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  1. Cat Litter and Mice...? ?
  2. looking for a picture of a APHA paint stallion by the name of Snicker
  3. my kitten is still with her mother but how do i know what food to give
  4. Journey....with a cat?(details below)?
  5. My long haired cat has knots in his fur. What can I do to get rid of t
  6. my african grey does not like water at all if i try to give him a show
  7. Help me fill my aquarium!!?
  8. Has anyone else thought about getting a pet Skunk?
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any advice about my Chihuahua?
  10. Help with my Leopord geckos?
  11. Invisible Fence for Dogs?
  12. My friends' Cockatiel? ?
  13. My Rabbit Has A Strange Habit I Want To Fix !HELP!?
  14. Our cat keeps bringing her kittens inside the house?
  15. My Kitty Has Crystal Blue Eyes and is all White any clue what her bree
  16. What Causes My Boxer To Have Upset Tummy?
  17. should i hand feed BABY mice ?
  18. Does anyone know of a good DVD about dog training?
  19. Are rabbits good pets?
  20. Assume you're still ALIVE while a big snake is swallowing you?
  21. what are some good cat nicknames?
  22. My friends' Cockatiel? ?
  23. My Rabbit Has A Strange Habit I Want To Fix !HELP!?
  24. Our cat keeps bringing her kittens inside the house?
  25. My Kitty Has Crystal Blue Eyes and is all White any clue what her bree
  26. What Causes My Boxer To Have Upset Tummy?
  27. should i hand feed BABY mice ?
  28. Does anyone know of a good DVD about dog training?
  29. Are rabbits good pets?
  30. Assume you're still ALIVE while a big snake is swallowing you?
  31. kennel cough or grass caught in dogs throat?
  32. I would like to have a Belgian sheepdog but I was wondering if he will
  33. which is the longest reptile in the world?
  34. Buying a new puppy tomorrow and want your thoughts please:-?
  35. does anybody know if i can get help with my payment to get my bitch sp
  36. is something wrong?? parrot cichlid question?
  37. A question about my puppy?
  38. How Do I Get Rid Of My Fish?
  39. Do goldfish eat cucumbers?
  40. I have a 6 years old German Shepherd dog who will not and has never ea
  41. Is it normal for my 1 year old Chihuahua to scratch alot? I know she d
  42. How do you stop a dog from digging?
  43. Should I feel guilty about putting our dog down?
  44. Help with a Bearded Dragon...?
  45. should i get a rat or a guinea pig/ cavy?
  46. can any one help my 14 week old kitten sleeps most of the time?
  47. Why do all my fish keep dying?
  48. If you dog could talk, what would they say?
  49. What's a good name for a gray warblood gelding?
  50. home made doberman food recipe ...?
  51. HELP!! Last night my dog loss control of his motor skills and his eyes
  52. Please find a photo of your favourite small rodent cage. I need as man
  53. Immediately after eating my cat chews rope, why ?
  54. Are goldfish flakes harmful to cats? ?
  55. de clawing ?
  56. Dog chews up Air conditioner.?
  57. How can i get my cat to stop chewing on everything?
  58. do u think my cat did this for some reason?
  59. Min pin appears to be going into early labor?
  60. Why aren't my Hens laying?
  61. English Bulldog or French Bulldog which should I buy?
  62. in reidsville nc, does anyone have the class list for the flintrock ho
  63. **** Fleas!!!!!! Augh!!!!!!?
  64. whats best animal for 11 year old that is not a dog or cat or gold fis
  65. Leash training a puppy...?
  66. I have wire fencing and my mare keeps pawing and getting her foot caug
  67. Question about adding a new chicken.?
  68. my hamster has a lump under its tail?
  69. chihuahua potty training treats?
  70. Why oh why is my kitten so gross?
  71. Two African Grey's how long before they get along?
  72. my hamsters again! just this please!!?
  73. Which dog should I get?
  74. My rabbit has Warbles, it popped and i have brought him inside, can it
  75. How long are my mice going to live?
  76. My little kitty is limping!?
  77. If I bought a parrot, would i have to name it?
  78. please help!! i'm alittle worried for my ferrets!?
  79. explaing staffys arent all attackers?
  80. Whats a kennel tech do?
  81. why does my dog make loud squealing noises when he takes a poop?
