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  1. Are my two dogs a threat to eating my new leather couch?
  2. When an indoor cat dies...?
  3. is there any aquarium computer software ?
  4. HELP PLEASSE (walmart fish)?
  5. giving my puppy a vaccine ( VET TECH ANSWER PLEASE )?
  6. $170 for canine teeth whitening? Good idea or big flippin' waste. Just
  7. the ammonia level in my goldfish tank is 0.5. I did a 30% water change
  8. how do you feel about docking tails?
  9. Help with a kitten with really bad breath?
  10. can i put a rough green snake wit a tree frog?
  11. Why is my cat desacrating my bed?
  12. if a dog broke his hip how much do you think it would cost to get it f
  13. Would I use a juicer or a blender to make iguana pâté?
  14. what kinds of boxers are there?
  15. Help! My gerbil wont stop thumping her feet?
  16. what if a guppy has spiral poop?
  17. Do cats act with more restraint towards human children than they do to
  18. How do I stop my cat from pissing everywhere?
  19. Would these tanks be total madness or...ok?
  20. Is this normal for a cichlid?
  21. is it considered cruelty to animals if you lock your pets up in pet ca
  22. Why didn't my male cat like my female cats before he was fixed?
  23. I bought a used Fluval fx5 filter from a garage sale and have no idea
  24. I love german shepherds, but......?
  25. Does my puppy even look like hes grown?
  26. How do you feel about the Ceaser Milan?
  27. Apple chips for my bunnies?
  28. My cat's catheter came out. What should I do?
  29. When can i take my pup for walks and to the beach etc?
  30. Dog in a tie? ?
  31. What color Chihuahua do you like best?
  32. Cat help you if you were attacked?
  33. Will my 70lb wolf-husky mix provide a sufficient pelt to make a winter
  34. Does kennel cough need to be treated with antibiotics or does it go aw
  35. Can I clip my lizard's nails?
  36. Hello, I'm looking for a sm. puppy in or around Bellingham Wa. Please
  37. What should I do about this cat need advice?
  38. What kinds of food is safe to feed a hamster?
  39. i cant keep my heels down when im riding a horse?
  40. How do I help my lonely kitten?
  41. Dog in a tie? ?
  42. What Are Your Top Ten Favorite Pets?
  43. What is the difference between an animal being venomous and it being p
  44. Will a glider bond to a 2nd owner?
  45. describe your pet in five words?
  46. Should I buy this horse?
  47. new law about cats and dogs?
  48. How much food per day should an 8 week old 4lb puppy be getting?
  49. our new (12 week old) male border collie pup wont play outside unless
  50. puppies not getting enough milk?
  51. I need Guinea Pig help. ?
  52. Any skinny pig (hairless guinea pigs) breeders in ohio?
  53. found a kitten living in insulation....crusted eyes....help?
  54. Just adopted an ADORABLE puppy?
  55. What do you think about Dog Fighting?
  56. are ram cichlids safe with neon tetras ?
  57. Male or Female Ferret? ?
  58. What's the diference between a Toyger and Bengal cat?
  59. Cost to keep a horse?
  60. Are "Rose of Sharon" flowers toxic to dogs?
  61. what are some fun activities i can do with my parakeet thats really ta
  62. Socializing a puppy.?
  63. has anyone heard of rats attacking and killing small puppies?
  64. I heard that cockatiels will drink out of a water bottle, is that true
  65. What are the life spans of....10 points?
  66. Is this normal!! ?
  67. Is it normal for a puppy to sleep most of the day?
  68. My cat is sick - can anyone help?
  69. why do people love dogs but are not vegetarians?
  70. Are there any free Vets on this site that can answer my question?
  71. Why is there a quarter sized patch of hair missing from my cat?
  72. I have a 29 and a 55 gallon fish tank in my room where i sleep is ther
  73. Age groups..barrel racing...?
  74. How do I rid my cat of her terrible litter box manners?
  75. Did you ever do this when you where a child or any age?
  76. What can I do about strong dog urine?
  77. Help, i'm scared of dogs!!?
  78. pitt bulls .................................?
  79. My ferret won't eat anyone know why?
  80. cute name for a female calico kitten?
  81. my pet mouse keeps bitting me!!!?
