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  1. Who in the name of Sam?
  2. What Does my Dog Look like to you? (Pics)?
  3. my new fish always die yet the old fish does not.?
  4. what do grown up dogs say to their puppies?
  5. Help me buy a rat cage!?
  6. An animal (cat I think) keeps peeing on the hood of my car at night af
  7. how do i stop my bulldogs from fighting?
  8. The 10 Commandments of Dog Ownership ?
  9. Please help with ferret information?
  10. Why are people like this?
  11. Are ornamental orange trees poisonous to cats?
  12. Do pygmy goats make good pets?
  13. dog newly had pups like 7 wks ago and now that she is wining them off
  14. My 8 week old boxer puppy has snotty nose/ breathing ?
  15. Dog's normal temperature?
  16. Ethics Question for Democrats and Republicans, and others.?
  17. I have a 2 yr male unneutered Yorkie I want another. B-4 I purchase 1,
  18. Could 2 dwarf hamsters fit in here comfortably?
  19. What is the best dog food?
  20. Any ideas for Holiday decorations for my aquariums?
  21. Why does my husband's cat drag my things?
  22. What is the best crate/kennel to use for crate training 8 week old Gol
  23. Any Vets On The Internet Right Now!?! Need Ya!?
  24. How do I convince my (overweight, aging) parents that a large dog is N
  25. How old do you have to be to purchase a puppy?
  26. Why are Pedi-Paws so popular?
  27. How can I get my 5-year-old Springer to walk to heel?
  28. I have 2 cats-I had a baby 3 months ago. Cats are peeing on laundry &
  29. How much will it cost to get saltwater aquarium?
  30. getting rid of fleas?
  31. what would be a good puppy for my 2 yr old son?
  32. Do dogs walk kind of hunch when they are prego?
  33. what to feed my tortoise? and find out what species of tortoise it is?
  34. Ferret has fleas! HELP!?
  35. Anybody have a french pug?
  36. How to choose the right kitten from a shelter?
  37. can cats smell water?
  38. Hi. I am looking for a good pet grooming salon in Broward. ?
  39. Problem with toilet training my puppy...?
  40. how can i give my pup more confidence and make her more aggressive?
  41. I have a huge horse that needs a shot of antibiotics.?
  42. How long should a Golden Retriever Puppy be left in a crate/kennel? ?
  43. When can I put my Parakeets in a new cage?
  44. My guinea pig bites me when I hold him?
  45. My dog bit a dog last night?
  46. do you agree in having pets?
  47. I don't understand?....?
  48. boooohoooooooo ;( :(?
  49. I really want a kitten but my Dad won't let me!?
  50. do you like these puppie names?
  51. What is the average price of vaccination titers(dogs)?
  52. Have any reports of health related incidents been made regarding Green
  53. Could I fit 2 dwarf hamsters in this cage?
  54. Does my puppy have a bladder problem?
  55. My 10 week old doberan mix was just treated for hookworms?
  56. Who wants to make bets on my cat-astronaut?
  57. ohio teacup chihuahua breeder?
  58. Is proofing a dog the same as socialising a dog in all situations?
  59. Verbascum ok to give a horse?
  60. what can you tell me about this fish?
  61. Does anybody else get annoyed when they ..?!?
  62. i cut my dog's nails...........?
  63. How do you tell if your dog has been injured internally?
  64. My dog bit another dog?
  65. What commercials make your dogs crazy?
  66. Dog has ear mites, how to get them to go away?
  67. my cat was spayde in january i think she is on heat?
  68. What does it mean when people say how many hh is your horse?
  69. What Is The Best Registry To Register A Pit Bull With? Mine Is 5 Years
  70. What kind of fish is the best for a 10 gallon aquarium?
  71. Can you keep anything else in a coldwater tank other than goldfish?
  72. i have 2 3 year old dogs boxer and york got new pup boxer and they jus
  73. Corn Snake Help..........?
  74. How to get rid of wild mice withouht harming pet rodents?
  75. If You Help Me I Would Give The Best Answer?!?!?!?
  76. platy fry.... any idea how old they are?
