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  1. do you think i'm ready for a frog?
  2. my horse runs off her front...?
  3. I just got this calico kitten.What should I name her?
  4. when will my platy give birth?
  5. how do i rape barney?
  6. parrots URGENT please?
  7. What does a baby garter snake eat?
  8. Raw Diet Gone Wrong ? PLEASE HELP?
  9. what are you cute mix-breed dogs that stay small..like 10 pounds and u
  10. is peanut butter ok to put in toys for my dog?
  11. my daughters hamster?
  12. my cat is eating a hole in my shear curtains, any shoe strings he can
  13. WRONG ANSWER! - Don't you hate that? Know your horses gaits?
  14. How long do stunted fish live?
  15. My fish keep getting suck into the filiter then they die is there anyw
  16. Best Automotive Pet Hammock?
  17. What is the web looking stuff in my fish tank? What are the black "dir
  18. what should i do????
  19. video response ideas?
  20. I need a name for my bunny!?
  21. what is the punishment for owning a baby turtle that is under 4 inches
  22. why does my canary stand on one foot ?
  23. Whats wrong with breeding?
  24. What sickness do my cats have?
  25. why my red eared slider lifts itself up?
  26. Is puppyfind.com a good place to buy a puppy?
  27. Where to advertise rabbits for sale?
  28. my pitbull just got neutered...?
  29. yo quiero. MINI PUPPIES.?
  30. What brand of cat food should I feed to my Ceiling Cat?
  31. Do you think my cat is fat?
  32. My dog had a dead chipmunk should i be worried?
  33. pictus catfish question! help?
  34. science fair projects testing fish behavior?
  35. Best Dog Foods? How about Wellness® Super5Mix® Just for Puppy Lamb, Sa
  36. What animal can be roommates with two baby red eared sliders?
  37. What do you think about using a crop?
  38. my 12 year old cat is constipated?
  39. How much do people usually charge to half lease their horses?
  40. why does my kitten legs tremor just before he sleeps for about 10 mins
  41. how much does a Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster cost? and where can
  42. Do you enjoy meowing?
  43. What happens if I leave my dog for 6 months?
  44. Is there any way to get my budgie/parakeet to stop screaming?
  45. Question about Rabbit Baths?
  46. I need help with my crayfish?
  47. flea infested kitten, vinegar mixed in his drinking water?? help?!?
  48. Best algae eater for 30 gallon community tank?
  49. how do you feel about?
  50. is my fish pregnant? please give advice?
  51. Here in Fairbanks, winters get to -65. Do my dogs need boots so their
  52. what are these small dot things?
  53. How to kill my pet chicken?
  54. How to introduce tiger barbs?
  55. Rare breeds, take a guess!?
  56. why do my fish keep dying?
  57. Brilliant beautiful trainers, when you are Alpha, pack leader and emul
  58. I would like a Hermit crab and I will get 1 for 8-15 dollors and i onl
  59. MONKEY QUESTIONSwhat type of process is it to obtain your permit to ow
  60. help save my sick hamster?
  61. I need help house training my bunnies!?!?
  62. What attracts cats to catnip?
  63. dont dogs have deseases when they have sex a desease similar to AIDS e
  64. Embedded collars caused by neglect?
  65. Sexual Cat, Father Cat or Angry Cat?
  66. what is aspca.....i do would love to keep this dog since it was my fat
  67. What is bad about stunted fish?
  68. How can I tell if a stray cat is still nursing? Other than the obvious
  69. what is a good and healthy treat for my hamster?
  70. Schipperke or Shiba Inu/ pom mix puppy?
  71. Why are people breeding "designer" dogs?
  72. I have a yorkie and I need help?
  73. is it normal for my oldest cat to hiss at my youngest cat who has just
  74. What do I do when my toy Chihuahua had puppies?
  75. Seriously- Our two cats have fleas and now I have bites all over me! W
  76. have you ever had a horse that cant HOLD its shoes, help my TB?
  77. Can my Red Eared Sliders Turtle go into the same tank with my two Afri
  78. what causes a 1 year old cat to sneeze? If it is a cold does it mean g
  79. Can a 13 year old handle a cairn terrier?
  80. What should I put on the bottom of my bunny's cage?
  81. my pure breed lab has continued yeast infections and the vet bills are
  82. my bird needes help ?
  83. do red eared slider turtles shells stay smooth?
