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  1. i wish I could have a dog. Just a mongrel if that's what you want to c
  2. Help! Nice cat turned mean?
  3. We got a dog and we also have wood floors she peed on them because wer
  4. How much is an average half lease on a horse?
  5. whats the difference between american bulldog and american pit bull?
  6. How did you dog react to your newborn?
  7. I want to get fish but I don't know which one?
  8. How soon can my dog run around after neutering?
  9. Is it in a male cat's nature to wander off after he's been neutered?
  10. Green Anole---Armadillo Lizard---Crested Gecko?
  11. How can I build trust with my pet rat?
  12. Is it legal to have a pet fox?
  13. My cat is vomiting, has diarrhea, &lethargic. took her to 2 vets and s
  14. should my german sheperd puppy be an outdoor dog ?! and my other dogs
  15. Female gerbils, periods.?
  16. Help!! My dog might be really sick!!!?
  17. How are fancy mice as pets?
  18. My cats have been acting weird since my fiance left for a business tri
  19. Scabs on my cat's neck. Why?
  20. female hamsters, periods.?
  21. My cat gave birth today.....?
  22. What type of dog is Jake from the Salty Dog Cafe?
  23. saltwater aquarium questions?
  24. Whats your favorite horse show name?
  25. Dogs. Dogs. and..Dogs? Beagles? Dog info ppl plz!?
  26. My dog has flees what should i do?? READ DESCRIPTION?
  27. my dog had a puppy and she has more but she stopped labor its been 4 h
  28. i need help naming my black kitten?
  29. how to get my pitbull's puppy head to grow bigger?
  30. I'm thinking about getting a catahoula mini shephard mix puppy ?
  31. i usually put water in my dogs crate with ice cubs, but during the win
  32. My daughter leases a horse and we went to a horse show last week where
  33. do cats or kittens get pink eye?
  34. what am i doing wrong with taking care of my fresh belly ring?
  35. whats wrong with my dog !? help!?
  36. My room Smells like crap!?
  37. Help! I'm over run with cats and need help?
  38. Does anyone know anything about Goats?
  39. What is the best Shampoo for Yorkies?
  40. Anyone else love these things?
  41. What can i do to help my cats become better friends?
  42. whats the minimum tank size i could use for a fish?
  43. What are some good Female Rottie names? and i finally chosen the pup i
  44. When do dogs reach sexual maturity?
  45. Flee Collar my baby cousin had my dogs flee collar in her mouth, what
  46. I am getting ready to take my puppy on a long car trip (4 hours). Any
  47. drying a fish bowl (betta)?
  48. how to get rid of snake?
  49. Is a husky a good dog to have?
  50. how to get dog to sit on nintendings''?
  51. how can i keep my dogs crate warm during the winter?
  52. do dogs cry real tears?
  53. what does the off the ?
  54. where do swans come from?
  55. my puppy is sick can you help?
  56. Fat Pony...Excersize ideas?
  57. How many times should you get your dog wormed?
  58. Black lab puppy help?
  59. Comet Goldfish which are happy and follow me around the bowl, im reall
  60. tell me about a pet often keep in your country?
  61. has anyone moved with a lot of pets?
  62. So if breed standards were changed?
  63. What do I do about a cow in the road?
  64. My 1 year old yorkie still isn't house broken. Can anyone help?!?
  65. problem with a friend's unruly dog?
  66. Is my guinea pig going to be okay if she ate some plastic?
  67. how can we help our sick cat?
  68. Will somebody with professional experience give me some advice on pott
  69. should i keep my filter on when i sleep?
  70. How do I convince my parents to let me get a ferret?
  71. Does anybody know what kind of cat this is?
  72. A trip to the vet....How should I prepare?
  73. Any ideas on how to keep my cat off of my counter tops?
  74. i would like to know were to get a beagle puppy anyone know were to ge
  75. 1 yr old cat peeing in litter box alot? Answer quick plz?
  76. Letting horse roll after riding?
  77. Still need a name for my puppy, any suggestions?
  78. Cichlid with Ick and Missing eye? Need help?
  79. best place to buy a cheap pitbull?
  80. Does my dog have worms?
  81. Felt the urge to write?
  82. I need help finding a name for my puppy?
  83. Thats SO CRUEL!!!!!! you dont kill anything by freezing it. think abou
  84. is there any way to keep a fish alive in a 16oz water bottle? ?
