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  1. what is the perfect dog for us?
  2. my cat has a urinating problem?
  3. How do you "level a chestnut"?
  4. Dog Behavior: Can my 1.5 lb yorkie Play with a 15 lb Bichon?
  5. My cat continues to use my bed and couch as a litter box.?
  6. Mother Cat not nursing her young properly HELP?
  7. I'm really upset, My cat died....?
  8. My 4-month-old Golden Retriever barks at strangers. Is this normal, ok
  9. do anyone have teacup puppues that are Maltese or yorkies?
  10. Shipping a dog for cheap?
  11. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on our vertical blinds?
  12. Canned cat food. Brandon Farms..Need your input guys?
  13. Is This Safe For My Dogs?
  14. Is it okay to have Pre-Pet Jitters?
  15. my dog has seizures every now an then...what causes this?
  16. How much do african grey parrots usually cost? Looking into buying one
  17. Guess my favourite dog breeds game!!?
  18. How much do you think this Quarter Horse Mare is worth? (pictures)?
  19. What breed is Verdell the dog in As Good As It Gets?
  20. What can i do about my horses topline and the way he holds his head?!!
  21. Give me names for my baby Iguana please?
  22. I heard I shouldn't use baby oil...then what should I use?
  23. which dog do you think is better, an american pitbull terrier or an am
  24. Chinchilla breeders in North Eastern PA?
  25. how do i get rid of a woodpecker?
  26. *10 Points Up For Grabs!* Guess my four favourite dog breeds...?
  27. My cat has this wound that is deep and keeps bleeding on his thigh, se
  28. Help!!!!!!! ?
  29. can a kitten get dog parvo?
  30. Where is the skirt of a horses tail?
  31. showing. which show should i do?
  32. Agressive dog behavior?
  33. my dog has some thing on her...???...?
  34. ??***What is a mud knot***?
  35. Stray cat outside should I save him?
  36. why does my 9 month old unentered male boxer dog not lift his leg?
  37. Why is docking and cropping still allowed?
  38. can a snail live in a betta bowl?
  39. why is my lizard moving only on its front legs?
  40. Is my dog getting enough exercize?
  41. Why aren't fish protective of their babies like tigers and alot of oth
  42. What are the key differences between a Norwich and a Norfolk Terrier?
  43. Do black ants sting? I had a black ant on my arm and felt a little sti
  44. What are some silicone based horse coat sprays?
  45. I can't accept my parakeet's gender!?
  46. Thomas has come back!!!!?
  47. can rabbits eat sweetcorn?
  48. help with my hermits!?!?
  49. leopard gecko shedding out ear?
  50. Why would a horse need support bandages after work?
  51. Is it ok to breed small dogs if the male has a hernia?
  52. I think my kitten is blind.?
  53. I heard a horse can become dependent on bandages if u use them to much
  54. What does it mean when a horse gets cast?
  55. They have to give my dog an abortion?? Help!!?
  56. How can i stop my cats paws from smelling like urine?
  57. My cat got what I think is a cold now he won't meow anymore. Used to b
  58. normal protein levels?
  59. Help im desperate!!!!!?
  60. I need to get rid of a pet, I need help with the transition?
  61. Yellow Lab Cichlid is it dying or breeding?
  62. Do you think that having a grossly obese dog is a form of neglect/crue
  63. My cat has just had kittens but still looks fat is this normal?
  64. help answer this plz!?
  65. Is it safe to exercise your dog off lead on a prong collar?
  66. Questions About Prego Guppies?
  67. My bunny is gay! What do I do?
  68. How to spoil your little dog and treat them like a human?
  69. My 2 Female cats are hissing at each other?
  70. Whats a good name for a monitor lizard?
  71. riding leg yield and controlling tips?
  72. what is the best toy dog breed?
  73. how do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  74. Humane Society volunteer question?
  75. What is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to you?
  76. in relation to it's size, which is faster, a cheetah or a housecat...?
  77. How do I start a rabbit club?
  78. my kitten loves to bite me!?
  79. what are good websites for lop bunnie care?
  80. what cichlids can be kept with tetras ?
  81. why wont my small bullfrog eat its reptomin food?
  82. Poll: Should pets be kept indoors or outdoors?
  83. yorkie pregnancy - right befor birth?
  84. bareback riding help?
  85. Does my dog need a coat?
  86. what is the best toy breed dog?