  77. Why does my 13 week African Grey dig?
  78. The Term "Warmblood" Over Used?
  79. What's the best kind of fish to keep in a dorm room?
  80. Does anybody have a picture of a pitbull/golden retriever mix?
  81. Cat attacked by a dog?
  82. My dog always digs up the same spot in our yard everyday, while i'm aw
  83. How do introduce my 5yr old cat to a new home and a new 2month old kit
  84. Long walks or hard exercise playing ball/frisbee ~ can one replace the
  85. Need help for a horse with COPD please repond if you know of any treat
  86. I have four ducks, and..?
  87. How much do dwarf caimans cost?
  88. Someone Plz Answer This! Its About Mules!?
  89. how many times a week should you give your dog a bath.Is it ok to give
  90. Books on German Shepherd Dog'?
  91. what is wrong with my cat??? please help?
  92. How do I stop my dog from running away and bothering the neighbors?
  93. Will Lice Spray Kill Fleas?
  94. Should I get another kitten?
  95. Are eggs considered part of a raw diet?
  96. Should I get another kitten?
  97. how long after a female has puppies do her nipples return to normal?
  98. Riding School Help PLz PLz help?
  99. what should I do about my senior cat and his liter box problems?
  100. Kitten fell in tub Help?
  101. Is it ok for my kitten to chew on/play with plastic straws?
  102. Are Greenies pill pockets safe for cats?
  103. Bobcat mixed breed - do they exist?
  104. Is 12.3/13hh large for a 3 1/2 month old?
  105. Make a loft for my hamster?
  106. Anybody have any interesting names for their cats? ?
  107. Can marijuana kill a ferret?
  108. fleas!!! HELP!! my poor puppy has fleas and ticks?
  109. How do i get my dog to stop chewing on her tags on her collar. ?
  110. How much are average chinchilla vet appointments?
  111. If there was just ONE WAY, I could save this puppy? :'(?
  112. Cabbage Patch Kids Horse?
  113. Wtf is wrong with my new rabbit? Please help me?
  114. right temperature to keep a tortoises tank?
  115. Puppy wont stay outside alone?
  116. How do I give this puppy back, if I should?
  117. What causes fish tank algae and how can you get rid of it for free?
  118. my cat just gave birth to one kitten and hasnt had anymore is it norma
  119. Hamster!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  120. Why would a horse refuse to graze grass?
  121. Am I giving her the right exercise time?!?
  122. my 5 months old kitty started sneezing & has a blocked nose, how do i
  123. At what age is a cat not a kitten anymore?
  124. I am considering adding a new puppy to the family...?
  125. Help my fire bellied toad escape what should i do and is it possible f
  126. My horse is about 13hh & is a year old. How big will he be when he is
  127. Help With My Female Indian Parakeet?
  128. My 3 day old Collie puppy I think is dying?
  129. should my puppy stay overnight at vet's after being spayed?
  130. Amphibian Stores in Ohio?
  131. Whats a really quiet fish tank filter for a 6 or 10 gallon tank?
  132. Are mules more or less expensive than horses?
  133. I have a 6 week old puppy i want to potty trian?
  134. Do I have fleas on ME?!?
  135. Use of Frontline Flea/Tick poisoned my cat resulting in partial paraly
  136. New Thoroughbred mare that i just purchased?
  137. my cats have fleas and are indoor only?
  138. Will this be harmful to the dog?
  139. Can a lab live outside?
  140. What's your pets names?
  141. Automatic 5 day cat feeder?
  142. do you ever feel sorry for your puppy after you've shouted at it?
  143. what is the name for the phobia of 'NAKED mole rats'?
  144. Isn't this gross and unhealthy?
  145. How do I teach my horse to pick up leads?
  146. Were can I find a dog, please?
  147. Dog has a broken leg don't know what to do?
  148. My Rabbits are burowing what should I do?
  149. Puppy potty training...?
  150. Why does one of my cockatiels keep attacking the other?
  151. Why is my puppy pooping green?
  152. i have a 7 year old cat...but i want a golden retriever.?
  153. Home remedy for de-worming my 6-month old dog?
  154. Can yorkies live outside?
  155. I have a couple of female miniature pinscher issues...?
  156. Cross Country Jumping-Any Tips?
  157. Do vet techs deal with euthanasia?
  158. My dog was spayed yesterday, what to expect now?
  159. How old does a horse have to be to start lunging?
  160. How do I get my cats to stop peeing?
  161. Why does my dog poops at night and not after a meal? ?
  162. what is a good reptile dealer near davie, fl?
  163. How do you know how old a cat is?
  164. What can I do for a smelly kitty litter box?
  165. my 5 week old puppy is sick after eating or drinking , she's had a ant
  166. What should i name my kitten?
  167. my cat and her kitten?