  82. I have wire fencing and my mare keeps pawing and getting her foot caug
  83. my mother in law gave me her dog........?
  84. Help 6 month old kittens are not always using the litter box they are
  85. I need an affordable professional veterinarian in suffolk county LI...
  86. I want a dog who's not afraid of anything?
  87. How do I train a 6 week old puppy to use the bathroom on a doggy pad?
  88. the area at the base of the cat's tail?
  89. What is the race of this dog?
  90. What dogs are the best guard dogs and are not overly aggressive?
  91. Question about canine seizures!!!?
  92. I have a small puppy he bites the infected yeast area...I cannot sleep
  93. why does my cat bite me... and stock my ankles when goin to bed. As a
  94. how does the use of a scratching post sharpen a cat's claws?
  95. Did my dog have worms?
  96. i would like LOTS of tips for training my puppy.?
  97. parakeet may be sick?
  98. Is a 14 year old mare too old?
  99. Cat needs to be re-convinced to use the litter box.?
  100. My turtle tank looks empty. What can I put in it more full of life.?
  101. dog shakes only at night?
  102. what is this? (pic)..?
  103. How do i get my gerbil to take Antibiotics?
  104. How do you stop a dog from barking?
  105. How can i build a rat cage?
  106. cat rescue in sydney, no kill?
  107. What to do with a dumped Cockatoo?
  108. is my dobie gonna be short?
  109. Can i put guppy fry in a fishbowl?
  110. Can fish see in the dark?
  111. do you let your dog sleep on your bed?
  112. Do anyone know if Blue Buffalo puppy food is a better brand than puppy
  113. Kirstie Foster fantastic horse rider...?
  114. My hamster water bottles does not dispense water properly. Help!?
  115. Puppy/Dog Care Fun Survey!?
  116. leopard geckos???????
  117. humming bird feeder also drawing yellow jacket any solution?
  118. New to having kittens around... whats next?
  119. How can I come to terms with the fact that some people will buy from d
  120. Where Can I Find Angora Rabbit Farm In India. Can Anybody Help And Pro
  121. Nipping in baby Parrotlet?
  122. Can guppies live with a gold gourami?
  123. Should I put sunblock on my kitty when she's tanning?
  124. i have two male ferrets so what should i name them?
  125. Is a vegetarian dog a bad idea?
  126. shih tzu puppy fur....?
  127. Can betta fish grow? Is it normal for the fins to become stringy?
  128. I Cut My Dogs Tonail Too Short And It Won't Stop Bleeding Help!?
  129. How can i make sure my saddle fits right?
  130. help! dog skin problem!!?
  131. Good home for a Betta?
  132. Baby kittens born in garage? part 2?
  133. Natural Perches for African Grey Parrot?
  134. What is the smallest fish in the world?
  135. What is your favorite animal? ?
  136. My 8 month old lab is not eating her food like she normally does, and
  137. What are the best equestrian colleges?
  138. Do You Own A Mecaw . . . . And. . . .what Are The. . . .???
  139. My Goldfish is not itself?
  140. When my cat was little he used to hid behind doors and jump out and at
  141. what dos a baby fish look like are thy like tadpoles to look at?
  142. My dog seems to vomit every few days should I be concered?
  143. Meaty Bone Dog Treats?
  144. we want a little puppy so bad...my dad says no!!?
  145. i would love to have pet monkey but were do i get one from?and do i ne
  146. i have two kittens 5 weeks old. there eating fine. why is there belly
  147. about baby fish in tank question?
  148. Which is the best dry food to feed my staffy?
  149. What can I do if i have no quarantine tank?
  150. baby kittens born in garage?
  151. I am planning to create an ecosystem in my turtles' tank. Is it a good
  152. Cat vs. Christmas tree who will win?
  153. How much do you pay for horse insurance?
  154. My cat has matts of fur on her back. there are about 4 small areas whe
  155. Any ideas to stop a smelly little dog from stinking so much?
  156. thinking about buying a kitten?
  157. How do I teach my puppy to sit?
  158. how many months will a shih tzu stop growing?
  159. For a six week old kitten, should I give him regular milk?
  160. Where can I find a second hand dog grooming table or grooming tables a
  161. how much are pheasants worth?