  84. i want a pet but not sure what kind i have 2 dogs 2 cats and im lookin
  85. Do you think this is a nice way to bury a pet?
  86. What kind of non sheading small dog should I get?
  87. how do you look after a tortoise?
  88. Is it okay to use a towel as bedding for my guinea pig?
  89. Will borax get rid of fleas and why also can my cat get poisoned by in
  90. Parrot Rescue Thank you?
  91. My Bird Just Vomited?
  92. what is foal prices like at the min, in northern ireland. with all thi
  93. a male cat sprayed my cloth back seats?
  94. My bunny just scared the shit outta herself..how to calm her down?
  95. If anyone has a chihuahua can you tell me where you got it. ?
  96. what is the most basic marine setup?
  97. Help! cant find esbilac anywhere!!!?
  98. How do i train a very sensitive silky terrier?
  99. What is the best dry dog food?
  100. why is my american pit bull extraordinarily pink, almost red, around e
  101. whats wrong with my doggy? helllp ! ):?
  102. what is the best tortoise for me?
  103. How do I go about ing a pet store?
  104. Can you put showsheen on your horses hooves?
  105. Does anyone know, if Swiffer Wet Jet Liquid is harmful to dogs? ?
  106. Dog runs away from me when I call her?
  107. So what's wrong with alfalfa?
  108. Kitty & New Doggie PROBLEMS?! HELLLLP!?
  109. What are some tyoes of cat breeds that have very short hair, so that i
  110. How old do you have to be to work at petsmart?
  111. Where can I find a shop that has sugar gliders near me?
  112. How and to who, do I report a dog bite?
  113. will geckos eat when their shedding?
  114. i have help horse trouble?
  115. Is there a safe way to sedate my 7 month old kitten so I can trim her
  116. What's up with my pictus catfish?
  117. How do i get my western pleasure Arabian to slow down in the ring?
  118. i am getting a memorial tattoo for my cat & would like a quote to go w
  119. how to choose a weanling?
  120. Can my ferrets get a rat sickness?
  121. why does my dog do this?
  122. Try to guess MY top 4 fav. breeds.?
  123. How many fish can you have in a 20 gallon tank?
  124. Approx. how long does it take for a homing pigeon to accept a new home
  125. what kind of tortoise is this?
  126. Do ferrets make good pets?
  127. How long will my mini-schnauzer be in season for?
  128. how to choose a weanling horse?
  129. do red eared slider turtles shells stay smooth?
  130. is it easy to take care of salt water fish like clownfish?
  131. are ferrets good pets?
  132. Names for a classic fawn male boxer. Here's a revised list?
  133. Puppy name help please?
  134. I have a Puggle,( a dog) need to know more about it?
  135. How warm do chickens like their coop?
  136. Why aren't my cats getting along?
  137. Whats A cool fun fish to do reaserch on?
  138. Won't stop itching...keeps bleeding?
  139. which dog cage is the best?
  140. help with fishtank heater for betta!!!?
  141. show name for a pony (hunters)?
  142. Ferret harnesses, please help!?
  143. How could anyone DARE to even WORK at Puppy Mills?
  144. has anyone ever used findpetcare.com?
  145. When you buy a rabbit...!?
  146. does this sound a bit ott?
  147. What is the most nutritious cat food?
  148. How long does it take Saint Bernard's to ...........?
  149. Betta Fish Fog? Help? 10 pts!?
  150. Can a 3 month year old dog be neutered?
  151. ~~~Can We Get Sued?~~~?
  152. found cat. it is sneezing with no drainage. everyone says get rid of i
  153. where can i buy a chameleon? around chi-town area?
  154. My dog keeps licking her legs?
  155. Questions about NutriSource dog food?
  156. my cat keeps loosing some of her hair..why?
  157. How much do you think this Standard Bred Mare Is worth? pics?
  158. Poll: Horse, rabbit, or.....?
  159. What breed is my dog? [With pics]?
  160. What do I need to create an aquatic turtle ecosystem?
  161. Preparing for a pet Rat...? Need help deciding...?(LONG!)?
  162. i have 2 comet goldfish and when i feed them goldfish flakes they wont
  163. What is the best way to bring my dog to the states?
  164. Are air purifiers with an ionizer harmful to your pets?
  165. Dog Poll: Are your dogs on a heartworm preventative ?
  166. Easy 10 points!!!Will these pellets be ok for my red minor tetras(pic
  167. Male tortoise with elongated nose?
  168. How long does it take for a beardie to reach full length?
  169. are dogs more loyal than cats?
