. My cat stalks my boyfriend for his beer. I know it is not good for her
  123. Is it normal??????????
  124. did you ever a can of worms?
  125. Scared to Ride him....?
  126. Cavachon puppies - pros, cons, anything else?
  127. what do you think of my puppy?
  128. How to cure pop-eye disease in angelfish?
  129. My dog's missing:( :( :(?
  130. My dog seems to be short of breath, what could it be.?
  131. Cat Sitter - Should I trust this guy?
  132. what do i feed my dog?
  133. What type of plant can I use to stop cats from using my flower beds as
  134. Any People In The Vet Industry?
  135. What is the best type of chicken egg incubator?
  136. Why wont my dog's baby teeth fall out?
  137. At what stage does a gravid spot become visible?
  138. my pitbull puppy loves chees doritos; are they harmful for him?
  139. gourami aquarium 12 gallon?
  140. Found dead flea on dog,he is frontlined..but sleeps on my bed?
  141. What is a good pet similar to a cat?
  142. How much for one of the piebald ball pythons?
  143. Toilet Training An Adult Shelter Dog?
  144. how do you fell when you are free as in,like a birds in winds you can
  145. Fox-tail sticker stuck in my cat's throat.?
  146. Can cat's drink milk ?
  147. how to tighten a girth on a mini pony? ?
  148. Can I tell if my bearded Dragon is pregnant?
  149. How often do you give your horse T&A hay?
  150. Can cats get jealous?
  151. Is it true that stepping on an iguana's head doesn't hurt it?
  152. Calling all horse experts!?
  153. Aquarium Fish tank Filters?
  154. need help finding a purebred siberian huskey in Canada?
  155. 8 week Bichon puppy and house training?
  156. Typically, what does pet insurance cover and how much is it?
  157. My leopard gecko setups?
  158. axolotl serious help needed im worried?
  159. How much will a corn snake cost me at petco ? or where should i get it
  160. How can you be sure a hermit crab is dead?
  161. where can i buy a gecko?
  162. Is true I can tame my iguana if I tie a rope around it's tail and hang
  163. does anyone know what it means when dogs lick the carpet or comforters
  164. What would you assume about a girl who likes puppies too much?!?
  165. Who is healthier: a cat who has never been pregnant or one that has gi
  166. do female cats pee everywhere before strting season?
  167. Detailed Rat Information?
  168. Dog + cat introduction issues?
  169. my dog is being sick this morning he was shaking violently before he w
  170. what does "recneck around" mean?
  171. my kitten seems very weak. I try to feed it a little bit but he won't
  172. Help! My dog gets really car sick!!?
  173. picture inside of a healthy female ! ?
  174. OK, so we have a Yorkie, who started pooping everywhere after he was f
  175. how can I distinguish male and female lovebird?
  176. this is a picture of a healthy female inside !?
  177. I have a wire cage that my rats live in and i want to build a second l
  178. when to neuter a cat?
  179. Is tifton a good quality hay, or is my barn being cheap?
  180. How far will a biting dog go? And will it bite in pitch black?
  181. I unfortunately need to get rid of my pet rats - I want them to go to
  182. Vomiting Cat, Please Help!?
  183. Help With Breeding Rabbits?
  184. I am buying a $7000 cat. A bengal to be exact.(not a tiger) Can you ge
  185. My poor rat, she is so sick?
  186. what fish will be good 2 put in with one baja shark and 2 red tail sha
  187. how long does it take to tame a young green iguana?
  188. How can I find a specific type of mix breed dog? I know what I want bu
  189. Why dont cats like thier belly rubbed?
  190. How can I clean my siberian husky's ears, when he won't let me get nea
  191. Whats a good name for my iguana?
  192. is metacam any good for pain relief?
  193. Naming my German Shepherd...?
  194. What are the possible signs for reconciliation to those separated.?
  195. theres this kitten that follows me around outside, and I play with, an
  196. what can a iguana eat besides greens?
  197. Do you all agree with this?
  198. something in my dogs poo(super gross) tapeworm?
  199. Can I feed my iguana a burger?
  200. Why do dogs love thier belly rubbed so much?
  201. Mum bought the wrong dog food?
  202. trying to figure out if we can bring an American Mastiff puppy (under
  203. Do horses pick up on emotions like dogs and cats do?
  204. Feeding LIQUIFRY 1??
  205. What is a good name for my male ball python?
  206. Cesar Millan is so hot, anyone else feel this way, lol?
  207. so i feel stupid bc...?
  208. T&A hay in North Carolina question..?
  209. where can i buy super VIT-B 12 5500aug?
  210. Introducing a new dog to the family?
  211. I need some bit advice. ?
  212. How to train hen not to crow in the AM?
  213. my dog has a broken pelvis due to getting hit by a car can it survive?
  214. Side effects of Tramadol?
  215. What do you think of my New Puppy?
  216. she is so territorial over her food! please help?
  217. what sould i name my rabbit?
  218. please please mice info help!?
  219. Would a neutered cat still have huge balls?
  220. What kind of puppies/dogs are good with children?
  221. my cat got hit in the head please help?
  222. I am extremely worried. This has to do with puppy teething .. I hope.?
  223. Why did this horse dig at my grass?
  224. my chihuahua/dachsund mix is 5 pounds at 4 months..i'd appreciate any
  225. What should I name..?
  226. How Old Are My Puppies ?
  227. Is there a difference in "good quality" dog food brands? ?
  228. Why is my dog all of a sudden pooping and peeing inside?
  229. Introducing a new dog to the family?
  230. Looking for someone who has exprience with Dobermans?
  231. Whenever I see a dog that is not a dachshund, I'm like, why? Does anyb
  232. Plastic container for a Guppy breeder box?
  233. Is a Chinese Water Dragon a good pet?
  234. Cichlids , angels , or discus ? ?
  235. Is my mom's dog pregnant? ?
  236. My Cat is dragging its butt ?
  237. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  238. Is there a small species of snake that is good to keep as a low mainte
  239. How to get rid of a cat that keep coming to po in my yard?
  240. Why would a dog do this?
  241. Cairn Terriers in Denver?
  242. Question about soft paws?
  243. Tube feeding a post-surgery kitten?
  244. What's your favorite dog breed?
  245. how do you make home made levels for rat cages?
  246. what do rabbits eat ?
  247. New Persian cat question?
  248. My puppy poops in his Create!!?
  249. i want to buy a cheap book on 'Indian snake'.?
  250. Guppy No Longer Pregnant?