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  1. My 7 month border collie is becoming agressive.?
  2. Our female cockatiel died, the male seems lonely, will he accept a new
  3. How do I get my dogs to be calm before I take them for a walk?
  4. Times have changed and I know this...but what pet do girls like best o
  5. How do i get my mum to buy me a budgie?
  6. I luv my 8 year old dog but family wants to get rid. I am in a fix.?
  7. why does my horse cough when i ride her?
  8. Baby fish in aquarium?
  9. I have a 350 liter Fish tank with Malawi fish, is there any eels I cou
  10. i have a few problems with my blue fronted amazon parrot!!?
  11. think my goldgish has fin rot!!?
  12. What do you feed your pet rat/rats?
  13. Dosage of Ich/WhiteSpot treatment?
  14. 4 week old litter of kittens?
  15. How do you start a TNR program in your city? Any tips?
  16. Question About International Animal Adoption?
  17. Have any of you ever taken a fish to the vet?
  18. How long does it take for these eggs to hatch?
  19. How do i feed my abandonded baby mice?
  20. HELP!!! What do I do Now??? PLEASE ANSWER!?
  21. Which dog would be best for our family?
  22. Is a Cobra legal to own in Ca. ?
  23. Are there any boarding stables in this area?
  24. What is a Good name for my puppy?
  25. how much to travel with a little dog on ait tran and what do you need?
  26. (sorry about all the questions)----------------is this a good price fo
  27. question about puppies?
  28. Do you have a cat with diabetes? What is the best food to help him kee
  29. i have 3 goldfish 2 fantails and a smaller ordinary one in same tank?
  30. what is the best age to get a female cat neutered?
  31. How do I stop a tom cat?
  32. guppies or endlers ?
  33. My budgie has learnt to mimic the washing machine on spin cycle, how c
  34. Is my dog going to die?
  35. Which filter media when cycling a tank?
  36. Will an Akita be ok for my family?
  37. introducing our new puppy to our (existing) cat? tips please?
  38. How long does a puppies teething process take?
  39. what do you think happend to my dog?
  40. why is my dog not eating?
  41. I have 2 pet hamsters for about 4mths & they have recently started fig
  42. How do i stop a puppie from fighting another older dog?
  43. My dog has little needle like objects growing from her nose and on one
  44. What is a good, colourful tropical fish?
  45. also are there any eel like fish that are ok with neon tetras?
  46. Why do people want purebreds?
  47. Cat developed habit of waking we up at 6 am for breakfast! Help!?
  48. Why do bunnies binky? ?
  49. Is My Puppy becoming Aggressive?
  50. Is there any eels I could put in with my Fish Tank of Malawi Fish?
  51. i need somes help on animal wheels for when they have paralised legs?
  52. what fish are hard to care for?
  53. chicken could be ill?
  54. why is my lab having vaginal discharge?
  55. Would a cat still be considered a pure-bred if there aren't any papers
  56. Some info about PIPPY for some of you people that need it!?
  57. need help on my 8 week old kitten!?
  58. I am trying to find a bonding and sleeping pouch for my sugar glider I
  59. Generally, are there a pair of genders in cat that get along better?
  60. Royal Canin for my GSD?
  61. Is my snowshoe cat okay to be left alone?
  62. what dog breed is.....?
  63. easiest birds to bread?????? what are the easiest birds to bread all y
  64. 12-week old puppy growled at my daughter. Should I worry?
  65. how long does it take for a rabbit to give birth and how should you lo
  66. Does anyone know where I can buy this aviary?
  67. which snake is the biggest out of these pythons?
  68. What if someone refuses to give back your dog?
  69. just looking for a place where birds can be adopted?
  70. at what age can i spray my dog with frontline?
  71. What can I expect...?
  72. I need a Female Box turtle ?
  73. would u ever eat a cat or dog?
  74. Neighbor let her declawed cat outside and now it's missing...?
  75. Dwarf Hamster irritation treatments?
  76. Do vegetarians love their pets more?
  77. Can All dogs swim if they really had too?
  78. I Need Help Fast! Baby Bunny!?
  79. Injured Dog am going to crate him?
  80. can somebody help me with a problem I appear to have with my tropical
  81. Why is my cat biting me and running after some invisible rat!!! ( he w
  82. Just got a new budgie - he lets me stroke his breast from time to time
  83. Should I neuter my full bred French Bulldog? ?
  84. How do my dog and I get started in Dog Agility Competition?
  85. Used Sergants on my dog and now she's spazzing out?
  86. How can I help sea snails that have been in chlorinated water?
  87. My Shi Tzu- is a licker NON STOP. He licks his paws for hours a day, a
  88. Why won't my horse canter on the left lead?
  89. Should we take my cat or adopt a new one?
  90. In Trouble Dog In Labor?
  91. what makes dogs attack my hearing dog?