  168. humidity in ball python tank?
  169. do veterinary technicians have to deal with euthanasia?
  170. Is it safe to give a large dog a benadryl?
  171. Can I use ladybugs to help get rid of mites in my turtle tank?
  172. Is a Spoon Bit good for teaching a horse to set his head correctly?
  173. What could be wrong with my cat?
  174. bearded dragon help can u tell me a little about them?
  175. How do you tell if chicken eggs are fertile?
  176. what will itlook like?
  177. How to greet my new pup? :)?
  178. horse travel? how do i get my horse to my stables from its current hom
  179. composing an angry note to my neighbours...?
  180. Would it be a good idea to get our cat a friend?
  181. Pregnant for along time (Molly Fish)?
  182. How do I tell if my dog's stitches are infected? What should I do if t
  183. help! my puppy is biting me only!?
  184. bullmastiff in need of re homeing ?
  185. Dog Show People - Colored Chrome Choke Chains?
  186. my boxer pup ate the skin off a baseball...?
  187. Know Of Any Good Homemade Hamster Toys ?
  188. Tracking USDA parrot leg bands. What year did it arrive?
  189. Which is a harder dog to own? German Shepherd or Husky?
  190. How long do koi karp live for?
  191. Why doesn't my dog like putting her halter on?
  192. What kind of personality does your cocker spaniel have?
  193. Horse is very lame in hind legs, anyone has this happen before?
  194. What do you know about komodo dragons?
  195. Why is the filter in my tank bubbling so much?
  196. What is wrong with my puppy?
  197. Animal Cops Houston - Dogs?
  198. how can i find out or what can i notice if my cat is pregnant.she grou
  199. How I can check that my pet duck is male or female?
  200. Why is it good to use substrate instead of leaving your tank bare bott
  201. whats more energetic=beagle or jack russell and how long walks (in tim
  202. how do you treat like excema in dogs? ?
  203. What was the tall bird I saw on canal today?
  204. Can Someone Help Me With My Frog Questions?
  205. how can i train my 8 week old puppy to stop nipping.?
  206. Weight gain after ovariohysterectomy?
  207. How long is a Boxer down after haveing his ears clipped?
  208. Help!!!My Cat Hisses at little kids and my mother in law! Please any a
  209. What if you had a evil cat, who try to take over the world?
  210. What fish is easy to manage? What do i feed it?
  211. What is a small dog breed that gets along w/cats?
  212. When can cichilds breed?
  213. Swollen Gills!! Please Help!!?
  214. Hello. I have a turtle that I need to identify. Can someone please hel
  215. Help with dogs teeth?
  216. How do I train my dog not to jump up on people?
  217. Should I tell my neighbors that it's rude to have loud birds in an apa
  218. My Brittany is acting strange not wanting to walk and cries.?
  219. Bought a kitten with congenital defects, should we ask for our money b
  220. I Have a German Shepard and 2 Horses My dog is extremely aggresive and
  221. can you help me try and slove whats the matter with my puppy?!?
  222. Easy lizards to start with?
  223. bullmastiff hairs all over?
  224. Any tips on house training?
  225. Time sensitive: Recommend me a good JRT Rescue in the Voorhees, NJ are
  226. Paul 0 grady Help plz?
  227. If you could create your own dog breed... ?
  228. Do you have clothes for your dog(s)?
  229. my cat flakey skin how do i get rid of it?
  230. question about pitbull colors? ?
  231. What does it take to care for a leopard gecko?
  232. my cat is having contration right at this momment and i need help i ha
  233. Is my Guinea Pig pregnant?
  234. Abnormal Feather Colors?
  235. do you have any type of pets?
  236. my guinea pig has crusty eyes?
  237. Cats are felines, dogs are canines, so what word is used for birds?
  238. What shall I feed my 2 week old guppy fry?
  239. Please Help! My 6 Month Rabbit Is Really Agressive!?
  240. What is the name of a dog treat that increases fertility in female dog
  241. Can I put my guppy in the other tank which uses a different water cond
  242. Where can I buy baby Chameleons?
  243. my rabbit is defanetly pregnant?
  244. Starting an older horse?
  245. What's the best way to get two dogs to socialize?
  246. I am looking to add a puppy to our family...breed?
  247. will spaying my dog make it gain weight?
  248. What is the difference?
  249. Kitten has Feline Leukemia, what can I do to boost it's immune system?
  250. Is Gusto dog food any good?