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  1. does anyone know what is good for....? 10 points?
  2. Are the measurements of this cage too small for one budgie...?
  3. where in Kent can my Dog go Ratting ?
  4. Best place to get cats?
  5. Do dogs ears pop when on an airplane?
  6. my dog wants to eat and wen she does she throws it up like 10 minute l
  7. are baked potatoes ok to feek my dog?
  8. do cali king snakes need a heat lamp or can they have a heat mat?
  9. MY DOG WAS ATTACKED... HELP PLEASE??... how can i.....?
  10. is there anything i can put on my puppy's fur to get rid of dog smell.
  11. my cat was bleeding i thought she could be pregnant but i didnt know a
  12. Where could I find a double dog leash to walk my two Westies togehter?
  13. PLEASE HELP! my fish is really sick?
  14. help with my chickens!!?
  15. How Much Should I ask For him?
  16. Dog's and playing with Mushrooms?
  17. Mystery cat illness - anyone know what it might have been?
  18. where do buy a baby labrador ?
  19. Horse is nervous of jumps? ?
  20. 1 month kitten should feed with bottle?
  21. Rabbit Harnesses: Out and About or Around the garden?
  22. Why is my Yorkie-Poodle losing hair?
  23. Do you think a ferret is a good pet for me?
  24. Abcessed tooth in my cat, cost?
  25. How hard is it to take care of a 4 week old kitten?
  26. American bulldog question?
  27. How much do you think this Western saddle is worth? (picture)?
  28. how can i learn how to sex a chicken?
  29. Is running off the road to avoid hitting an animal (large dog) conside
  30. Can you give Raw Hide to a lab?
  31. Where can I get freshwater fish for my aquarium?
  32. Can You Tell Me What Breed My Puppy Is?
  33. how to get my grumpy mare on the bit?
  34. what are nice lapdogs that will sit with you and have a nice cuddle an
  35. What is your pet's name?
  36. I smell like fish help please?
  37. is 16 too old to love horses?
  38. dachshund breeder listings?
  39. Pros and Cons of sponsoring a dog? ?
  40. What dog breed out of these should I get next?
  41. I want to make a C&C Cage for my two rabbits. How big should I make it
  42. 2 American Bulldog puppies for sell!?
  43. how do i house train my dog?
  44. How often do you bath your dog?
  45. i need to rehome a pitbull/rottweiler 3 month old female in fayettevil
  46. how do i tape up mt apbt's ears i had them cropped and the old tape is
  47. made a $600 deposit on a puppy, now they are not going to give us the
  48. can you help me on real tropical fishtank plants?
  49. What can i find out side that you can find easily to feed a black rat
  50. Please can someone help me regarding my fish?
  51. 8 months old and testing boundaries...my precious pup is being a brat?
  52. My friend's dog has very stiff hair-like growths growing out of the pa
  53. If you had to come back as one animal what would you be and why?
  54. help! i just got a new loaned pony and he has been ridden for ages and
  55. could someone please tell me a couple ball python morphs and how to cr
  56. Western Saddle Fit Help?
  57. Is it okay to let our Dwarf Rabbit roam free at night?
  58. Pets at hOme! hamsters!!!?
  59. How to obtain a venomous reptile permit in maryland?
  60. Will my goldfish eat a young albino frog? ?
  61. anyone know where to find a good horse for a advanced beginner?!?
  62. Do Dogs Have Emotions?
  63. Do you think the vet didn't like my lovely little cat. He came back wi
  64. about to buy a horse.... please help?
  65. Will my older cat hurt my new kitten?
  66. baby cat lost from mother?
  67. How long does it take for Peking ducks eggs to hatch?
  68. VERY IMPORTANT! Pitbull Question!!!!!!!?
  69. I think my horse may have a breathing problem?
  70. My german shepherd was out in the field and an american white boxer go
  71. How Do I Canter A Horse Without Hurting My Back?
  72. How do u take care of a hermit crab?
  73. i need help with california kingsnakes?
  74. Asking again because I don't know what happen to the last one!?
  75. Please help. I think my horse might have a breathing problem?
  76. i need help with my chinese water dragon.?
  77. Rottweiler Bitch:- Need help understanding the breed?
  78. ferret clothing?.............?
  79. if you breed 2 het albino ball pythons will the babys come out albino?
  80. Does the off brand flea control sold at stores just as good as Frontli
  81. I am looking for another rottie can you help me?
  82. I have front leg question?
  83. what is the income of a veterinary assistant or technician and how lon
  84. i have a abandoned 4 week old kitten. i dont know what to do or how to
  85. Mystery Betta Disease?
  86. how do i REALLY get rid of fleas?