  85. Can a leopard gecko get infected by fleas?
  86. why does a cat run around the house like she is scared of something?--
  87. I Have an angelfish & he needs friends!?
  88. cat bites itself and i need help?
  89. No One Answered Yet. When Are The Tanks Going To Reach Atlanta?
  90. bettas and what other fish?
  91. Opposum Going In Circles?
  92. whats wrong with my goat?
  93. We have adopted a stray dog. He has a HUGE body, but undernourished an
  94. Why is my cat vomiting so much?
  95. Why is my dog destroying my stuff?
  96. Hi i have guinea pig with a missing nail and she is bleeding.?
  97. Saltwater aquarium help? White fuzz, white spots, and i think algae on
  98. found black and white kitten !!!!!!!!!!!?
  99. DO i keep the eggs.............................................. ?
  100. When spaying/neutering a puppy?
  101. Anyone own a Chinese Crested?
  102. What is growing on my dog's toe?! (pictures included)?
  103. Quick Bird Training for beginners?
  104. renting a horse?!?!?!?!?
  105. DESPERATE help for my disgusting dog?!?!?!?!!?!?
  106. having cat neutered have some questions.?
  107. Is it bad to leave food night and day next to kitten?
  108. Patagonian Conure BITING bird is getting very territorial in cage Love
  109. Why do I hate this cat so much?
  110. Dog tears up everything...?
  111. My hermit crab just changed its shell today then it went back to the o
  112. kitten has SHARP nails?
  113. My dog wont stop licking the floor..?
  114. What does a dog bit feel like describe it ?
  115. My Dog ate a really big bar of dairy milk chocolate including the foil
  116. Why did my mystery snail die?
  117. How to teach a dog not to steal food from babies?
  118. Do you follow you follow these pet commandments?
  119. where can U buy bucca leaves. I use to have them but can not find them
  120. what is the signs of a pregant crayfish?
  121. A domestic rat question?
  122. I have a 4 month old puppy who's sneezing, any home remedies anyone ca
  123. What can I use to worm Geese with?
  124. My dog has something in or on his eye...?
  125. My Dog Farted And It Stinks?
  126. 8 week old pug sleeps alot?
  127. What is your pet like?
  128. my dog is throwing up his food, please help!?
  129. God Names For a Cat..?
  130. Help me name my turtle!?
  131. Cockatiel Health and Care?
  132. What are your favorite names for these animals?
  133. would you ever buy a ckc[continental] registered dog?
  134. what happens if you accidently kill a horse on the road, but then take
  135. Can my puppy sleep with me at night and crate during the day be house
  136. Jack Dempsey Problem?
  137. Baby crickets in lizard cage?
  138. my cat is suddenly peeing everywhere, what can I do?
  139. Are there any forums to set up ferret play dates?
  140. what kind of names would you name a doberman pinscher?
  141. My horse got kicked, what can I do to help heal it?
  142. OTTB has ADD??!?! Helpp!?
  143. Help on my snake's shed?
  144. Do goldfish drink water?
  145. all the guinea pig tips you know?
  146. What's Wrong With My Budgie?
  147. Do goldfish tails grow back?
  148. My cat just got neutered today. Advice?
  149. DONT ANSWER SAYING: "THATS CRUEL" where can I get safe dye for dogs to
  150. Help on a show name please!?
  151. How can I reduce or eliminate reptile odors?
  152. How can you get your parakeet to like the new "Happy Hut"?
  153. I have a 7 week golden retriever and we're having a hard time training
  154. Cat's Failing health and putting her down?
  155. Techniques to use to discipline my cat?
  156. what kind of tank does a goldfish need?
  157. Rats and mold (spores)...?
  158. Can Mealworms eat through my bearded Dragon?
  159. Does anyone know where I can run my catch dogs in North West Florida?
  160. i carried my dog to breed with a other dog and the men dog jump her bu
  161. Where do turkeys go for the winter?
  162. how much should i pay to have my dog spayed?
  163. Has anyone's pet ever attacked a stuffed animal because they thought i
  164. can i register my boxer puppy without the parents being registered?