  170. Bearded Dragon Question 10 Points+best Answer!!?
  171. My cat (hairless peterbald) doesn't clean his bottom!?
  172. What is a good name for a dog?
  173. My Siamese cat is missing - please say a prayer?
  174. question for snake experts which snake will make a good pet for 1st ti
  175. My cat (hairless peterbald) has acne!?
  176. my dog keeps ripping up her piddle pad?
  177. Dog Poll: Are your dogs on a heartworm preventative ?
  178. Easy 10 points!!!Will these pellets be ok for my red minor tetras(pic
  179. Male tortoise with elongated nose?
  180. How long does it take for a beardie to reach full length?
  181. are dogs more loyal than cats?
  182. Bearded Dragon Question 10 Points+best Answer!!?
  183. My cat (hairless peterbald) doesn't clean his bottom!?
  184. What is a good name for a dog?
  185. My Siamese cat is missing - please say a prayer?
  186. question for snake experts which snake will make a good pet for 1st ti
  187. My cat (hairless peterbald) has acne!?
  188. my dog keeps ripping up her piddle pad?
  189. Cat behavior Problem, For People with Knowledge about Cats?
  190. Staggered hatching of duck eggs, incubated naturally?
  191. Online ferret clubs.....................?
  192. What kind of dog would be good with a cat?
  193. Help me adopt out two fifteen week old foster kittens?
  194. i would like to be a vet can someone answer some ?
  195. im abt to get chickens!!!! plz answer some questions?
  196. All Dog owners. What is your opinion re: obedience?
  197. where to get Chipmunks? and info?
  198. How Do I stop my dog from licking his paws?
  199. where can i buy Garra Rufa Fish,near greece,and how many will i need,a
  200. ill tree frog help me?
  201. Dog Sledding Help Fast?
  202. What does neutered and spayed mean?
  203. tortoise prolapse?????
  204. Stocking My 26 Gallon Aquarium?
  205. HELP! Bald spot above nose on my bunny?
  206. How do you know if your dog has a heartworm?
  207. Preparing for a pet Rat...? Need help deciding...(LONG!)?
  208. My dog, an already shy rescue pup, was bitten two weeks ago. How shoul
  209. Dog angry at one person and dont know how to fix him?
  210. Will the nightly PH swing kill my fish/coral? (10g SW Nano Reef)?
  211. What should I bring with me?
  212. can someone tell me how my cat went to the bathroom and dropped out a
  213. my poodle puppies are chewing everything, how do I break them of this
  214. Cats, jags and getting them spayed.. Please Help?
  215. Is my English MAstiff puppy fat enough?
  216. How long after your dog sheds his summer coat, does it take for his wi
  217. my female cat is in heat? ?
  218. HELP! its happening soon! what kind?
  219. Have you ever used Amaferm on your horse?
  220. What's a good name for my new puppy?
  221. Bad horse problem please help mee!!?
  222. Beardeddragon.org?? help!!!?
  223. what are the reflexes of a dog- and how is that important for survival
  224. Horse and Rider costume ideas for halloween!!(what characters ride car
  225. Cats help! ?
  226. my dogs eat and eat but hey are still skinny?
  227. My 4-month-old Golden Retriever barks at strangers. Is this normal, ok
  228. do anyone have teacup puppues that are Maltese or yorkies?
  229. Shipping a dog for cheap?
  230. How do I get my cat to stop chewing on our vertical blinds?
  231. Canned cat food. Brandon Farms..Need your input guys?
  232. Is This Safe For My Dogs?
  233. Is it okay to have Pre-Pet Jitters?
  234. my dog has seizures every now an then...what causes this?
  235. How much do african grey parrots usually cost? Looking into buying one
  236. Guess my favourite dog breeds game!!?
  237. How much do you think this Quarter Horse Mare is worth? (pictures)?
  238. What breed is Verdell the dog in As Good As It Gets?
  239. What can i do about my horses topline and the way he holds his head?!!
  240. Give me names for my baby Iguana please?
  241. How do i train my harris hawk?
  242. What else do you think I should add?
  243. I am looking to buy a dog but really want to know how long can I leave
  244. has anyone us Orijen puppy formula or large breed dog food?
  245. Help me with my PUPPY MILL powerpoint?
  246. Can anyone recommend a good Dog Magazine - UK?
  247. how can a sore on a dogs rear end heal?
  248. what horse show classes are there?
  249. Can Hornwort live in low light?
  250. my female puupy humped her bunny like she was a boy dog. why did she d