  92. my dog died how should i cope?
  93. A red WORM in my aquarium!!!?
  94. my 4 mos old lhasa apso puppy just got his anti rabbies vaccination la
  95. What is the funniest thing your ferret has ever done?
  96. Well....I need help with getting over my cat.?
  97. About my Mexican walking fish?
  98. why people in everywhere like dog?
  99. my daughter wants to be a vet?
  100. Hostile Hamster Help?
  101. My wife has found a badly injured Frog its front leg seems badly broke
  102. my small house dog bit a kid?
  103. Are there any Boarding stables in or near secret harbour? (Western Aus
  104. Whats the average monthly cost of keeping a rat as a pet?
  105. Is "iggy rocks" a fine female specimen?
  106. Do you think it's possible that my parents just got rid of my rabbit?
  107. toilet training an older dog?
  108. Does this horse look like a painting/toy/figure O__o ?
  109. I need answers to my ferret questions!!?
  110. What is the weirdest mix breed that you have ever seen?
  111. Shih tzu and kitten don't get along?
  112. Why don't vets' flea treatments work?
  113. What are some good questions to ask when re-homing a dog?
  114. Shih tzu and new kitten don't get along?
  115. Is it true that male rabbits are calmer than female one's?
  116. Syringe Feeding my cat, what does 80 cc mean?
  117. Why is my toy poodle's hairs grow very slow suddenly?
  118. Wait, so the humane society WANTS to euthanise all companion aniamls?
  119. crate training a puppy?
  120. I think a coyote got my dog?
  121. does anyone know where my lanlord can adopt a papillion?
  122. Names for black kitten (girls)?
  123. Names for black kitten (girls)?
  124. what can you give dogs for a uti?
  125. Do you pick up after your dog's poop?
  126. kitten limping... lethargic, can't figure out whats wrong?!?
  127. what the minimum tank size or one ghost shrimp?
  128. Why does my cat keep biting my fingers?
  129. What would you name these puppies?
  130. What breed do you think this is?
  131. anole and water dragon.?
  132. What happened to him?
  133. Getting a dog from the pound?
  134. What do you do if a snake bites your horse? Or a scorpian? A poisonous
  135. I want to buy dog chihuahua,where can i buy it in Bombay?
  136. If animals are capable of love, then why do we kill and eat them?
  137. why is my kitten meoing but dont want to be loving?
  138. my kitten licks other kittens belly till its soaking why?
  139. Where can I buy a couple of narwhals for my aquarium?
  140. Hands up, those who like the smell of wet dog in their car ?
  141. Hives on my bulldog that won't go away?
  142. Need advice on housetraining a dog i thought was housetrained?
  143. My hamsters fought, need help?
  144. Whats the best dog dry food out there for a APBT?
  145. I just recently got a APBT and she was not eating right I want to give
  146. Corys/otos and Melafix?
  147. is their a difference in head shape and size between imperator and con
  148. fun quiz i put together?
  149. What type of ticks are these?
  150. can my 3 year old be bred?
  151. Where can I find a good Okapi breeder?
  152. search and rescue, missing hamster please help?
  153. What tricks can i teach pet rats?
  154. My puppy just got his worming treatment for the first time?
  155. Why fish cant breath out of water?
  156. why cant i get attached to our puppy?
  157. My dog is emaciated! Help! ?
  158. Will my goldfish survive?
  159. I want to become a Ear Cropping, Tail Docking and Dew Clawing Speciali
  160. Saddle pad for a Wintec 500?
  161. how do i know if i have fleas in my house?
  162. new fish owner. comet goldfish?
  163. Info on a plate coral?
  164. What the deal with the hardcore animal lovers?
  165. REPTILES?how long after a Python has been mateing,is it before she lay
  166. uv sterilizer for my pond..is this a good one?