  87. my dog has been spiting up white foam its been going on 4 a long time
  88. I have algae that is gooey and green and gets stuck and caught to ever
  89. Dwarf Hamsters gestation?
  90. I am getting a dog soo and want to train it from a really young age wh
  91. my bunny has a lot of little Grey/black things in his fur there small
  92. where can you buy discus?
  93. When are you allowed to clip puppies nails?
  94. Marine Clown Fish Disease?
  95. My pregnant cat is really close to birth and she's bleeding out of her
  96. What is going on with my green spotted puffer fish?
  97. How did fish get from the big fishing fish like bass to the ones thay
  98. can Bolivian rams be kept in community tanks with tetras, catfish, dwa
  99. Is my guinea pig ill?
  100. Is this video of a baby with a cobra real?
  101. what food can bunnies eat besides rabbit pellets?
  102. I have four indian ring neck babies. What colour will they be if both
  103. Itchy dog problem...Can you help me with him?
  104. How much does a vet visit cost?
  105. Im getting a new kitten will my other kitten get along with it?
  106. VERY obese beagles... ~ call ASPCA? ?
  107. Can cat's vocal chords become strained?
  108. What does the term breeder mean?
  109. HELP! My Pomeranian ..?
  110. What is the best smaller sized aquatic turtle besides red eared slider
  111. What are these black wormlike things in my fish tank?
  112. Spaying a female puppy.....?
  113. I might be getting a pug that is part shih tzu does that mean it will
  114. My cat bits me, but not hard at all. He really is affectionate.?
  115. Roborovski Hamster Help?
  116. Why are my hermit crabs dieing?
  117. Help! My Dog has bloody stool and hook worms. Does she maybe have parv
  118. Where to buy weather loaches near or in Milton Keynes?
  119. Gay dog question I don't understand the response?
  120. What is the best time to get a second dog?
  121. What can you give a stud horse to help rejuvinate his sperm quantity?
  122. Small fish floating/tilting at bottom of tank and won't eat, is it Swi
  123. Almost! But Not Quite...?
  124. Desperately in need of a Plan B. What is the best way to introduce a n
  125. Does your dog do this too?
  126. Why are dogs fascinated with ice cubes so much?
  127. fishtank and music...?
  128. Does your dog do this too?
  129. Why are dogs fascinated with ice cubes so much?
  130. fishtank and music...?
  131. Stingray Help!?!? Need Stingray Information!!!!!!?
  132. Dog making me crazy ! ?
  133. can someone help me i have a promblem?
  134. Which snaffle bit for my horse?
  135. Hamsters...how much are they to get?
  136. Guinea pig noises - sneezing,wheezing, shivering, vibrating?
  137. Sudden mood change in puppy.?
  138. UK dog owners - should dogs be banned from the New Forest National Par
  139. how thick should the glass be for a reticulated python 15 foot?
  140. I need some ideas on how to stop a pack of dogs from tearing our trash
  141. My dad's fish got popeye! please help me ?
  142. Kitten only mews at me?
  143. y does my 2 yr old staffie(dog) keep weeing.......?
  144. my betta is sitting at the top of tank barley ever moving!?
  145. Poor Cats ??.... help !! ??!!?
  146. will a pug run off from my lap if they hear something from another roo
  147. my roommate yells at her puppy in the morning while i am sleeping.. wh
  148. I think my cat may be pregnant ? !?
  149. does anyone know anything about tortoises? i need help despratley?
  150. What is the average amount of babies that a fish can have?
  151. Are golden retreivers less aggressive in general than labrador retreiv
  152. How do I package fish to ship?
  153. whats this bug that i saw today?
  154. What do you think of my fish?
  155. Help Help Help Help! Calling All Horse Luvers!!!!!!!?
  156. My miniature pinscher dog has pimples on one leg only.Can anybody tell
  157. I have a finicky kitten....?
  158. I just got a hamster! Questions follow. Please read!?
  159. How to pamper my kittens?
  160. At what age is it ok to give a kitten a bath? ?
  161. my puppy is getting its teeth, i was wondering if it hurts or itches l
  162. What is your doggies gonna be for halloween this year?
  163. Is it ok to leave my pug alone?
  164. Is the abandoned kitten weaned?
  165. My cat licks the wood on my bed, is something wrong with her?
  166. I am clueless about my cat's skin health and problems. Please help!!?
  167. Are golden retreivers less aggressive in general than labrador retreiv
  168. How do I package fish to ship?
  169. whats this bug that i saw today?