  165. My Teddy Bear Hamster is dieing... Help?
  166. Freshwater Tank cycling media ?
  167. any good ideas that arent such a pain?
  168. I Think My Dog Is Gay What Should I Do?
  169. What is the difference between a pinto, a skewbald and a piebald?
  170. Are pets a problem with babies?
  171. Neon tetra question!?
  172. i want to keep baby turtles..?
  173. Is my dog okay?? I'm very worried! ?
  174. What should I name my Gerbil? (picture)?
  175. Service dog tasks???
  176. Is Taylor a good name for a female puppy?
  177. Puppy Question???????
  178. My hamster just died, help me please.?
  179. Ferret balls...any good?
  180. How Long Can I Keep A Horse In A Trailer?
  181. My female rat has a bump/lump near her private and last row of nipples
  182. How do i put a light on my fish tank?
  183. My landlord says they don't do anything about the mice in the apartmen
  184. [[[pics]]] I have a cat, it's reddish/orange and white and it has frec
  185. Is it okay to give cat cow's milk?
  186. Do you think my 29 gallon tank is fully stocked?
  187. Is My 7 Month Old Dog Pregnant?
  188. my cat does not like sharing her litter tray with the new cat so she w
  189. My dog is 11 years old and going blind....?
  190. My puppy is having accidents on the carpet now- WHY?
  191. why is my fish tank soo cloudy? revised!!!!!!?
  192. what is a good name for a Chihuahua?
  193. whats a good american paint horse name ?
  194. bamboo shrimp longevity 10 points to best answer!!!?
  195. How do I train my cat to use a litter box?
  196. i had a rat in my house and i trapped it in a box. i didn't touch it..
  197. Why is female rabbit not wanting to have sex with the male?
  198. there is something wrong with my cats eye?
  199. Will a cat belly start to get tight before birth. We have an inside ca
  200. why does my hen sit on her nest all day for a few days even with out a
  201. Ferret help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  202. My oscar fish are acting weird, they keep shaking thier tails and tryi
  203. Are there qualified vets who can spay/neuter female cats here in Manil
  204. im just wondering, good question?
  205. How do I train my kitten to stop biting?
  206. My greyhound site? Your opinions? Plus, do you like them too?
  207. Difference between Jodphurs and breeches?
  208. is my puppy full blooded?
  209. Answer fast Dog limping but no swollen paw!!!!!?
  210. Ball python suddenly hissing after mild temper for months?
  211. Why Does My ........ ?
  212. Question about FerreTone?
  213. can u tell me information how geese is different to people and i need
  214. do rabbits ever feel cold?
  215. Doberman Owners need info.?
  216. How do you know if your cat is pregnant?
  217. What kind of cat do I have?
  218. i have 2 gold mollies and one is really fat..is it pregnate?
  219. What does the percent water changes mean?
  220. Hamster with long nails?
  221. I think my kittens have sore eyes and...?
  222. what should my aquarium look like if i want to put in gost shrimp?
  223. What is the difference between a border collie and a normal collie?
  224. My Friend Debby Is Turning Into A Cat!?
  225. My dog has something in his eye wat should i do ?
  226. why does our dog get mad when we kiss?
  227. How can I make baths pleasant for my dog?
  228. What is the Best Pet Store?
  229. why is my dog peeing in the house?
  230. Chunky cat. Good tips to help her lose weight? What type of food? food
  231. My friend gave me a puppy and I have never had a dog before. How do I
  232. How do i care for a Fat-tailed gecko?
  233. My dog is deathly afraid of me trimming his nails?
  234. Witch Dog is Better???? ?
  235. My Teddy Bear Hamster died?
  236. Is it inhuman to neuter your dog?
  237. what do you think of the jack russell ?
  238. does anyone know of a website that tell you what exotic pets you can o
  239. would it be good to get an american pitbull terrier mixed with an amer
  240. tips on what to do after distemper?
  241. do i need a co2 system in my 125?
  242. Why might my dog attack our other dog?
  243. Pregnant Guinea Pig????
  244. What age does a dog stop growing?
  245. Pregnancy and Xrays, Dogs vs Humans?
  246. New Hamster Question?
  247. What do you think is more dangerous?
  248. Any ideas how I can help her?
  249. My dogs eat the chicken poo?
  250. Please Help!!!!! I'm worried about my dog!!!?