  87. Do you think its ok to hoover up the cat's excrement?
  88. Help on potty training?
  89. We just bought 46 foot boat for cruising and have 1year old shitzu. ?
  90. Why is it that cats have the instinct to clean themselves but dogs do
  91. This poor puppy has gone though hell. Please read and I do need a new
  92. My Puppy poops in her crate and then walks in it, will she stop?
  93. help with wonder gecko!?
  94. What can we do to reduce animal cruelty?
  95. why do dogs chase there tails?
  96. How to Ship a Dog ?
  97. What should do with stray cat died in the backyard?
  98. My ferret has a big scab on her side..?
  99. what are the tell tale signs that your boxer has heart mur-mer?
  100. my pregnant maltese!?
  101. What would you need to do it you get bit by a snake that you know for
  102. What is the best carpet cleaner for dogs on the market?
  103. Does my cat have an eating disorder?
  104. What would a horse buggy/carriage cost and where can i find one?
  105. petco ferrets, help!?
  106. I am worried about my American Eskimo...We have had him for 3 years an
  107. Im looking to get a pure american bulldog puppy?
  108. Is an Overshot Jaw a Recessive trait in Pitbulls?
  109. Will a black light on a snake cage let the snake still think it is nig
  110. What are your favorite kinds of animals?
  111. Dobermann owners/breeders please read?
  112. Why does P.E.T.A. euthanize 90% of the animals they take in?
  113. My dog is obsessed with my cat..?
  114. Why is my dog scratching?
  115. What's my bearded dragon doing...?
  116. my 5months old puppy has vet yesterday..and he look alike having pain?
  117. My dog has the doggy blues, advice please?
  118. Is anyone aware of a dog carrying any form of the herpes virus ?
  119. My dog is going to kill my neighbors (or I will)?
  120. What do I do with my cory cat fry?
  121. what boxer colour looks nicer Flashy Dark Brindle or Flashy Fawn? ?
  122. My baby water turtle (red ear slider)...?
  123. My cat died today and my family and also my self was trying to figure
  124. What am getting if i breed a 100% het for albino with a 100% het for g
  125. I dont know the gender of my parakeets... help?
  126. What is the daftest thing your horse or pony has ever been spooked by?
  127. Hermit crab breeding?
  128. if your dog is gonna have hip displaysia are they born with it?
  129. What am getting if I breed a 100% het for albino,granite,green with a
  130. My own relative cruelty to animals??! Help!?
  131. how much does the common guinea pig cost?
  132. Dog expert. My dog ran away and came back ?
  133. How do you know if a horse trusts you?
  134. what to do when a 4 year old neutered boston terrior male dog keeps sq
  135. How to pick up a 10 week old hamster?
  136. Giving my chiuahuha run of the house today! ?
  137. In need of a min. goldendoodle for my daughter's 7th birthday. Anyone
  138. My dog had surgery for mast cell tumor in March of 2008. ?
  139. how much does it cost to get a dog spayed?
  140. shi-tzu pulling hair out of lab/mix?
  141. How to make a good springpole?
  142. Would a vet lie to their customers because they know the cat is going
  143. Should I get dog tags?
  144. My water has gone extremely cloudy... Will it settle down?
  145. What is a good dog for a single dude like myself to get that won't des
  146. "pancakes for puppies" question?
  147. How do I tell when my rabbit is going to Kindle?HELP?
  148. My puppy chipped his tooth?
  149. Have you ever had to step down in your quality of dog food?
  150. What snails don't eat java moss, java fern, and water sprite?
  151. My bearded dragon keeps going to her sleeping spot and going to sleep
  152. Why is she like this?
  153. My boyfriends to pet rats are loose in the house. What do I do?
  154. what should i do about my cat?
  155. Can 1 Piranha go with a Oscar, 3 Dempsey, 2 Electric Blue, 1 Convict,
  156. my dog stinks really bad?
  157. Do you think it is necessary to bath a cat?
  158. What is a good name for a female dalmation puppy?
  159. how much are bullmastiffs?
  160. why hasn't my female shih tzu pups got there flowers around there face
  161. AKC name for our new puppy?
  162. can i use revitaliser tonic when treating white spot.goldfish?
  163. Can you keep anything else in a coldwater tank other than goldfish?
  164. The birdie doc- questions to ask?
  165. How i can Import fish?
  166. Dog with Ringworm - got it from Cat with hardly any symptoms?
  167. My cats don't get along!?
  168. My 6 month old puppy is 3/4 Lab and 1/4 Border Collie...he is currentl
  169. How Many Pets Do You Have?
  170. trying to find out when dose female jack russell's get menstrall?