  162. How do I get my dog to eat more food?
  163. I think my cat has been attacked by a dog ?
  164. Worried about my cat. Is there something wrong or am I overreacting?
  165. How do I stop my dogs chewing the wall?
  166. What should I feed my dog with?
  167. The Dog Whisperer....still on?
  168. do you have a pet snake? does it show any affection toward you if so h
  169. Help! My cat keeps bitting at me when I walk by her.?
  170. How do I stop my Beagle from eating everything in sight!?
  171. Can a 13 week old beagle puppy go for daily walks and if so should it
  172. I want to set a fish tank. What are the main I need to do so my fishes
  173. What do dogs want out of life?
  174. one of our rabbit kits died in the first 24 hours is this common?
  175. Ok so... convincing parents to get me a horse?
  176. White Wolf in my dream?
  177. my dog is pregnat and its peeing all over!!!???!!?11/!?1?
  178. What is(are) your Cat's names?
  179. I have a question and I need anyone's help......?
  180. Does my orphaned kitty have a rash?
  181. can anyone tell me how can i tell the different between a beagle adn a
  182. how old do you have to be to call a vet?
  183. can anyone let me adopt a parrot?
  184. =] What should I name my pup?
  185. my pups barking at everything?
  186. My dog is due on Oct. 11th, would it be safe for her to run at an agli
  187. How do you choose the most appropriate type of tank and filter?
  188. Help with an Idiotic Dog?
  189. How come male dogs kiss differently then female dogs?
  190. Shock collar for a prissy independent cat?
  191. My goldfish swam out of the tank and is swiming in mid air?????//?
  192. I'VE Made the Wrong Decision!!!!!!!!!!!?
  193. I have bought two flower horn babies. Eat nothing. what to do.?
  194. help i think my kissing gouramis are killing my other fish?
  195. When can my bitch (dog) get pregnant?
  196. Horrible Answer. Never Put METAL Clips into your Tank for ANY Reason.?
  197. can sum1 suggest a variety of dogs for me?
  198. What is YOUR .................?
  199. How early/late are captive horse foals weaned from suckling compared t
  200. Invisible fence-pros/cons?
  201. How many plants can i put in a 20 gallon tank?
  202. What's wrong with my cat?
  203. I want a dog (welch corgie) and cat(shorthair)recovering to get along
  204. can raw diet lead to these problems?
  205. How many people let their cats catch small animals?
  206. How cute is my puppy!?
  207. How can i help my dog?
  208. My Husband Hates My . . . . . . . ?????
  209. Can this tank be saved?
  210. Is my Oscar dying or Something?
  211. Anyone In England, Im Having A Tackroom Clearout!?
  212. What breed of cat is this ?
  213. What type of bit is this?
  214. how do you hand tame a parakeet?
  215. How do you know if your cat has ear mites?
  216. How can I heat my hamster's wire cage?
  217. Fun Knowledge Test, How Well Do You Know Your Horse Breeds?
  218. Why do my cats try to 'bury' their food dishes?
  219. How to cope with parrots?
  220. I think theres something wrong with my bird...:(?
  221. Can you have chinchillas as pets in australia?
  222. When Can i Clean the cage?
  223. why do people have favoritism in animals?
  224. can you give a 6month old puppy ?
  225. American Bulldog Puppy Weight?
  226. New iguana is mostly blue, is that odd?
  227. I would like to get a Bearded Dragon.....?
  228. Is it ok to crate two dogs together?
  229. What is your favourite breed?
  230. what pet do you think is best for a new apartment?
  231. How do i get rid of fleas on my cats ears?
  232. bought paint put it on half my walls were i had a darker all walls wer
  233. Help. Our family dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and it's suici
  234. Help Me With My Parrot Please?
  235. i have two mollie fish, and a fighter fish the mollys attack the fight
  236. My GF is studyin Animal Managment National Diploma and her dream is to
  237. early morning yapping puppy ?
  238. What would you do if...?
  239. how to get rid of cat pee?
  240. Dead Patch ?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
  241. what do you call for an baby eagle?
  242. What Hamster Cage to have?
  243. what would you do in this situation?
  244. What kind of guinea pig should i get, and why?
  245. Does it mean she had more border collie in her or is it her prey drive
  246. cats and bleeding after pregnancy?
  247. If you muzzle a dog, will that stop him from barking all night long?
  248. What's happening to my dog??? pls answer ASAP?
  249. how to find kitten age or week?
  250. Can someone help with really good website about cats?