  82. What animal eyes look the most like humans/and are very detailed?
  83. How do I explain that my dog is skinny, but healthy?
  84. How to raise a chubby, healthy clown tree frog?
  85. What is good to keep a nursing dog from loosing waight?
  86. serious problem please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  87. What do you think is the cutest animal?
  88. what is a good place to easily order frozen mice for reptile feeders?
  89. how do i know if my cat is getting overweight?
  90. Why do cats fight and does it have anything to do with their gender?
  91. salt water tank. water etc are great. my boyfriend bought me a nice an
  92. Which pet grooming business is cheaper to operate - a mobile grooming
  93. why do my puppy's ears feel sandy?
  94. Great Dane is biting family.. what would you do?
  95. What gets bigger faster a boxer or pitbull?
  96. My beta fish is hardly swimming and has a bloated tummy, what is wrong
  97. My dog has flees!! I have some questions?
  98. my dogs abdominal area is hard. feels swollen. among other symptoms. w
  99. snake question........??
  100. how much time do I turn on a lamp for my turtles to bask?
  101. How do I get my new puppy used to my 12 week old puppy?
  102. Are Komodo Dragons legal to own as pets?
  103. My dog passed away and I just picked up his ashes today. Question?
  104. Can anyone tell me what type of bird this is?
  105. Who would win these lizard fights?
  106. Will Panda Corydoras eat Baby Guppies?
  107. what breed is this, we think shes half golden retriever but we dont kn
  108. Need info on my baby bunny?
  109. leasing a horse!?!?!?!!?!?
  110. strange bearded dragon?
  111. Could I put a diapers to the puppy for the night only?
  112. any suggestions for improvement?
  113. How much should I sell my Pleco Catfish for?
  114. What to ask/look for when choosing a new stable?
  115. Anyone who shows rabbits in 4H?
  116. My Female May Be Ready To Whelp?
  117. Should I adopt a dog currently being fostered or one from the city ani
  118. At what age to iguanas reach sexual maturity?
  119. How do you keep stray cats out of backyard, if you don't have a dog or
  120. Can ferrets get into anything outside that will hurt them?
  121. To the people that work with dogs?
  122. tramatized dog...help pleasee?
  123. Can I put an anole with a leopard gecko.?
  124. Potty training a 7 month old Yorkie?
  125. my puppytakes up too much time...?
  126. Horse died on a farrier stand, has this ever happened?
  127. How can I stop a cat from coming onto my property at night?
  128. what temperature should my basking place for my turtle be?
  129. How much "other" oil do I add to how much Tea Tree Oil to be used as a
  130. How can I teach my 2 male dogs to exit the house less chaotically?
  131. My bunny is losing fur on her front legs!?
  132. How to pick out a guard dog from an animal shelter?
  133. Pregnant guppy sighns?
  134. When dog food is new with improved tasting, who tests it? ?
  135. Need help with a Baby Squirrel.?
  136. All veterinarians please!!!!! read help me out with my research projec
  137. so i have two leopard geckos one male one female is it possible they w
  138. Do fish ever get thirsty?
  139. Do you think my dog is cute?
  140. Male water dragons and female iguana?
  141. mystery cockatiel illness?
  142. Pictus Catfish?!! Helpp?
  143. Is there a way to know if a dog its spayed?
  144. Pregnancy, Cats, and Affection?
  145. about raising chickens.?
  146. Is feeding an iguana after midnight bad?
  147. Battle between me and my cat. I think my cat is going to win ( READ AN
  148. why do some fish float and some sink?
  149. What is this bubble on my goldfish?
  150. how much pounds should a normal grown cat weigh?
  151. How can I tell if my goldfish is pregnant?
  152. what would be a good breed meduim to small for a lab/boxer mix? ?
  153. How much can I sell my dog's pelt for?
  154. Is there a possible way to get someone un-allergic?
  155. Dog wont eat we need him to take a pill?
  156. How loud and vocal are Golden Pheasant's?
  157. bearded dragons help plz!?
  158. my 3 week old dwarf hamster?
  159. is there a humane way to get rid of geckos?
  160. What can I do to help this dog? - more information. ?
  161. parrot cichlid question?
  162. Rescued kitty part 2...?
  163. how long do dogs live for?
  164. anyone have advice on plumping up a older horse?
  165. my yorkie is about 2 pds and he has been scratching at his ear alot an
  166. Are my iguanas bobbleheads?
  167. Would you get rid of your dog?
  168. green tree python lighting?