  171. Are you happy dog owner got 2 degree murder, 15 year to life sentence?
  172. where can i get a good small dog?
  173. my auntie has a douge de boardoux thing and its temerment is loverly?
  174. Breeding red tailed boas?
  175. Whats wrong with my kittens?!?
  176. my kitten is about 13 weeks old now, why does she purr so hard?
  177. is there anything over the counter to help with my shih tzu's allergie
  178. How do I know If my puppie has Worms???
  179. I need someone like a kennel that can watch my dog for me for two mont
  180. WHy is my smooth fox terrier shedding so much all of a sudden?
  181. We have to beautiful healthy cats we need to offer for adoption in chi
  182. Do you have to go to school to become a riding instructor,for equine?
  183. Why is it that dogs who are trained and proofed...?
  184. Question about my sick female Syrian Hamster -wet tail?
  185. Is this enough for a betta(s)?
  186. i need a name for my new puppy!!!?
  187. How much should my 10 week old lab puppy weigh?
  188. any body have one of these dogs?
  189. Has anyone else's cat gagged from hearing a noise they didn't like?
  190. I have a problem, my cat lost her kitty (40 days old kitty) in an acci
  191. Is this enough for a betta(s)?
  192. CAN CATS LIVE happily in FLATS?
  193. at what age is a puppy usally fully potty trained?
  194. I have a problem, my cat lost her kitty (40 days old kitty) in an acci
  195. fishtank and music...?
  196. Do I Own a Cannibal Fish? ?
  197. i need a name for my new puppy!?
  198. I just purchased two hi-fin black skirt tetra fish...how much/times a
  199. Can you keep anything else in a coldwater tank other than goldfish?
  200. Does my dog know something nobody else does?
  201. Is Pro Pac puppy food safe for my westie puppy?
  202. Average cost in "keeping" a horse?
  203. My rabbit is not eating of drinking enough water after being separated
  204. Im looking for an american bulldog puppy?
  205. Wot wud Gsus do (Looking for a bear cub illeghally)? (In my sityouatio
  206. Shelter dogs.......train-able?
  207. thumbs up to all!!! :)?
  208. Can my cat sense I am hurting?
  209. How can i keep my fish in tip top condition?
  210. whats the difference between dog and cat fleas & tick collars?
  211. Lots of questions on planted aquarium lighting?
  212. How do i get my two dogs to stop being jealous of each other?
  213. My Goldfish are 'gasping', what gives?
  214. The Beagle Barn In Elwood?
  215. Mounting from the ground?
  216. Fleas!! how do you get rid of them?? PLEASE HELP?
  217. i bought my dog a couple of weeks ago but he dose not have any papers
  218. how to make a pit bull puppie to eat good ??
  219. If my iguana can use the fat reserves in her tail, why do I need to fe
  220. Is There Any Treatment?
  221. Reasons why...seemingly potty trained dog...?
  222. First Nice And Appropriate Answers. Click To Answer! Obviously. I Want
  223. Will my 5 week old puppy be ok? How big will he get?
  224. Is my older kitten reacting positively or negatively to the new kitten
  225. What is the most friendly dog on the planet?
  226. I Have A Pregnant Pomeranian,She Is Due OCT.10th ?
  227. I think the dog I just got is malnutritioned?
  228. Has anyone used Calae's Pet Resort in Brighton, Colorado?
  229. Chickens attacked by dog...HELP?
  230. i need to know what i should name my new puppy?
  231. is ter any love lover tell me about my dog prob sulution ?
  232. if cats are not pack animals?
  233. Why would a healthy puppy eat it's own feces? Is there any way to stop
  234. What type of animals are being over populated?
  235. Grouchy Horse! How do I do this?
  236. How long is a dog pregnant for?
  237. What is the main role of your dog?
  238. My dog had blood in his stool what does this mean?
  239. Heart Murmers in dogs?
  240. We have a 3yr old dog and we just got a puppy and she hates the puppy,
  241. Bumps on kitty's skin?
  242. what you like better a puppy or a kitten?
  243. My 19 year old cat lost his brother 1 year ago and is very vocal, is h
  244. spaying very young ?
  245. Does anyone know about the prices for a silver lab. ?
  246. I am thinking of getting a West Highland terrier. Anyone have any owne
  247. What's a good use for an old fish tank?
  248. im going to the vet on sunday but?
  249. Serious question about animals?
  250. If I eat the fat in my iguana's tail, will she grow it back?