  170. What do you think of my fish?
  171. Help Help Help Help! Calling All Horse Luvers!!!!!!!?
  172. My miniature pinscher dog has pimples on one leg only.Can anybody tell
  173. I have a finicky kitten....?
  174. I just got a hamster! Questions follow. Please read!?
  175. How to pamper my kittens?
  176. At what age is it ok to give a kitten a bath? ?
  177. my puppy is getting its teeth, i was wondering if it hurts or itches l
  178. What is your doggies gonna be for halloween this year?
  179. Is it ok to leave my pug alone?
  180. How can you tell if your dog is homosexual?
  181. Is the abandoned kitten weaned?
  182. My cat licks the wood on my bed, is something wrong with her?
  183. I am clueless about my cat's skin health and problems. Please help!!?
  184. Do cats ever stop "play fighting"?
  185. How to get my cat to like my new cat?
  186. Found small (pinky size) wild lizard in backyard. Info help, pls.?
  187. How can I make my new kitten get along with my other one?
  188. What are some symptoms of an old canary?
  189. today will be my first day working at petsmart as a cashier...what sho
  190. Whats wrong with my algae eater?
  191. how much is this mare worth? (pictures)?
  192. Yorkie pregnancy - right befor birth?
  193. what are pugs like? energeric lap dogs calm training?
  194. Question about my cat.?
  195. can i give my 1 month kitten a bowl egg?
  196. Should I try to hand feed my fish?
  197. I am giving my kitten antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection (
  198. What does the interior of your fish tank look like?
  199. What type of waterplant do fish actually eat?
  200. how can i get rid of my pet fish?
  201. Why is he nippy when I try to get him out of his cage?
  202. my cat is literally meowing all the time?
  203. Which name do you like best for this horse?
  204. cat spaying issues - spay not work?
  205. My first cat!!!!!!!!!!!?
  206. I really want a hamster but my parents wont let me have one...?
  207. stye in my dogs eye? ?
  208. Properly fitting a prong collar, how to size correctly?
  209. Will my kitten stop spraying after he gets neutered tomorrow?
  210. how do i get him happily riding alone?
  211. DO DOGS need to be put into QUARENTINE to move over to IRELAND ?
  212. Is a bulldog a good pet to have?
  213. My rat just got over a hard time and now her eyes are popping out!?
  214. I need a little career help?
  215. Are Bala Sharks compatible with red-tailed sharks?
  216. Butterfly species help?
  217. how do you vaccinate your own puppy? without having to pay as much?...
  218. can a small, skinny 13 year old be dominant over an arab ? ?
  219. What is the best meal for Ghanaian Parrot?
  220. can you refresh filter carbon so it can be used again ?
  221. Shiba Inu or Rat Terrier?
  222. What is the right way to feed my 8 week American Bulldog from puppy ki
  223. Why do Bala Sharks die so easily?
  224. I own 2 3 month old chinchillas and I wanted to find an exotic pet sto
  225. I need to know basic care for a green spotted puffer please!!?
  226. What is better for my dog?
  227. we are thinking of getting a couple of goats for our new property..we
  228. Please Help my Betta!!!!!?
  229. My puppies paws are very sore...?
  230. What would be your FIRST top 5 (and there are many more) questions to
  231. Help me please!!!!!!! Its my dog ?
  232. how many watt heater do i need?
  233. Can anyone else tell me........?
  234. what can i do to raise these tadpoles? food, housing ect...?
  235. How to build a butterfly cage?
  236. Who do I get my parents to let me get a small pet?
  237. What kinda of pets do you have?
  238. Maine coon colouring?
  239. A question for other ACD or Heeler owners who have actually trained th
  240. HELP! My cats don't remember each other after only a day apart?!?
  241. Difference b/w Fresh and Saltwater?
  242. How much Money To Take Care of Dog?
  243. how much money does a shelter make?
  244. Chinese crested hairless hairy price range?
  245. Is it Myriapoda or Myriapod?
  246. saltwater fish Supply help?
  247. Does anyone know what happened to our regular.... "Rayven"??? Where is
  248. What do you think of my dogs...what kind of dogs do you have?
  249. How much is a reasonable price to ask for Choc. Lab Puppies?
  250. My Pomeranian & Shiatsu just mated...will they have puppies?