  169. Can I feed my iguana nori rolls? You know the seaweed used for sushi?
  170. How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas On My Cat ! Really Need Help!!!!!?
  171. How do I register a cat and what kind of shots does it need?
  172. Kitten In Trouble Please Help?
  173. why do people buy from breeders?
  174. What are the benefits if any in croping a dogs ear?
  175. Rescued kitten from a tree this evening...?
  176. What about dog/puppy foods?
  177. Turtle Tank Size Dispute...?
  178. I am going to get a ferret soon, I need advice on food...?
  179. My cat has been puking sometimes multiple times a day for past several
  180. A lhasa yorkie mix? ?
  181. How much does Rat vet cost?
  182. Who is a good Cat vet in Portland?
  183. Am I wrong to feed my maltese with fruits and some human foods occasio
  184. If you could be ANY animal...what would you be and why?
  185. 10 month old Puppy how can I stop her.?
  186. will the radition of the x rays hurt hte pups like humans?
  187. What can I do to help this dog?
  188. How do i stop my Kitty from attacking my 4yr old?
  189. How much should my 12 week old pitbull weigh?
  190. can hamsters take wet food in their pouch?
  191. Bald spots on my cats feet?
  192. my dog has her period 1st time she keep licking herself and seems afra
  193. Dog Breeds-Great Pyrenees?
  194. Why is my dog afraid of people? He was never abused?
  195. how long does it take a female cocker spaniel to give birth?
  196. is ball pythons or chinchillas better to get for 11 year old?
  197. Crack in my betta fish tank?
  198. Is a stumpy cattle dog born with a tail?
  199. How can I Feed My sick/depressed Cat?
  200. Is this ok for Hermit Crabs?
  201. Regarding a sick horse...?
  202. How old do kittens have to be before they receive all their vaccinatio
  203. how should i move my fish?
  204. My dog ate a spider?!?
  205. I need easy, but good Bird House plans/blueprints. HELP!?
  206. My male betta fish fails to collect eggs when he mates. Will he ever c
  207. help guys i cut my cats whiskers?
  208. why do people say to leave a dog alone when shes whelping?
  209. What things do i need for my chihuahua? Checklist, How to train him, h
  210. Has my dog been poisoned?
  211. Can an Eastern hognose snake actually rattle it's tail?
  212. Why might a cat toss or blow some dry food out of its bowl before eati
  213. what is the best animal to get chinchilla or ball python oh and with d
  214. dog breed question! HELP PLEASE =]?
  215. My green spotted puffer doesnt want 2 eat his flakes he takes a bite a
  216. my springer spaniel has an obsession with water ?
  217. How to get members on Dogforum.com.au?
  218. Leasing a Horse for jumping?
  219. Why are dogs always so rowdy after a bath?
  220. Hamster questions HELP?
  221. ball python what do they eat besides mice?
  222. Vets: Large ball below dog's penis (not scrotom)?
  223. Why is my cat doing this?
  224. what is the best way to clean my paint turtles shell?
  225. My cat has just been speyed and i am curious if it is normal that she
  226. boxer dog won't eat in the am ,but will eat in pm?
  227. bearded dragon help me plz?
  228. dog peeing out of anger. How do we stop him?
  229. details on having a chinchilla?
  230. is it a bad idea to buy a high performance show jumper at the age of 1
  231. Why does my dog hiccup?
  232. How much does a vet vist cost with a cat who might have?
  233. okay my dog went in her first heat and had sex like six times is she d
  234. I know nothing about breeding, but I have a Q?
  235. how cold is too cold for a puppy?
  236. Don't you just hate it when your dog walks into the bathroom?
  237. Can you guys tell me the difference between these two jaguar cichlids?
  238. Is he too big for this pony? (picture)?
  239. how do i keep my dog's collar on?
  240. Hamster help!! Shes making weird noises!?
  241. my cat ate the neighbors bird and they told me that they want me to by
  242. What ferret picture looks the best?
  243. is my fish tank better now?
  244. What is your favourite animal?
  245. Where is the best place to buy a bearded dragon?
  246. Has anyone ever been caught flogging a dead horse?
  247. Just exactly how much does a Bay Mule sweat?
  248. What's the best way to teach a dog to 'roll over'?
  249. How can I get my dog to not be afraid of puppies?
  250. I miss my cat terribly...?