  167. Why does my kitten his mouth to meow and no sound comes out?
  168. My Father Has Two German Shepard Dogs. They Are 1yr Old. How Can We Ge
  169. Is it okay to give rats white chocolate bits?
  170. PLEASE READ!! Why do people feel the need to be mean instead of helpfu
  171. What were your experiences with the Walmart fish department?
  172. i found little brown round bugs on my cat?
  173. Would it be safe to throw my iguana into the dog kennel with my husky
  174. freshwater aquarium nitrogen cycle?
  175. My cat had 1 kitten but it died. Next day she released the placenta. S
  176. About my axolotles (food)?
  177. My cat is twiching in his sleep?
  178. Two cat problems long questions sorry?
  179. Why is there so much algae in my tank????(read details)?
  180. Dimana Saya Bisa Cari Arwana Super Red Dengan Harga Murah?
  181. Going out of town for 2 weeks - opinions on leaving the cats at home w
  182. My Dogs Coat ???????
  183. how can i catch my snake?
  184. what does a judge look for in a market class as far as shape and muscl
  185. Is the common boa bc constrictor or bc imperator and is it true on has
  186. How much does a purebred GSD usually go for?
  187. 4 month old puppy excessively urinating all of a sudden...?
  188. How can we get the cats to stop peeing in the house?
  189. What happens if ... vet question...?
  190. I have a aquaclear 30 and a topfin 20 on my fish tank, should I replac
  191. 9 month Maltese puppy humping?
  192. Can I get a puppy to bond with me more than other family members?
  193. How can I make my tank more fun for him?
  194. My fish has weird spots. what does this mean?
  195. is cat food ok for humans to eat?
  196. my dog just died. now what?
  197. Are tires/pigs ears unhealthy for dogs?
  198. Where is a good place to order a argentine B&W tegu?
  199. is there a such thing as an iguana sitter?
  200. How do i get my bulldog to stop fighting other dogs?
  201. My 7m Spayed Female Cat is Peeing EVERYWHERE. How to stop.?
  202. I raised my puppy since it was born, will it be any different from oth
  203. Best shampoo and conditioner for my Yorkie?
  204. what is the best quality breed of dog there is?
  205. i have just started my marine nitrate cycle, when can i add live rock
  206. spayed dog -- skinny stomach?
  207. why do we like to talk for our dogs?
  208. How to get my two female cats to get along?
  209. Is it necessary for guinea pigs to drink water from a water bottle?
  210. Bird pulling out her feathers--it's bad...help?
  211. Is it possible to have flea treatment at home?
  212. African Grey and Patagonian Conure. Tell me more about full spectrum l
  213. omg cat omg please help?
  214. i have false water cobra questions?
  215. How do you know if you have a deer Chihuahua?
  216. Why is my cat so fascinated with running water in the bath tub?
  217. Future working with horses?
  218. how do i make my horse take the bridle every time i get it any where n
  219. Cuter name than Cinnamon for a puppy?
  220. why is my aquarium water cloudy?
  221. Can black mold spores hurt my cat?
  222. I need help house breaking a Labrador Retriever.Read the details.?
  223. Raw Feeding - Need Info?
  224. Help! My maltese is so tear stained!?
  225. Is it safe to feed dogs human food or should they be feed just dog foo
  226. A Long Distance Training Tool For Cats?
  227. my 2 bostons are 11/mos and 6/mos old. the 6/mo is going into heat...
  228. my dog newly had pups like 7 wks ago and now that she is wining them o
  229. Adult dog Pre-School ?
  230. my new puppy has had worms really bad, hes treated nowand seems to be
  231. Costume Class - Ideas?
  232. pomeranian mouth twitching?
  233. how can i teach my belgian malinois dog personally the basic obedience
  234. My rat has a hole in his lip?
  235. what is the best and smartest dog breed to have with kids?
  236. Two cat problems????
  237. Is my hamster normal??
  238. why does my cat meow when he poops?
  239. Would this horse make a good 3-day event or jumper?
  240. Do baby spiders need their mothers?
  241. I have a 9 week old shih tzu. Should I take him outside in our critter
  242. found a weak starving cat...?
  243. how do i know if my female dog is done having puppies?
  244. help with 8 week old cat potty training?
  245. Why does my ducks poop look like dog poop?
  246. Nonfiltered or water changed tank?
  247. what do i feed a baby koi fish (it is around 1 1/2 inches long)?
  248. When is a dam okay to be sired?
  249. Oh poop! My dog ACTUALLY ate my homework!?
  250. kitty peeing problem?